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#407 : Le Pacte

Centré sur : La Reine des Neiges


Emma capture la Reine des Neiges et lui fait subir un interrogatoire au bureau du shérif. Seulement, la fameuse reine tente de manipuler Emma en utilisant tout ce qu'elle sait à son sujet pour la persuader que toutes les deux se ressemblent bien plus qu'elle ne l'imagine. 

La relation entre Regina et Robin des Bois devient aussi de plus en plus compliquéeLes deux héros luttent toujours pour trouver un moyen de sauver une Marianne mourante.

Emma commence à comprendre ce qu'elle a raté en grandissant sans ses parents Snow et Charming quand elle s'aperçoit de l'attention avec laquelle Mary Margaret prend soin de bébé Neal.

Henry démarre son job après les cours dans la boutique de M. Gold, tout en tentant d'aider Regina à trouver des indices sur l'identité de l'auteur du livre de contes.

Pendant ce temps-là, dans l'Arendelle du passé, on découvre les origines de la Reine des Neiges et son lien familial avec Elsa et Anna, alors qu'on la voit découvrir ses pouvoirs spectaculaires et mortels pour la première fois.


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The Snow Queen

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Le Pacte

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Scénario : Edward Kitsis et Adam Horowitz

Réalisation : Billy Gierhart

Guests :

Elizabeth Mitchell Ingrid
Jessy Schram Ashley Boyd
Pascale Hutton Gerda
John Rhys-Davies Grand Pabbie
Sally Pressman Helga
Jonathan Runyon Le Duc
Bailey Herbert Helga (jeune)
Ava Marie Telek Gerda (jeune)
Greg Webb Le roi

–[Aredelle - Past]–

Three little girls are playing and laughing in a land. They are running after a kite.

Helga: Ingrid, hurry! It drifted over here!

Ingrid: It's ruined.

Gerda: No, it's not. The ribbon is still beautiful. It would look lovely in my hair.

Helga: No, Gerda. It would look lovely in my hair.

Gerda: It was my idea!

Helga: I saw the kite first.

Ingrid: I should have it. I'm the oldest, after all.

Gerda: So?

Ingrid: So, one day I shall be Queen. And this is befitting a Queen.

A man: I see you've found my kite.

Gerda: I'm so sorry. We didn't know. But we didn't break it. We found it this way.

A man: That's all right. It wasn't worth much. And besides, I've got my eyes on a much bigger prize. Such pretty Royal Princesses will fetch an equally pretty royal penny!

Helga: What are you doing?!

Gerda: Help!

A man: Don't even try it, little one.

Ingrid: Let my sisters go!

Ingrid freezes a branch

Gerda: Aah!

A man: You're a monster!

The branch falls on the man.

Helga: Ingrid. What's going on?

Ingrid: I don't know. Stay back. I don't want to hurt you.

Gerda: You saved us.

Ingrid: He called me a monster.

Helga: He was trying to take us. He's the monster.

Ingrid: But look what I did to him.

Helga: Whatever you did, you had no choice.

Ingrid: But I had no control over it. What am I supposed to do if it happens again? And how am I supposed to be a queen? What will happen when people find out?

Helga: They won't find out. It will be our secret. No one has to know. We'll help you figure out how to control it... Whatever it is.

Ingrid: You'll help me?

Gerda: We're your sisters. Of course we'll help you. And we will never look at you as a monster.

Helga: That's right, Gerda. Everyone take a ribbon. This is our sisterly pact. As long as we hold these ribbons, we will be there for each other.

Gerda: We will never be alone.


The Snow Queen enters into the library. She gets to the clock tower. The puts her mirror on the wall.


Regina is at her vault. Robin enters.

Robin: Hello, Regina.

Regina: I told you it was best to stay away. The only way Marian is going to live is if you give her a kiss of true love.

Robin: I know.

Regina: Then why are you here?

Robin: Honestly... I don't know. My mind was in the forest, but my heart took me here.

Regina: Robin... You have to save her.

Robin:Because it's the right thing to do?

Regina: Because she's your wife. And seeing you here and hearing about your conflicted heart? It's torture.

Robin: For that, I'm sorry. But I can't just fall back in love with Marian... Not when you're in my life.

Regina: Which is why I can't be in your life.

Robin: You're right! But that doesn't change the fact that... I don't know what to do!

Regina: You need to forget about me... And start thinking about her.

Regina leaves.


At the sheriff's station.

Emma: Belle found something in here... A spell. It may be able to work against the Snow Queen.

Elsa: You don't mean kill her?

Emma: No. No one's killing anyone. It's just... Neutralize her powers. Maybe.

Elsa: Can you read this?

Emma: Elvish? No, I didn't even see "Lord of The Rings." Never mind. Belle translated it. It tells us how to enact the spell.

Elsa: "With both hands, hold the candle and then use your magic to light it. And then when you blow on it..."

Emma: Then bam, she's right back to selling ice cream. My guess is business will be down.

Elsa: Maybe without her powers we can talk to her. We can find Anna. We can get some real answers.

Emma: Does your sister have magic?

Elsa: No, and I think that's why the Snow Queen is so interested in you.

Emma: Yeah.

Elsa: Does anyone in your family have magic?

Emma: No.

Elsa: It's hard when they look at you differently, isn't it?

Emma: They don't.

Elsa: You're lucky. Okay. Should we try this?

Emma tries the spell and fail.

Elsa: I'm sorry. Should we try again?

Emma: Later. I have to meet Mary Margaret. I'm supposed to babysit tonight.

Elsa: Life goes on.

Emma: We'll find her.

Elsa: It's okay. Go. I'll be here.


At the new mother session group.

The mothers: Goodbye, Alex, goodbye, Neal, goodbye, Phillip. It's time for us to go. Yay!

Ashley: That wasn't so bad for a first week, huh? Okay, moms, next time, we're gonna sing more songs. So I've burned you all a CD. Oh.

Aurora: What's a CD?

Mary Margaret: Oh. She's new. Well, a CD player is sort of like a music box. There is one underneath your TV here at Granny's.

Aurora: I dare not touch that devil box. I won't make that mistake twice.

Mary Margaret: Emma, you missed the goodbye song.

Emma: I got the gist of it from the title.

Emma: Is baby bro ready?

Mary Margaret: Yes. Oh, just a few things... Uh, diaper bag, stroller, milk.

Emma: He sure has a lot of stuff.

Mary Margaret: Well, I wanted to give him everything.

Ashley: Emma!

Emma: Oh, Ashley, look at you the baby whisperer.

Ashley: What can I say? I just took to it. Now, if you need help getting him to sleep, just tell him he's gonna turn into a pumpkin by midnight.

Emma: So, this is what you do here... You give sleeping tips and sing songs, and...

Ashley: Oh, it's more than just that. It's like having a support group. I mean, being a first-time mother is not easy.

Emma: First-time mother.

Mary Margaret: Emma, of course... I'm not a first-time mother.

Emma: Well, you kind of are. You've never raised a baby before. You just put one through a magical wardrobe.

Mary Margaret: Emma!

Emma: It's okay. I get it. It's all new for you. This is exciting... "Mommy and me" classes and songs and first steps and all. It must be really exciting. W-what?

Aurora: The bottle.

The milk is being boilled.

Emma: Oh. Uh... It's just, you know, magic. I've been practicing to try to capture the Snow Queen. And I guess I must just still be a little revved up. Okay.

Emma wants to hold her brother but Mary Margaret stopes her. Emma's phone rings.

Emma: Hello?

David: Emma, there's something going on at the clock tower. There's a trail going upstairs. A frozen trail.

Emma: The Snow Queen. She still up there?

David: The trail goes up, doesn't come down.

Emma: All right. I'll be right there. The Snow Queen is in the clock tower. I guess I'll have to take a rain check on babysitting.

Emma leaves.


Emma and Elsa enter into the tower. The Snow Queen is here.

Emma: Hey!

The Snow Queen attacks Emma.


Elsa: Emma, now!

Emma traps the Snow Queen with the spell.

Elsa:You did it.

Emma: Yeah. I guess I did.

The Snow Queen: You got me.

–[Aredelle - Past]–

Gerda and Helga are preparing for the bal.

Ingrid: Oh, Gerda, Helga. You both look so beautiful.

Helga: Get up, Ingrid. Come on. Join us.

Ingrid: It's better this way.

Helga: Father would be so pleased. He only turns 70 once. We should be united.

Ingrid: I'll wish him a Happy Birthday, but we all know it's better if I disappear before anyone sees me.

Helga: How many years can you do this? How many years can you hide?

Ingrid: As many years as I'm afflicted.

Helga: You're not "afflicted." Don't you want to dance? Have fun?

Gerda: She's right. It's not good for the future queen to be so elusive.

Helga: You mustn't always think the worst.

Ingrid: I'm thinking the best... For you. Don't you have a suitor coming? And isn't he a Duke... No less? And aren't you going to introduce him to father?

Helga: I want you to meet him, too, Ingrid.

Ingrid: Someday. But for now, you're my sister, and I don't want risk ruining a special moment for you. Go. Both of you, have fun. I'll be all right.


At the bal.

Helga: Father, I would like you to meet my new friend, the Duke.

The Duke: An honor, Your Majesty.

The King: A Duke. What brings you to Arendelle?

The Duke: I'm on a diplomatic mission, part of a semi-permanent envoy. I shall be staying for quite some time.

The King: Welcome to my Kingdom. Do you find it to your liking?

The Duke: She's beautiful. Um... Um, uh... It's beautiful. Yes, I like it here. It's lovely. As is your daughter. I'm humbled she would even consider a dance with me. I mean... Would she?

Helga: I would consider it.

The King: It always starts with a dance.

Helga dances with the Duke. Ingrid shows up. She looks at her sisters. She envies them.


The Snow Queen is locked in the questioning room. Emma and Elsa enter.

Emma: All right, Queenie, time to talk.

The Snow Queen: Ooh. You should get that looked at, Emma.

Emma: Oh, now you want to play nice?

The Snow Queen: With you two? Don't you understand, that's all I've ever wanted.

Elsa: We don't care what you want. Where is Anna? She's alive. We know it. We heard her heartbeat.

The Snow Queen: You heard her heartbeat?

Elsa: From Bo Peep's Crook.

The Snow Queen: Sounds like someone's grasping at straws about their long-lost sister.

Elsa: What happened to her?

The Snow Queen: I'm not sure you should care. I told you... She's the one who put you in that urn. I have no idea why you'd want to find someone like that.

Elsa: Because she is my sister and she would never do what you say.

The Snow Queen: Or she's your sister and she couldn't handle what you... What we... Are, and she did exactly as I say.

Elsa: No!

Emma: Elsa. Please. Take it easy. She's getting under your skin. Don't let your emotions cloud your judgment. If we want answers, we have to be calm.

Elsa: She knows what happened to Anna.

Emma: And we're gonna figure it all out. You go help David and Hook try to figure out how to take apart her mirror. I got this.

Elsa: Emma...

Emma: I got it.

Elsa leaves.

Emma: Okay. Now it's just me.

The Snow Queen: Good. You're the one I wanted to talk to anyway.

Emma: Yeah, yeah. I know. You want me to turn to the dark side and be your... Sister-buddy-something or other. I'm not interested.

The Snow Queen: I'm so proud of you, Emma.

Emma: No, that's not gonna work. I know that we have a past, which we're gonna get into. But you're not gonna push my buttons.

The Snow Queen: I'm being completely sincere. Use your super power... You'll see I'm telling the truth.

Emma: How do you know about that?

The Snow Queen: You told me. When you were a child. What a lovely child you were. I am so grateful I got to know you then.

Emma: Don't talk to me like we're friends.

The Snow Queen: We're not friends, Emma. We're family.

Emma: I know that's what you want, but whatever past we had... The past you stole from me... I know enough to tell you about the future. And what you want? It ain't gonna happen, sister.

The Snow Queen: Oh, but it will. You see, at the end of the day, you'll understand that everything that I've been saying is true. And then you'll do the last thing in the world you'd think possible right now.

Emma: Yeah? What's that?

The Snow Queen: You're going to let me go. Now, then... What would you like to talk about?


Regina is reading the storybook in her library. Henry enters.

Henry: Hey, mom. Could you help me with this thing?

Regina: Well, look at you all dressed up. What's the occasion?

Henry: I'm getting married. Work. With grandpa. At the shop. He said if I was gonna learn the family business, I'd have to represent the family business. Which would be fine if it didn't also mean wearing a tie.

Regina: Well, I think you look very handsome.

Henry: So, what happened?

Regina: What do you mean?

Henry: You were tearing through the book with your scary face on. Did something happen with Robin Hood?

Regina: No. I'm just... I'm moving on. Whatever he and I had, it's over. I just need to let it go.

Henry: I'm sorry, mom.

Regina: But the next time a happy ending knocks on my door, I'm gonna be ready. I'm not gonna let this book stop me again. From now on... Operation Mongoose is my main focus. We will find the author.

Henry: Good. And I have a few ideas about where to look for clues next in the shop.

Regina: Now get to work.


At the questioning room.

Emma: So, the spell of shattered sight. Pretty impressive stuff.

The Snow Queen: What does it matter? You stopped me.

Emma: That's right. I did. We know who you are. We know what you're planning. And we know that for some sick, twisted reason, you want Elsa and me to replace your long-lost sisters.

The Snow Queen: Well, then, you have all your answers. May I retire to my cell now?

Emma: No. I want to know why. Why have you been tracking me my whole life?

The Snow Queen: I was trying to protect you, Emma.

Emma: Is that what you were doing in the foster home, protecting me? So why did you erase my memories? Because they were just too good?

The Snow Queen: Every family has their ups and downs.

Emma: You see, no, you and I... We are not family. I have one of those, and it spans three generations and 400 years.

The Snow Queen: Family isn't about blood. It is a bond far stronger than mere genetics. Elsa and I are your real family because we are the only ones like you. We belong together. The family that you think you have... They may love you, but they also fear you.

Emma: No. They don't.

The Snow Queen: You've never seem them wince at your power?bYou've never seen a twinge of panic just behind their eyes? Not even once? I find that hard to believe.

Emma: They love me for who I am, including my powers.

The Snow Queen:I thought that once, too, Emma.

–[Aredelle - Past]–

In the sisters's bedroom.

Helga: Ingrid, you have to taste this. The royal Baker really outdid himself. What are you doing?

Ingrid: I was hoping to be gone before you returned.

Helga: Nonsense. You were perfectly fine when we left you. What happened?

Ingrid: I went to the party.

Gerda: You did? We didn't see you there.

Ingrid: I saw you. I watched you dancing and laughing. You looked so vibrant and... And free. I'm not meant for such things, Helga. I've accepted that. When I'm gone, you'll both be able to have the normal lives that you deserve. Your compassion and strength will make you a wonderful leader, Helga. You are the Queen that Arendelle deserves.

Helga: Ingrid, stop this right now.

Ingrid: I can't control my power. It's too strong. I don't want to hurt anyone.

Helga: Remember what we promised, Ingrid. We will never abandon each other.

Gerda: I think I know someone who can help.

Helga: What did you say, Gerda?

Gerda: I've heard whispers of a man, a sorcerer, who might be powerful enough to control Ingrid's powers.

Ingrid: Where does this sorcerer live?

Gerda: He lives in a land called Misthaven. And his name... Is Rumplestiltskin.


At the clock tower.

Hook: This is what we've been worried about? Shouldn't it be shaking or doing something evil?

Elsa: Agreed. It feels like just a harmless looking glass to me.

Belle: I've found nothing to counteract the spell yet. Hey, stop! Do not look in that thing. It'll make you see the worst in yourself.

Emma: It must be broken. I've been staring at it all day, and I think I'm even more devilishly handsome and charming than usual.

Belle: Uh... Th-this isn't the same mirror.

Elsa: Why would the Snow Queen risk coming all the way out here to plant a fake mirror?

David: Because she wanted to get caught.

David and Hook run.


In the questioning room, the Snow Queen uses her power to freeze the doors of the sherif's station. David, Hook, Belle and Elsa arrive.

David: Emma! Emma!


At Granny, Robin plays darts. He misses the target. He drinks. Will enters into the restaurant. He sees Robin and tries to leave but Robin stops him with a dart.

Will: I can explain.

Robin: No need. Another for me. And one for Mr. Will Scarlet.

Will: I really do want to make amends, you know, for what I did to you and the Merry Men at Sherwood Forest.

Robin: You nearly got us all killed.

Will: Nearly. Surely that's worth something?

Robin: Because of a woman. And where is she now? Sorry.

Will: I chose my path. Sometimes even when you win, you lose.

Robin: I ever tell you about how I met Marian?

Will: Only about three dozen times.

Robin: I stole her father's horse.

Will: Three dozen and one.

Robin: I was just a two-bit thief in those days. I didn't even need it. Already had two horses back at the camp.

Will: And that night, you woke to an arrow pointed at your head.

Robin: Her family, she said, were poor farmers. The little that they had was held together by that prized steed. I didn't say a word as she rode off that night. And the next day, I returned to her cottage...

Will: With two of your own horses as a gift to her family. And from that day forward, you never stole for yourself again. From that day forward, you only stole from the rich and give to the poor.

Robin: She made me the man I am today, Will. I need to remember that.

Will: It wasn't easy for her, you know. Living like an outlaw. I asked her once how she gave up everything to be with you. Do you know what she told me?

Robin: What?

Will: She said, "there's good in him, Will. And when you see the good in someone, you don't give up on them... Especially if they don't see it themselves. And if you're ever lucky enough to find true love, you fight for it every day.

Robin: Do you still believe that? After everything you did for love? Was it worth it?

Will: Mate, if you find someone you love enough to ruin your entire life for, it's always worth it.


At Mr Gold's shop.

Henry: Okay, I've swept the floor twice. Don't you think it's time I learned something a bit more... Magical?

Mr Gold: Well, Henry, today is your lucky day. Because I am gonna give you a potion that possesses the power to transform something old into something new.

Henry: What kind of potion is that?

Mr Gold: Furniture Polish. You can start in the back. Don't touch anything you shouldn't.

David, Hook and Belle enters.

Mr Gold: Ah, this kind of procession never bodes well.

David: The Snow Queen iced over the locks of the Sheriff's Station. Emma's trapped inside with her.

Belle: We need your help, Rumple. You must be able to get us in there. Please. Please.

Mr Gold: How could I turn down the pleas of my beloved wife? After you.

Belle and David leaves.

Hook: All right, Crocodile. What's your game? The last two villains that came into town tried to kill you. But you seem rather unconcerned by this one. Makes a man wonder if you two have a history.

Mr Gold: You can wonder all you like, dearie. My history... My business.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

At the Dark One's castle.

Rumplestiltskin: Ice powers, you say?

Ingrid: And snow.

Rumplestiltskin: My, my. How intriguing. And such a rare gift. Why would you ever want to give it up? Perhaps I could interest you in lessons instead?

Ingrid: No. I want to stop them. We heard that you were the greatest collector of magic in all the Land. You must have something that can help.

Rumplestiltskin: Well, of course I do, dearie. The thing I don't understand is why you need me when you already have all the help you could possibly ask for.

Ingrid: What do you mean?

Rumplestiltskin: True love comes in many forms. But the sisterly bond... Oh! Worth its weight in magic.

Ingrid: My powers are too strong. I need something to control them.

Rumplestiltskin: Well, if you insist. Just remember. Love is free. But all magic comes with a price.

He makes appears gloves.

Rumplestiltskin: These gloves can help conceal your powers.

Ingrid: And stop them?

Rumplestiltskin:Well, only if you believe it. Faith can be powerful. But for those who lack it, well, sometimes another solution is required.

He shows their a urn.

Rumplestiltskin:Think of this as your fail-safe. If things get too chilly, simply pop the top and in you go. All your powers will be contained, and all of the Realms shall be safe from you. Problem solved.

Ingrid is about to take the urn.

Rumplestiltskin: I don't know how you do things in Arendelle, dearie, but here a deal requires an exchange of goods. What I want is, uh... These lovely ribbons... All three.

Ingrid: Our ribbons? But they're just silly little things we've worn since we were children.

Rumplestiltskin:Sometimes, with enough love, ordinary objects can come to possess their own special kind of magic.

Helga: Ingrid, no.

Gerda: We can't give them up. It's not right.

Ingrid: I-I-it's just a symbol. It's not strong enough. I need something that will guarantee that I never hurt anyone again. Like, he said, a fail-safe.

Helga: We are your fail-safe, Ingrid.

Rumplestiltskin: Do we have a deal?

Ingrid: I'm sorry. It's not enough.

They take off their ribbons.

Rumplestiltskin: Deal, deal, deal.


At the questioning room.

The Snow Queen: It's understandable you feel upset.

Emma: Now you think you know how I feel?

The Snow Queen: I know you better than you know yourself, Emma.

Emma: Yeah, because you took... Ahat?... A year from my life?

The Snow Queen: When you lived with me, you talked about your parents all the time. You were so angry with them for giving you up.

Emma: They had a good reason for that. I know that now.

The Snow Queen: It doesn't change the fact that you felt unwanted for 28 years.

Emma: They didn't have a choice.

The Snow Queen: There is always a choice, Emma. They could have kept you. They could have figured out something else. They could have tried.

Emma: They did what they could to save an entire Kingdom.

The Snow Queen: You were their only child. And they used you to break a curse. They're still using your powers.

Emma: That's not true.

The Snow Queen: Isn't it? How many times have you saved them? How often have you felt more like a "Saviour" than their daughter? And all it takes is one tiny mistake, one accident, and you and your powers go from being their salvation to their worst nightmare.

Emma: You don't know them or me.

The Snow Queen: I don't have to know you, Emma. I've been you... Different, misunderstood, alone. And now they've chosen to have a new child. And don't you think that they thank their lucky stars every day that he was born normal?

Emma: They love me.

The Snow Queen: You can't love somebody you don't understand. And do you know what happens when people don't understand something? They learn to fear it. And then they look at it like a monster!

Emma: Shut up!

Emma blows up the wall.

Emma: W-what did you do to me?

The Snow Queen: Ah.

The Snow Queen frees herself.

The Snow Queen: All I did is show you who you really are.

Emma: M-make it stop.

The Snow Queen: I can't. It's you, Emma, and... It's beautiful.

The Snow Queen leaves.


Emma gets out from the questioning room. She's in shock.

Emma: What have I done?

David: Emma! You all right?

The other comes.

Mary Margaret: We were so worried.

Emma: Wait!

Mr Gold: Seems you didn't need my help after all.

Hook: Swan, what did that monster do to the Sheriff's Station?

Emma: The "monster" who did this was not the Snow Queen. It was me.

David: What?

Emma: Just keep your distance. I don't know if I can control myself. I don't want to hurt anyone.

Hook: Swan.

Mr Gold: We should heed her words.

Elsa: Emma, we can help.

Emma: Just stay away! Let me go!

Emma uses her powers and a light falls down.

Belle: Ooh.

Emma: Watch out!

David pushes Hook and the light falls on him.

Mary Margaret: David! Emma! Emma... Emma, wait. Please come back.

Hook: Swan!

Henry: Mom!

Mary Margaret: It's okay! Emma!

Emma takes her car and runs away.

–[Aredelle - Past]–

In the castle's garden.

The Duke: Ah, the Golden Crocus. A mysterious flower that blooms only for those who are willing to wait. I don't believe we've had the pleasure.

Ingrid: Ingrid. You must be here for Helga. I'll go and fetch her for you.

The Duke: Yeah, I-I'd heard rumors of this mysterious third sister, but I had to see her for myself.

Ingrid: Oh.

The Duke: The stories did not lie. You are more beautiful and intriguing than I could have ever imagined. Did I say that out loud? Of course I did. Oh, you are enchanting.

He tries to kiss her.

Ingrid: Oh, no. Don't do this.

The Duke: Helga will never know.

Ingrid: She loves you.

The Duke: But it's you that I want, you mysterious flower... The Queen to be.

He holds her.

Ingrid: No, no, no, no, no, no! Get back!

She pushes him with her magic.

The Duke: What dark sorcery is this? Stay away from me.

Ingrid: Please, don't tell anyone. Please. This has to be our secret.

Helga: Ingrid. Ingrid, what's going on here?

The Duke: Your sister started kissing me. She told me she loved me. And when I rebuffed her, she tried to kill me with... With her magic.

Ingrid: No! Helga, no.

Helga: Thank you, Duke.

Ingrid: That is not...

Helga: Thank you for showing me what a... Liar and a scoundrel you are, and for saving me the trouble of considering taking your worthless hand in marriage.

The Duke: How dare you?

Helga: We shall see to it that your diplomatic mission here is over. straight back to "Weaselton."

The Duke: It's pronounced "Wesel-ton." And I am its Duke, and I do not take orders from you. Believe me, when Arendelle learns the truth about her, they shall side with me.

Helga: Ingrid is my sister, and I love her for who she is. And so shall everyone else.

The Duke: Really? Is this why you hide her away from balls and royal dinners? Why no one has ever laid eyes on this freak?

Helga: You are out of line, "Weasel-ton."

The Duke: Mock me all you want, but the people deserve to know what their future Queen is. Before I'm through, all of Arendelle will know your secret. And when they find out how dangerous your sister really is, you won't have to hide her any longer because they'll lock her up and throw away the key.

Helga: Enough!

The Duke: Because that is the only fate befitting a monster.

Ingrid: Stop!

Ingrid uses her power to hurt the Duke but Helga protects him and she is hit by her sisters magic.

Helga: No!

Ingrid: N-no! No! Helga! Helga, no. Helga.

Helga: Ohh.

Ingrid: Helga. Helga, hey. I'm so sorry. H-Helga... No. I... No! No! No! No!

Helga freezes to death.

Ingrid: What have I done?


At Regina's vault.

Regina: Why am I getting a sense of déjà vu?

Robin: Regina... I have lived by a code my entire life... Steal from the rich and give to the poor. Be truthful, righteous, and good. I have tried to live by that code every day of my life.

Regina: Then why are you here?

Robin: 'Cause today is not one of those days.

He kisses her.


Mary Margaret looks after Neal. David, Hook and Elsa enter in the loft.

Mary Margaret: Did you find her?

David: No. We looked everywhere, which means only one thing.

Hook: She doesn't want to be found.

Elsa: I've been through this. And I saw the same looks on my loved ones' faces as Emma just did. I saw fear.

Mary Margaret: David, we failed today. When our daughter needed us most, she looked in our eyes, and... All she saw was fear. This Snow Queen has some mirror that turns us against each other? Well, she doesn't need it. Look at us. We are doing it to ourselves.


Emma is in her car, she is watching Storybrooke from the woods.


The Snow Queen smiles in ther mirror.

–[Aredelle - Past]–

In the castle's garden, Ingrid cries. Gerda comes.

Gerda: Ingrid? Ingrid, what happened? Where's Hel...

Ingrid: I didn't mean to.

Gerda: What did you do? What did you do?!

Ingrid: I was trying to stop the Duke. It was an accident. You have to believe me.

Gerda: You stay away from me. Stay!

Ingrid: No! No. Please... Please, don't be afraid. We said that we would always be there for each other. We made a promise. I love you. Gerda, please, you have to help me. Take my hand. Please take my hand. You're all I have left.

Gerda: Ingrid... You killed our sister. You're... You're a monster.

Ingrid: No, G-Gerda, no.

Gerda takes the urn and traps Ingrid.

Ingrid: No! No!


At the Troll's career.

Grand Pabbie: Your face shows great tragedy, my child.

Gerda: I lost both my sisters today.

Grand Pabbie: Oh, I am so sorry. How did such a thing happen?

Gerda: It's too painful to talk about. But my pain has to be set aside. We need to see that Arendelle survives this. Which is where I need your help. I need a memory potion strong enough to make all the realm forget that Ingrid and Helga ever existed. My father, the Duke of Weselton, everyone within our borders must forget. Can you do this?

Grand Pabbie: Yes. But, my dear, I must warn you, the truth has a way of coming out, one way or the other.

Gerda: It mustn't. The future of the Kingdom depends on it.

Grand Pabbie: I will do this for you. But this is strong magic that you speak of. And magic always comes with a price.

Gerda: I... I'm fairly certain I've already paid it.

Grand Pabbie: We shall see.


At Mr Gold's shop.

Mr Gold: As someone who's created many monsters in his time, I am impressed by the number you did on Ms. Swan.

The Snow Queen: I'm ready to make that deal.

Mr Gold: So... You finally understand what you didn't so many years ago.

The Snow Queen: I want my ribbons back.

Mr Gold: Then you'll also understand that a... a deal requires an exchange of goods. And I'm no longer convinced you have anything I want.

The Snow Queen: You still need one more thing to cleave yourself from that dagger.

Mr Gold: And how do you know about that?

The Snow Queen: I had that hat longer than you. I learned many things. Among them... The missing piece of your puzzle. Give me my ribbon. I'll tell you what it is. You see, I've figured out your plan. Storybrooke... Is a small town. Too small for someone as powerful as the dark one to be content.

Mr Gold: Well, they did close down that ice-cream parlor I was so fond of.

The Snow Queen: You want to cleave yourself from the dagger so you can venture outside Storybrooke without losing your power or your precious Belle. You want, in short, what all villains want.

Mr Gold: And what's that?

The Snow Queen: Everything. And I want to give it to you.

Mr Gold: What makes you so generous?

The Snow Queen: What you want is out there. And everything that I want is in here. Do what you want with the rest of the world. Storybrooke will be mine. Do you want your answer?

Mr Gold: You know I do.

The Snow Queen: Then we have a deal.

Mr Gold: You first. Tell me what I require.

The Snow Queen whispers at Mr Gold ear.

Mr Gold: Not only can I do that... But I shall do it with great pleasure.

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