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#523 : Des histoires secrètes

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Regina est sous le choc face à la mort de Robin, tout le monde essaie de la laisser faire son deuil. Mais quand les héros découvre que Mr. Gold a volé le Crystal Olympien d’Hadès et a concentré toute la magie de Storybrooke dedans, ils entreprennent de l’arrêter.

Henry ne peut plus supporter tous les malheurs qu’a causés la magie à sa famille et décide avec Violet de la détruire une bonne fois pour toutes.

Pendant ce temps, Zelena, Snow, David et Hook tentent d’ouvrir un portail qui puisse ramener Merida et les autres “invites” de Storybrooke chez eux mais les choses tournent mal et le groupe se retrouve dans un nouveau monde.


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And Untold Story

Titre VF
Des histoires secrètes

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Réalisation : Dean White

Scénario : Edward Kitsis et Adam Horowitz

Guests :

Hank Harris Dr Jekyll
Arnold Pinnock Poole
Sam Witwer Mr Hyde
Tzi Ma Le dragon
Shannon Hearn Le pionnier
Nikolai Witschl Le serveur


Retrouvez les rumeurs/scoops sur la Saison 6.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Dr. Jekyll is waking up tides up. Mr. Hyde lets a note for him.

Mr. Hyde: You almost got free. Sorry it didn't work out.

Dr. Jekyll: That's the thing about you, Hyde. You're not half as clever as you think.

He sees a scalpel.


Killian tries to open the lock with his hook.

Zelena: Did you get into your own rum? You believe that's going to work when my magic can't?

Hook: Well, I suppose I could just do nothing, but then again, that's your job!

Zelena: If you really want to get out of here, I can arrange a trip right back to the Underworld!

David: Stop it! Now, we need to be patient. The Groundsman promised to fix the wand and bring it back to us.

Dr. Jekyll comes in.

Dr. Jekyll: Unfortunately, I was only able to keep half my promise.

Zelena: What do you mean? Where's the wand?

Dr. Jekyll: I repaired it, but then the Warden took it from me. I didn't come empty-handed, though. Seems the Orderly, he enjoyed a little bit too much whiskey today.

Snow White: We need to get the wand back from that warden. Do you know where he is?

Dr. Jekyll: Eh, no, uh, but first things first, before we find him, we must have a way to defeat him. He's quite powerful. Now, I might have a way, but it is dangerous.

Dr. Jekyll opens the door.

Snow White: Hasn't stopped us before.

Hook: I just went to Hell and back. I'm not afraid of your Warden.

Dr. Jekyll: Then follow me.


Dr. Jekyll leads the group to a market.

Hook: Bloody hell.

David: Where are we?

Snow White: It's like all the realms all at once.

Dr. Jekyll: You're closer than you think. This land is a refuge filled with outcasts from all over. Each forced to flee their problems. Each finding safe haven here.

Snow White: Forced to flee from what?

Dr. Jekyll: Well, the reasons are as varied as the populace, and everyone has their own tale. That's why this place has come to be known as "The Land of Untold Stories."

Hook: It's a tad ironic of a name, no, given that this land is seemingly filled with stories.

Dr. Jekyll: Perhaps, but there's only one story we need to worry about right now. That's our own.

Hook: Right, and that story better end with us getting back to our world.

–[New York]–

Henry and Violet are walking in the street.

Violet: Henry. Henry, will you stop? Your moms told us to wait back in the library.

Henry: They could be in trouble. And since when do you care what they say? You already ran away with me. You lied about the Dark Grail.

Violet: Henry… I know you're scared. And if you really think this is the best thing to do, I'll help you.

Henry: Thank you.

Violet: But I hope you have a good plan, because we don't have magic and we have no idea where you grandfather is.

Henry: Actually, I think I do.

There is a storm over a hotel.


A groom brings dinner to Mr. Gold he sees lights glowing through the door.

Mr. Gold: Well, don't just stand there.

Groom: Here is your dinner, sir. The spaghetti Bolognese… Uh... I'm so sorry. The kitchen must have made a mistake. I'll get it fixed right away.

Mr. Gold: No need. The meal is irrelevant.

Mr. Gold takes the silver plate.

Mr. Gold: This is sterling silver?

Groom: Yes.

Mr. Gold: You can leave… Actually, there is one more thing… Things might get messy here.

Groom: Yeah.


In the street.

Regina: Gold might have magic on his side. But he sure isn't subtle.

Emma: If I know Henry, he's already disobeyed us. We should call and tell him to stay put.

Regina: Which would work if I hadn't torched his phone.

Emma: What the hell?

Regina: What's wrong?

Emma: It's Granny. Something's happened in Storybrooke… My parents, Hook, and your sister were pulled through some kind of portal.

Regina: Again? To where?

Emma: Granny is an expert on lasagna, not magic. All she says is that they vanished with the Sorcerer's wand and never came back.

Regina walks, Emma follow her.

Emma: Gina. Hey. They might all be in danger. We have to bring them home.

Regina: Well, the only way to do that is to get our magic back from Gold.

Emma: What are you doing? We need a plan.

Regina: I have one. I still have a fist. Gold still has a nose. If you don't like it, I'll do this alone.

Emma: I get it. I want to help my family, too, but we have to be smart about this.


Regina knocks on Mr. Gold’s door. He opens.

Mr. Gold: Didn't you see the sign?

Regina: We need to talk. Alone. The Saviour doesn't even know I'm here.

Regina enters.

Mr. Gold: So, what makes you think I have any interest in talking to you?

Regina: Because the storm clouds outside tell me you haven't been able to wake Belle yet. And apparently, it's not from a lack of trying. Seems to me like you can use the help of your best student.

Mr. Gold: Yes, but we both know that's not you, dearie. My best student was a Queen. You have her buried under layers of tasteful cotton and good intentions. Such a pity.

Regina: What if I told you I was ready to let her back out? What if I told you I am sick of losing everyone I care about?

Mr. Gold: Well, I'd say, "What's changed?"

Regina: Zelena. She's in trouble. All because the heroes convinced her to use the Sorcerer's Wand, and now they're trapped in another realm.

Mr. Gold: What makes you think I would ever help Zelena?

Regina: Because you need me. You need the Evil Queen. I don't want to lose one more person I love… Not after what happened to Robin Hood.

Mr. Gold: Well, perhaps you're right. Perhaps we can help one another. May I? Now, let's talk about finding your sister.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Dr. Jekyll leads the group to his place.

Dr. Jekyll: Yes, this is where I lived when I was still a doctor at the hospital.

Zelena: So, not many maids with untold stories, then.

Snow White: What's that?

Dr. Jekyll: A serum I created, designed to separate the good from the evil in someone. It's what we're going to use to defeat the Warden.

Hook: Well, how? I didn't exactly see any good in him.

Dr. Jekyll: Uh, it... It's there. And the good has been fighting to get out for a long time, but it never could. Till now.

David: The flower... It's from the vine you were trimming back in the garden.

Dr. Jekyll: Yes. The final ingredient.

Dr. Jekyll finishes his serum.

Dr. Jekyll: If only he knew I was growing it right under his nose.

Poole: Actually, he did. Back off!

Dr. Jekyll: I don't understand. You... You were passed out drunk.

Poole: I let you get away so you could finish your serum. Now let's show the Warden what you've done.

Poole makes Dr. Jekyll drink the potion.

Dr. Jekyll: Get away!

David: What did you do to him?

Dr. Jekyll: You have to run!

Dr. Jekyll turns into Mr. Hyde.

Snow White: David, I think I know what story our good doctor is from.

David: Dr. Jekyll, which means he's...

Snow White: Mr. Hyde.

Hook: The Warden... Mr. Who? Who's Mr. Hyde?

Zelena: You know what I say? Shoot first, ask questions later!

Zelena makes a fireball and throws on Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde absorbs it.

Snow White: Jekyll was right. Run!

David: Run.

Poole wants to follow them.

Mr. Hyde: No.

–[New York]–

Emma enters in Mr. Gold’s room.


Mr. Gold and Regina drink while Emma is searching for the Crystal.

Mr. Gold: To helping one another once again.

Regina: Speaking of, where is Belle?

Mr. Gold: She was taken... Or rather Pandora's Box was taken with her in it.

Regina: How?

Mr. Gold: I didn't know how till you arrived. It was the Sorcerer's Wand. Zelena must be trapped because someone's taken it from her, which means they're both in the same realm. And you... Well, you're gonna help me find it, Your Majesty.

Emma finds the Crystal but Mr. Gold takes it back.

Mr. Gold: Help yourself to a drink, Ms. Swan.

Emma: I think I'll pass.

Regina: You knew.

Mr. Gold: Of course I knew… You've changed, Regina. The loss of one man isn't gonna push you back over the edge. Not anymore. For better or worse, this is now who you are. Guilt-ridden and weak. I only let you in because I needed this.

Mr. Gold takes Regina’s hair on her coat.

Regina: Something connected to Zelena so you can find them.

Mr. Gold: Indeed. And now that I have it, I have no need for either of you.

Mr. Gold makes a fireball.

Emma: Gold.

Henry and Violet enter.

Henry: Stop.

Regina: Henry, get out of here. There's nothing you can do.

Henry: Yes, there is.

Henry takes the fireball with the Dark Grail.

Mr. Gold: No.

Then he takes all the magic.

Emma: Henry… What have you done?

Henry: I destroyed magic.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

In Dr. Jekyll’s apartment.

Mr. Hyde: Now, Poole, you might want to go into the other room.

Mr. Hyde takes the serum and get separate from Dr. Jekyll.

Mr. Hyde: So nice to finally meet you, Doctor.

Dr. Jekyll: Hyde.

Mr. Hyde: I've heard so much about you… You're even more disappointing in person… So weak… So pathetic… I was actually impressed that you had the courage to try to finish that serum of yours in secret.

Dr. Jekyll: I had no choice. Being with you was destroying me.

Mr. Hyde: But do you see the irony? Being separate is... What's going to destroy you.

Mr. Hyde strangles Dr. Jekyll… Hook stabs Mr. Hyde.

Hook: I don't think so, mate!

Zelena shoots Poole with a fireball.

Zelena: I've been waiting to do that.

David: Doctor.

Dr. Jekyll: I told you to run.

David: No. You risked everything to save us. We had to do the same.

Zelena: To be clear, I was fine running.

Mr. Hyde: Now I'm going to kill you all.

Snow White uses Poole’s weapon on Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll: Leave it. It's of no use to us now. And we don't want to be here when he wakes up.

–[New York]–

In Mr. Gold’s hotel room.

Mr. Gold: Have you any idea what you've just done?

Henry: Stopped you from hurting my moms and anybody else.

Mr. Gold: You stopped me from rescuing Belle, not to mention your family, and they're trapped in the same realm with her!

Henry: What's he talking about?

Regina: David, Snow, Hook, and Zelena are in another realm right now.

Mr. Gold: And thanks to you, we have no way of helping them get back.

Henry: I did what I had to. This isn't on me. It's on you.

Henry leaves.

Emma: Henry.

Violet: I'll make sure he doesn't go far.

Regina: Storybrooke. Henry rid it of its magic. What happened to it?

Mr. Gold: Storybrooke survived for 28 years without magic. I'm sure it can manage a few more.

Emma: You said it would be destroyed.

Mr. Gold: Yes, when I had to motivate you to find your wayward son.

Emma: What should we do? Call the police? See how he does without his powers in a real prison?

Regina: That's an excellent idea.

Mr. Gold: Not if you want my help finding the one person who may still have magic.

Emma: What are you talking about? You said this was a land without magic!

Mr. Gold: It is. And it isn't.

Emma: Enough with the riddles. Who has magic?

Mr. Gold: Well, for that answer, it looks like we're just gonna have to learn to work together now.

Regina: All right, I'll go with Gold and make sure he keeps his hands off this Crystal. You find Henry.


Emma finds Henry and Violet near a fountain.

Emma: Hey. Can we have a second?

Violet: Of course.

Henry: How'd you know where to find me?

Emma: Because when we lived in New York, this is where we came when you were upset. And I'd give you a penny and tell you to wish your problems away. Remember? What do you say? Want to give it a try?

Henry: I'm sorry, Mom, but that's not gonna make me feel better now.

Emma: Why not?

Henry: When we lived here, there wasn't any magic. We didn't even know it existed. And, Mom, we were happy.

Emma: We were. And I wouldn't trade that time for anything. But you're forgetting something. It was just the two of us. And now...

Henry: Yeah. And that's why I thought if I destroyed magic in Storybrooke that we could all be happy like you and I were. But because of what I did, we'll never even see half of our family again.

Emma: That may not be true. Your mom is with Gold to try to find a way. Should we see if they had any luck?


Regina and Mr. Gold are walking in the street.

Regina: Why didn't you believe me when I told you I wanted to help you?

Mr. Gold: Wondering if you've lost your edge? Or hoping you finally managed to bury the Evil Queen deep enough inside that I wouldn't buy it?

Regina: Don't try to psychoanalyze me.

Mr. Gold: Look. Let me give you a friendly piece of advice. Partitioning the darkness inside will not help you become the woman you want to be.

Regina: It worked so far.

Mr. Gold: Has it? You know, I once thought I could contain the darkness to one tiny corner of my soul. First for Baelfire, then for Belle. And I always failed. Do you want to know why? Because I like the darkness. It's as much who I am as the light. Why can't you seem to grasp it's not either/or?

Regina: Because I'm not like you. I don't like the darkness.

Mr. Gold: You can tell yourself what you like. But deep down, the Evil Queen is who you are. And the more you keep her locked inside, the more you're gonna suffer.


They enter in a shop.

Regina: What the hell is this place?

The Dragon: Greetings. What brings you to my humble shop?

Mr. Gold: Well, we're in the market for something a little more powerful than what you have on display.

The Dragon: If you mean narcotics, I'm just a simple herbalist.

Mr. Gold: I don't think so. Regina, meet The Dragon… Good to see you're breathing again. I hear one of my father's minions paid you a visit.

The Dragon: Peter Pan was powerful, but I'm resilient. I assume you're here because you want something, Rumplestiltskin… But I'm afraid I'm not in the business of helping hearts filled with such darkness.

Regina: Gold, this is a waste of time.

The Dragon: But you... You I will help. I see a noble battle deep inside your soul, Regina, between light and dark. And for that, I will do my best to aid you. It is imperative you win... For all of us.


The Dragon uses his magic to show Regina and the other where their families are.

Regina: There. Look… Where the hell is that?

Emma: Wherever it is, they're in trouble.

Regina: We need to get through so we can help them.

The Dragon tries to open a portal but he fails.

The Dragon: I'm afraid opening a portal to that realm is beyond my power.

Henry: You can't give up. My family, they're in trouble.

The Dragon: I've done all I can. But you... You haven't.

Henry: Me?

The Dragon: All of you. Just because the boy destroyed Storybrooke's magic doesn't mean there isn't any in this world.

Regina: Oh, really? Because I think there's a reason they call this place “The Land Without Magic”.

The Dragon: Yes, because that's how it appears. There's magic everywhere if you're willing to see it.

Emma: That sounds an awful lot like something a friend told me a long time ago.

The Dragon: August? Yes. I know who you are, Saviour. If you want to find magic, remember... What he taught you.

Emma: "You have to believe."

Mr. Gold: So, how do you suggest we do that? After all, saying you believe doesn't make it so.

Henry: I know how.


Henry leads his family to the fountain.

Regina: How is that going to help us?

Henry: Because there's magic in it. Every time someone makes a wish.

Mr. Gold: I don't think throwing a coin in a fountain is what The Dragon was talking about.

Henry: All due respect, Grandpa, but I think that was exactly what he was talking about… Mom, when we were living in New York, do you remember the last time you took me here?

Emma: Yeah. I don't know. You were upset about something. Maybe something at school?

Henry: It was because of you. I could tell you were lonely, so I wished our family would be complete, and do you know what happened a few days later?

Emma: Hook came to New York, and he brought us back to Storybrooke and we were reunited with our family.

Henry: There was magic. It was right here. We just didn't know it. Don't you see? We just need to wish they were back… I wish we were reunited with our family.

The Crystal lights.

Henry: Come on. It can't just be me. Everybody make a wish. This will work. I promise.

Emma: Okay, kid.

The Crystal lights again.

Regina: Emma. Did you see that?

Mr. Gold: Sometimes that boy surprises me.

Henry: We just need more.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

The group is walking in the market.

Snow White: We can blend in here, but so can Hyde. He could be anywhere.

David: Is there a reason your evil alter ego doesn't look anything like you?

Zelena: And is 10 times as strong?

Dr. Jekyll: Everyone sees their worst self differently... Some as a mirror image, others as a literal monster. However the mind conjures it.

Hook: Well, perhaps next time, try an aggressive bunny rabbit.

David: All right, we got to find a way out. Over here.

They enter in a dead-end.

Hook: Hurry. This way.

Snow White: Seriously.

David: Come on!

Mr. Hyde shows up.

–[New York]–

Henry makes a speech.

Henry: People of New York City! My name is Henry Mills, and I need your help! My family's in danger, but we can save them with magic! I know how crazy it sounds. But magic is real. It's all around us. You just have to be willing to see it. You have to be willing to believe. And I know how hard that is. I once let my own belief waver. But I was wrong… We need magic. It can make the world a better place. I know it seems impossible. But think about it... At some point in your life, every one of you was once a believer, and at some point, you left that part of you behind. But you can go back to it. If you believe. So, what do you say? Will you make a wish for us? Will you help us return magic to this world?

Henry runs to the fountain.

Henry: We just have to make a wish! Come on! Let's go!

Man: Here, come on.

People make wishes. The Crystal lights.

Emma: He's actually restoring magic.

Henry: See? I told you.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Pennies fall from the sky.

David: Pennies.

–[New York]–

A portal opens in the fountain. Mr. Gold walks to it.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Snow White: Not pennies, David… Wishes.

Zelena: I don't care who's making them. Let's get out of here!

They jump into the portal. Mr. Hyde can’t follow them.

–[New York]–

David, Snow White, Zelena, Hook and Dr. Jekyll appear in the fountain.

Emma: Dad. Mom!

Emma hugs her parents.

Hook: I knew you'd find us, Swan.

Emma: It wasn't me this time. It was all Henry.

Everybody applause.

Emma: Henry.

Henry: They think it was all an act. That none of this was real.

Emma: It's okay, Henry. This is the only way they can understand… But for a moment, they believed. For a moment, you... You did the impossible. You made the world believe.

–[ Land of the Untold Stories]–

As Mr. Hyde is full of anger, he destroys the lab. Mr. Gold is here.

Mr. Gold: Still battling against your better half, I see… And failing.

Mr. Hyde: So, you made it through that portal.

Mr. Gold: I'm never one to miss an opportunity.

Mr. Hyde: Of course not. And now that you're finally here, Rumplestiltskin, you're going to help me win that battle. Because if you ever wish to see your wife or your child-to-be again, you'll do as I ask.

Mr. Gold strangles Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Gold: The only deal I'm gonna make with you is the one where you return that box to me, and then, I suppose, you get to live.

Mr. Hyde: I can help you... Wake Belle.

He frees him.

Mr. Gold: What did you just say?

Mr. Hyde: I know that she's under a sleeping curse. I can provide you with the information to wake her.

Mr. Gold: You're lying, thinking it'll save your skin.

Mr. Hyde: Am I, now? I've been the warden here to many from all distant lands. I've learned much. There is one place that had the answer you seek.

Mr. Gold: Where?

Mr. Hyde: I think it's time that we talk about a deal.

–[New York]–

In Neal’s apartment.

Dr. Jekyll: I'll never be able to thank you enough for coming back to save me. Now that I'm separated from that monster, I can make a fresh start of my life in your Storybrooke.

Hook: Still missing a Crocodile.

Emma: Gold wasn't in the park?

David: In all the commotion, he must have slipped through the portal to find Belle.

Snow White: Where's Regina? Wasn't she out there looking with you?

Zelena: No. She said she wanted to be alone, but she wouldn't say why.

Snow White: Emma, this couldn't still be about the squabble you two had in Storybrooke, could it?

Emma: No, we solved that. I know what this is. It's something bigger.


On the roof.

Snow White: Hey. I thought you might like something to keep you warm.

Regina: You know I don't do hot cocoa with cinnamon.

Snow White: I know… Emma told me what's going on with you. You don't have to go through this alone.

Regina: Well, I'm afraid that I do. If I want to keep the Evil Queen at bay, I have to open myself up to a life of pain and suffering… And if I don't keep her at bay... Well, that's just not an option.

Snow White: There has to be something we can do.

Regina: There isn't. Trust me… I even made a second wish at the fountain. I wished the Evil Queen away so I can be free of everything she did… I did.

Snow White: We forgive you, you know.

Regina: The problem is, as long as she's inside me, that doesn't matter. Her baggage… Her karma... Call it what you want... Will always be there. Just another useless wish.

Snow White: You want a fresh start… I don't know for sure, Regina, but maybe that wish can come true, after all.

Regina: How?


Snow White: Jekyll said he didn't know how to thank us, but he found a way. He grabbed this before we fled the lab. It's the serum that split him from Mr. Hyde. He said there's enough left for another dose.

Regina: And you think this will work on me?

Emma: I believe that this could be the end of the Evil Queen, as long as you're sure that's what you want.

Regina: I want her gone.

Snow White: Then let's get rid of her. Let's be the family we were always meant to be. All of us.

Regina: Go downstairs.

Snow White: Jekyll said there will be a moment of disorientation when the Evil Queen won't have her magic. That's your chance. You cannot hesitate.

Regina: Understood. Now, please, leave me.

Emma: I'm staying.

Snow White: I'm staying, too. I was there when the Evil Queen was born. I kind of helped bring her into the world… I want to see you end her.

Regina: Get ready to stand back, because... I have a feeling we're about to meet a very angry queen, and she didn't like you on a good day. Emma.

Emma: I'm ready.

Snow White gives Regina the serum. Regina is in pain. The Evil Queen gets out from her.

Evil Queen: Look at what you've become.

The Evil Queen tries to attack Regina but Emma stops her.

Emma: Regina, now's your chance. Destroy her.

Evil Queen: You destroy me? You don't have what it takes.

Emma: Regina.

Evil Queen: You're weak.

Regina walks to the Evil Queen.

Evil Queen: No matter what you do, you can't destroy our darkness… Deep down inside, you know the truth… You need me.

Regina: No. I don't.

Regina rips out the Evil Queen’s heart.

Regina: I'm sorry.

And crushes it. The Evil Queen disappears.


Emma parks her car.

Emma: Home sweet home.

Regina: And in one piece.

Violet: I have to go, Henry. My dad... I need to talk to him.

Henry: Good luck. I'm sorry if I got you in trouble for missing everyone's trip back to Camelot.

Violet: It's okay. There's something... Something I haven't told you. My father didn't go back, because he isn't from Camelot. It's just a place he wound up in.

Henry: I... I don't understand.

Violet: He's originally from here, this land. From a place called Connecticut.

Henry: What?

Violet: He never felt at home in Camelot, you know? He... He always said he was glad that I was born there because, "being a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court is no great shakes." I don't know what great shakes are, but I do know that I like it here.

Henry kisses Violet then she leaves.

Henry: Really?

Regina: So, I'm guessing Operation Mixtape was a success?

Henry: Mom. Come on. We still need to un-tether the magic from this thing.

A second car parks.

Dr. Jekyll: It's even lovelier than you described.

David: Well, follow me. We'll show you around. First stop Granny's.

Emma: Killian.

Hook: What is it, love? You don't still feel guilty about my return, do you?

Emma: No. Just after everything we've been through... Darkness, Hades, being separated by realms... I just wanted to say something, you know, when we're not in the middle of a big battle or one of us is facing death, when things are just normal.

Hook: And what's that, Swan?

Emma: I love you.

Hook kisses Emma.


In a parking.

Henry: Well, you did it, Mom. You destroyed the Evil Queen. How do you feel?

Regina: Free… Now let's make sure no one can ever steal this again.

Regina frees the magic trapped in the Crystal in Storybrooke. Mr. Hyde shows up.

Mr. Hyde: Thank you for that. I'd hate to be trapped in this town without magic. That would be truly barbaric.

Henry: Mr. Hyde. How did you get here?

Regina: Gold. He made a deal with you, didn't he?

Mr. Hyde: Yes, that he did. I provided him with some information in exchange for Storybrooke.

Regina: Excuse me?

Mr. Hyde: Storybrooke is mine now. And I brought some friends… You know, I've been looking for a place like this for quite some time... A land where all the world's lost and forgotten stories could play themselves out. And now that I have brought them here, that is exactly what they're going to do.

Regina: Let me tell you something, "Mr. Hyde." I know how your story ends. You lose.

Mr. Hyde: I wouldn't bet on it, Regina. Despite what you may think, darkness is not as easy to snuff out as you might believe.

–[New York]–

The ashes from the Evil Queen enter in the Dragon’s shop.

The Dragon: Evil Queen.

Evil Queen: Regina never should have let me out to play.

The Dragon: What are you doing here?

Evil Queen: I came to set the record straight. You were right about one thing, Dragon. There was a battle raging inside Regina. And she may have won the fight, but this... Is a war… And it's just begun.

Evil Queen rips out the Dragon’s heart.

The Dragon: Oh!

Evil Queen: The Queen is back.

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jptruelove  (21.01.2022 à 20:32)

Comme beaucoup d'épisodes, j'aime vraiment cette série... Encore un très bon épisode ! 

J'adore ce qui se passe à New York. 

Et je suis curieuse de voir Mr Hyde et Dr Jekyll à Storybrooke. 

Vivement la saison 6


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