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#416 : La Voix de la liberté

Centré sur : Ursula


À Storybrooke, Crochet utilise son histoire compliquée avec Ursula afin de découvrir ce qu'elle sait des plans de Gold. Celui-ci et les Reines des Ténèbres torturent August pour obtenir des informations sur l'Auteur, tandis qu'Emma, Mary Margaret et David se pressent de les coincer.

Regina commence à s'inquiéter de la sécurité de Robint out en essayant de conserver sa couverture parmi les méchants.

Au Royaume enchanté, lorsque la jeune Ursula demande l'aide du Capitaine Crochet pour s'enfuir de chez elle, elle va vite apprendre qu'il n'est pas sage de faire confiance à un pirate.


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Titre VO
Poor Unfortunate Soul

Titre VF
La Voix de la liberté

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Scénario : Andrew Chambliss & Dana Horgan

Réalisation : Steve Pearlman

Guests :

Kristin Bauer van Straten Maléfique
Chris Gauthier Mr Smee
Tiffany Boone Ursula, jeune
Ernie Hudson Poseidon

–[On the See - Past]–

Hook’s crew navigate on the see.

Hook: Mr. Smee, we are to return to Neverland with a full hold... Not full bellies.

Mr. Smee: Come on, captain. Pan will never notice if a few cakes are missing.

Hook: You can eat as many cakes as you want after I find a way to destroy the Dark One. Until then, we keep pan happy.

Mr. Smee: Of course.

They hear someone’s singing.

Hook: Do you hear that?

Mr. Smee: It's beautiful.

The crew is hypnotised by the voice and the Jolly Roger sails toward the rocks. The voice stops singing. Hook sees the rocks.

Hook: Rocks dead ahead!

The Jolly Roger escapes from the rocks.

Mr. Smee: That voice, captain... What was it?

Hook: The most dangerous creature in all the seas... A mermaid.


Urusla watches the Jolly Roger leaving. Her father arrives.

Poseidon: Why did you let that ship go?

Ursula: I'm sorry, father, but I couldn't.

Poseidon: But I told you to. And I'm...

Ursula: Poseidon, king of the sea. Yes, yes. I know, but still... I want to use my voice to make people happy, not to hurt them.

Poseidon: That's what your mother wanted, and look what happened to her.

Ursula: I miss her, too, father. But she's the one that taught me to sing, and I know she wouldn't want me to use my voice like this.

Poseidon: She also wouldn't want you to let her murderers sail free. She would want you to avenge her death.

Ursula: No! That's what you want! Just because one human hurt mother doesn't mean they're all bad.

Poseidon: Enough! As long as you live in my ocean, you will live by my rules.

Ursula: Then maybe I don't want to live in your ocean.

Poseidon: Ursula, pout all you want, but I expect you home by high tide.


Urusla is listening to the music on radio at Mr Gold’s cabin. Cruella joins her.

Cruella: Darling. Come. You're missing out on all the fun.


In the cabin, August is tying on a chair. Mr Gold tries to obtain clues on the Author.

August: I already told you... I don't know anything about this Author.

Ursula and Cruella enter. Ursula treats August with a knife.

Ursula: Well, perhaps you could use a little incentive.

August: Oh, that knife is not gonna make me remember something that I don't know.

Regina: Wait.

Regina teleports Urusla’s knife in her hand.

Ursula: Is there a problem?

Cruella: I knew she'd never the stomach for this.

Regina: Please. I was torturing people back when you were still playing with puppies. This sorry excuse for a man used to be made of wood. So let's light a fire under him and see what happens.

Regina makes fire in her hand.

August: Okay. All right. You know something? I actually, uh, do remember something about the Author.

Regina casts her fire ball in the hearth.

August: Um...

Ursula: Don't hold out on us.

August: W… When I was in Hong Kong, uh, before the curse broke, I met a mystic. His name was the Dragon. I don't know how he knew about the book, but he had been looking for The Author for years.

Mr Gold: And what did this "Dragon" learn?

August: He died before I could ask.

Mr Gold: Oh, well, that's something you two are about to have in common.

August: And after he died... I took his research. And I brought it with me to Storybrooke.

Maleficent: Do you really think this man-child is telling us the truth?

Mr Gold: Well, it wouldn't be the first time he's lied to my face. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to pay a visit to his trailer to find out.

Ursula: While you're doing that, shall we carry on with the rest of the plan?

Regina: Rest of the plan? What aren't you telling me?

Mr Gold: You're gonna have to do a lot more than just kidnap a marionette and torch a few logs for us to tell you everything. In the meantime, be content that you've finally chosen the winning side.

Regina makes smoke in the hearth while Mr Gold leaves.


Mary Margaret, Emma, David and Hook are looking for August into the woods.

Mary Margaret: It's okay, Emma. As long as he's with Regina, Pinocchio will be all right.

Emma: We don't know that. I just wish I hadn't let her ditch me.

Hook: Swan, you couldn't have known that she'd drop that tracking device.

Emma: Yeah, but I let her talk me into thinking kidnapping him was a good idea. If anything happens to that kid, it's my fault.

David: Uh, the tracks end here. Looks like the rain washed them away.

Hook: Oh, would now be an appropriate time for a locator spell?

Mary Margaret: We may not need one. Look.

Smoke enters into Mary Margaret.

David: Mary Margaret.

Emma: What the hell was that? Are you okay?

Regina starts to speak through Mary Margaret.

Regina: I have to make this quick. We don't have much time.

David: Regina?

Regina: Pinocchio's fine. He's back to his old self, or older self.

Emma: August.

Regina: But there's something else you need to know... Gold is here. We're holed up in his cabin, and he's in town for more than just the Author. But he won't tell me why, which means whatever it is he's planning... It's bad.

Regina leaves Mary Margaret’s body.

Hook: So the Dark One's returned.

Emma: Yeah. There's only one person who can help us drive him back out.


At Mr Gold’s shop.

Belle: H-h-he's here? Th-that's... That's impossible.

Mary Margaret: Well, did you really think he'd stay away?

Emma: The dagger... You need to hand it over so we can stop this fight before it starts.

Belle: The dagger? I-I don't have the dagger. Killian does.

Hook: Who? Me? Well, I haven't seen that cursed blade since you commanded the Crocodile to leave the first time.

Belle: But y-you took it from me last night to hide it where no one could find it.

Hook: After the lifetimes I spent searching for a way to destroy the Dark One, I'm pretty certain I'd remember holding that dagger in my hand.

Belle: Okay, well, if I didn't give it to you, then who...

Emma: You gave it to Gold... Disguised as you. He's back, and so is his power.

Belle: Even when I didn't think he could deceive me anymore... He found a way.

Hook: Banishment was too good for that demon. We should have driven that dagger through his heart when we had the chance.

Emma: Then your name would be written across it.

Hook: It's a small price to pay to ensure the Crocodile wouldn't come back again.

Emma: I know you're angry, but we defeated him before and we'll do it again.

Mary Margaret: Yeah, but the question is, how? We don't even know what he's planning.

David: First, we save August.

Hook: Yeah. You do that. I'll find out the Dark One's secret.

David: How are you gonna do that?

Hook: The sea witch Ursula. Remember when I said I had a past with her? Now's the time to use it.

Emma: How?

Hook: By taking a page out of your book, Swan. I'm gonna return her happy ending.

Emma: Can you really do that?

Hook: Aye. Because I'm the one who took it from her in the first place.


Inside the cabin, Regina shows August a page.

August: What's that... More kindling?

Regina: This page appeared to someone very important to me.

August: Robin Hood?

Regina: How do you know about Robin Hood?

August: Just 'cause the boy doesn't remember being me doesn't mean I don't remember being the boy.

Regina: Well, you're right. Robin did find it. But this page... It depicts something that didn't happen. And I think you know more than you're saying.

Ursula stands up.

Cruella: What's the matter, darling? Is there something out there?

Ursula: It's nothing. Just gonna go stretch my tentacles.

She leaves.


Hook blows in a shell into the woods.

Hook: Where is that infernal creature?

A tentacle captures him.

Ursula: Right here, captain.

Hook: Wait. I want to offer you a deal.

Ursula: After what you did to me? I don't think so.

Hook: Gold was wrong. You don't have to find the Author to get what you want.

Ursula: And why should I believe a word you say?

Hook: Because I know what it is you desire. And I know exactly where to get it.

Ursula: You still have it?

Hook: The Dark One... He's here for more than just the Author. If I return your happy ending, you're gonna tell me exactly what he's doing in Storybrooke.

Ursula: You got yourself a deal.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Ursula is singing in a tavern. Hook’s crew is here. When she finishes, Hook joins her.

Hook: I'd recognize that voice anywhere. You're the mermaid who nearly sank my ship… But you didn't. For that, I owe you a drink.


Hook and Ursula have a conversation.

Ursula: After I let you escape, my father said I had to obey his rules if I wanted to live in his ocean.

Hook: Ah. I see you don't take well to ultimatums.

Ursula: I broke into his vault and stole this. It lets me walk on land.

Hook: Well, you're a brave lass.

Ursula: My father wasn't always so cruel, you know. He used to be happy. Listening to my mother and me sing used to bring him joy.

Hook: What changed, love?

Ursula: My mother was killed... By a pirate. That's why he forbade me to sing, except to guide sailors to their doom. He turned my voice into a weapon. But it's all I have left of my mother. Singing is the only way to keep her spirit alive.

Hook: You have a rare gift. Your voice can soothe even the most haunted soul.

Ursula: You really think so?

Hook: For almost a century, my every waking moment has been consumed by one thought... Making an evil man pay for what he did to the woman I loved. Listening to your voice... Took away that pain. If even just for a brief moment.

Ursula: That's all I ever wanted… To make people happy.

Hook: Well, that's what you're doing. So, why are you singing in this rat's nest?

Ursula: I'm saving for passage to Glowerhaven. My mother said it was her favourite place to sing. I'm trying to earn enough gold...

Hook: Oh, you don't need gold for that trip.

Ursula: I won't?

Hook: Not if I take you.

Ursula: You'd really do that for me?

Hook: Meet me at the docks tomorrow morning.


On the docks.

Ursula: So, where exactly did you bury my treasure?

Hook: Oh, I didn't bury what you're after. It's aboard the Jolly Roger.

Ursula: So where's the Jolly Roger?

Hook: Ha. Back in the Enchanted Forest. Now, can you still open portals underwater, or did you give up that power when you became the monster you are?

Ursula: The monster that you made me.

Hook: Can you open the portal or not?

Ursula: Yes, I can. But I'm afraid I'll need something from the Jolly Roger to know exactly where it is.

Hook: Piece of the rigging. Did you really think I'd trade my ship without taking a souvenir?

Ursula hesitates.

Hook: What's the matter... You don't like the ocean?

Ursula: I haven't dipped my toe in the sea since I was banished to this world. Stand back.

Ursula opens a portal, nothing happens.

Hook: It didn't work.

Ursula: Yes, it did.

Hook: Bloody hell.

Ursula: Looks like you're not the only thing that's changed.

The Jolly Roger is trapped into a bottle.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Hook gets out from the tavern. He feels that someone follows him.

Hook: The last man who tailed me ended up with a dagger in his gut.


Hook is taken on his ship by soldiers of Poseidon.

Hook: You dare drag me onto my own ship? You're a dead man.

Poseidon: You listen to me. My daughter is not going anywhere near this vessel tomorrow.

Hook: Well, threatening me isn't gonna make her change her mind.

Poseidon: I don't need to change her mind. You do.

Hook: How's a seashell gonna help me?

Poseidon enchants the seashell.

Poseidon: It's now enchanted to take away her reason to leave... Her voice. Or rather, her singing voice. If she can't sing, she'll return to the sea, where she belongs.

Hook: She told me what that voice means to her. I won't betray her, not since she spared my ship.

Poseidon: What if I could offer you a way to destroy the Dark One?

Hook: What do you know about my feud with the Crocodile?

Poseidon: I know you've spent a lifetime searching for a way to kill him. I can offer you magic that will finally set you free.

Hook: What kind of magic do you mean?

Poseidon: Squid ink. A single drop is potent enough to paralyze any being, even Rumplestiltskin.

Hook: And all I have to do is steal your daughter's singing voice?

Poseidon: It's simple, pirate. Just show her how awful humans really can be.


Hook and Ursula enter at Mr Gold’s shop.

Hook: Do hope we're not interrupting, but we need the thief's assistance.

Belle: And how do I know That you're really Killian?

Hook: Oh, now you decide to question my identity?

Ursula: If he were the Dark One, lover boy here would already be dead.

Will: Yeah, she's got a point there. But why should I help you?

Hook: Because for once, we want the same thing... The Dark One gone. The key to making that happen is in here.

Hook shows Will the bottle.

Will: Right. That your ship, is it? Bit small, isn't it?

Hook: Careful, mate. It's unwise to insult the size of a pirate's ship. And you spent more time in wonderland than anyone I know. You must have something that can restore it.

Will: You're in luck. I think I might have just what you need.


Regina is walking into the woods, watching the page of Robin and her. Suddenly, she hears Robin calling her.

Robin: Regina!

Regina: Robin?

Robin: Regina!

Regina: Robin! I don't understand. How did you get here?

Robin: That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is I'm here with you now.

They kiss. Regina seems afraid.

Regina: Someone's watching. What the hell are you doing here?

The Evil Queen cast a fire ball on them.

The Evil Queen: Get away from him!


Regina awakes at Mr Gold’s cabin.

Maleficent: If you're having trouble sleeping, I have something that might help.

Regina: I'm fine. Thank you.

Mr Gold enters.

Hello, dearies.

Cruella: Tell us... Did you find anything at the puppet's trailer?

Mr Gold: Of course not. I didn't even look. The man's a born liar. He never would have cracked so easily. Instead, I paid a visit to the fairies. Or rather, a visit to their ample supply of magic. Now, this potion can temporarily reverse any spell those do-gooders cast. They made him real. This can undo that. I promise you, dearie... This is gonna hurt.

He forces August to drink the potion. August turns into woods.

Mr Gold: Now... Let's see if we can pull this puppet's strings.


David parks his truck. Emma, Mary Margaret and David get out from the truck. They walk to Mr Gold’s cabin.

Emma: Gold's cabin's up ahead. We go on foot from here.

Mary Margaret: Anything from Hook? Think he's managed to turn Ursula yet?

David: If she hasn't turned him.

Emma: Really? We're thinking that now?

David: Well, he kind of went to a dark place this morning.

Emma: Do you blame him? If Gold did to me what he did to Hook, I'd want to shove that dagger through his heart, too.

Mary Margaret: Emma, that's not you. You're not...

Emma: It's also not Hook. Relax. I'm just saying I understood where he was coming from. Come on. Gold might not hurt a kid, but August? Who knows what he'll do to him?


At the cabin. August turns into a man.

Cruella: When you said it was temporary, you weren't kidding, were you, darling?

Mr Gold: You see, you may no longer look like the puppet you once were, but it matters not. That potion you just drank has activated that... Built-in lie detector of yours.

August: I don't know what you're talking about.

August’s nose grows.

Mr Gold: Excellent. The next lie is gonna hurt.

Mr Gold bring August near the fire.

Mr Gold: What do you know about the Author?

August’s nose grows again.

August: I already told you everything.

Mr Gold: Try again, dearie. Where is he?

August: I don't know.

August’s nose grows again.

Mr Gold: Do not fool yourself. I will get my answer.

August: Okay.

Mr Gold: Where is he?

August: All right. I'm gonna tell you what you want to know. The Sorcerer, uh, trapped the Author behind a door.

Cruella: The Sorcerer? A door? He's speaking in riddles.

August: No, listen to me, Gold. You know about the Sorcerer. You know I'm telling the truth.

And she... She knows about the door. I know my papa gave you my things. There was a page that I took out of the book. Had an illustration of the door on it.

Mr Gold: Regina?

Regina: They were just scraps of paper.

Mr Gold: Then you'll have no problem sharing them with us now.

Regina: Well, I would if I hadn't already given them to Henry.

Mr Gold: Do you remember what the door looks like?

August: Uh... Made of wood. Hand-carved frame. Gilt in gold.

Mr Gold: Where is the door?

August: All I know... Is... It's somewhere in Storybrooke.

Mr Gold: There we are, now.

Mr Gold sits August.

Mr Gold: That wasn't so hard, now, was it? Since the sorcerer was the one who did the trapping, we will start our search for the door at his mansion. Maleficent.

Regina: I'll stay here and watch the puppet.

Mr Gold: No, no. Cruella will be our guard dog. Since you're the only one who's seen the drawing of the door, you're gonna have to help us find it.


On the docks. Ursula is about to pour a drop of liquid on the bottle.

Hook: Be careful, love. That's distilled from wonderland's finest mushrooms. Spill one drop, and, well, Storybrooke will have a giant squid in its harbour.

The bottle shines. Hook cast it on the ocean.

Hook: Now that's a ship fit for a pirate.

The Jolly Roger is back.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

On the Jolly Roger.

Hook: Mr. Smee, clear the deck. I'd like a moment alone with our guest.

Ursula: I hope you don't mind. I thought your crew might like something to work by.

Hook: Aye. It's beautiful. I'm afraid I've got something to show you.

Ursula: I know what that is. Why do you have that? Please don't use it!

Hook: Don't worry. I won't. But you must know... Your father gave this to me. He thought you'd return home if you could no longer sing. In exchange for helping him, he offered me squid ink... A weapon that would finally let me get my revenge against the Dark One.

Ursula: And you would sacrifice that prize for me?

Hook: I know that voice is the only thing you have left of your mother. If I had something left of my love... Look, I may be a pirate... But I have a code. And I promise to never take that voice from you.

Ursula: But that means you'll remain trapped as pan's servant forever.

Hook: Not necessarily. You stole that bracelet from your father's vault. I'd wager that's where he keeps the squid ink.

Ursula: You want me to steal it for you.

Hook: I'll take you to Glowerhaven and wherever else you want to go.

Ursula: Then we can both get what we want.

Hook: Aye. Now you're thinking like a pirate.


In the captain’s cabin.

Hook: Mm. I never thought I'd walk this sweet vessel again.

Ursula: Yes, well, you can ogle your ship after you return my singing voice.

Hook opens his safe. He puts the seashell.

Hook: Now, you know the deal I hand this over, you tell me every detail of the Dark One's plan.

He gives Ursula the seashell. Her voice is singing.

Ursula: Oh, you hear that?

Hook: Aye.

Ursula can’t have her voice back.

Ursula: It didn't work.

Hook: Why the devil not?

Ursula: Because you're wrong, Hook. Villains can't get their happy endings. I never should have believed you when you said we could do this without the Author.

Hook: I delivered your voice. It's not my fault if your magic can't get it out of the bloody shell. Now tell me what Gold has planned.

Ursula: Our deal is over. You get nothing!

Hook takes a gun and treats Ursula.

Hook: Our deal is not done. I have to stop the Dark One. He's taken too much from me already.

Ursula: You haven't changed one bit. Still the same selfish pirate, as always.

Ursula unarms Hook.

Ursula: Never go up against a woman with eight hands, especially when you only have one.

She stuns Hook.


On the deck, Ursula throws Hook in the sea.

Ursula: Have a nice swim, Captain.

Ursula leaves the Jolly Roger and Ariel rescues Hook.

Ariel: Don't worry. You can thank me later.


In the captain’s cabin.

Ariel: Are you okay?

Hook: Aye.

Ariel: Good.

She slaps Hook.

Ariel: That's for tossing black beard overboard before he could tell me where Eric was. I had to rescue that awful man to find him.

Hook: Then why are you here? I thought you and your prince were living happily ever after.

Ariel: I was, until I got trapped in that bottle. After you traded the Jolly Roger to Black Beard, he used your ship to terrorize a lot of people, including some royals from Arendelle. The queen trapped your ship as punishment.

Hook: Elsa did that?

Ariel: And I accidentally got swept up in the magic, so thanks for letting me out. Was that the real Ursula? Why was she throwing you overboard?

Hook: Because I was so focused on getting what I want, I made a promise to her I couldn't deliver. Maybe she was right. Maybe villains can't get their happy endings.

Ariel: Maybe that's because villains always go about getting them the wrong way.

Hook: I'm gonna need your help.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Ursula brings to Hook the ink.

Hook: I trust that you didn't run into any trouble.

Ursula: Nothing I couldn't handle.

Hook: I've waited a century for this. I couldn't have done this without your help, Ursula. So, tell me, where do you want to go to first?

Poseidon arrives. The crew is prepared to fight.

Poseidon: You're not taking her anywhere.

Hook: Stand down, men. This is between me and the sea king.

Ursula: No! It's about me. Hook told me what you asked him to do. You were trying to take away the only thing I have left of mother.

Poseidon: So I wouldn't lose you the way I lost her… You may have fooled my daughter, but I know exactly what you are. You only care about one thing... Your vengeance.

Poseidon takes the ink.

Poseidon: Now you'll never get it.

Hook: You have no idea what you've just done.

Hook tries to attack Poseidon but the king stops him.

Poseidon: You dare attack a deity?

Hook: I don't have to kill you to make you suffer. I know I'm not the only one consumed by vengeance.

Hook takes Ursula’s voice.

Ursula: No!

Hook: Now you'll never sink another ship with this.

Ursula: How could you? You said you had a code. You said you'd never steal my voice.

Hook: That was before your father destroyed my one chance at revenge.

Ursula: My father is a tyrant, but you're no better. Keep it. If this is what humans are like, no one deserves to hear it.

Ursula takes off her bracelet and dives under the sea.

Poseidon: Ursula! Give me the shell.

Hook: And give you the satisfaction of returning it to her? Now go. Before I destroy it and everything you hold dear.

Poseidon leaves.


At Mr Gold’s cabin.

Cruella: Thank heavens that potion was only temporary. The scruff is so much more attractive than the timber.

Emma enters.

Emma: I'm here for my friend.

Cruella: So, the saviour found us, did she? Now leave.

Mary Margaret hits Cruella with a frying pan.

Cruella: Aah!

Emma: Nice one, mom.

Mary Margaret: Well, first thing you learn as a bandit... Back door's usually unlocked.

Emma: August, are you okay? Did they hurt you?

David unties August.

August: I'll survive.

Emma makes the rope disappear.

August: Oh. Well, I see somebody's been practicing.

Emma: Well, I seem to remember someone telling me I just needed to believe in myself.

August: I always knew you'd figure it out.

Emma: It's good to have you back, even if it isn't the way things were supposed to be. I'm glad I didn't have to wait 20 years to see you as you again.

August: Me too.

Emma: Come on. Let's get you out of here.

Ursula enters.

Ursula: No one is going anywhere.

Emma: Where the hell is Hook? What'd you do to him?

Ursula: Sorry, sweetheart. Your boyfriend is shark bait.

Ursula wraps Mary Margaret’s neck with a tentacle.

Mary Margaret: Aah! Oh!

Ursula: Drop those hands, or your mother here's gonna need gills to breathe.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

In Poseidon’s kingdom.

Poseidon: I'm sorry, Ursula. But I had to.

Ursula: Don't you understand? My singing was the only thing keeping mother's spirit alive, and now she's gone forever. You wanted me to choose a side. Well, father, I'm choosing one... Mine!

Ursula takes her father’s trident.

Poseidon: Ursula, don't!

Ursula: All you ever wanted was for me to remain your precious, little mermaid. Well, I'm not gonna be that anymore. In fact, I'm not gonna be a mermaid at all. You named me Ursula after the sea goddess of old. Legend says she was strong and powerful. Well, that's exactly what I want to be.

Poseidon: Ursula, wait!

Ursula turns herself into a squire.

Ursula: Now I'm even more powerful than you. And the whole sea will be at the mercy of my every whim. You don't need to protect me, father. You need to fear me.


At Mr Gold’s cabin.

Emma: Ursula, you don't need to do this.

Ursula: That's where you're wrong. I can't have him leave with you. Not when the Author is the only one who can give me what I want.

Hook enters.

Hook: That's not true.

Emma is relieved.

Ursula: How are you still breathing?

Hook: I'm good at surviving. Or you're bad at killing. Either way, you don't need the author to get what you want. I know why you couldn't release your voice from that shell. Only the one who enchanted it can do that.

Ursula: Wait. You don't mean...

Hook: Aye.

Ursula: Father?

Ursula releases Mary Margaret.

Poseidon: Ursula.

Ursula: How are you here… In this land?

Poseidon: A young mermaid found me and brought me through a portal. I need to say something. I'm sorry, Ursula. I never should have forced you to use your voice as a weapon. It was just... Every time I heard you sing, I heard your mother, and it was too painful. I let that pain fuel my desire for vengeance, but it shouldn't have. It should have reminded me that I still had a piece of her... You. Let me return your voice so I can hear it one last time.

Poseidon returns his daughter’s voice.

Poseidon: Now that you are whole again, I'll leave you in peace.

Ursula: Wait. My voice is all we have left of mother. You took it from me once. I don't want to do the same thing to you.

Poseidon: What are you saying?

Ursula: I've missed you.

She hugs her father.

Poseidon: I've missed you, too.

Mary Margaret: Where's Cruella?

David: Uh, she must have slipped away, most likely to warn Gold. We should clear out before they get back.

Emma: Are you okay?

August: I'm okay.

Everybody leaves except Emma and Hook.

Emma: Hook, what's wrong? You gave Ursula everything she wanted.

Hook: But I almost didn't, love. I was so desperate to figure out what the Crocodile was up to,

I almost became the man I used to be. You have no idea how easy it is to fall back into the darkness.

Emma: Whatever mistakes you made with Ursula, you fixed.

Hook: Aye. But it's a stark reminder of something.

Emma: What?

Hook: With all this talk of Authors and the book, we've never discussed one fact... I was a villain.

Emma: But you're not anymore.

Hook: Neither is Regina, but she still lost her happy ending. If we're to believe the rules of the book, then it's only a matter of time before I lose mine.

Emma: Wait. If you're afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. What is it?

Hook: Don't you know, Emma? It's you.

She kisses him.


At the Sorcerer’s Mansion.

Regina: Well, that was a royal waste of time.

Mr Gold: The door may not be in the sorcerer's mansion, but it's somewhere in Storybrooke. We will find it.

Cruella arrives with her car.

Mr Gold: What are you doing here? Where's August?

Cruella: They rescued him... The heroes.

Mr Gold: You had one simple task.

Cruella: It wasn't my fault! We have a mole.

Maleficent: Who would be foolish enough to cross us?

Cruella: I know exactly who… Ursula. She sold us out for a reunion with daddy dearest.

Mr Gold: All right. We may have lost our informant, but we still have his information. Bring us the illustration of the door. Maybe there's something in it the puppet missed.


On the docks.

Hook: I suppose this is farewell.

Ursula: It is, but first, I have to hold up my end of the deal. Gold's plan... I'm afraid it involves Emma. She's the only way he can secure happy endings for the villains.

Hook: Well, I thought he was gonna get The Author to rewrite everyone's stories.

Ursula: It's not that simple. The Author can't just change things in this world because he didn't give everyone their happy endings here.

Hook: Emma did.

Ursula: She's the saviour. And as long as there's a saviour, the Author can't give the villains what they really want. And the Dark One knows this.

Hook: The Dark One's gonna try to kill Emma?

Ursula: Worse... He plans to fill her heart with darkness forever.


Regina comes in the Charming Family’s loft. Henry watches over August and reads his book. Emma is in the kitchen.

Regina: We're lucky he's okay.

Emma: It wasn't luck. You got us that message. Thank you.

Regina: I need your help with something.

Emma: What is it?

Regina: I had a dream today... Robin Hood came back, we were finally together, but then, I... The Evil Queen... Showed up with a fireball in her hand.

Emma: I may not be Archie, but it sounds like you're afraid of the villain you used to be and the one you might become again.

Regina: No, I don't think that's it. In my dream, I don't think the Evil Queen was there to hurt Robin. I think she was there to protect him.

Emma: From what?

Regina: I don't know. I just... Felt it… You used to track people for a living. Can you get me a phone number, a way to contact him, anything?

Emma: Yeah. Yeah, I can do that.

Henry: Mom!

August awakes.

August: What is she doing here?

Emma: Oh, it's okay. I promise.

Regina: August... We need to talk about how I'm going to keep up my cover with Gold. The only reason I was able to come here... Is because they think I'm stealing this page. We didn't find the door at the Sorcerer's mansion.

August: That's because it's not there.

Henry: What?

Regina: But... You said you didn't know where it was. And your nose didn't grow.

August: My nose didn't grow because I wasn't lying. When Gold asked me, I didn't know where the door was because I didn't know where Henry was keeping this page. Regina... This isn't just an illustration. This is the door. The Author is trapped inside the book.

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