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#612 : Le Vrai Meurtrier

Avant que Crochet ne puisse passer à la prochaine étape dans sa relation avec Emma, celui-ci souhaite s'assurer que David le voit comme plus qu'un simple pirate. Alors lorsque ce dernier lui demande son aide pour découvrir la vérité sur la mort de son père, Crochet accepte.

Pendant ce temps, Regina tente d'acclimater Robin à la vie à Storybrooke, mais découvre bientôt qu'il possède un côté obscur susceptible de rendre la tâche plus compliquée que prévu.


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Titre VO
Murder Most Foul

Titre VF
Le Vrai Meurtrier

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Réalisation : Morgan Beggs

Scénario : Jerome Schwartz, Jane Espenson

Guests :

Wil Traval Keith / le shérif de Nottingham
Alan Dale le roi George
David Cubitt Robert, le père de David

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

There is a storm. Robert comes home.

Ruth: Well...? Well...? What happened?

Robert: I couldn't get any money for the medicine… I'm sorry, Ruth. I've failed my sons. I failed David and James.

Rumplestiltskin: David and James... Such strong names, but yet... Such weak lungs. And good medicine is so expensive nowadays. Perhaps... I can help.

Robert: We have nothing to give you for that.

Rumplestiltskin: Do your boys like bedtime stories? All right, here's one. Once upon a time, there was a King named George. He had great riches, but no son. And then there was a farmer named Robert... Poor as dirt... Yet he had two sons… Can you guess how this story ends?

Ruth: Get out! Our sons are not for sale.

Rumplestiltskin: Then, they won't survive the winter, dearie. Look, you can either have one healthy son... Or two dead ones.

Robert: There's no other way. We have to do this, Ruth.

Rumplestiltskin: Wise choice. All we have to do now is decide which son goes to the King. An impossible decision, I know, so let's make it simple… Heads, I take David. Tails, I'll take James.

Robert casts the coin.

Rumplestiltskin: Tails! Prince James it is!

Robert: Your father loves you so much.

Ruth: Oh, my son.

Rumplestiltskin: Careful with your words. This deal must stay a secret, which means this boy... Is no longer your son.

Rumplestiltskin leaves with James.


David, Regina, Hook and Henry are celebrating Emma’s win.

David: I want to say something. Emma, I am so proud of you for what you did tonight… Defeating Gideon reminds us that, with a little bit of hope, nothing can tear this family apart. I'd like to make a toast... To family.

Regina: To family.

Hook: To family.

Emma: Thanks, Dad. It's good to be home. Are you okay?

David: I wish the entire family was here.

Emma: I know. We're gonna break this curse. I got my future back, and now you and Mom will, too.

David: Right. Of course.


Outside Emma’s house, David is watching a picture of Snow White. He hears someone saying his name.

Robert: David...

Robert’s ghost appears.

David: Father?

David falls out on the ground. Hook runs to him.

Hook: David, hey! David! You okay?!

David: I'm fine, I'm fine!

Hook: You don't look fine. It's time for you to tag out. Wake up Snow and get some bloody sleep.

David: I said I'm fine! And If I wanted advice, I doubt I'd take it from a pirate.

Hook: Just trying to help.

David takes his father’s coin.


Robin wakes up in Regina’s house.

Regina: You're up.

Robin of Locksley: Hard to sleep when that demon box keeps screaming at me.

Regina: Oh. That's called an alarm clock. Sorry. Anyway... I, um... Brought you some clean clothes.

Robin of Locksley: Thank you.

Regina: Okay, then. Um... I'll let you change.


Snow White visits Regina in her house.

Snow White: Regina, what were you thinking? How could you bring him here?

Regina: You weren't there. He was miserable in his world, and... He wanted a fresh start, and I'm just trying to help him.

Snow White: But you don't know who he is. Looking like Robin Hood doesn't make him the same person. Trust me, I once kissed David's twin. World of difference.

Regina: We've barely even talked.

Snow White: Well, there's some things you should probably tell him. Like, for example... He has a daughter.

Regina: It's not his daughter.

Snow White: Exactly my point... They're different people.

Regina: But there could be a part of him in there. He was able to cross into the real world. That... That has to mean something.

Snow White: Regina, I want this to work out for you. You deserve this. I'm worried.

Regina: Yeah. Me too.


Hook has a session with Archie Hopper.

Archie: Well, this is a surprise. What brings you here, Captain?

Hook: It's about David, actually.

Archie: Hmm.

Hook: I'm worried that he still sees me as... What I used to be.

Archie: A pirate.

Hook: Well, I mean, technically, I am still a pirate, but, you know... The good kind… And yet, sometimes... I think he wants better for Emma.

Archie: Mm.

Hook: That sounds complicated.

Archie: Yep.

Hook: Well... It's about to get a lot more complicated.

Hook shows Archie an engagement ring.

Archie: Oh! I-I see. Why, that's, uh... That's very good news, indeed.

Hook: I can't wait to give this to Emma... But I need her father's blessing. I'm just trying to figure out how to ask him and when.

Archie: Captain Hook buying a ring. I mean, that alone shows progress. Look, Killian... You're listening to your conscience now, and everyone sees that.

Hook: I don't think David does.

Archie: But I mean, if this is the only thing that's standing between you and Emma... Then don't wait. I mean, life is too precious. And if you want to know what David thinks of you... Just ask him.


David is watching a video of Snow White after waking up.

Snow White: Hey, David. I hope you had a restful sleep. This gets harder every day, doesn't it? I miss you... And I love you so much.

David: Yeah, me too.

Robert’s ghost appears.

Robert: Family... Is... Everything.

David: Why are you here?

Robert: You've forgotten your father.

David: You were barely my father. You were a drunk who died when I was 6 years old! I owe you nothing!

Robert: You don't truly believe that.

David: Is this... Is this why you're here? Huh? I've spent my whole life trying to forget you… Tell me what you want!

Robert: The truth.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Robert is drinking in a tavern.

Bartender: You should be spending that on your family. How old is your boy now?

Robert: David? 6. He's a good lad. He deserves better than me. Give me a drink.

Guards and King Georges enter in the tavern.

Guard: All of you cretins on your feet! Show respect for King George!

King George: I know what you're thinking... "What is a neighbouring king doing here in this... Filthy tavern?" You see, my only son, Prince James, has been abducted. Anyone who provides me with information will be rewarded. Anyone who withholds such information... Will pay dearly.


Robert is back to home.

Ruth: Are you mad?

Robert: James is our son, he's in trouble... And I need to rescue him.

Ruth: Do you think that he's going to want to come back here? To a dying farm and... A drunken father?

Robert: I don't know. But I have to try. I have to be better for the boy. I... I have to stop. I swear to you, Ruth, fixing this broken family... This is how I finally fix myself.

David gets down in the living room.

Robert: Hey, there, little man.

David: Where are you going, Father?

Robert: Uh... I'm going on another supply run.

David: And when you get back, are you really going to be better?

Robert: Yes. I will be better. I'll never touch another drop. And in two weeks, I'll be home, myself again.

David: Will you take my lucky coin, to keep you safe?

Robert: Thank you, David. I think I could use a little luck.


David is at the loft. Someone knocks on the door. He opens.

Hook: David, uh, sorry to come by so early. Um, it's just, there's something I...

David: Hook! Glad you're here. I need your help. Tell me if you see anything... Any connections, patterns.

Hook: This is what we talked about, mate. This is exactly why the Evil Queen gave you that blasted coin.

David: Look, I tried to fight it, but something... Something happened… I saw my father's ghost.

Hook: You entirely sure about that?

David: Yes, I'm sure. And don't tell me I need more sleep. I've had plenty, and I still saw him right there, staring at me. I'd given up on him, Hook. What kind of son does that?

Hook: A son with a family of his own.

David: I can't abandon one family for another. My father was a weak man, but he's still my father... And he deserves justice. Now... Will you help me?

Hook: Perhaps Emma would be better-suited to help. She's sheriff, after all, and Saviour, and she has... You know, magic.

David: No, no, don't call Emma. I don't want to worry her or Snow. What I might have to do, they wouldn't approve of.

Hook: But you think I would?

David: You're a pirate, and a pirate's what I need. Come on... You gave me an idea.


Regina shows the book of fairy tales to Robin.

Robin of Locksley: So, everybody in this book lives here, in Storybrooke?

Regina: Most of them.

Robin of Locksley: I-I don't see any tales of you and Robin. That must be... Quite the story.

Regina: It is.

Robin of Locksley: Perhaps you'd care to share it with me sometime.

Someone rings the bell door.

Regina: Sorry. Um... Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back.


Regina opens the door, it’s Zelena.

Zelena: So, when were you planning on telling me? Where the bloody hell is he?!

Regina: Zelena! You can't see him yet.

Zelena: Why? Because he's scheming to take back baby Robin? That's not gonna happen.

Regina: Trust me. That's not the problem.

Zelena: You haven't told him he's got a child, have you?

Regina: Well, I am going to tell him. It's... Difficult.

Zelena: Actually, it's quite easy. You tell him that he has no rights to his daughter... None. And if he comes anywhere near her, I will make him bleed!

Regina: Go home, Zelena.

Zelena: Ta-ta.


Regina comes back in her living room.

Regina: Robin, there's something I need to...

He’s gone but lets the book opened.

Regina: Robin? Nottingham? Oh, no.


Robin finds Keith in the street. He draws an arrow on him.

Robin of Locksley: Well, fancy that. The Sheriff of Nottingham.

Keith: Oh. Now wait. Look, I heard you were back. Look, I'm not that man here. Nobody calls me that in Storybrooke.

Robin of Locksley: I'm not from Storybrooke.

Robin hits Keith in the face.

Robin of Locksley: You know, I could've killed you with that arrow. But after all you did to me, I wanted this to be more personal.

Regina comes.

Regina: Stop!

Robin of Locksley: Regina, leave, now!

Regina: Don't do this. This isn't you.

Robin of Locksley: No, you mean, this isn't him. This isn't your Robin, but me? I've wanted to do this for years.

Regina sends Keith away.

Robin of Locksley: What the hell did you do?

Regina: I sent him somewhere else before you did something you'd regret.

Robin of Locksley: Who says I'd regret it?

Regina: Well, trust me... Someday, you would… Here, let me see your hand. I know someplace where we can fix this up, but... But I need you to promise that you'll stop running away and trying to kill people.

Robin of Locksley: All right. Lead the way.


David parks his car near Emma and Hook’s home.

David: You're sure Emma's gone?

Hook: Well, she's taken Henry on a canoeing trip. She's gone all day. Why are we here?

David: Like you said... Emma has magic, we don't.

Hook: Hang on. What is this?

David: Emma's trying to break the curse, right? Regina just gave her a whole box of potions.

Hook: Yes, smells quite pungently of newt in there.

David: So we borrow a few ingredients and a spell book, and we learn what happened to my father.

Hook: Wait. Stop. You trying to cast a spell?

David: Look, if you're too afraid, forget about it. I'll do it myself.

Hook: I'm not afraid. I'm concerned. You really have no qualms about stealing from your own daughter? What is with you today?

David: You spend your whole life a thieving pirate, and the one time I need you to be that guy, you get cold feet.

Hook: Perhaps I'm trying not to be that guy anymore.

David: Come on, buddy. It's just me here. Now, I need a key to the shed and a lookout.

Hook gives David his keys.

David: There. That wasn't so hard. Now you keep watch.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Robert enters in the living room of the Dark One.

Robert: Six years ago, you took my son. And now I need your help.

Rumplestiltskin: Well, I'm sorry... A deal's a deal. Can't give you back the boy.

Robert: I'm not asking for that. But James... He's missing. I want you to help me find him.

Rumplestiltskin: Ah. And what would you offer me for this little feat of magic?

Robert: I have nothing to offer.

Rumplestiltskin: Not much of a negotiator, are you?

Robert: You owe me.

Rumplestiltskin: So... You finally grew a spine.

Robert: I think I finally became a father. I'd do anything to see my boy... And tell him I'm... I'm sorry.

Rumplestiltskin: You know, I don't have time for maudlin stories. And everything has a price… Although I-I could be persuaded to help you in exchange for, uh... One hair off your head. Small things can have great power.

Robert: Fine. It's yours.

Rumplestiltskin makes appears a crystal ball.

Rumplestiltskin: Curious. The boy wasn't abducted at all. He ran away. But where he went to... You don't want to follow.

Robert: Why? Where is he?

Rumplestiltskin: In a land built from temptation. And I have an extra ticket in.

Robert: Unh, hair first.

Robert takes the ticket and Rumplestiltskin takes the hair.

Rumplestiltskin: Our second deal is now complete.

Robert: Thank you.

Rumplestiltskin: Mm.

Robert leaves.

Rumplestiltskin: "Small things can hold great power." Someday... May we all be reunited with our sons.


David he’s looking for ingredients in the shed. Emma comes back home.

Hook: Emma's here. Hurry up.

Emma is walking in the garden.

Hook: Hey, love, what happened to the canoe trip?

Emma: Oh, Henry. I love him, but he forgot the life jackets, and you're the one always going on about boat safety.

Hook: I can't let you in there.

Emma: Why not?

Hook: Because I just really desperately need to kiss you right now.

Emma: Hang on! You're forgetting something.

Hook: What's that?

Emma: My superpower... I know when you're lying. What are you hiding from me?

Hook: The truth is, um... I'm a bit out of sorts... Because of Archie.

Emma: Archie?

Hook: Y-Yeah, I paid the Cricket a visit because I needed to talk to him about... About you.

Emma: Oh.

Hook: I thought you were gonna die. And that does something to a man. It changes the way he thinks about things... About us...

Hook sees David leaving with a magic book and a box.

Hook: And he reminded me how important it was to share my feelings. And I didn't want to let you in the shed without sharing them, so... Feelings shared.

Emma: Well, I like feelings once in a while.

They kiss.

Emma: Now, why was I here? Life jackets. Right.


Hook joins David.

David: Come on. Good work.

Hook: Didn't feel good.

David: Well, it was. Now let's find out who murdered my father.


Regina and Robin discuss in her vault.

Robin of Locksley: My hand's really not that bad.

Regina: I didn't bring you here for that. We need to talk… Were you really going to kill Nottingham?

Robin of Locksley: Wait, you're not judging me for that, are you? You told me it was your curse that created this place. I mean... Bloody hell, look around. I mean, wh-what's in these?

Regina: Uh... The hearts of my enemies, but, I...

Robin of Locksley: Oh. And this? This looks nasty enough.

Regina: Oh, no, don't touch it! It's... Powerful… Yes, I know... I sound like a hypocrite… But I have changed.

Regina heals Robin’s hand.

Regina: Which is why I have to tell you something. The other Robin, he had a child. Well, two, actually, but only one is here... An infant daughter. But, I mean, she's not yours. Not... Not really.

Robin of Locksley: Does the mother know that? Who even is the mother? You?

Regina: My sister. It's complicated.

Robin of Locksley: Apparently, everything here is complicated. Did you bring me here just to drop me in the middle of this mess?

Regina: I hoped I could be a part of a fresh start… Your fresh start.

Robin of Locksley: And maybe one of your own, too?

Regina: Maybe. I don't know. I think if we give ourselves a chance... Maybe your being here could be a good thing.

They kiss. It didn’t feel right.

Regina: Well, then... How about I show you more of the town?


At the loft, David and Hook cook a potion.

Hook: Well, according to the spell, this should show us where the coin was the day your father died.

David: Okay, it says, "turn counterclockwise." Do you think they mean the beaker, or do we have to turn?

Hook: It's better to be safe.

David: Yeah. Right.

Hook: All right.

They turn around themselves.

Hook: Well, that seems right.

David finishes the potion.

Hook: Careful. If you turn us into raccoons, driving that truck will be a challenge.

David: Fumes... I think we got it.

They smell the potion.

Hook: That's, um... Right, the whole of the Enchanted Forest at your fingertips.

David: Okay? Let's find out where my father was before he died.

David puts the coin on a map of the Enchanted Forest.

Hook: It's working.

David: An island.

Hook: I know this isle from many nautical charts. It had dealings with Neverland. I've never been myself.

David: What is this place? Why would he be there?

Hook: A terrible, dark place it is. It's called Pleasure Island.

–[Pleasure Island - Past]–

Robert is in a fest. Children are all around, they have fun. A bartender pours some drink to Robert.

Robert: No, thank you. I'm looking for my son.

Robert sits near Pinocchio. The puppet touches him.

Robert: Oooh! Sweet holy...

Pinocchio: Is this worth something?

Robert: Aye, the world, but only to me. It's a gift from my boy, David.

Pinocchio: Oh, let me guess. He ran away, and you're looking for him. Try the sugar pit.

Robert: I'm actually looking for my other boy, James. Have any of the boys talked of being a Prince?

Pinocchio: A Prince? Do I look like I was carved yesterday? You don't look like a King.

Robert: He was my son before he was a Prince. Have you talked to him?

Pinocchio: Nope. Not me.

Pinocchio’s nose is growing.

Robert: What the... What does that mean?

Pinocchio: Nothing.

Pinocchio’s nose is growing again.

Robert: Does that mean you're lying to me?

Pinocchio: No.

And again.

Robert: You know where my boy is. Tell me right now. Tell me!


Robert finds James sleeping.

Robert: James? I've come to bring you home.

Prince James: I don't want to go! My father wants me to be a knight. I don't want to.

Robert: James...

Prince James: I don't want to kill things.

Robert: What if I bring you to my home? It's green and nice there, and... You'll have a brother to play with and grow up with.

Prince James: A brother?

Robert: Yes, James. I'm also your father. Come on. Let's go home.

Prince James: Okay.

Robert: Thank you.

Pinocchio: Glad I could help.

Men of the fest look at them.

Bartender: Hey, there!

Pinocchio: Get out of here! Run!

Bartender: Stop!

Robert: Go! Run!

Pinocchio: Come on, go! Go!

Robert: Faster, go!

They run away.


David and Hook are at August’s place. They want to ask some questions.

August: Yeah, this is definitely the coin, and it was the last I saw of him when he left with the boy. And, honestly, I never... I never put you with him, David.

David: He went after James… I thought he was just a drunk who fell prey to his temptations… He was trying to fix our family.

August: He was stone-cold sober… David... A few years ago, I took some pages out of Henry's book, and, uh... I never put them back. Pleasure Island is a part of my story that I'm... I'm not exactly proud of. But I could look for them, and we could see if, uh,... There's anything more about your father.

David: Thank you. I appreciate that.


David and Hook are walking in the street.

David: I know who killed him. And he's still alive, and I know where he is.

Hook: Okay.

David: You don't want me to go after him, do you? You really have changed how you feel about vengeance.

Hook: Yes, I have. I didn't think you'd see it, but, yes. I would try and stop anyone setting out on revenge if I could.

David cuffs Hook to a bar and gets in his car.

–[Pleasure Island - Past]–

Robert and James runs to the docks. King George is here.

King George: Is that... You found him. You found my son. Please, let me reward you.

Robert: No.

King George: Pardon me?

Robert: Please... James... H-He doesn't want to be with you. Let him live where he'll be happy, where he started out... Before Rumplestiltskin took him... With me.

King George: You're the miserable wretch who sold his own flesh and blood. You look older than you should, shepherd. A conscience must be a terrible thing.

Robert: I made a mistake, but I'm making it right. I have him, and I'm not giving him back.

King George: No need for that. The right price fixed it last time.

Prince James: Don't let him take me.

Robert: No. I didn't protect this boy the first time, but I'm gonna do it now.

King George: Take him down.

The guards take Robert.

Robert: No. No.

King George: Guards, the reward for finding the Prince is yours... If you kill this man.

Robert: No!

King George: And try to make it look like an accident.

Robert: No. Get your hands off me! Let me go! James! James!


David enters at the hospital. He opens the cell of Albert Spencer.

Albert Spencer: A visitor. To what do I owe the pleasure?

David: You killed my father!

Albert Spencer: Well, technically... I merely ordered him killed. I wondered if you'd work it out.

David: You're an evil bastard. He didn't deserve that.

Albert Spencer: That's true. He was a good man in the end. I offered him temptation, and he withstood it. I'll bet he was imagining your little face when you opened the front door and found him standing there, sober, victorious, with your brother in his arms… Instead, you got news he died a drunken failure.

David: Stop talking.

David pushes a dagger to Albert Spencer.

David: Now fight for your life... If you think it's worth it.

They start to fight. David wins. When he’s about to kill Albert Spencer, Hook comes and pushes David away. Hook puts Albert Spencer back in his cell.

David: What the hell?!

Hook: No.

David: That bastard admitted he killed my father! If you take this from me, I will never, never forgive you!

Hook: Yes, he killed your father. But he also told you about his final moments... That he resisted temptation...

David: And it didn't work! He still died. I thought he didn't fight for us, but he did. He fought with everything he had. He did the right thing. And it wasn't enough! So what if... What if Gideon comes back stronger and kills Emma? What if I can't be with Snow ever again? What if being "Prince Charming" isn't enough, and I start losing... And it keeps going, and I lose everything that matters to me?!

Hook: All right. I'll step aside… You can kill this man if you think... It'll make you feel stronger. But think about your father. He wanted to look you in the eye… Do you want to be able to look back? It's all right.

Hook unarms David and hugs him.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

The guards tie up Robert to his carriage.

Guard: Fine payment for a simple murder. There's a ravine near here, and everyone will think he crashed during a supply run.

Robert: They wouldn't believe it. They'll trace it back to you two. You think the King will defend you?

Guard: I bet they'll believe a drunk drove his cart off the road.

Robert: I'm not drunk.

The guard pours alcohol on Robert.

Guard: Really? Because to me, you smell like you... Spent the night in the tavern… Better not take a chance he might survive the fall.


David is on the docks. He casts the coin in the sea. The ghost of his father disappears. Hook joins him.

Hook: You okay?

David: I think so… I owe you an apology. You were the noble one, not me… And I'm sorry it cost you more than I realized it would. And I'm sorry I risked what you're making with Emma.

Hook: So you think... I'm good enough for her?

David: You've done the hardest thing anyone can do… You've changed. And today, you saved me from a terrible mistake, and I... I don't know if I'm gonna be able to pay you back.

Hook: As luck would have it, I might have an idea… There's one way for you not to lose your family... And that's to let it grow… David, may I have your blessing to ask for Emma's hand in marriage?

David: Of course… Of course you have my blessing.

Hook: Well, now, that is a relief.

David: Well, I mean, it's up to Emma, of course, but, yes, you have my blessing.

Hook: Thank you.

David: I didn't realize you were so old-fashioned.

Hook: Well, I am over 200 years old, mate.

David: Right. Right. Were you really that nervous?

Hook: Why would I be nervous? "Prince Charming" doesn't set the bar high at all.

David: Well, I am overdue to wake up Snow, but I won't tell her the news until it's official.

Hook: I appreciate that, David. I... I appreciate all of it.


Regina and Snow White are talking about Robin at the loft.

Snow White: So, you talked to Robin? How did it go? Did you tell him about the baby?

Regina: I did. And, well... We sort of fought about it, and then... There was a kiss… And it was nothing. It was like kissing a photograph. Like it isn't him. It just isn't, and... You were right.

Snow White: I'm sorry. I didn't want to be right.

Regina: Well, it's not your fault. It's mine. I just wanted to believe… I mean... there has to be a reason he made it through that portal, right? And if I'm not the reason, then what is?

Snow White: The way I see it, he made it through the portal because he has something it recognized as real. Maybe it's not about there being a reason why. Maybe it's just who he is.

Regina: Well, he's certainly not my Robin Hood. So... Who is he, and what does he want?


Robin steals Regina’s box in the vault.


August parks his bike near Emma and Hook’s house.

August: Hey, there. Glad I found you.

Hook: Are you? What are those?

August: I found the part of my story I took out of the book. There's nothing in here I didn't already tell you, but... I figured David might like to have it for himself.

August gives Hook the pages.

Hook: Great. I'll pass them along.

Hook read the story.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

The guard threatens Robert with a dagger.

Guard: Time to die... Drunk.

Hook kills the guard.

Pirate: Captain, he's getting away!

Hook kills the second guard.

Hook: What've we got here, then? A pale wee man, hmm? Surrounded by the King's gold. The winds of fortune are flying today, lads.

Robert: For both of us. Thank you... For saving my life.

Hook: Saving your life? Why would I go and do a foolish thing like that? You saw me kill the King's men.

Robert: No, you don't have to worry about me. I have no love for the King. Please, cut me loose. I'll never say a word. I swear... On my son's life. I just want to get home to my family.

Hook: That is a heartfelt plea, indeed. And you know, I actually think I might believe that. But... Dead men tell no tales.

Hook stabs Robert.

Hook: Pack up the rest. And when you're done, find somewhere to hide this cart... And this poor departed soul.


Emma runs to Hook.

Emma: Hey. There you are. We just got back. I missed you. I'm making my specialty... Microwave popcorn with Milk Duds mixed in to get all melty.

Hook: Sounds wonderful. Um... I'll be in in just a minute.

Emma: Okay.

Hook looks at the ring.

Kikavu ?

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jptruelove  (27.01.2022 à 14:41)

J'ai vraiment beaucoup aimé cet épisode : 

- l'île aux plaisirs

- Regina qui veut aider Robin à trouver ses marques

- l'alliance entre Crochet et David

C'est clair que c'est dommage pour le baiser entre Robin et Regina mais ce n'est pas surprenant. Voyons ce que donne la suite, surtout vu ce que fait Robin à la fin de l'épisode... Va-t-il être source de dégats à Storybrooke ? 

Et pour Crochet, je suis vraiment déçue de ce qu'on apprend à la fin de l'épisode, surtout vu comment sa relation avec David a évolué tout au long de cet épisode. Va-t-il pouvoir l'avouer ? Si oui, David saura-t-il le pardonner ? C'est compliqué... J'espérais vraiment que ce soient les gardes du roi qui aient tué le père de David... 

natas  (13.03.2017 à 21:23)

J'ai adoré l'épisode !

Mais bon, trop horrible, Hook à tué le père de David. genre de sang froid? Je ne sais pas trop ce que ça implique d'être un pirate, mais je pensais pas ça ! et pis ça tombe plutôt mal. comment Il va pouvoir se faire pardonner ça. Je ne vois pas trop

et ! oh non ! Le baiser qui n'a pas d'alchimie ! Mais bon tant mieux ce serait trop facile, mais j'espère qu'ils vont finir par tomber amoureux ! En attendant, que va faire ce Robin???


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