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#515 : L'Œil de la tempête

Centré sur : Killian Jones

Enfin réunis, Hook et Emma doivent trouver un moyen de vaincre Hadès pour pouvoir rentrer à Storybrooke avec Blanche-Neige, David, Regina, Robin, Henry et Mr. Gold.

Une visite surprise du frère de Hook, Liam, pourrait bien fournir les indices qu’ils cherchent - d'autres ont essayé de vaincre Hadès auparavant et auraient parlé d'un livre contenant la clé de sa chute.

Fatigué de rester à l’écart, Henry prend secrètement les choses en main tandis que les autres cherchent le livre.

Pendant ce temps, Hadès redouble d'efforts pour piéger les héros dans les Enfers en les montants les uns contre les autres.

Dans un flashback, le lien entre les deux jeunes frères Jones est testé et renforcé sur un bateau marchant se dirigeant vers une dangereuse tempête.


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Titre VO
The Brothers Jones

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L'Œil de la tempête

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Réalisation : Eagle Egilsson

Scénario : Jerome Schwartz et David H. Goodman

Guests :

Bernard Curry Liam Jones
Costas Mandylor Capitaine John Silver


Cruella drives her car. Henry is with her.

Henry: Can you please slow down?

Cruella: Darling, you wouldn't be here if you didn't like a little danger. I mean, look at you… Sneaking away from your family to bring me back to life. Such a naughty boy.

Henry: I just want to find the pen and get this over with. What am I even looking for?

Cruella: A sign, signal, whiff of ink. Look, you're the Author. You're connected to that quill.

Henry sees a light.

Henry: Stop! I saw something.

Cruella stops the car.


Cruella and Henry are walking into the woods.

Cruella: Well, there's no pen here, just dirt and things that smell like dirt.

Henry: I swear I saw it.

Cruella: Well, then, move those little legs of yours and keep looking. Go!


Henry is alone, the Apprentice finds him.

Apprentice: Quiet. We have little time.

Henry: I don't understand. W-What are you doing here? You were a devoted apprentice to the Sorcerer your entire life. What unfinished business could you possibly have?

Apprentice: You, my boy. I am here to prevent you from making a terrible mistake. You must not resurrect Cruella De Vil.

Henry: So the pen can bring someone back. You told me it couldn't.

Apprentice: That was a necessary... Half-truth. Up there, yes. Down here, the rules are a little more... Flexible. I saw no reason to tempt you. The dilemma you are currently in is why.

Henry: I'm not getting the pen for Cruella. I'm getting it for me. I just watched my mom become the Dark One. I watched Hook die, and I couldn't do anything.

Apprentice: You are the Author. As such, you should use the quill only to record the stories, not create them.

Henry: I don't care about the stupid stories anymore. I'm sick of sitting on the sidelines. I want to be a hero. I want to help my mom even if it means helping Cruella.

Apprentice: In the Sorcerer's mansion lie all his great works of light magic, the quill included. It is protected by a powerful spell, but the sheriff took the key from me. Acquire that key and the quill is yours.

Henry: Wait, what? You're… You're helping me?

Apprentice: This is your choice, Henry, but the only way that I can move on is if you make the right one. I trust you.


At Emma’s home.

Emma: Come sit down. Let me take a look at you.

Hook: Are you sure you want to? Hades sort of knocked the handsome out of me.

Emma: No one's that powerful.

She heals him and tries to kiss him.

Emma: What's wrong?

Hook: It's just, um... A lot has happened between us.

Emma: Then what's the problem?

Hook: I'm the problem. Emma, you were the Dark One for six weeks and only gave in to the darkness out of love. I plunged in headfirst in a second for revenge! I was weak!

Emma: Not in the end.

Hook: You raised the bar very high, Swan. The fact is, I don't measure up.

Emma: Let me be the judge of that. If you didn't, would I have come all the way down here to try to save you?

Hook: That's my point. I'm not sure I deserve saving.

Emma: What are you saying, that you want to stay down here?

Someone knocks on the door. Emma opens.

Emma: Can I…

Liam: Killian.

Hook: Liam?

Liam: So the rumours are true. After all these years, my little brother is finally here.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Liam and Killian are washing a deck.

Killian: Those fish guts smell particularly foul this evening.

Liam: Come on, Killian. The harder we work, the sooner we're finished.

Killian: Wish I had your work ethic. Seems I inherited Father's.

Liam: Don't joke about that bastard. He may have sold us into servitude, but tomorrow... We'll be free men.

Liam gives Killian a paper.

Killian: Are you serious? You want to join the King's Navy?

Liam: There's a signing bonus of 10 silver. On top of what we've already saved, that will buy us our freedom off this bloody cargo ship.

Killian: I know that's your dream, mate,  but I'm hardly naval material.

Liam: If you served an honourable king, it would change you. You could be a fine captain someday. I know it.

Killian: "Captain Jones" does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Long John Silver: Captain Jones? That'll be the day. You missed a spot there... Captain.

Liam: Killian! Don't!

Long John Silver: Come on. Let him try. Must be exhausting, protecting little brother from himself.

Liam: Won't be your concern much longer.

Long John Silver: Because you're both going to be admirals in the Navy, right? Fine by me. Long as I get paid. The sober Jones can go and collect his money. The drunk one stays as collateral.

Liam: Easy, brother. I'll be back by sunrise. And then a proud life in the King's Navy, hmm?


In Emma’s kitchen.

Hook: Liam, what about you? Why are you down here?

Liam: I wish I knew. I spent countless years trying to figure out a reason.

Hook: There is no reason. Hades has the game rigged so no one can leave. My brother's proof of that. Never did a bad thing in his life. He even died nobly, stopping a treacherous King from poisoning the realm.

Liam: Stop it. You're making me blush.

Hook: Hades has you two trapped down here, and that cannot stand. The only way everyone will get free is if we defeat Hades once and for all. Liam, you've been down here a very long time. Surely you must know something that can help us.

Liam: I know this is a very dangerous game you're playing. There are those who tried to overthrow Hades before. They always spoke of a… A book, which had the power to defeat him. I tried to find it myself, but I'm not even sure what to look for.

Emma: I think it's a Storybook.

Liam: Storybook? Oh, I wager it would take more than stories.

Hook: No, no, no, no, no. She's onto something. In our world, there's a book like this.

Emma: Everything up there has a version down here. There has to be one in the Underworld.

Hook: If there's a story in that book about Hades, we can learn his weakness and exploit it.

Liam: All right. If you believe in this, Killian, I'm with you to the end. This fiend trapped me and tortured you. The day you push your sailors too far...

Hook: Is the day the mutiny begins.


At the Charming’s apartment.

Snow White: In the world above, this is where I found the Storybook. So...

Snow White opens the box and finds nothing.

Snow White: Sorry.

Regina: Are we really surprised? That book is the embodiment of hope, and there's not a lot of that here in the Underworld.

David: Let's keep looking.



Liam: Emma, can we talk?

Emma: Is this like a protective big brother talk where you want to make sure I'm good enough for Killian?

Liam: No,  because I already know you're not good enough.

Emma: What?

Liam: Killian blames himself for ending up here, but he told me what happened. Sounds to me like it's not his fault. It's yours.

Emma: I think we both made mistakes.

Liam: Killian's been fighting darkness his entire life, and you pushed him off the cliff.

Emma: I was trying to save his life.

Liam: And it was a bloody selfish thing to do. He had a chance to die a hero, to move on, and you took it from him.

Emma: That's not fair. I'm down here risking everything to save him.

Liam: And is that really what he needs... Or what you need?

Emma: Were you this self-righteous when you were alive?

Liam: When it came to my brother, yes. If he defeats Hades today, he'll forgive himself and he'll have another chance to move on. When that happens,  stop thinking about your own desires and let him go.


Hook searches the book in a bag. Emma and Liam go down. Hook sees that Emma is upset.

Hook: You all right?

Emma: Yeah. Fine. Let's keep looking.

Henry enters.

Henry: What's...Going on?

Snow White: Oh, looking for the Storybook, you know, "Underworld Edition".

Henry: Really? Well, I think I might know exactly where it is.

David: How would you know that?

Henry: The Apprentice. I saw him at... At Granny's. He said the Sorcerer's mansion is down here and there's a bunch of his stuff inside, like the Storybook.

Regina: Finally, some good news.

Henry: Well, sort of. The house is locked with magic, and the sheriff has the key.

Hook: Your evil twin is Sheriff? Hades has panache, I'll give him that.

David: Well, it's time for my brother and me to have an overdue chat.

Snow White: Well, you won't be alone. I still owe him a punch in his pretty mouth for kissing me.

David: He kissed you?

Snow White: Thought it was you.

David: Let's go.

Liam: In the meanwhile, we should all go about our usual business. Hades has eyes everywhere. We can't have him learning what we're up to.

Hook: Fine plan. Can't wait to see the look on his face when he learns a valuable lesson… One should never mess with the Brothers Jones.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Liam returns to the boat.

Liam: Captain Silver! Two papers of service. I'm pleased to tell you the Brothers Jones will be leaving your employ.

Long John Silver: Well, one of you, at least.

Liam: What? What's happened? What did you do to Killian?

Long John Silver: All I did was offer him a drink... The rest he managed all by himself. He's not much of a gambler.

Liam: Killian! Where's his silver? What have you done with your money? You gambled.

Killian: I'm sorry, brother.

Liam: You bastard!

Long John Silver: I'm not responsible for his weakness. And you still have your money. If you want my advice, cut anchor. Leave the dead weight behind.

Killian: Just do it. Liam, go. I can never be the brother you deserve.

Long John Silver: We're to set sail, Jones. It's either the Navy or more grain runs with your favourite captain.

Liam: Then grain runs it shall be.

Killian: No.

Liam casts the papers of service in the water.

Liam: Come hell or high water, I cannot leave my brother.


Liam is at the Rabbit’s Hole, doing his job when Hades pays his visit.

Hades: Wahoo… Even for the Underworld, it is dead in here.

Liam: Can I help you? If you want a drink, I can make you anything.

Hades: That's okay. I can help myself.

Hades makes appears two glasses.

Hades: This Scotch is a few centuries old. I think it's aged quite well. The key is to store it underground. Here. Try some.

They drink.

Hades: It's good, right? See, I'm… I'm not such a bad guy. But here you are, trying to stage some kind of a… What's that quaint nautical term you keep using? A that's right… Mutiny.

Liam: So, you found us out.

Hades: Well, like you said, I have eyes everywhere. What I don't have is that Storybook.

Liam: And what do you want from me?

Hades: Not much. I don't even really care about that book, except for a few select pages… The ones about me. So, find the book and destroy them.

Liam: Do it yourself.

Hades: It's the Sorcerer's house. Light magic doesn't agree with me, so I kind of need you.

Liam: And if I refuse?

Hades: I'll tell your brother the thing you never could, the reason you're really down here.


At the Sheriff’s station.

David: Looks like my evil twin's out on patrol.

Snow White: Great. Then let's find that key and get the hell out of here.

Snow White opens a drawer.

Snow White: Top drawer, just like at home. You two are so alike.

David: Next you're gonna say we kiss the same. Never mind. Don't want to know. Just find the key.

Snow White finds the key.

Snow White: Just like the Sorcerer said.

Cruella: James? Is that you, darling?

Snow White: Cruella.

Cruella: James?

David: Go. I've got this.

Snow White: No, David!

David: No, she thinks I'm him. Go, go, go, go, go.

Snow White leaves, Cruella enters.

Cruella: Oh, I'm so glad you're here, James darling. I've had a nasty, fruitless day, and Mummy needs to unwind.

David: I'm sure you do.

Cruella kisses David.

Cruella: So, Sheriff... What would you like to try first? The champagne or me?


At Granny’s.

Regina: Will you stop staring at the door? When your parents walk through it, I promise I'll tell you.

Emma: Maybe this was a bad idea. I should've gone with them.

Regina: Would you relax? People are starting to stare at us. Remember what Liam said… We need to act casual.

Emma: Yeah, what do you think of Liam, anyway? You don't think he's a little self-righteous, do you?

Regina: He doesn't like you, does he?

Emma: He doesn't think I'm good enough for Hook.

Regina: To be honest, you're too good for Hook.

Emma: He's different with Liam. It's like he thinks he walks on water.

Regina: What's going on?

Emma: Liam thinks I should let Hook move on.

Regina: Who cares what Liam thinks? What does Hook think?

Emma: He agrees.

Regina: Well, that's because he hasn't forgiven himself.

Emma: How do you know that?

Regina: Though I hate to admit it, we're much alike... And forgiving yourself is the hardest thing to do. You want to help Hook? Help him with that.

Henry enters.

Henry: Moms... Grandma found the key.


The group comes next the mansion.

Hook: The mansion is here. I guess old White Beard was telling the truth.

Liam: Do we have the key?

Hook: We have it. But there's a protection spell on the door. Could be dangerous to open it.

Liam: Oh, well, I suppose I should do the honours. I've been dead the longest. I'd say I have the least to lose.

Hook: You always were the noble one, weren't you?

–[On the See - Past]–

The boat gets through a storm.

Killian: Liam! I'm sorry. I dragged you into this voyage.

Liam: We have other demons to confront. Look!

Killian sees the storm. Liam goes to talk to the captain.

Liam: Captain Silver, are you aware this ship is pointed dead into a storm?

Long John Silver: Back to the rigging, Jones. Leave the navigation to the officers.

Killian: Well, your officers are doing a piss-poor job! We're 30 degrees off course, headed into a hurricane!

Long John Silver: We're aware. Carry on.

Liam: Are you mad?! What kind of captain sails into a hurricane?!

Long John Silver: The kind that earns his namesake! The King offered a mighty reward for what's inside that storm.

Liam: This voyage was never about the grain in the hold, was it? You're going after that cursed sapphire… "The Eye of the Storm"!

Long John Silver: So you've heard of it.

Killian: Well, every sailor's heard of it. Countless men have sailed into that storm looking for that bloody stone, but none have survived!

Long John Silver: If you don't like how I run my ship, you should've left when you had the chance. Now, move along before I string you up for mutiny.

Liam: Easy, Captain. I have always abhorred the idea of mutiny.

Liam takes Long John Silver’s sword.

Liam: But if that's what it takes to save these men, then so be it!

Killian: Now, shall we do this the easy way... Or the bloody way?

Long John Silver surrenders.

Liam: The ship is ours, men! Tie these bastards up. I'll go find the captain's charts and plot a course out of this bloody typhoon.

Killian: Thank you, Liam. There's no one I'd rather follow into a storm.


The group enters in the mansion.

Hook: Wonderful. I love what they've done with the place.

Liam: We should split up… Move fast.

Emma: Uh, yeah. I guess. Henry, uh, you got to stay here.

Henry: But this was my idea. I'm not gonna stand behind and do nothing.

Emma: You're not doing nothing.  You're the lookout.

Henry: Lookout?

Regina: Don't argue with your mother.

Henry: But

Regina: Or your mother.

Everyone leaves Henry.

Henry: Last time you leave me behind. All right, pen. If you're in here, give me a sign.


Liam finds the Storybook. He rips out pages of Hades story..

Liam: I'm sorry, brother.


At the Sheriff’s Station.

Cruella: Come on. Drink up like a good boy.

David: I have to get up for an early patrol. Fresh souls arriving. Always someone new to shake down.

Cruella: Is Mummy boring you, James? Normally you're so much more enthusiastic when I come to visit you in your dungeon… Maybe we need to try spicing things up with a little hardware, hmm?

David kisses Cruella and finds a way to escape from her hugs.

David: Does this act really work on him? Because, frankly, I find it repulsive.

Cruella: Oh, boo! Couldn't you have pretended to be Jimmy a little while longer?

David: Wait. You mean all this time, you knew?

Cruella: Well, of course I knew. I mean, you might look like him, but you have none of his unique, delicious damage.

David: What damage is that?

Cruella: The damage you're responsible for, darling.

David: Me?! I never even met the guy!

Cruella: Oh, sure you have. When you were infants, curled up safe in your mummy's arms, until she had to choose which one of you went to live with the king and who stayed with her. She had to pick her favourite, and she picked you.

David: That is not my fault.

Cruella: Well, your brother disagrees. He's spent his whole life and death wondering why you and not him.

David: Well, I don't have the answers for him, okay?

Cruella: Oh, there it is. That same damage I see in James. One of these days, you two are going to meet and it's going to be... One hell of a reunion.


The group finds the Storybook and tries to read Hades’s story.

Hook: There's no mention of Hades' story anywhere.

Regina: Why am I not surprised?

Emma: Yeah, and look. There's some pages that are missing.

Regina: Back during the first curse, I tore my story out of Henry's book so he wouldn't know I was the Evil Queen.

Hook: Well, if Hades has done the same, we don't stand much chance of finding it.

Emma: What do you think, Liam? You found the book. Was there any evidence it had been tampered with?

Liam: No. And until I find any, I'll choose to have hope. Those pages could have fallen out and still be in this house, and I, for one, won't give up without trying to find them.

Regina: I see what you mean about self-righteous.

The leave. Emma and Hook stay behind.

Hook: What's wrong? Aren't you coming?

Emma: Uh, yeah. Sorry. Let's go.

Hook: No, wait. Wait. Not until you tell me what's going on. I know when something's bothering you.

Emma: It's… Liam. I've had a bad feeling ever since we met, and at first I thought it was just because he didn't like me. I think he's hiding something.

Hook: That's preposterous. My brother wouldn't lie.

Emma: Maybe there's stuff about him you don't know. Maybe he does know what his unfinished business is down here.

Hook: No, you're wrong about him. I know who my brother is. I'm gonna go help him find those pages.

–[On the See - Past]–

In the cabin’s captain.

Hades: You know, reading without the proper light can do a real number on your eyes.

Liam: Who are you?

Hades: Who I am isn't important. What is, is I'm here to help you. Here. Allow me.

Hades lights a candle.

Hades: Yeah. Yeah. There. That's better. You know, this mutiny isn't going to look good for you. Your dreams of captaining a ship in the King's Navy are over.

Liam: My dreams? How do you know about them?

Hades: I... I know a lot about you, Liam. Is it still dark in here? Let's try this.

Hades shows Liam who he is and lights all the candles.

Liam: You! You're a demon!

Hades: Technically, I'm a God, but a lot of people make that mistake. I'm Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

Liam: What do you want?

Hades: I want the precious cargo aboard this ship. The beautiful, shiny, new souls you're trying to save.

Liam threatens Hades with a sword.

Hades: Don't bother with that. You can't hurt me. I'm immortal. Lucky for you, I can't hurt you, either. At least not up here, not in the Overworld. That's what I call this place. My power has its limits here, which is why I came to offer you a deal. You agree to let this ship sink like I want, and I promise to use my magic to ensure you and your brother survive. And to sweeten the deal, I'll even throw in this...

Liam: It's the Eye of the Storm.

Hades: You deliver this to your King, and he'll give you anything you want, including that Navy job you've always wanted. Your dreams can be fulfilled.


Liam throws the storybook’s pages into a well.

Emma: Find anything out here?

Liam: Emma. I'm afraid a ship's captain can only be cooped up for so long. I had to come out and get some air. What brings you here?

Emma: I wanted to show you this.

Emma shows Liam the ring.

Liam: Oh. It's the ring I gave Killian. I noticed he wasn't wearing it.

Emma: Because he gave it to me. And you know what he told me when he did? That it belonged to a much better man than him. You're his hero. He doesn't think you can do any wrong... Which is why I can't figure out... Why you would lie to him.

Hook comes.

Hook: Liam, Emma, what's going on?

Liam: She thinks I lied to you.

Emma: He took the pages. I can prove it. Ask him to show you his hands. He's been hiding them since I got here.

Liam: Look, if it would help to clear things up, I'd be happy to.

Hook: That won't be necessary. I don't need proof to know what's really going on here. Emma, when are you gonna admit that this isn't really about my brother?

Emma: What else would you think it was about?

Hook: Us. You think if you can prove that Liam is a villain, then I'll somehow feel like I was less of one. That you can convince me I'm worth saving and that we've got a future together.

Emma: You agree with him?

Hook: Why bring me back if I should just move on? After we defeat Hades, I won't be returning with you. My fate isn't in Storybrooke. It should be determined here.

Emma: It doesn't have to be. You can come home. You just have to forgive yourself. Thing is... No matter how many times I tell you, or anybody else does, you have to do it yourself.

Emma leaves.

Hook: Emma!

Liam: Let her go, Killian. It's for the best.

Hook: Your hand. You are hiding something.

Liam: It's nothing.

Hook: It's ink from the pages. Emma was right. Why would you lie to me?!

Long John Silver and his crew come.

Long John Silver: Because...He's got much bigger secrets than what's in some book… Like the truth about what he did to us.

–[On the See - Past]–

In the storm.

Killian: The storm is upon us, men! Raise the main sail! Hurry! Look alive for your captain, men! You're just in time. We can't take this battering much longer. What course should I have the men chart?

Liam: Continue on our present course. Dead ahead.

Killian: Into the storm?

Liam: I'm afraid we've no choice. According to Silver's charts, there's rocky shores on either side of us! Trying to turn her around in these winds would tear us apart.

Killian: Are you sure?

Liam: I need your trust, brother. I want you to have this.

Liam gives Killian his ring.

Killian: This is your lucky ring.

Liam: The one that always gets me home safe. That's how sure I am.

Killian talks to the crew.

Killian: Men! My brother, Liam, is a true hero! A better man and a better sailor than I could ever wish to be! I would gladly trust him with my life, and if he says that there's a chance that we can be saved, then he will save us! But we have to trust him. Are you with me?!

Crew: Aye!

Killian: Chart our course dead ahead!


In the mansion’s garden.

Hook: What truth is he talking about, Liam? What does it have to do with those missing pages?

Long John Silver: Your brother is not the hero he pretends to be. I found that out when I stopped by his tavern for my usual drink. He had a rather... Unexpected guest… Hades. He traded our souls for the Eye of the Storm. Hades threatened to reveal the truth unless your brother destroyed the pages from that book.

Hook: Liam... Please tell me there's another explanation for this.

Liam: I'm sorry, Killian! But I didn't have any other choice. I had to do what I could in order to save us.

Hook: You lied to me.

Long John Silver: And now you're both going to pay. Men!

Hook: No!


The crew leads Liam and Hook to the fire well.

Long John Silver: You can remove them now… It's time to walk the plank.

Liam: I'll gladly walk it. Just spare Killian, please. He has nothing to do with this.

Long John Silver: He should've gone down along with the ship, like the rest of us. And now he finally will.

Liam: I'm sorry, Killian. I wanted to be this perfect example for you... To inspire you.

Hook: All you did was raise the bar so high, the only thing I could do was fail.

Long John Silver: No more talking! Time to face justice, boys.

Hades appears.

Hades: Did someone decide to have a party and forget to invite me?

Long John Silver: Lord… Lord, Hades.

Hades blows Long John Silver in the well.

Long John Silver: No!

Hades: And now for the Brothers Jones. One of them kept up his end of our bargain and gets to live, while the other escaped my dungeon, and for that, he has to pay. At last, we'll see the end of Captain Hook and this time, you won't be able to protect him.

Liam: No. I won't let you hurt Killian, no matter what kind of deal we made.

Hades: Fine. Have it your way.

Hades blows Liam in the well.

Hook: No!

Hook catches Liam.

Hook: Liam, please, hang on.

Liam: I'm sorry, brother. Can you forgive me for what I've done?

Hook: Yes, but that's not what's important. You need to find a way to forgive yourself.

Liam: I can't, not after what I did to you. The only way to make amends is for me to pay the price.

Hook: No. No! Liam!

Liam lets Hook’s hand away. The fire well disappears to turn into an ocean.

Hades: No… No.

Hook: What's happening?

Hades: You will pay for this.

Hades leaves.

Hook: Liam. You're safe.

Liam: Yes. It appears I am. I suppose this is a sacrifice I should have made long ago. And now I can finally depart.

Hook: Then go. All of you. Now that you finally know the truth, your unfinished business is complete as well. Get on board, men.

Liam: What about you, brother?

Hook: My unfinished business isn't done yet… Not until Emma and I have defeated Hades.

Liam: Tell her I'm sorry, and I was wrong. She does want what's best for you. And don't worry about reaching that bar anymore, Killian. You've become a true hero in a way I never could. Goodbye.

Hook: Goodbye, brother.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

On the beach.

Captain: Ahoy, there! By the King's name, what's happened to you two sailors?

Killian: We're survivors of the tempest... that plagues these waters.

Captain: Let me guess. You went in search of the Eye of the Storm? If you ask me, you got what you deserved.

Liam: You may be right, but that gem is no legend.

Captain: You found it.

Killian: But how?

Liam: In the bedlam, my brother was knocked unconscious. I managed to swim us to a few planks of wood. Providence did the rest.

Captain: Young man, your brother is a hero. My ship will bring you to the King, who has offered a great reward for this stone.

Liam: We do not seek wealth, only honour. Perhaps His Majesty might grant us a naval commission?

Captain: Why wait for the King? I would be honoured to offer you both commissions on my ship. She's the flagship of the Royal Navy.

Killian: She's very pretty. What's her name?

Captain: The Jewel of the Realm.

Killian: Thank you, Liam... For being the hero that I always wished to be. I won't squander this second chance you've given me.


In the mansion.

Emma: Hook, where the hell have you been? First you and Liam left, then Henry ran off somewhere.

Hook: I'm sorry, Emma. You were right about Liam. He destroyed those pages because of a deal he made with Hades years ago… A deal that almost got us thrown into that boiling sea.

Emma: Are you okay? Where is he?

Hook: He, uh, sacrificed himself, but his sacrifice helped a crew we once sailed with. They finally moved on, thanks to him.

Emma: Did he move on, too?

Hook: He did... But he helped me see the truth before he went. I'm glad you came down here, Emma. Perhaps I do deserve saving after all.

Emma: Does that mean, when this is all over, you're planning to come home?

Hook: Yes. Everything Liam did was to ensure that I had a future, and I damn well intend to have one.

Hook kisses Emma.


Henry finds the Author’s pen and the ink.


At the Charming’s apartment.

Snow White: There's nothing in this entire book about Hades.

Hook: Liam ripped out every page. On behalf of my brother, I'm sorry.

Emma: Maybe there's something else in here that can help us. Our storybook had all kinds of secrets in it.

David: Well, Henry's kind of the expert on storybooks. Where is he?

Emma: He's upstairs going full emo teenager.

Regina: And doesn't want to talk to anyone right now.

David: Well, maybe he just doesn't want to talk to his mothers.


David joins Henry.

David: Hey, there. What's my favourite grandson up to?

Henry: Nothing. Just thinking.

David: Mind if I think with you? So... What are we thinking about?

Henry: I don't want to talk about it.

David: Okay. Let's talk about me. I had a... Pretty bad day today. I learned that my twin brother resented me his whole life.

Henry: I thought he grew up a Prince.

David: Guess he wanted something else, what I had… A loving mother.

Henry: Please don't make this a lesson.

David: Too late. See, some people would give anything to have a family like yours, Henry. Because, whatever's going on with you, you know you always have someone you can talk to. Or if you just want to stay up here and be a teenager, that's... Cool, too.

Henry: Wait. I need to show you something.


In the kitchen.

Regina: The Author's pen? I thought you destroyed it.

Henry: I did, but that just brought it here. The Apprentice told me where it was. I thought if I used its power, I could be a hero.

Regina: Henry, what made you think you needed to do this?

Henry: At first, it was Cruella. She wanted me to use it to bring her back to life.

Emma: Why would you help her?

Henry: To help you. She said you have all this guilt about killing her, and that's when I realized I have all this power and I ignore it. I just live in everyone's shadow. I want to be the hero instead of the one the heroes rescue.

Emma: I understand that. But that's not the way to do it.

Henry: I know, and that's why I'm telling you now. I finally understand what the Apprentice meant. I'm gonna write the stories as they are, and I'll start with Hades. I'm gonna use the pen the correct way… To re-create his story.

Snow White: Hades went to a lot of trouble to keep us from learning his story.

Regina: Which means we're onto something.

David: Question is, what is Hades trying to hide from us?


Hades takes the storybook’s pages in on of his river.

Hades: Zelena. Our secret remain safe.

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