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#321 : L'Effet Papillon

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Alors que Mary Margaret et David célèbrent le baptème de leur fils lors d'un couronnement au Café Mère-Grand, Emma et Crochet tombent dans le portail temporel de Zelena et se retrouvent dans l'ancien Royaume enchanté.

Mais dans leur quête pour découvrir un moyen de rentrer, ils doivent veiller à ne rien changer ou risquer d'altérer les vies de leurs amis et de leur famille, sans oublier leur propre existence.


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Snow Drifts

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L'Effet Papillon

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Scénario : David H. Goodman et Robert Hull

Réalisation : Ron Underwood

Guests :

Chris Gauthier Mouche
Alex Zahara Midas
David Paul Grove Prof
Gabe Khouth Atchoum
Faustino Di Bauda Dormeur
Christie Laing Marian

(A group of girls are standing outside à foster home. They are staring to a couple giving a toy to a little girl and taking her away.)

Woman: All right, everyone, back inside. Come on. Back inside. It's almost dinnertime.

(The oldest girl stays, sad.)

Woman: Don't worry. You'll find a home, too, Emma.

(Back at Storybrooke, at the Charming’s flat. David and Mary-Margaret are taking care of the Baby while Emma stands, thinking.)

David: He's a handsome boy.

Mary Margaret: Stop. You're going to spoil him.

David: Emma, you okay?

Emma: What? Yeah, of course. You guys gonna finally tell me the name of my little brother? Or should I just keep calling him "hey, there"?

David: Oh well, the thing is there's sort of this tradition. Back in the Enchanted Forest, when any royal is born, you usually announce the name at a coronation ceremony.

Mary- Margaret: We would have done it with you if we could have.

Emma: You're not gonna hold him out in front of the clock tower and present him like lion king, are you?

David: Of course not. In fact, we've decided to forego all pomp and circumstance for a nice potluck at Granny's.

Mary-Margaret: The important thing is to mark the occasion, remind ourselves that after all that we've been through, we're still together as a family.

(Henry enters in the flat, a newspaper in hand.)

Henry: Hey. Check it out. I think I found us a place.

Emma: You're looking for apartments?

Henry: What do you think?

Mary-Margaret: Yeah, Emma, what do you think?

Emma: I think your grandparents can't decide what to name your Uncle, and they are using a fairy-tale tradition to try to buy themselves some time.

(At Regina’s. Robin Hood and Regina are dinking some wine.)

Robin Hood: To the return of your heart. So how does it feel?

Regina: Stronger than ever. Mm.

Robin: What is it?

Regina: I just never thought I'd have this.

Robin: After I lost my wife, I felt like that for a long time. Her death was my fault.

Regina: I'm sorry.

Robin: I would have walked through hell to be with my Marian again. But when I finally admitted to myself that she was gone and that she was never coming back I had to let that guilt go.

Regina: My first love, Daniel, was killed because of me. Because he loved me.

Robin: And that's why you never wanted to open yourself up again.

Regina: Tinker Bell told me it was possible I could love again. And she led me to this tavern to a man who she said I was destined to be with. I never saw his face. But I did see his tattoo.

(She takes his hand to show his tattoo.)

Robin: It was me?

Regina: Yes. I was just too scared to approach you.

Robin: Well, maybe things work out when they're supposed to. Maybe it's all about timing.

(At Mr. Gold’s. He puts his dagger in safety, thanks to magic. Belle comes in anxious, the false dagger in her hands.)

Belle: Okay. This this is too much power to keep with me.

Gold: No, I-- I don't want it, Belle. The point was I trust you.

Belle: I know. Well, then, is is there somewhere I can store it safely? Like back in our land at your castle? You had that vault, the one with no doors.

Gold: That was for only the most dangerous and unstable magic, that which even I couldn't comprehend.

Belle: And this doesn't qualify?

Gold: No. You see, I understand this all too well. I left that vault and all its dangers behind.

(He puts the false dagger back in her bag.)

Gold: But this dagger is not dangerous because, as I said, I trust you. Let's discuss something a bit more pleasant, like, uh our wedding.

Belle: Yes. Oh, I I told my father the good news, and he gave us his blessing.

Gold: The man who kidnapped you in order to keep us apart?

Belle: Well, I've forgiven him, and he's forgiven you. He knows you're a changed man. I mean, everyone does. Especially me.

(At Granny’s. The entire city is here for the party.)

Leroy: Ding-dong!

Granny: So she's really

Leroy: Oh, yeah. That witch is done.

Leroy: That's a good thing because if that sleeping beauty had been a monkey a day longer, she would have had a monkey baby. Wouldn't want to change those diapers!

Henry( reading the fairy tale book): "And that's when the bandit leapt on top of the carriage and stole the prince's jewels as the prince chased the thief on horseback through the treacherous forest.

Emma and Hook come to them.

Emma: Really? I can't hear the kid's name yet. But I have to hear this story again?

David: Well, my son should know where he comes from.

Emma: Are you sure you want the first thing he knows to be that his parents fell in love during an armed robbery?

Mary Margaret: I wasn't armed.

Red: Except with a rock.

David: I still have the scar.

Mary Margaret: Which healed!

Mary Margaret: But that's just how we met. It's not how we fell in love.

David: Yeah, that was a bit more complicated. See? There were black knights when I saved your mother's life.

Mary Margaret: Oh. And the attack on the troll bridge when I saved his.

David: But it wasn't until I saw my mother's ring on her finger that I knew in my heart there was no other woman I would ever love.

Mary Margaret: I wish you had told me then. We would have saved so much time.

David: Well, how could I? I had to get to my wedding.

Hook: Sorry. Have I missed something? You were previously betrothed, mate?

Red (sowing a woman): To Kathryn. Though, she was Princess Abigail back then.

Hook: King Midas' daughter? The man who can turn anything into gold? Why would you leave that opportunity?

Mary Margaret: Hey!

David: Well, what can I say? My heart was destined for another.

Red: You just had to find her first. She ran away and was living on a farm.

Mary Margaret: Oh, it sounded like such a peaceful life at the time leave everyone and everything behind.

Hook: Hmph. Like mother, like daughter.

Emma: Hook.

Mary Margaret: What is he talking about?

David: Uh, should we read more stories?

(Regina and Robin come closer.)

Regina: Actually, I'd like to know what the pirate is talking about.

Emma: It's nothing. Are you planning on going back to New York?

Henry: Why would we go back to New York?

Regina: You're not. Right, Ms. Swan?

Emma: Actually, it's complicated.

Henry: Why would we leave? This is our home.

Emma: Henry, this isn't the time or place.

Regina: I think it is.

Emma: No, it's not.

(Emma runs out.)

Hook: I'll talk to her.

Henry: Wait. Take this.

(Henry gives Hook the book.)

Henry: It might help her remember where she belongs.

(Hook leaves.)

David: It's gonna be all right. She's just stubborn like her-- Uh, like all of our family.

(A yellow light suddenly appears outside.)

Henry: Uh, grandpa?

David: Hmm?

Henry: Look.

(Belle and Gold come into the dinner.)

Henry: What is that?

Gold: That is a problem. That light is from Zelena's time portal. It's open.

(At the police station.)

David: Zelena she's gone.

Regina: No. She was here when I left her.

Belle: But if she escaped, that would explain the time portal.

Regina: Impossible. Without her pendant, she's powerless. How could she have escaped, let alone open a time portal without magic? Unless you did something to her.

Gold: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but no. Well, even if I wanted to, Belle has my dagger. She would certainly curb any homicidal tendencies.

Belle: It's true.

David: Well, if she escaped, let's find out how.

(David turns on the TV.)

Gold: Wonderful.

(Gold uses magic to fake the video.)

Regina: What? What what was that? What just happened?

David: Yeah, we could use an upgrade. Ah, stupid Betamax. Oh. Here we go.

(They see Zelena kill herself.)

Gold: Well, it seems her great escape was of a more permanent nature. I won't ask for an apology.

Regina: She must have had just enough residual magic to do herself in. And when she did, when she was gone, the magic in her pendant had no tether. It was set free. Her last wish fulfilled.

Robin: So, how do we unfulfill it?

Gold: Excellent question. But until we figure it out, no one should go near it. A trip to the past could have catastrophic repercussions.

(Outside. Emma is sitting on a bench. Hook arrives.)

Hook: You're making a mistake.

Emma: I don't want to talk to you about this.

Hook: Don't listen to me. Listen to your son.

(Hook gives her the book.)

Hook: He thought this might remind you of what you're leaving behind your family.

Emma: Henry is my family, and I am taking him where he is safe.

Hook: No, Swan. The safety-first nonsense is just that. You defeated the bloody Wicked Witch. You defeated Pan. You broke the curse. And you keep running. What are you looking for?

Emma: Home.

Hook: And that's in New York? That wasn't real.

Emma: The last year was.

Hook: They were false memories. It was based on magical nonsense.

Emma: Now we have our memories back. Now we can make it real.

Hook: Why can't you do that here with your entire family?

Emma: Because of this.

(She opens the book.)

Emma: I don't see my family here. I see fairy tales. I see stories of princes and princesses. It's not me.

I was never a part of any of this.

Hook: Then what are you a part of, Swan?

Emma: Besides being with Henry, I don't think I've ever been a part of anything.

Hook: But you could be.

Emma: Look, when I was a kid, I ran away. It's just what I did. But the first time I did it, I had the same exact thought. I wondered, "What if I'm making a mistake?" "What if I miss this place?"

Hook: Did you?

Emma: Not the first time. Not anytime.

Hook: So you just keep running.

Emma: I learned something a long time ago, Hook. Home is the place when you leave you just miss it. So, yeah, I'm gonna keep running until I feel that.

Hook: So you're just gonna leave your parents, then. Don't you even care about them Or anyone in this town?

Emma: Of course I care. I just have to do what's right for me and Henry and--

(She sees the light)

Emma: What the hell is that?

Hook: I have no idea.

Emma: I'm checking this out.

Hook: Swan, wait! Wait!

(At the ranch.)

Hook: Whatever's going on in there, it can't be good.

Emma: It's Zelena's time portal. David left a message. Somehow, she died and triggered it.

(Emma wants to get in.)

Hook: Wait! We have to get out of here.

Emma: Not until we find a way to close it!

Hook: You got your magic back?

Emma: No.

Hook: Well, then, we're not bloody well messing with any of this! Let's go!

(The door opens and the get sucked by the light.)

Hook: Hold on!

Emma: I can't!

(Emma falls into the portal.)

Hook: One of these days, I'm gonna stop chasing this woman.

(He lets go and falls to.)

(They land in a forest.)

Emma: No. No.

Hook: It appears we're back in the Enchanted Forest.

Emma: Yeah, I got that.

Hook: The only question is when? Swan?


Emma: I have a pretty good idea.

(She shows a wanted poster of her mother.)

Hook: Well, I suppose we're lucky we wound up in this time. We could have appeared In the middle of the ogre wars or smack-dab in the belly of a whale.

(Emma reads the fairy tales book.)

Hook: Why are you reading that now?

Emma: 'Cause when we were falling through, I was thinking about Henry and the story we were all reading at granny's.

Hook: You think that time portals work like any other sort? They take you back to where you're thinking of?

Emma: Not where. When.

Hook: Excellent deduction. Alas, it appears they share another quality. They don't stay open for the return trip.

Emma: Nope. We're trapped in the past. I should have left Storybrooke the instant we defeated Zelena. This is exactly the kind of thing that does NOT happen in New York.

Hook: On the bright side, I'm sure real estate's much more reasonable here.

Emma: Don't.

Hook: I understand your frustration, but we've been in dire straits before. There's no need to be antsy. We have our wits. We just have to focus on being constructive. So any ideas how to get back? Emma: How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like Marty McFly?

Hook: Marty McWho?

Emma: The kid with the lightning and the DeLorean and they went back in time and, and then he--

Hook: Is he some sort of wizard?

Emma: No. Marty McFly is not a wizard. He's-- Maybe a wizard is exactly what we need. Rumplestiltskin.

Man: - Hyah! Hyah!

(Horses can be heard.)

Emma: We could find Rumplestiltskin.
Hook: Black knights.

(They hide.)

In a village. The knights put everyone in line.

Knight: Get in line! Get in line!

(The Evil Queen comes.)

Regina: Listen to me very carefully. Whatever squalor and despair your pathetic little lives have been able to tolerate until this point is nothing compared to the pain and misery I can inflict if I leave here unhappy.

Emma: That's Regina.

Hook: Not Regina, love. The Evil Queen.

Regina: You will help me.

Emma: She's even worse without the sensible pantsuits.

Hook: Uh-huh.

Marco: Please, Your Majesty. We are a peaceful village. What do you want from us?

Emma: That's Marco.

Regina: Justice. If I find out anyone in this village has helped the bandit Snow White, they will suffer dearly. Here's what helping Snow White looks like.

(A knight brings a woman, prisoner.)

Woman: Help me! She's gonna kill me!

Regina: Who wants to be next?

Woman: Please!

Hook: Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?

Regina: And what about you?

Emma: I'm helping that woman. She's just an innocent.

Hook: No, Swan.

Woman: Let me go!

Hook: When Belle figured out that Zelena wanted to change the past, she warned us it was dangerous. Messing with events could do untold damage to all of us.

Emma: I'm just supposed to let her rot or die?

Hook: Whatever her fate, we can't interfere, not if we want a chance at getting back to the world we know.

Emma: We need to find Rumple. The sooner we get out of here, the better.

Hook: I agree. But there's one thing we need to do first.

(Hook stands alone.)

Hook: Come on, Swan. Let's get a look.

(Emma appears, changed.)

Hook: Oh, well, that's much better.

Emma: Is this really necessary?

Hook: What would you have done if Regina had spotted you back there?

Emma: My guess: run.

Hook: And even if we had, she'd seen you. She might remember you when you first arrive in Storybrooke.

Emma: She's gonna remember a glimpse of a face 30 years from now?

Hook: The point is to minimize you making a lasting impression, and, sadly, red-leather jackets don't come into vogue here ever.

Emma: Fine. Well, the only lasting impression I'm concerned about right now is what this corset is making on my spleen.

Hook: Your discomfort is a cross I'm willing to bear. And nothing compared to what might happen if we affect the timeline, which means proceeding with all caution. You're not from a world of magic.

(He puts Emma’s hood on her head.)

Hook: I am. Even the smallest of changes could have catastrophic consequences. Things must happen as they always did.

(On the road. Charming and princess Abigail are traveling.)

Charming: What do you think of the view, my dear?

Abigail: I've seen better. This is taking forever. I told you the troll road would have been quicker. And far less bumpy. Are you even listening to me?

Charming: Yes, of course I am.

Man: Hyah!

Hook and Emma hear the horses and hide.

Hook: Could be the Queen again.

Man: Whoa! Oh!

Man 2: Whoa!

(The carriage stops.)

Abigail: Now what?

Man: My lord.

Charming: Worry not! It's but a fallen tree!

Emma: Is that?

Hook: Your father. We should go.

(Emma sees Snow in a tree. But she makes a noise, scares Snow who fall and flee.)

(Charming check on the fallen tree.)

Charming: Look at these markings. This tree didn't fall. It's been cut. It's an ambush.

Man: We need to get this log moved now!

(Charming comes back to the princess.)

Abigail: Oh. You almost gave me a heart attack.

Charming: The tree was cut. It was planned. Someone wanted to rob us.

Abigail: Who would dare attack a royal carriage?

Charming: I have no idea. But now you can relax. We scared off the bandit. We'll never have to see them again.

Man: Hyah!

Emma: You know that thing about small changes having consequences?

Hook: Uh-huh.

Emma: What about big changes?

Hook: Why? What did we do?

Emma: That bandit was Snow White. This was the moment my parents first met.

Hook: And because of us, now they didn't.

(Further on the road.)

Man: Whoa.

Abigail: There it is our new home.

Charming: It's so gold.

Abigail: After a time, you'll stop noticing.

(In a tavern. Snow and a pirate are dealing at a table.)

Pirate: Well?

Snow: I need to get far away from here as soon as possible. And I need my destination Secret.

(Snow gives money to the pirate.)

Pirate: Then you're talking to the right captain. However, turning a blind eye will cost double.

(Outside. Emma and Hook are in front of a palace.)

Hook: Look ahead, Swan. The dark one's castle.

Emma: A little more imposing than the pawnshop. So, what do we do now? Knock on the door and introduce ourselves? "Hey, we're from the future.

Hook: Might be best if I stay back. The dark one and I have a rather complicated past. I'd wager he'd want to kill me on sight.

Rumple: Oh, I'll take that bet. I can't tell you how long I've been looking forward to this! Oops. I suppose I just did.

(Rumple strangles Hook with magic.)

Hook: Swan.

Emma: Stop!

(Rumplestiltskin throws her away)

Rumplestiltskin: I don't know who you are, dearie, but why don't you run off and let me enjoy my killing in peace?

Emma: He's not gonna hurt you. You have to listen to me.

Rumple: And why would I listen to you?

Emma: Because if you don't, You'll never see your son again.

(The dark one lets go on Hook.)

Rumple: What do you know of my son?

Emma: His name is Baelfire. You're planning to enact a curse in hopes of reuniting with him.

Rumple: Who told you that? What are you some kind of witch?

Emma: No, I'm not a witch. I'm the one who breaks the curse so that you can find him. I'm the product of true love.

Rumple: But that's speculation. Part of my plans. But I haven't done it.

Emma: You will, and you will succeed.

Rumple: If that's true, then that means --

Hook: We're from the future, mate.

Rumple: But time travel hasn't been done, mate.

Emma: Yeah, well, Someone's cracked that code. We need your help.

Rumple: Help? You need my help? Then answer me one question. Do I find my son? Answer me!

Emma: Y-- yes.

Rumple: Bae. I find Bae. How? -- Eh! Don't tell me. If I succeeded, I don't want anything in my head that might throw it off.

Emma: It might already kind of be thrown off.

Rumple: You've changed things. What have you done?

Emma: We interrupted my parents meeting.

(They get into Rumple’s castle.)

Emma: Thank you, mister G-- Rumplestiltskin, for believing us. I know that time travel is hard to swallow.

Rumple: Not as hard as the other mystery you've presented me. Why haven't I killed him?

Hook: If it makes you feel any better, it wasn't for lack of effort. Let's just say we bury the hatchet.

Rumple: Yes. But why not in your skull?

(Belle arrives.)

Belle: Oh. Rumplestiltskin, you're you're back. Do you, uh do you need anything?

Emma: Belle.

Belle: So, do do we know each other?

Emma: Oh. Sorry. No. Um, mister Rumple The Dark One, um, told me about you.

Belle: Did he?

Rumple: No. Go away a and read a book or whatever it is you like to do. Come back and clean later.

Belle: You could ask nicely.

Rumple: I could also turn you into a toad.

Emma: It's a miracle you two fall for each other.

Rumple: What? I mean, first, you tell me I let the pirate live. Now you're telling me I fall for the help.

Hook: Yeah, she has a strange sense of humor, but let's get back to her parents.

Rumple: Yes. Who are they?

Emma: Snow White and Prince Charming.

Rumple: Prince Charming.

Emma: His real name is Prince James.

Rumple: King George's son, whose wedding I've just arranged?

Emma: See, that's what I'm trying to tell you. That marriage isn't supposed to happen because the ring he was going to give her gets stolen by Snow.

Rumple: It's quite a tale you're spinning.

Emma: Here, let me show you. It's in the book.

(She opens the book but the pages are blank.)

Emma: Wait. What?

Hook: It's all gone. Anything that was supposed to happen after they've met has disappeared.

Rumple: The ripple effect. Once you change something in the past, anything from that point forward becomes uncertain. The future, as you can see is a blank page.

Emma: We need to get Snow to steal that ring so we can put their story back on track.

Rumple: You're in luck. There's a ball tonight at King Midas' castle. Prince James will be there and so will his ring.

Emma: So we just need to get Snow there.

Hook: How? We don't even know where she is.

Rumple: Allow me.

(The Dark One takes a magic ball and shows the two others inside a tavern.)

Emma: There she is.

Hook: She's with black beard.She's trying to secure passage on his ship.

Rumple: And, it appears, failing.

Emma: She can't escape the Queen without the money she's supposed to get for the ring. Can you help us?

Rumple: Help you? I can work on getting your portal to the future open again, but getting your parents together? You made that mess, dearie. Only you know what you did. Now go undo it.

Hook: If she's looking for passage out of town, I might know a ship's captain who can help us.

Emma: Who?

Hook: Me.

(In the tavern. Past-Hook is playing and it seems winning around two women.)

All: Oh!

(Hook and Emma observe him.)

Hook: There I am. Rather dashing, don't you think?

Emma: Is this even a good idea? What about preserving the future?

Hook: It'll be fine. Given what I'm drinking, if I remember anything, I'll simply blame the rum. Just make sure that I-- He remains occupied, doesn't return to my ship. I'll take care of the rest.

Emma: Okay.

(She removes her hood and undo her bodice. Hook sees her.)

Hook: Wait. What are you doing?

Emma: Making sure he stays occupied. Shouldn't be difficult. You and I both know I'm his type.

(They stand.)

Hook: Swan, that man sitting there you don't know him. Just be careful.

Emma: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're jealous.

(He leaves the room.)

(Emma gets to past-Hook.)

Emma: What are you boys playing?

(Hook gets on the jolly Roger where Smee sees him.)

Smee: Captain. I wasn't expecting you back from the tavern so early.

Smee hunts a mouse.

Smee: Vermin. I'll get the bugger, sir.

Hook: N-- let it be. You'll understand someday, Smee.

Smee: I-is that a new vest?

Hook: Of course not.

Smee: Are you feeling all right, sir? You seem different.

Hook: Maybe that's because I'm used to my first mate asking me what his captain needs when he's on deck.

Smee: Of course. Sorry. Is there anything I can do for you, sir?

(Hook shows Snow to Smee.)

Hook: I need to speak to that woman. Bring her on board. Do it quietly.

(Back at the tavern. Emma and past-Hook are drinking together.)

Emma: I have a confession to make.

Past-Hook: Most women do.

Emma (flirting) : I want to know how you got the hook. You hear so many stories.

Past-Hook: Mm.So, you know who I am, and here, you haven't even told me your name.

Emma: What fun would that be?

Past-Hook: Just two ships passing in the night, then?

Emma: Passing closely, I hope.

Past-Hook: Speaking of ships, what do you say we leave this place, and I'll show you mine?

Emma: Wait. How about we have a few drinks first?

(Back at the Jolly Roger. Hook is hidden back the obscurity.)

Snow: Who are you?

Hook: It doesn't matter. I'm a captain, and I can help you.

Snow: So, what do you want?

Hook: It's not what I want. It's what I can offer. I hear that you seek passage out of the Enchanted Forest.

Snow: That's true --But I haven't enough money.

Hook: I don't give a damn about money. It's treasure I want. I think you can get it for me--

(He shows her the wanted poster.)

Hook: Snow White. You are a thief, aren't you?

(Back at the tavern.)

Past-Hook: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to get me drunk, which is usually my tactic.

Emma: What's wrong, captain? Can't hold your rum?

Past-Hook: No, not only can I hold it, but I can carry it right out the door. What do you say we set sail? Come back with me for a nightcap. Or shall I find someone else?

(Back at the ship)

Snow: So, if I procure this item for you, you'll grant me safe passage on your ship?

Hook: To any realm you wish.

Snow: Then tell me what I have to steal.

Hook: A wedding ring.

(On the harbor. Emma and Past-Hook are coming closer to the Jolly Roger. She pretends to be tired.)

Emma: Ohh! I think I should rest for a moment.

Past-Hook: Oh, no need, no.

(He carries her.)

Past-Hook: No need. I've carried rum barrels heavier than you.

Emma: Actually, I feel much better.

Past-Hook: Behold! The Rolly Joger!

Smee: Captain. H how did you I I thought you were still below deck. And why does your vest keep changing?

Emma: I seem to remember a nightcap was promised. Find one, and I'll be waiting.

(She goes away.)

Smee: Captain, something's not right here.

Past-Hook: You're right. You're still here. I think you know what "nightcap" means. It means that we want our privacy.

Smee: Of course.

(Smee leaves the boat. And Past-Hook go to find Emma.)

Past-Hook: Oh, yes.

(In Hook’s office. Emma finds Hook on his way.)

Hook: What are you doing here?

Emma: I could ask the same of you.

Hook: I thought I told you to keep him occupied.

Emma: I am.

Hook: By taking him back to my ship?

Emma: His ship.

Hook: You know what I mean.

Emma: I stalled as long as I could. I thought you'd be gone by now. I'll try to keep him above deck so you can get out of here.

(The door opens and Hook ducks to hide from his past-self.)

Emma: Hey.

Past-Hook: Where may you be going? I do hope you're Not having second thoughts.

Emma: No. I just got tired of waiting.

(They kiss.)

Past-Hook: My apologies. A woman as beautiful as you deserves my full and prompt attention.

(Hook hits Past-Hook in the face and he fells unconscious.)

Emma: Are you kidding me?! How is that not gonna have consequences?

Hook: He was asking for it. And, like I said, he'll blame the rum. Now let's get out of here.

(Outside. Emma and Hook are staring at King Midas’s castle from far.)

Hook: A predictable excess of pomp and grandeur.Snow should have no trouble sneaking inside.

Emma: What about us? We're supposed to just sit here and hope that she pulls it off? I don't like leaving things to chance.

(Rumple appears from nowhere.)

Rumple: You know, I feel exactly the same way, which is why I never do. See? An invitation to the ball.

Emma: So you'll be inside to watch out for her.

Rumple: No, no. I'll be far too busy sorting out how to get you home.

Hok: Well, who's the invitation for?

Rumple: Well, isn't it obvious? The two of you.

Hook: So, when we're done inside, you can open our portal?

Rumple: There's a powerful wand, which, uh I came to possess. Anyway, legend says It can recreate any magic that's ever been wielded. Now, with a little work, I can use it to re-create whatever portal brought you here.

Emma: Please do it quickly. We'll be in and out before you know it. I want to get the hell out of here.

Rumple: Oh, confidence. I like it. Wait! Not like that.

(A purpil cloud gets around them and they appear back dressed as nobles.)

Rumple: The Savior can't come this far and not play princess for a day.

Emma: But I'm not supposed to stick out. What if someone remembers me in the future?

Rumple: Because what you had before was such an intricate disguise. Now, speaking of which, I've returned those stolen rags luckily, before they were missed. I mean, it's a miracle the timeline hasn't imploded already. Amateurs. Allow me. A glamour spell.

(Rumple gets a mirror and show them how they look like now totally different.)

Rumple: This is how you shall appear to one and all. Now run along and do everything you can to make sure Snow White gets that ring. Once they are back on track, everything else will be, too.

(At the ball.)

Emma: Just when I thought the clothes here couldn't get any worse.

Hook: You might not be able to move, Swan, but you cut quite the figure in that dress.

Midas: Greetings. I am king Midas, father of the bride. Who do I have the honor to welcome into my home?

Hook: I am I'm Prince, uh--

Emma: Charles. Prince Charles.And I'm Princess -- Leia.

Midas: An honor to have you both. Announce Prince Charles and Princess Leia.

Emma: Mary Margaret and David are always going on about this ball and that ball. What's the big deal about these things?

(They get deeper in the ball and discover several people dancing.)

Hook: You were saying?

Emma: What am I supposed to do?

Hook: Blend in.

(He takes her to the dancing area.)

Emma: Wait. Are you saying you know how to do whatever this is?

Hook: It's called a waltz. There's only one rule pick a partner who knows what he's doing.

(They start dancing, smiling.)

(Outside Snow throw a rode to the fence and get in the castle. In the room, Emma and Hook are still dancing.)

Emma: Watch the mocking. I'm actually getting the hang of this.

Hook: I'm not mocking you, Swan. I'm just thinking about what you said in Storybrooke, about not being a princess.

Emma: Really? You get my first dance at my first royal ball and all you can say is, "I told you so"?

Hook: I believe what I'm trying to say, your highness, is that you appear to be a natural.

Emma: There's Charming.

Charming (to Abigail): Would you care to dance?

Abigail: My feet are killing me. If only I'd thought to wear my comfortable shoes.

Charming: Would you like me to fetch them for you, my dear?

Abigail: My hero.

(Snow is in Charming’s room, searching for the ring.)

Snow: Where is that ring?

(Regina makes her entrance at the ball.)

Midas: What a pleasure, my Queen. I thank you for honoring my daughter with your presence.

Regina: And thank you for your generous hospitality.I hope you don't mind I brought some friends.

(Dark knights come into the room.)

Emma: Regina's here. Damn it. That definitely was not in the plan.

Hook: Breathe, Swan. She's a guest.The king's head would vanish to another realm if he didn't invite her.

Emma: Yeah, good point. Where's Charming?

(In Charming’s room. Snow finally finds the ring.)

Snow: My ticket to freedom.

(Charming finds her stealing.)

Charming: Who are you?!

(She tries to escape.)

Charming: Stop! Thief!

(She falls down and he prepares to hit her.)

Charming: You're a girl.

Snow: Woman.

(She takes a jewelry box and hit him the face then escapes.)

(Abigail gets into the room.)

Abigail: James, what is taking you so -- you're -- You're Snow White. Snow White! Snow White!

(A knight alarms the king.)

Knight: My lord, Snow White was spotted in the castle.

Midas: The bandit Snow White here? Get her!

(Emma and Hook go out to check on Snow who is already on her horse.)

Emma: She did it. She must have stolen the ring.

Snow: Hyah! Hyah!

Charming (screaming from his room): You can't hide from me! Wherever you are, I will find you! Emma: Mission accomplished.Now all we have to do--

(A knight pushes her, Hook catches her.)

Knight: You'll find her sooner than you think, my lord.

(The knight targets Snow with an arrow but Emma pushes him so that he misses his target.)

(Emma, down, finds the ring.)

Emma: No! The ring. We've got to get it to Snow.

Hook: Go. I've got this.

(Hook gets his sword and starts to fight the knights while Emma gets back to the ball room.)

 Knight: There she is! She helped the bandit escape.

Regina: Going somewhere?

Emma: Regina--

Regina: that's a bit informal, wouldn't you say? Show some respect.It's "Your Majesty".

(Knights seize her.)

Emma: Unh-unh.

Regina: You're not going anywhere. Snow White may have left the party early, but I suspect your night has just begun. Take her away.

Knight: Come on.

[End of the episode ]

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jptruelove  (07.12.2021 à 21:28)

J'adore cet épisode !!! Un de mes préférés.

Emma et Crochet plongés dans la forêt enchantée, c'est super. Effectivement, c'est prenant car ils vont changer un moment hyper important et devoir rattraper le coup. Ils sont superbes tous les deux dans les rôles qu'ils se créent de prince Charles et de princesse Leia. 

Mes moments coup de coeur : 

- la séduction de Crochet "jeune" par Emma et la jalousie de Crochet

- la valse au bal

- la discussion entre Crochet et Charmant


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