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#510 : Duel

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 : Killian Jones


À Camelot, Crochet devient un Ténébreux et sa soif de vengeance envers Rumplestiltskin est ravivée. Quand lui et Emma se disputent sur leur mode d'action, les dernières pièces du puzzle sont révélées avec les évènements de Camelot rejoignant le présent tandis que nous assistons à un lourd affrontement entre les forces de la lumière et des ténèbres qui enverra nos héros faire face à leur destin.

À Storybrooke, cette même soif de vengeance centenaire que Crochet nourrit envers Gold va les mettre tous les deux en danger alors que l'amour d'Emma endure l'épreuve ultime en tentant de convaincre Crochet de renoncer aux ténèbres.

Mary Margaret, David et Regina devront affronter un ancien méchant  qui sera une nouvelle menace inattendue.


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Broken Heart

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Réalisation : Romeo Tirone

Scénario : Dana Horgan et Tze Chun

Guests : 

Sinqua Walls Lancelot
Lee Arenberg Leroy
David-Paul Grove Prof
Michael Coleman Joyeux



In Emma’s house.

Zelena: Get on with it, Captain. That squid ink's going to wear off soon.

Emma: Killian, please. What are you doing?

Hook: You took my memories, Swan. You tried to stop me from knowing the truth. And now I'm going to return the favour.

Hook takes Emma’s memories with the dreamcatcher.

Zelena: By the look on your face, it would appear someone needs restraining.

Zelena puts Pan’s bracelet on Emma.

Zelena: There. No more magic for you. Now, I assume, given my helpfulness, you'll allow me to go about my business undeterred.

Hook: As long as you don't get in my way, I won't get in yours.

Zelena: Ah. I like this new you. Tell me, how does it feel to be a Dark One?

Hook: It feels like I've been reborn.

–[Dark One’s Vault – Last week]–

Hook is taken by the darkness. He remembers all his bad memories.

Hook: Milah! You're no less a coward.

Rumplestiltskin: I want you to suffer.

Hook: Just do it.

Rumplestiltskin: I promised you we'd have some fun first.

Hook: Emma, please!

–[Camelot – Last week]–

Hook, turns into a Dark One, emerges from the Dark One’s Vault.

Rumplestiltskin: Hi.

Hook: Bloody Crocodile.

Rumplestiltskin: Not exactly, but I understand the confusion.

Hook tries to attack Rumplestiltskin.

Rumplestiltskin: That's not gonna work. I'm not out here. I'm in there. I am your guide... The voice in your head.

Hook: Save your speech. I know who you are. All the Dark Ones in my head. But it doesn't matter I won't listen to you.

Rumplestiltskin: What if I told you that together, I could get you the one thing you've wanted for hundreds of years? Your revenge… That's right. I saw what you saw, dearie. I saw your pain. And I can ease it. Stick with me and you will finally do what you never could before.

Hook: And what's that?

Rumplestiltskin: Why, kill me, of course.


Mary Margaret, David and Regina enter in Emma’s house.

Mary Margaret: Emma!

David: I'll check the basement.

Regina: I'll get the upstairs.

Mary Margaret: Emma! Emma!

Mary Margaret finds Emma. She is in shock and lays on her cough.

Mary Margaret: Emma. Hey. What happened?


Regina: You turned Hook into a Dark One?

Emma: It was the only way to save him.

Regina: And you didn't think of the consequences to everyone else?

Emma: I couldn't just let him die. You can understand that.

Regina: Well, yes, but... Now we have a bigger problem.

Emma: I know. I didn't think any of this would happen. I was trying to get rid of the darkness for good. You can't tell me, after all Zelena's done to you, your life wouldn't be easier if she were gone. I was doing you a favour.

Mary Margaret: Come on. This is premeditated murder, Emma. There had to be another way. You should have come to us.

Emma: And risk losing someone else? I thought the best way to control the darkness was to isolate myself. But when I did that, there was no one around to give me hope or tell me when I was being stupid!

Regina: Fine. You're being stupid. So stop it… Right now, we have to clean up this mess.

Mary Margaret: No. We don't. Give us back our memories. Your dreamcatchers... Regina can access them, can't she? We can piece together Hook's plan and stop him.

David: I'm afraid not. Dreamcatchers you said were in the shed... They're gone.

Regina: What the hell is Captain Dark One up to?


Hook visits Belle and Mr. Gold in the shops.

Belle: Emma turned you into a Dark One?

Mr. Gold: And now you've come for your revenge.

Hook: The thought had crossed my mind. For this lovely piece of hardware, I think I'll take your hand. For Milah, your heart. For filling Emma with the darkness... Hmm, I think your head will do quite nicely.

Mr. Gold: So what are you waiting for? Get on with it.

Hook: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. I've been waiting centuries for this moment. And I really want to... Savour it.

Hook makes a sword slid to Mr. Gold.

Hook: Get your affairs in order, dearie, for we duel at noon on my ship. Where it all began.

Mr. Gold: How poetic. But we both know this weapon cannot kill you.

Hook: Ah, true. That sword can't kill me.

Hook makes Excalibur appear.

Hook: But this one... Can.

Mr. Gold: Excalibur.

Belle: You have it.

Hook: Aye. Well, now that it's whole, it can no longer control me. But it can... Oh, oh, oh!... Kill me. All you have to do is take it from me. So, what say you, Crocodile? Shall we finish what we started?

Mr. Gold: Indeed.


At Regina’s house.

Regina: Once a pirate, always a pirate.

Mr. Gold: As a man, Hook spent centuries trying to kill me. It makes sense that revenge would be on his mind.

Emma: Why wipe my memory if he was going to announce his plan anyway? There must be more to it.

Belle: Yeah, well, even if there is, we only have until noon to stop him. And to save you.

David: What about Merlin's message?

Mary Margaret: He said this "Nimue" is the key to stopping the Dark One.

Emma: Nimue was Merlin's true love.

Mr. Gold: And she was also the first Dark One.

Emma: I know. How do we find out more about her?

Mr. Gold: Start your search with the Dark One chronicles. There are many texts that can help us.

Emma: As much as I appreciate devotion to scholarship, there is an easier way. I am still a Dark One. I can protect you, Gold. You just have to take off the cuff… You don't trust me.

Mr. Gold: Well, if the situations were reversed, would you trust me?

Henry: So it's true. You're here.

Emma: Henry. I need you to tell them it's okay to take off this cuff. It's the only way to figure it all out.

Henry: No.

Emma: What?

Henry: You lied to us... About Hook, about everything. Why should we trust you now?

Emma: Henry, I'm your mother.

Henry: Are you? Because the mom I knew wouldn't keep things from me.

Emma: I thought you were the one person who would understand.

Henry: I thought you were the one person I could trust.

Emma: So you can forgive Regina and Gold for everything they've done, but not me?

Henry: They've changed. They showed me they changed.

Emma: So did I.

Henry: When we first met, yeah. But the minute things got tough, you didn't come to anybody. You decided that you would figure it out on your own. We were a team.

Emma: Operation Cobra. I remember. But now you just want your dark magic back so you can do it alone. And I've seen what you do with dark magic.

Henry gets in his bedroom.

Regina: He needs time, Emma.

Belle: We should really get to the library. We've got a lot to do.

Regina: I have a stop to make first. I'll meet you there.

Emma: Let me guess... I'm not invited.

Mary Margaret: Emma. We love you.

Emma: You don't trust me.

David: We don't trust the darkness. Stay here and let us save you. It's for the best.

–[Camelot – Last week]–

Outside the Dark One’s Vault.

Merlin: There's nothing we can do. It's too late. The vault has already forged Hook as its new Dark One.

Mary Margaret: He went this way. This way! And then the tracks disappear.

David: We should split up, search the woods.

Regina: He's a Dark One. He can transport himself anywhere. So can Emma.

David: We've got to start looking somewhere.

Merlin: There's no time. Of all the paths I foresaw for your daughter, I'm afraid that this was the darkest… We should return to Granny's. Even without my magic, I still have enough ingredients to make preparations.

David: I don't care how bad things got... Emma wouldn't hurt us.

Merlin: Maybe. But this new Dark One… We need as many allies as we can get.

Mary Margaret: Lancelot, your mother's the Lady of the Lake. Could she help us?

Lancelot: Perhaps.

David: Perhaps?

Merlin: Lancelot, you should go. She does have great power. The lake is but a two-day journey from here. It's worth a try.

Lancelot: And if I don't make it in time?

Merlin: Well, then you get to spend your last moments with your mother.

Lancelot leaves.

David: We were so close, Mary Margaret. Emma was seconds away from destroying the darkness and ending this.

Mary Margaret: And Hook would have been dead. She chose love, David. And we would have done the same thing. We'd share one heart because we took the same kind of risk that Emma took. We save each other. That is what our family does. So have some faith in her.

David: I do… I just hope her faith in Hook is justified.


Hook is walking into the woods.

Hook: What the devil am I wearing? Why must Dark Ones dress like monks?

Hook uses his magic to dress like the pirate he was.

Rumplestiltskin: Yes, much better. I went leather as well.

Hook: Get out of here.

Rumplestiltskin: Try to ignore me. Bet you can't.

Hook: Talk all you want, spirit. I know you're lying. There's no way that I can get my revenge when Gold's in Storybrooke and I'm trapped here in Camelot.

Rumplestiltskin: Well, that's where we come in, dearie. Might I suggest a dark curse?

Hook: And crush the heart of the one I love most to enact it? No, no, no. I won't kill Emma.

Rumplestiltskin: Yeah, but there's always a loophole.

Emma comes.

Emma: Killian! It worked! You're alive!

Hook: Aye. It did. After spending centuries quelling my bloodlust, you threw me right back into that darkness! Job well-done, Emma!

Emma: Binding you to Excalibur was the only way to save you.

Hook: Right, Excalibur. And where is my shiny new tether?

Emma: I don't know. It disappeared right after you did.

Hook: Ah.

Rumplestiltskin: Isn't that convenient?

Emma: How long has he been with you?

Hook: You can still see him?

Rumplestiltskin: Sadly, yes. I mean, she's still a Dark One. No matter how ineffectual she may be.

Emma: Don't listen to him. He's not real. But I am. I'm right here. Look at me. That future you told me not to be afraid of... We can have it. The house in Storybrooke… I'm not afraid anymore. I want it. With you. It's ours. You just have to want it, too.

Hook: Aye, love, I do. More than anything.

Emma: Killian... Look.

Hook: The demon's gone.

Emma: We can do this. We can get the darkness out of both of us for good.

Hook: How?

Emma: By doing what I just did with you. By going to those we love.


Everybody exits from Regina’s house. Rumple stops walking on the threshold.

Belle: Rumple? What's wrong? Aren't you coming?

Mr. Gold: I'm afraid my preparations for this battle can't be found in a book.

Belle: Well, but this was your idea.

Mr. Gold: For you and the others, there might be some way to protect yourself. For me... I've spent an entire life running away from battles. Time to stop.

Belle: You don't have anything to prove anymore. You saved me from Merida. You're a hero now.

Mr. Gold: But that doesn't erase a lifetime of cowardice... Nothing can… Belle... I know that I've hurt you in unforgivable ways. But I also know that not wanting me to die isn't the same as wanting to be with me. So if I survive this, I want to do better by you. I want to love you in a way I never could before. With honesty and courage. Let me be the man you deserve. The man I swore on my son's grave that I would be.

Belle: I... I don't know what to say.

Mr. Gold: Don't say anything. If I win... If I win, I go to the well where we were married. And if you meet me there, I'll know how you feel.


Zelena enters in the hospital.

Nurse Ratched: You! The mayor told me explicitly not to let you through.

Zelena: Well, then, you're just doing your job.

Zelena knocks out the nurse.

Zelena: Poorly, but you're doing it. Kudos to you.

Regina: Not so fast, sis.

Zelena: Sister, dear. Thank you so much for looking after my bundle of joy while I was off being kidnapped. But I've come to take her back now. Bye.

Regina: Good luck with that.

The baby is gone.

Zelena: Where's my daughter?!

Regina: Did you really think, after everything you've done, we wouldn't protect that child from you?

Zelena: She is my child!

Regina: She's also Robin's. And you will never take her away from him.

Zelena: You just can't stand, that after a lifetime of you getting everything, it's finally my turn!

Regina: The only reason you have that baby is because you killed Marian and you deceived Robin in the most vile way imaginable.

Zelena: Is that a compliment?

Regina: This insanity has to stop.

Zelena: Agreed. But I don't think it can.

Regina: Actually, I think maybe it can.


Merida watches over Emma at Regina’s home.

Merida: You know, when Regina asked me to guard you, the last thing I wanted to do was be in the same room as you. Now that we're here, this isn't so bad.

Emma: Put it down, Merida. We both know you're not going to shoot me.

Merida: Oh, won't I? After everything you've done to me. Fine. I'd say an arrow to the knee would do you right good. Maybe me too.

Hook: Don't worry, love.

Merida shoots Hook, he stops the arrow and knocks out her.

Hook: A broken knee is nothing on a broken heart. Isn't that right, Swan? What is this? I expected to find you and the heroes huddled over a mountain of books, trying to figure out my terrible plan.

Emma: That's not why you're here. You're here because you still have feelings for me.

Hook: Oh, Swan. Of course I still have feelings for you... Anger. Hatred. Disappointment.

Emma: You don't mean that.

Hook: When you tethered me to Excalibur, you opened my eyes. And I now see you for what you really are... An anchor. Ha! And I see clearly now that you were nothing more than a pretty blonde distraction. But guess what, Swan? I am a free man now. And you will never hold me back from getting what I want again.

Emma: Hook... Killian... Whatever deal you made to get your revenge on Gold, it's not worth it. The darkness is using you. It doesn't care what you want. It only cares what it wants.

Hook: Well, you're only a pawn if you don't know you're being used. As long as I get what I want, I don't give a damn about the rest. And you of all people should understand that.

Emma: Everything I did, I did for you.

Hook: Well, you see, that's your problem, Swan. You're so afraid of losing the people that you love that you push them away… And that's why you'll always be an orphan. You don't need some villain swooping in to destroy your happiness. You do that quite well all on your own.

Emma: Why are you doing this?

Hook: Because... I want to hurt you... Like you hurt me.

–[Camelot – Last week]–

Hook and Emma are kissing.

Hook: Mmm.

Emma: All right, enough distractions. I am going to go scout our path.

Hook: I'll go replenish our water supply.

Hook hears a horrible noise.

Hook: Oh, what the devil is that noise?

Rumplestiltskin: That's the sound of the dagger singing to the sword. And if you can hear it, that means Excalibur is quite close.

Hook: No, it's impossible. Emma said it disappeared.

Rumplestiltskin: Wake up, dearie! Your lover's lying. She has the sword.

Hook: Why would she lie to me?

Rumplestiltskin: So she can control you. Not that she needs Excalibur. She's quite good at doing that all on her own.

Hook: What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?

Emma: You! Get out of here!

Rumplestiltskin: Oh, we were just talking about you. Why don't you ask her yourself?

Emma: Ask me what? Hook, what the hell's going on?

Hook: Emma, do you know where Excalibur is?

Emma: Killian... Rumple is manipulating you. That's what he does.

Hook: Are you lying to me? I can hear it calling to the dagger, Emma. Do you have Excalibur?

Emma: Yes.

Emma makes appear the sword.

Hook: Did you use it on me?

Emma: What? No, of course not. I was never...

Hook: Then why not tell me the truth? Are you afraid I was gonna ask you for it? You never planned on giving it to me, did you?

Emma: I did it to protect you. You told me yourself you were not strong enough to resist the darkness.

Hook: Which is why I begged you not to turn me into the bloody Dark One in the first place! But you went and did it anyway.

Emma: You were dying.

Hook: You know the worst part, Swan? When your own mother wanted to use the dagger to stop you from crushing Merida's heart, I'm the one that convinced her that you needed to make that decision yourself. There's never been a moment where I didn't believe in you, where I didn't trust you. But you clearly don't believe in me anymore, so how am I supposed to fight this?

Emma: Killian...

Hook: Don't.

Hook leaves.


Rumple is in his shop. Emma enters.

Mr. Gold: Hello, Dark One. Sorry the, uh, shop's in a bit of a mess since you sent Merida here to kill Belle. Forgive me if I don't offer you tea. What can I do for you today? Because I assume this isn't just a social visit.

Emma: I need help. To stop Hook, I need to get everyone's memories back, including my own.

Mr. Gold: And how do you plan on doing that?

Emma: Zelena and Hook used squid ink to immobilize me. There's still some left.

Mr. Gold: And you want me to use this on him during our duel.

Emma: All I ask is that you last long enough to occupy him while I steal back the dreamcatchers.

Mr. Gold: Ah, yes. But for that... I don't need this. This... Is where that magic belongs.

Emma: What are you doing? You can't beat Hook without it.

Mr. Gold: Well, my feud with the captain predates you by centuries. And if I am gonna beat him, I'm gonna do it with honour. And I will.

Emma: You're on a suicide mission.

Mr. Gold: Oh, we'll see. But my stakes... Are me. Yours are far greater. Do you really think you can win on your own?

Emma: I know I can.

Mr. Gold: Here's the thing about confidence, Miss Swan... It's great at starting a fight, not so great at finishing one. Good luck.


Regina leads Zelena to the Charmings’s loft.

Regina: Before we go in, let me remind you that you may have your powers back, but I've also got mine.

Zelena: What are we doing here? Because if it's more lectures about hope, decency, and redemption, I can save you the trouble I've heard it all.

They enter.

Robin: Zelena.

Zelena: Did you miss me? Told you. Once you go green, you'll never go Queen.

Robin: Regina... We talked about this.

Zelena: Oh, couples therapy? I should imagine you two need that now.

Regina: Let me remind you of something. As wicked as you may think you are, you're not even in my league. I've spent so many years doing terrible... Terrible things beyond your imagination. But you know how I turned it around? Henry. It took having a child... That unconditional love... It made me my best self. And I'm hoping that kind of love will do the same for you.

Robin: Make no mistake, Zelena, we are never gonna be a family, the three of us. But Regina and I have agreed you are her mother. So against our best instincts, we still have hope for you. So... You can visit with our child as long as one of us are present.

Robin gives Zelena her daughter.

Zelena: There, there, my little green bean… There, there. I'm your mommy.


David, Mary Margaret, Belle and Henry are at the library. They’re doing research. Emma is here to, she calls Henry.

Emma: Henry!

Henry: Mom. You escaped?

Emma: And for good reason. I know how to figure this all out. I need your help. I need you to trust me.

Henry: I told you...

Emma: I know, I know, and I heard you. I really heard you. I am not asking you to remove my cuff.

Henry: Then how are you gonna do it without magic?

Emma: I'm gonna do it with help. With you… Hook stole the dreamcatchers. He took my memories, too, which means I must know something. If we can get it back, I can help everyone. And, kid... No one was ever better at figuring out how to break a spell than you. Operation Cobra, remember?

Henry: A locator spell. There's one at Grandpa's shop. All I need is the stuff you used to make the dreamcatchers. It will take us to the others.

Emma: So you will help me?

Henry: I just need one more thing.

Emma: What's that?

Henry: A name.

Emma: Operation Cobra, part II?

Henry: That'll do.

–[Camelot – Last week]–

Emma is walking in the middlemist flower’s garden. She’s looking for Hook.

Emma: Killian? Killian?

She decides to use Excalibur on Hook.

Emma: Dark One, I summon thee.

He appears.

Emma: I'm sorry. I didn't know how else to get you here.

Hook: You could have given me a choice.

Emma: We need to talk about this.

Hook: Do you have any idea how it feels to not be in control of yourself? The last time a Dark One controlled me, I had to watch as Rumplestiltskin almost killed you. I had to kneel, powerless, while he almost crushed my heart!

Emma: I know exactly how it feels! All my life, everyone I loved abandoned me!

Hook: I didn't abandon you.

Emma: I know. But I was about to lose you to the darkness. When I'm scared, that's when my walls go up. That's when I stop trusting the people around me. You know this.

Hook: It doesn't make it fair, Swan.

He’s about to leave.

Emma: Killian, wait! Ugh! I didn't mean to do that.

Hook: Aye, but you did... And that's my point!

Emma: That's not why I called you here! I called you here because I do believe in you! I do trust you to control your own fate! It's yours if you want it.

Hook takes Excalibur.

Emma: We are going to get the darkness out of both of us. We are going to do it together. I promise you, I will never try to control you again. I love you… What?

Hook: It's just I'm usually the one that has to say that first.

Emma: Yeah, well...

Hook: I love you, too.

They kiss.


Hook waits for Mr. Gold on his ship.

Hook: I wasn't sure you'd show.

Mr. Gold: And miss my chance to take your other hand?

Hook: No, this won't do. This has to be a fair fight. I can't have your surviving family members blame this loss on your limp.

Hook heals Mr. Gold’s ankle.

Mr. Gold: It's been centuries since I stood here a mortal.

Hook: Oh, you mean when I took Milah? I remember thinking that day, what type of sad little man is too afraid to fight for his own wife?

Mr. Gold: Yeah, well, I'm not afraid anymore. I know I have to fight for the people I love.

Hook: Don't you mean die for the people you love?

Mr. Gold: We shall see.

They start to fight.

–[Camelot – Last week]–

Hook and Emma return to Granny’s.

Regina: There you are! We've looked everywhere for you.

Mary Margaret: Emma. What happened to you? Are you okay?

Emma: For now. It looks worse than it is.

Regina: Are you sure?

Hook: Aye. We're ready to get the sickness out of us. Where's Merlin?

David: He's inside.

Hook: Well, let's get on with it, then. I'll go get him. Wait here.


Merlin leaves a message in a potion.

Merlin: If you're receiving this message, then things are worse than I feared. There is only one person who can help you defeat the Dark One now. Her name is Nimue. If you want to destroy the darkness, then you must...

Hook enters in Granny’s.

Merlin: The Dark One's found me already.

Hook: Heard you preparing for the worst-case scenario. I'm sorry, mate. It's already here.

Hook takes Merlin’s heart.

Rumplestiltskin: Careful, dearie. That's the oldest heart in all the realms. Let's cut it open and count the rings.

Merlin: You're too late. I've already left a message for the others.

Hook: Well, they can't do anything to stop me. Not while I have this.

Merlin: Excalibur. What do you want?

Hook: My revenge. And for that, I need to get back to Storybrooke.

Merlin: Do you want to cast a curse? It's not possible. Not without crushing the heart of the thing you love most.

Rumplestiltskin: Which is why I am not going to crush it. But someone else will... Someone who might actually have feelings for you, dearie. And that's not me.

Rumplestiltskin turns into Nimue.

Nimue: But it is me.

Merlin: Nimue.

Nimue: Remember? I am all Dark Ones. It's romantic, isn't it? After all that's happened between us, you're still the thing I love most. And I do love you. I always have.

Merlin: But you're not really here.

Hook: Aye, mate. But she is. She lives in all Dark Ones. So when I crush your heart, so will she.


Mr. Gold and Hook are still fighting. Mr. Gold stabs Hook.

Hook: Oh! We can do this all day. But until you have Excalibur, it won't make a lick of difference.

Hook releases himself.

Hook: They say the first cut is the deepest. Well, they lied.


Henry and Emma find the dreamcatchers in the Tower.

Henry: This is it. You put them here.

Emma: Makes no sense. Why would Hook keep the dreamcatchers where we could so easily get to them?

Emma is pushed away from a protecting spell.

Henry: Because we can't get to them.

Emma: He knew I wouldn't have magic. He's toying with me, tormenting me.

Henry: Good thing the locator spell wasn't the only thing I took from Gold's shop. Call me an optimist, but I was hoping I'd have to use it.

Emma: Henry, are you sure?

Henry: You didn't have to include me in this operation, but you did. You didn't try and do it alone. If you're willing to take that first step back, so am I.

Henry uses a potion on Emma’s cuff and takes it off.

Emma: I will make it up to you.

Henry: You want to start by saving the day?

–[Camelot – Last week]–

Emma enters in Granny’s.

Emma: You were playing me the whole time.

Hook: Once you lied about Excalibur, all bets were off. I knew it was just a matter of time before you tried controlling me. And now no one will ever control me again… Go back from whence you came. Back to stone.

Excalibur disappears.

Emma: I don't understand. Why are you helping him get his revenge?

Nimue: Don't be naive, Emma. Dark Ones never do anything without getting something in return.

Emma: What do you want?

Nimue: You're a Dark One. You know what we want. You want it too.

Emma: No. You can't.

Nimue: Yes, we can. And we will.

Emma: Killian... Your revenge is not your happy ending… I am. You told me that. If you destroy this heart, you will destroy your happy ending along with it.

Hook: No, Killian Jones told you that. Your lovesick puppy dog. But that man died the moment you turned him into a Dark One… Ooh.

Hook crushes Merlin’s heart and casts the curse.


On the Jolly Roger.

Hook: Well, I have to hand it to you, Crocodile. You lasted a lot longer than I expected. If you'd fought me with such vigour back in the day, I might have given you your wife back. Soiled, but returned.

Rumplestiltskin: What are you waiting for, pirate? Finish him.

Mr. Gold takes the advantage.

Hook: Well, get on with it, Crocodile.

Mr. Gold: There's nothing I'd like better than to run you through. But I think... I think I'd rather let you live, knowing for the rest of your life that I bested you.

Hook: Today.

Hook leaves.


Mr. Gold is waiting for Belle at the well.

Belle: You... You did it! You won.

Mr. Gold: And you came… Oh, Belle, I'm so glad you're here. I'm ready to do this right, put the past behind us.

Belle: Rumple... This isn't easy for me… I love you. And some part of me will always love you. But you've broken my heart too many times. There's just too much broken trust.

Mr. Gold: But I've changed. My heart is pure now.

Belle: Yeah, you... You have, and it is. You're... You're the man that I always hoped you would be.

Mr. Gold: Then why are you doing this now? Now we have a chance to make this work.

Belle: I don't know that I want to make it work. But I do know that if I'm gonna try and figure that out, I need to do that on my own. I can't... I have spent too many years trying to mend your heart. Now I-I need to protect mine.

Mr. Gold: Belle, please.

She leaves.

–[Camelot – Last week]–

At Granny’s.

Rumplestiltskin: Oh, don't take it too bad. I mean, he died for a good cause.

Emma: I'm sorry. Rest in peace.

Emma turns Merlin into dust.

Hook: It's over, Emma.

Emma: I told you I would never abandon you. I'm not going to start now.

Hook: I'm sorry, love. Once a curse has been enacted, you can't stop it.

Emma: Yes. I might not be able to stop it... But I can make you forget why you cast it.

Emma knocks out Hook.

Emma: And that you were ever the Dark One in the first place.

She makes appear a dreamcatcher.

Rumplestiltskin: Clever, dearie.

She takes Hook’s memories.

Emma: When you wake up, you'll be the man you were. The man I love. The man who loves me.

Rumplestiltskin: Ah, you'll have to do more than that if you want him to forget he was ever a Dark One.

Emma: I know.

Emma makes appears all her friends and family.

Emma: I need to erase the memories of everyone who knew... That I turned Hook... Into a Dark One.

She takes all their memories.

Rumplestiltskin: Right. Because no one could possibly understand. Why trust your family to help when you can do it all yourself?

Emma: This was my fault. I'm the one who's going to fix this.

Rumplestiltskin: By using dark magic to add a memory wipe to the curse.

Emma puts the dreamcatcher into the curse.

Rumplestiltskin: But you won't like where it leads… Or worse... You will.


The curse is spread on Camelot. It already takes Merida.

Arthur: How did this get back here?

Guinevere: Arthur… What is that?

Arthur: Dark magic. Extremely dark magic.


In Regina’s office.

Merida: And we're meant to believe you're gonna give back our memories, just like that?

Henry: We can trust her.

Regina: Can we?

Emma: Yes.

Regina: Okay.

Emma gives all the memories back.

David: Emma, what's wrong?

Emma: I remember. I know what he's doing. I know what they are doing.


Hook is near the pond.

Rumplestiltskin: Congratulations. You didn't completely fail. You returned from your duel with exactly the right ingredients for our plan… The blood of a man who'd been to hell and back. Rumplestiltskin has done what few can claim. He died, and then he returned. This pond holds a portal to the underworld itself.

Hook: This is where the fury tried to drag Robin Hood to hell. I thought the portal only appeared, when the moon reaches its zenith.

Rumplestiltskin: Yes, for a fury. But it's always existed, dearie. You just have to know how to open it.

Hook soaks his hook in the water. The door from hells opens. A boat comes.

Hook: Bloody hell.

Rumplestiltskin: That's exactly where that came from.

All the dead Dark Ones are in the boat. Nimue walks to Hook.

Hook: Nimue.

Nimue: We're here. All of us, as promised, in the flesh… And now it's time to get to work, to do what Dark Ones do best... Snuff out the light.

Hook: Welcome to Storybrooke, love.

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