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#506 : La quête de Merida

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Dans un flashback à Camelot, une rencontre avec Merlin, David, Hook et Belle donne à Merida un nouvel espoir dans sa quête pour sauver ses frères des clans de DunBroch.

Ne voulant rien laisser au destin, Merida et Belle partent à l'aventure dans un dangereux voyage, qui culmine avec une leçon inestimable de bravoure.

A Storybrooke, Regina, Mary Margaret et David découvrent le sort qui permettrait de communiquer avec Merlin, mais quand Arthur ne parvient pas à atteindre le sorcier disparu il devient suspect.

Pendant ce temps, Emma ordonne à Merida de tuer Belle dans l'espoir de forcer la transformation héroïque, de M. Gold. Ce dernier devra faire un terrible choix, face à ce dilemme.


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The Bear And The Bow

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La quête de Merida

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Réalisation : Ralph Hemecker

Scénario : Andrew Chambliss, Tze Chun

–[Camelot – 6 weeks ago]–

In the dungeon, a flash makes knights blind. Hook and David enters, they fight against them and win. Merlin uses his powers on a knight to knock out him.

Hook: Not bad for a bloke who spent the last thousand years in a tree.

Merlin: Just like riding a bike.

David: Well, it won't be long before Arthur knows we're here. How do you know what a bike is?

Merlin: Do you really think all my prophecies came true because of luck? This way.

Merlin stops the group. Knights walk through the room.

Hook: Bloody hell. You really can see the future.

Merlin: Bits and pieces, yeah.


The group arrives to Lancelot’s cell.

Lancelot: Charming?

David: It's okay. Mary Margaret and I are no longer under Arthur's control.

Lancelot: How did you break his thrall over you?

Hook: They didn't, mate.

Merlin: I did.

Lancelot: Merlin.

Merida: What about me, now? You here to free me, too?

Hook: Merida?

David: How did you end up in there?

Merida: Long story. But after what your daughter did to me, letting me out is the least you can do.

Hook: Aye. She's right. Emma would want us to free her.

Merlin: Indeed, but much has changed in the past millennia. These bars are enchanted with magic that I've never encountered before.

Belle finds a spell in her book.

Belle: Here. Try this.

Merlin: Huh. Well, aren't you the clever one?

Belle: Glad someone noticed.

Merlin makes the doors disappears. Someone comes in.

Hook: We best get going.

Merida: No, wait! Wait, I can't leave! Arthur took my wisps! They're the only way I can find my brothers.

Merlin: Right now those wisps will only lead you to one thing... Your death. I assure you, we will find another way to rescue your brothers.


At Regina’s office.

Mary Margaret: We found Merlin back in Camelot?

Regina: Emma let it slip last night when she tried to visit Henry.

Hook: If we found that Sorcerer, why the bloody hell didn't he destroy the darkness in Emma?

Regina: You're asking the wrong person.

Hook: Well, we can't very well ask him.

Regina: That's exactly what we're going to do.

David: A Crimson Crown. You figured out how to make the communication spell work.

Regina: Let's just say seeing Emma rip Violet's heart from her chest gave me all the motivation I need.

Hook: How does this thing work? Do we simply speak to it?

Regina: It's not that easy. Not just anyone can summon Merlin. He'll only appear to someone who's been chosen by him.

David: Arthur. Merlin delivered all the prophecies to him.

Regina: So what do you say, sheriff?

David: Already on my way.

Belle: Wait, wait. Why are we wasting our time with Merlin when there's someone here who can help us?

Mary Margaret: Who?

Regina: Rumple. If he hadn't brought the darkness back to Storybrooke, we wouldn't even be standing here right now.

Belle: Rumple may be to blame for the situation we're in, but so is Emma. She was seduced by the darkness just like he was, so how does that make rumple any different?

Hook: Sorry, love. Crocodile had more chances than anyone.

David: And right now we need to give Emma her best chance, which means contacting Merlin.

Belle: And something bad happens to Rumple...

Regina: It's a risk we'll have to take.

Belle: Mm, well, maybe you're willing to. I'm not.


Mr. Gold is trapped into the woods.

Mr. Gold: Forgive me, Belle.

He breaks the chip cup.

–[Camelot – 6 weeks ago]–

Belle and Merida have a conversation.

Merida: Saw you back there. You're not half bad with magic. If I was half as good as you, I would never have ended up in that dungeon in the first place.

Belle: Why were you down there?

Merida: After I parted ways with the lot of you, I followed the Will o' the Wisps to find where the clans are keeping my brothers. The wisps led me to the Ivory Sea, so I stole a boat to make the crossing, but, unfortunately, the boat belonged to the wrong fella.

Belle: What, Arthur?

Merida: His men captured me and threw me in that dank prison… Shh! Did you hear that?

Belle: Huh? Hear what?

Merida: Nothing. I just... needed your friends to get out of sight.

Belle: What? W-why?

Merida: So they don't see this.

Merida knocks out Belle.


Merida leads Emma to her camp into the woods.

Merida: I've pushed him as hard as I can. He's at the end of his tether.

Emma: You were saying?

Merida: Oh, go ahead. Crush it. Better that than helping you with your dirty work.

Emma: Why would I do that when your job isn't finished yet?

Merida: What are you on about? How am I supposed to train him when he's not even here?

Emma: You confirmed the one thing I needed to know... Belle's still someone he's willing to fight for.

Merida: Well, it didn't exactly make him a hero, now, did it?

Emma: It will... If he wants to stop you.

Merida: Stop me? From what?

Emma: Killing Belle… Now go find her and put an arrow through her heart.

–[Shores of Dunbroch – 6 weeks ago]–

Merida brings Belle to her land.

Merida: Ooh, I was beginning to worry you might not wake up.

Belle: Where are you taking me?

Merida: Ooh, you got fire. I like that. But I don't mean to hurt you.

Belle: Tell that to the bump on my head.

Merida: Without the wisps, I need another way to find my brothers, and that other way... Is you.

Belle: Oh, yeah, you needed magic, you could have just asked.

Merida: What, and risked getting a no? Sorry, but I'm more of a "hit first, ask questions later" kind of lass.

Belle: Ah, is that why the clans kidnapped your brothers?

Merida: Hardly. Those kilted oafs don't think I can rule the highlands without marrying one of them. I'm not gonna marry someone I don't fancy just to hold on to me own crown… After my father's death, they exiled my mother, then kidnapped my brothers as ransom. They'll only free them if I relinquish the throne.

Belle: And you don't plan on doing that.

Merida: Would you give up everything you have ever dreamed of just because a man said you didn't deserve it? So, what do you say? Will you help me show the clans they messed with the wrong Queen?


At the library.

Belle: Now, where is she keeping you?

The elevator moves. Mr. Gold was inside.

Mr. Gold: Don't hurt me, don't hurt me! Please! Please.

Belle: Oh, hey, hey, hey. It's okay. Dear, it's just me. It's okay.

Mr. Gold: Belle?

Belle: It's just... It's just me.

Mr. Gold: It really you?

Belle: Yeah.

Mr. Gold: She's after me.

Belle: Wait, wait. It's okay. You're safe now. It's okay. It's okay. Hey. Hey.

Mr. Gold: God, Belle. Thank you.

Belle: What?

Mr. Gold: I meant... I meant when... When I... When I was in the coma... All I wanted to do was let go. After all I'd done, why did I deserve to live? And then I heard something... Your voice. After all the things I've done to you... You still stood by me… Belle… If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even be alive. Thank you.

Belle: Come on. You know, it won't take Emma long to figure out where you've gone.

Mr. Gold: If she wanted to find me, she would have already. She wanted me to escape.

Belle: But th-that doesn't make sense. She kidnapped you.

Mr. Gold: To turn me into a hero so I can pull Excalibur from the stone.

Belle: Well, so how does letting you escape do that?

Mr. Gold: She's coming after you.

Belle: Me? W-why?

Mr. Gold: To force me to protect you. She thinks that'll make me the hero she needs… Belle, you're in danger.

Belle: Okay. So... So what do we do?

Mr. Gold: The shop. There's magic there that can help us.

–[Shores of Dunbroch – 6 weeks ago]–

Merida leads Belle to the witch’s cabin.

Merida: There's magic in there that can help us. We can use it to find my brothers.

Belle: You sure that the witch isn't home?

Merida: No. And what does it matter? We're only gonna nip inside long enough to use her cauldron.


In the cabin, Belle makes a potion.

Belle: Okay.

An image appears.

Belle: Do you know where that is?

Merida: I do. The Southern Moor. Macintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall.

Belle: The ones who wanted to marry you?

Merida: Now you understand why I want to rule on my own.

Belle: I'm guessing they're your brothers.

Merida: Aye. What do they mean to do to them?

Lord Macintosh: We've waited long enough. Because Merida has failed to relinquish her crown of her own accord, we have no choice but to take it from her... And to punish her for her treachery at day's end, her dear brothers... Will be executed.

Merida: So they're gonna die because of me.

Belle: Uh, th... That's not true. We can still rescue them.

Merida: No, we don't have time to plan a proper escape!

Belle: I promise we'll find a way to save them from this fate.

Merida: Fate… That's it.

Merida takes a scroll.

Merida: There's only one way to save my brothers now. I need to change their fate, and I need you to do it for me.


Zelena reads a book in her cell.

Zelena: Was that a kick, my little munchkin?

Nurse Ratched enters with Zelena’s lunch.

Zelena: Oh, thank god. I'm absolutely famished. The only thing this little one seems to want at the moment is a plate of onion rings.

Nurse Ratched: I'm under strict orders from the mayor to only feed you local, organically grown produce.

Zelena: Well, isn't my sister sweet? Go!

Nurse Ratched leaves, Emma appears.

Emma: Trust me, if anyone knows what it's like to be pregnant behind bars, it's me.

Zelena: The Dark Swan. To what do I owe this honour?

Emma: Just wanted to have a little chat.

Zelena: Afraid I'm not in the mood.


Emma teleports Zelena at her place.

Zelena: I suppose I could be willing to listen. So, tell me... What kind of trouble do you want to get into?

Emma: Eat up… Dark Ones don't judge.

Zelena: Despite these greasy treats, I know this isn't a social call. What do you want?

Emma: Direct... I like that. Take a look at this.

Zelena: The Apprentice's wand.

Emma: You're the only one around who has wielded Merlin's magic and lived to tell about it.

Zelena: Aww. It's nice to be appreciated.

Emma: If all goes according to plan, I'll need your help.

Zelena: How exciting. I can't wait to hear what you're offering in return.

Emma: Your freedom... And my protection against Regina and anyone else who wants to hurt you.

Zelena: So the Dark One's here to make a deal? How dreadfully unoriginal. You see, believe it or not, that patient with a mop loves to talk, and I hear that you've been very naughty, tearing out that little girl's heart to break your son's. Kudos. That is next-level darkness. Well done.

Emma: You think you're allowed to judge after everything you've done?

Zelena: No. But as someone that's been on the receiving end of a mother's betrayal, I know that those feelings of hurt don't go away. They fester. So have fun with a lifetime of resentment.

Emma: He'll forgive me. He just needs time.

Zelena: Even with all the time in the world, some things can't be forgiven.

Emma: I don't believe that.

Zelena: I killed Neal. Ready to kiss and make up?

Emma: Do we have a deal or not?

Zelena: I've got my own family problems. I don't need yours. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. And with a little one on the way, I wouldn't want to involve myself with someone that might be a bad influence. But thanks for the nosh. If that's all, I'd like to go back to my cell.

Emma: You will need an ally in this town... Maybe not now, but soon. You'll be back to take my deal.

Zelena: I don't think so, Emma. You see, the difference between you and me is... I don't mind being alone.

Emma sends Zelena back in her cell.


At the library.

Belle: All right. Coast is clear. We should go now.

Mr. Gold: No, no, no. I'm sorry. I-I can't. I can't go. I'm sorry.

Belle: But y-your shop's only a hundred yards away.

Mr. Gold: No, I-I'm sorry. I... I can't.

Belle: You made it out of the woods and through the mines with... This isn't just about you getting back to your shop, is it?

Mr. Gold: It's my leg… It's a reminder of what I was when I fled the ogre wars... What I continued to be when I became the Dark One and what I still am is a coward.

Belle: But you've told me why you have that limp before... Because you walked for days on a broken foot just so you could return to your son.

Mr. Gold: Do you know how the foot was broken in the first place?

Belle: Because you broke it so that Baelfire wouldn't grow up without a father. Rumple, you may have made many mistakes in your life, but this isn't one of them… I have always seen the man behind the beast, all right? But now... Now I see something else, too... A hero. And you... You just need to learn to see him, too.

–[Shores of Dunbroch – 6 weeks ago]–

Merida is training arrow.

Belle: Uh... Uh, where did you learn to do that?

Merida: When I was but a wee devil. I refused to believe a bow was just something my mother tied to my curly locks… My father agreed. He said learning to fight was essential whether you wore a dress or a kilt. He was a wise man, that King Fergus.

Belle: I wish my father had been as supportive of my adventures.

Merida: He wasn't just supportive. He taught me everything I know about shooting... Said to me, "lass, if you remember what you're fighting for, you will never miss your target."

Belle: Well, it looks like it was good advice.

Merida: Aye. Now, is my potion done?

Belle: Yeah, a-about that, do you know what this potion will do to you?

Merida: Think I would ask you to make it if I didn't?

Belle: But it'll turn you into a... A bear.

Merida: No, it changes fate is what it does. The spell of Mor'du, they call it. Legend says that witch used it to change the fate of a prince, gave him the strength of 10 men.

Belle: So you think that turning yourself into a bear will make you strong enough to rescue your brothers?

Merida: I know it will. This isn't the first time I've seen this magic in action.

Belle: But, Merida, you don't need magic to change fate.

Merida: How would you know?

Belle: I just watched you split arrows without blinking an eye. You can make your own fate. All you need is your wit and your bow. Well, isn't that a better way to prove to the clans that you're worthy of being their Queen?

Merida: Afraid that's where you're wrong, missy.


Belle and Mr. Gold enters at the pawnbroker’s shop.

Belle: Okay, come on. See? I knew you could make it.

Mr. Gold: I should've known better than to argue with you by now.

Belle: Here. Now, what did we come here for?

An arrow targets them. Merida enters into the shops.

Merida: I told the Dark One you wouldn't be daft enough to seek shelter in your own shop, but she said you wouldn't be able to resist the pull of your magic.

Mr. Gold: Merida, you... You don't have to do this.

Merida: No, I tried to fight it, but I couldn't. So now her fate rests in your hands.


Regina is making the potion to contact Merlin.

Hook: What the bloody hell is taking so long?

Regina: Patience, Pirate. If these spellbooks are correct, as soon as Arthur adds the Crimson Crown to the cauldron, he should be able to make contact with Merlin.

Arthur: Then we'll be speaking with him before you know it. David told us everything.

Mary Margaret: And you're willing to help?

Arthur: After everything you've done for us, it's the least I can do.

Regina: What are you waiting for?

Arthur: Perhaps it's best if I do this alone. Back in Camelot, Merlin delivered his prophecies to me from inside a tree. But I'm afraid he only delivered them when I was alone.

David: This is too important to risk. Come on. Let's leave him to it.

Regina, Mary Margaret, Hook and David Leave. Arthur burns the Crimson Crown.


Arthur gets out from Regina’s vault.

David: Did it work?

Arthur: Afraid not… I thought the spell was gonna make contact, and then it... Just fizzled out.


Merida purchases Belle and Mr. Gold.

Merida: Stop me, you coward. Be the hero we all need.

Mr. Gold: I ca... I can't. I ca... I'm sorry, Belle.

Merida: No, I am... For what I'm about to do.

Belle saves them.


Belle: Okay. Come on. She's not gonna stay passed out for long.

Mr. Gold takes a potion from his safe.

Belle: What's that?

Mr. Gold: We may not outrun her arrows, but there's somewhere where this can keep us safe.

–[ The Southern Moor – 6 weeks ago]–

Merida and Belle comes to Merida’s brother’s execution.

Merida: Hand over the potion.

Belle: Why do you need magic to save your brothers? Tell me, or this ends up on the rocks.

Merida: Fine, if you must know. Not long ago, DunBroch was attacked. It was an enemy from another land. My father fought side by side with all the clans, and I with him… As he brought us toward victory, I saw a helmed knight heading straight for him, his sword raised. My father didn't see the knight. It was up to me… I had the enemy in my sights. I notched an arrow, pulled back the bowstring, I took a breath, steadied my hand, and let the arrow fly… But I missed… And the knight ran my father through. My father is dead because of me.

Belle: No, it's not your fault.

Merida: What do you know of it?

Belle: I lost my mother in the ogre wars. I blamed myself, too, until I finally realized the truth. It wasn't my fault. I forgave myself. You have to learn to do the same.

Merida: I can't. The clans, they lost faith in me that day. That's why they don't think I can lead… Now, can I have the potion, or not?

Belle gives Merida the potion.

Merida: Thank you. Now let's kick some arse.


Mr. Gold drives to the town’s line.

Belle: What... Where are we going?

Mr. Gold: The only place we'll be safe from Emma and her quivered friend.

Belle: Wait. You're taking us out of Storybrooke.

Mr. Gold: This is anti-transformation powder. This will keep us safe from any ill effects from crossing the town line.

Belle: No, no, we can't leave, not while there are still people we care about in this town.

Mr. Gold: Belle, I used to be the Dark One. I know Emma better than she knows herself. She will keep coming till she gets what she wants.

Belle: Well, we'll stop her together.

Mr. Gold: Didn't you see what happened back there?

Belle: Yeah.

Mr. Gold: I couldn't even protect you from Merida.

Belle: Rumple, stop the car.

Mr. Gold: What?

Belle: Now!

Belle tries to open the door. Mr. Gold stops the car.

Mr. Gold: Belle! Belle!

She leaves.

Mr. Gold: Belle. Belle. What are you doing? Come back in the car.

Belle: No.

Mr. Gold: Please.

Belle: No. You know, running never made anyone a hero, okay?

Mr. Gold: Well, don't... Don't you get it? I'm not a hero.

Belle: Well, you've been brave before.

Mr. Gold: When? During the first ogres war? Let me tell you the truth about that day… I didn't... Cripple myself to get back to my son… I did it because I was scared.

Belle: Rumple…

Mr. Gold: I joined the army to prove I wasn't a coward. But when I seen the wounded coming back from the front lines... I didn't want to die… I'm a coward, Belle… And that's never gonna change. Please come back in the car, eh? Th... This is the only way I know how to protect you. Come on, come on.

Belle: Protect yourself, you mean.

Mr. Gold: No.

Belle: No.

Mr. Gold: Belle. Belle!

Belle walks to the town. Mr. Gold gets in his car.


Merida is waiting for Belle on the road.

Merida: You should have followed your wee sweetheart over the town line.

Belle: O-okay. He's not my sweetheart, and I'm not scared of you.

Merida: Ah, but you should be, because now the Dark One's not taking any chances. She's making me drink this.

Merida turns into a bear.

–[ The Southern Moor – 6 weeks ago]–

At Merida’s brothers execution.

Lord Macintosh: Men, today, we cement the rule of our three clans. With Merida's brothers out of the way and Merida in hiding, the DunBroch claim to the throne will be erased!

Merida: Not if I have any say in it.

Lord Macintosh: Merida?

Merida: Let my brothers go, unless you want to end up black as well as blue.

Lord Macintosh: You and what army?

Merida: This one.

Merida drinks the portion.

Merida: Just you wait. In a moment, you're gonna be very, very sorry… Did you mix it right?

Belle: Yes… But I-I switched the potion with water.

Merida: What? What game are you playing? Where's the real potion?

Belle: You defeat the clans with magic, the people still won't follow you. You need to defeat them as a Queen.

Merida: If you wanted to teach me a lesson, you should have done it before we were surrounded.

Belle: I knew you wouldn't face your fear unless you didn't have a choice… I know you can do this.

Lord Macintosh: Enough, Merida! The only way you and your brothers live out this day is if you relinquish your crown.

Merida: After everything my father did to create peace between the clans, never! Clan DunBroch is the rightful leader of the four clans, and I am the sole and rightful Queen!

Lord Macintosh: Then you leave us no choice… Fire!

Lord Macintosh, Lord MacGuffin, and Lord Dingwall shoot Merida’s brothers.

Merida: Noooo!

Merida saves them.

Merida: You saw what I can do with an arrow. Do you really want to see what I can do with a sword? Now let them go!

The clans surrender.

Lord Macintosh: You too?

Merida: You're lucky someone once taught me the value of mercy… Hi, love. It's okay. It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay. Mother's gonna be so happy to see you.


Belle tries to escape from Merida.

Belle: Aah! Merida, listen to me! Don't do this!

Mr. Gold casts a rock on Merida.

Belle: No, no! She'll kill you! Rumple, run!

Mr. Gold: No, Belle! I'm not running this time.

Belle: No!

Mr. Gold: Go!

Merida hits Mr. Gold.

Belle: No, no.

Mr. Gold: Do your worst.

Mr. Gold cast his potion into Merida’s mouth. She turns back into human.

Belle: How... H-how did you know that would transform her back?

Mr. Gold: I didn't.

Belle: I knew you had it in you. You saved me.

Mr. Gold: Actually... I think you saved me.

They hug.

–[ Shores of Dunbroch – 6 weeks ago]–

Belle and Merida say goodbye.

Merida: Sure I can't help you on your friends' quest? It's the least I can do.

Belle: No. Thank you for your offer, but your kingdom needs their Queen right now.

Merida: What will you do about the man you love... Or loved?

Belle: Still don't know. All I can do is hope that I get home and find a way to save him. But, succeed or fail, I do know one thing... I won't give up.

Merida: You don't strike me as the giving-up type.

Belle: Well, I, uh... I do hope our paths cross again.

Merida: Thank you, Belle... For everything… Come on.


At Granny’s, Merlin takes a candy.

Merlin: Everything all right?

Emma: You tell me. I have the strangest sense of déjà vu right now.

Merlin: You know, I've always wanted to try one of these. The last time I had the chance, it was in the hands of a little girl with sticky fingers.

Emma remembers.

Merlin: Don't.

Emma: I'm sorry.

Back to Granny’s

Emma: You.

Merlin: You remember. Well, I'm flattered.

Emma: You were the usher... At the movie theater when I was a kid. How is that possible? You were still stuck in the tree back then.

Merlin: It doesn't matter how I got my message to you. What's important is... Do you remember what I said?

Emma: You said something about Excalibur, and you told me...

Merlin: That one day, you would have the opportunity to remove Excalibur from its stone.

Emma: Well, I hate to burst your bubble. Someone beat me to it.

Merlin: Perhaps, but the sword will return to whence it came. And now that the darkness is within you, it's more important than ever that you heed the rest of my warning… Leave Excalibur alone. The fate of everyone that you love rests upon it.


In Emma’s basement.

Merida: He bested me fair and square.

Emma: I was getting worried. For a moment, I thought I was going to have to drag you down here myself.

Mr. Gold: No. A hero never runs away from his problems… Now... As a former Dark One, I know you won't stop wreaking havoc till I pull that sword from that stone.

Emma: Good. We understand each other.

Mr. Gold: And I also know that you won't be able to resist making a deal… So how about I pull Excalibur in exchange for Merida's heart?

Merida: And my brothers... I want to know what happened to them.

Emma: You really think you're in a position to make deals?

Mr. Gold: That's exactly what I think.

Emma gives back Merida’s heart.

Emma: I was finished with this anyway.

Mr. Gold: And her brothers?

Emma: They're fine, safe and sound by her mother's side. Now get on with it!

Belle: Wait. What happens if he can't pull it from the stone?

Emma: Then you will be sweeping his remains from the floor. You were his maid once.

Mr. Gold: Belle... Just in case this doesn't work, I want you to know that I am sorry for everything. If I had to do it all again, I would make sure I was the man you deserved right from the very start... And I would change everything for you.

Belle: It's never too late.

Mr. Gold removes Excalibur from the stone.

Mr. Gold: Well, well. A deal's a deal.

Emma takes Excalibur.

Mr. Gold: Now, you may have Excalibur, but you've made one mistake in all of this... One terrible mistake… You've turned me into a hero.

Emma: There are heroes all over this town, and none of them have been able to stop me yet.

Mr. Gold: Well, that's because none of them... Are me.


At Regina’s vault.

Mary Margaret: You've checked over that spell a dozen times, Regina.

Regina: Well, I did everything right. Arthur should have been able to communicate with Merlin.

David finds the Crimson Crown.

David: Unless he didn't want to.

Hook: The Crimson Crown.

David: Arthur threw it in the fire. He sabotaged the spell… He lied to us.

Regina: I guess he didn't realize magical toadstools don't burn.

David: But why wouldn't he want us to contact Merlin?

Mary Margaret: We need to talk to Merlin now more than ever.

David: Unfortunately, we need someone he's chosen.

Hook: The Apprentice is dead. We're out of options, love.

Regina: Perhaps not. There is one other person in Storybrooke who was chosen by Merlin... The Author.


Henry comes into the vault.

Regina: Are you sure you're up for this?

Henry: I'm fine, Mom.

Regina: It's just I-I know you've been through a lot.

Henry: The person who ripped out Violet's heart isn't my mother. But Emma is still in there somewhere, and I'll do anything it takes to get her back.

Hook: You can do this, lad.

Henry put the Crimson Crown in the cauldron. Merlin appears.

Henry: Merlin?

Merlin: If you're receiving this message, then things are worse than I feared.

Regina: I don't believe this. We're getting Merlin's voice-mail?

Merlin: There is only one person who can help you defeat the Dark One now. Her name is Nimue.

David: Who's Nimue?

Merlin: If you want to destroy the darkness, then you must... No. The Dark One's found me already.

Hook: What the hell did Emma do to him?

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