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#522 : Dr Jekyll et Mr Hyde

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Regina est sous le choc face à la mort de Robin, tout le monde essaie de la laisser faire son deuil. Mais quand les héros découvre que Mr. Gold a volé le Crystal Olympien d’Hadès et a concentré toute la magie de Storybrooke dedans, ils entreprennent de l’arrêter.

Henry ne peut plus supporter tous les malheurs qu’a causés la magie à sa famille et décide avec Violet de la détruire une bonne fois pour toutes.

Pendant ce temps, Zelena, Snow, David et Hook tentent d’ouvrir un portail qui puisse ramener Merida et les autres “invites” de Storybrooke chez eux mais les choses tournent mal et le groupe se retrouve dans un nouveau monde.


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Only You

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Dr Jekyll et Mr Hyde

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Réalisation : Romeo Tirone

Scénario : David H. Goodman et Andrew Chambliss

Guests :

Raphael Alejandro Roland
Michael P. Northey Frère Tuck
Jason Burkart Petit Jean
Hank Harris Dr Jekyll
Arnold Pinnock Poole
Sam Witwer Mr Hyde
Candus Churchill Bibliothécaire
Chris Olson Exploitant de péage


At Granny’s.

Friar Tuck: To Robin!

Granny: To Robin.

Snow White: Regina. Look, I know that there's nothing we can really say, but we just want you to know... You don't have to go through this alone.

Zelena: She won't have to. I think what my sister needs is a little time with someone who understands what she's going through.

David: Zelena, we're sorry. What happened with Hades, that... Can't exactly be easy... We'll leave you two alone.

Violet: Henry.

Henry: Violet.

Violet: I'm sorry about Robin.

Henry: Thank you.

Violet: When I heard you went to the Underworld, I was afraid I was never gonna see you again.

Henry: You were? Me, too.


Hook and Emma are walking in the street.

Emma: When we get to Granny's, I think it's best if you wait outside.

Hook: Aye. Regina. Robin's death... It can't be easy for her.

Emma: And seeing you back when that's not possible for him?

Hook: Fate is cruel.

Emma: It could push her over the edge. She cursed an entire Kingdom when she lost her first love.

Hook: Yeah, but she's changed much since then.

Emma: I know. But I still need to break the news about you carefully. It's the right thing to do.


In the clock tower.

Mr. Gold: Belle, since your father refused to wake you, I'm gonna have to find another way, and I will. It's not just you I have to worry about now. It's our family, our unborn child. There's only one way I can free you both… I need more power.

Mr. Gold uses his power on the Olympian Crystal.

Mr. Gold: I need all of it.


Emma enters in Granny’s.

Emma: Regina.

Regina: Emma, please. I've already had enough people feeling sorry for me today.

Emma: I know. I just think we should talk somewhere quiet. It's kind of delicate.

There is a blast of magic and the earth quakes.

Regina: What the hell was that?

Hook comes in.

Hook: Swan! Is everything okay?

Regina: Hook.

Zelena: What the bloody hell's the pirate doing here?

David: We thought we left you in the Underworld.

Hook: Aye, you did… But now I'm back.

Regina: Delicate, as always.

Emma: Regina.

Regina: I'm used to suffering, Swan, and I'm used to others getting their way. Right now, neither one of our feelings matter. Given that blast of magic, there's only one person not present who's powerful enough for something like that.


In the clock tower.

Zelena: Gold. He's got the Olympian Crystal, or part of it, anyway. Some of it must have survived…I can still feel the aura from it.

Regina: Yeah, you're not the only one. He used it to cast a tethering spell.

Emma: Tethering spell? What was Gold attaching the crystal to?

Regina: Storybrooke's magic. That's why he cast a spell here.

Zelena: With that crystal, he can harness all of this town's magic for his own purpose.

David: Gold already has the power of all the Dark Ones. Why does he need more?

Emma: To wake Belle. True love's kiss didn't work because she doesn't want to be with him.

Hook: Aye, and once the Crocodile wakes Belle, do you think he'll stop there? Do you think he'll just turn the bloody crystal and all of its power over to us?

Emma: He's right. Let's go get that crystal.

Regina: Let's. Where should we start?

Emma: Actually, um... I was thinking maybe you should sit this one out.

Regina: Oh, that's why you were trying to be delicate with me. You're worried the Evil Queen is about to come out to play.

Emma: No, I just want what's best for you.

Regina: No, you don't. When you're upset, we follow you to Hell. But when I'm upset, I get a time-out.

Emma: Okay. You're not in any state to think straight about this.

Regina: And you don't get to tell me what to do.

Henry: Moms, please.

Emma: Henry, now's not the time. Maybe just take a minute to cool off and think about it.

Regina: You don't want my help. Fine. I'll fix this on my own.

Regina teleports.

Emma: Kid... Go to my place and stay there. You'll be safe, okay? We got this… I mean it, Henry. Go right home.


Henry is in this grand-father’s shop. He takes some money in the safe. Violet comes in.

Violet: Henry. What's... What's going on? I got your text.

Henry: It's my grandpa. He's trying to steal Storybrooke's magic. It made me realize how bad it is. It's always magic. Always. Magic turned my mom into a Dark One, it took away the man my other mom loved, and now... Now I think it's gonna tear my parents apart. I used to think there was light and dark magic, but it's all bad. Look around this shop. These... These are Geppetto's parents. This needle has put dozens of people under a curse they can't wake from, and this... An entire village is frozen in there. It's hurt so many people.

Violet: My mother... That's how she died... Magic.

Henry: Come with me on a road trip. I-It's like a quest, but on a bus, which is like a horse, but with wheels and seats. J-Just... Just come with me. What do you say? I think I can fix this.

Violet: My father would probably kill me. B-But yes. Of course I'll come.

Henry: Great. Great. We'll call it "Operation Mixtape." There's just one more thing we're going to need… I promised I'd never use this pen to do anything besides record what happens, but what we're about to do is for the greater good.

Henry writes “the Olympian Crystal appeared in the Author’s hand.”

Violet: What's that?

Henry: The crystal my grandpa tethered Storybrooke's magic to.

Violet: Wait, I-I-I don't understand. You said magic is bad. Why are we going to take it out of Storybrooke?

Henry: To destroy it… Once and for all.


At the Charming Family’s loft.

Emma: So far, no sign of Gold, which means we need to expand our search perimeter to include the woods.

Regina enters.

Regina: Where is he?

Emma: I told you. We got this. We'll find Gold.

Regina: Not Gold. Henry. "Mom, there's only one way to fix everything that's tearing us apart. I have to destroy... "

Emma: "The source of all of our problems." I got the same text.

Snow White: What does he mean? What is the source of all of our problems? What is he going to destr...

Mr. Gold enters.

Mr. Gold: Well, I think I can answer that… The Olympian crystal and all the magic tethered to it… It would appear my grandson has outsmarted us all, used his authorial power to steal the crystal right out from under my nose.

Snow White: Would Henry even do that... Destroy magic?

Mr. Gold: We'd better hope he doesn't.

Regina: Why? What happens if Henry succeeds?

Mr. Gold: Considering this town was built with magic, what do you think will happen?

Emma: He would never destroy magic if he knew it could hurt us.

Mr. Gold: I'll be sure to tell him that right before I take the crystal back.

Regina: Don't you dare go near my son.

Mr. Gold: Sorry, dearie, but he's threatening me now.

Mr. Gold teleports and Regina leaves.


Emma follows Regina in the street.

Emma: Regina, where are you going?

Regina: I just lost Robin. I'm not about to lose Henry, too.

Emma: I know, but we have to be smart about this. Gold doesn't know where Henry is any more than we do.

Regina: We? I don't remember inviting you to come along. You benched me. Now I bench you.

Emma: Even if I knew how to find Henry?

Regina: All right, Sheriff Swan... Where is he?

Emma: You think after all those times he ran away, I wouldn't put a GPS app on his phone? Let's get to the bug. We have to catch up to him.

Regina: Where's he headed?

Emma: Boston.


Emma and Regina leave Storybrooke.


In the street.

Merida: Is it true? Magic might disappear?

Snow White: Only if Henry destroys the Crystal.

David: Which he won't, not with Emma and Regina searching for him.

Merida: Yeah, but what if they don't find him in time? How are we gonna get back without magic?

Snow White: It won't be a problem if we send you home now.

Zelena: We? I think you mean me, dear.

Snow White: But this time, summon the portal without the twister?

Zelena: You heroes ruin all the fun. Very well.

Zelena makes appears a door.


At the bus station.

Regina: He wasn't on the bus?

Driver: Lady, I don't know what to tell you. Everyone got off.

Regina: Then why does the GPS tracker still say he's on it?

Emma: Because Henry hid his phone under one of the seats. He wanted us to think he came to Boston.

Driver: Ladies, if you don't mind, it's my lunch.

Regina: Got any more bright ideas?

Regina takes the phone and casts it in a garbage.

Emma: Regina...

The garbage is in fire.

Regina: Well... That's new.

Emma: How's that even possible? We're in the land without magic.

Regina: And so is Henry, with the Crystal.

Emma turns off the fire.

Emma: And all of the magic from Storybrooke… Regina, if our magic works out here, Gold's magic works out here. We've got to find Henry before he does.

Regina: Well, if he's not in Boston, then where is he?

–[New York]–

Violet and Henry get off of the bus.

Violet: I thought the spires of Camelot were tall.

Henry: Welcome to New York City.


The people start to leave Storybrooke by the portal.

Little John: Are you sure Regina won't mind us leaving without a goodbye?

Zelena: She'll understand. Robin would want him to grow up in Sherwood Forest… We'll come and visit you soon, okay? And we'll even bring your baby sister.

Roland kisses Robin and gives a gift for Regina to Zelena.

Roland: For Regina. From one of my papa's arrows.

Zelena: How sweet. She'll cherish it.

Zelena hugs Roland, then he leaves with Little John.

David: That's everyone. Let's close it up.

Zelena tries to close the portal but a twister appears.

Granny: What's happening?!

Zelena: Stand back!

David: Zelena!

Zelena: It must have something to do with magic being tied to that bloody Crystal!

Zelena, David, Snow White and Hook are sucked in the twister.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Zelena, David, Snow White and Hook land in a garden.

David: Everyone okay?

Hook: For now. Look.

Zelena: Well, we're certainly not in Storybrooke anymore.


At the bus station.

Emma: There has to be something in here that belongs to Henry.

Regina: I assume you have a map somewhere in this pigsty of yours.

Emma: In the glove box. By the way, it was your idea to go to Hardee's.

Regina: Give me your hand.

Emma: Why? What is that?

Regina: What? Worried I might make you take an eternal nap on a bus bench? If you want to help Henry, you're just gonna have to trust me.

Regina picks Emma.

Emma: Ow!

Regina: Now that there's magic in the world... This just might work. And if it does, you're going to lead us right to him.

Regina puts Emma’s blood on the map. It draws a line to New York.

Emma: Of course. New York. I hope Gold doesn't know that yet.

–[New York]–

Mr. Gold parks his car at the toll.

Officer: Welcome to New York. It'll be $15.

Mr. Gold strangles the officer by magic. He lets him enter before dying.


Henry and Violet are walking in the street.

Violet: I can't imagine living here… It's overwhelming.

Henry: I thought the same thing when I first went to Camelot, until you showed me around.

Violet: Well, I want to see this place, Henry, truly, but... But what does it have to do with destroying magic?

Henry: It's got to do with my dad. Magic tore apart his family, too, when my grandpa became the Dark One.

Violet: And did he want to destroy magic, too?

Henry: The truth is, for a really long time. No one else knows this, not even my moms. He made me promise not to tell anyone.

Violet: It's safe with me, I promise.

Henry: See, that's why he was in New York. He was trying to find a way to protect himself in case his dad found him.

Violet: Right, and he thought the best way of doing that was by destroying magic. Did he ever figure it out?

Henry: He died before he could, but I know he got close. He kept everything he found in a journal. It's got to be in my dad's apartment. Come on.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

In the garden.

Snow White: If this isn't Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest, then where are we?

David: Well, wherever we are, I'd rather not stick around long enough to find out. Can you... Use the wand and get us back to Storybrooke?

Zelena: Not quite.

Hook :So we're trapped in this mysterious realm, wherever it is.

The Apprentice’s wand is broken.

David: You can fix it, right?

Zelena: Of course. Do you happen to have any duct tape? We're not affixing the bumper to that God-awful truck of yours. This requires the proper potions, none of which I have with me.

Snow White: Well, then we're just gonna have to go find them.

Zelena: Then we'll have to move quickly. If we don't find Regina and Emma before Henry destroys magic, fixing this wand won't matter. We'll be cut off from Storybrooke for good.

David: Hold on, I hear something.


The group finds a gardener.

David: Excuse me. Can you tell us what land we're in?

The gardener tries to escape.

Hook: Whoa, whoa, whoa! No need to run!

Dr. Jekyll: Please don't hurt me.

David: We just want to know what land we're in.

Dr. Jekyll: I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Snow White: It's okay. You don't need to be afraid of us.

Dr. Jekyll: No, you don't understand. You shouldn't be here. You have to go.

Snow White: Well, that's what we want to do. We're trying to get home to our families, to a town called Storybrooke?

Dr. Jekyll: That's a s-strange name.

Snow White: We need magic to get back there. Can you help us?

Dr. Jekyll: Magic? N-No, no, no. M-Magic is dangerous. If I help you, I'll be punished.

David: Punished? By who?

Poole: By me.

Ordely uses a weapon on them and they faint.


The group wakes up into a cage.

David: I guess now we know what that groundsman was so afraid of.

Snow White: This isn't like any dungeon I've ever seen.

Zelena: These bars are enchanted. Magic won't get us out of here.

Hook: What about the wand? Do you still have it?

Zelena: Should I be offended that he didn't frisk me? Not that this is any use to us in here.

Snow White: Hid it. Someone's coming.

Mr. Hyde enters.

Mr. Hyde: There you are. The prisoners who attacked my groundsman.

David: No, no, no. We didn't attack anyone. This is just a big misunderstanding. We just want to know where we are.

Mr. Hyde: All you need to know is that you don't want to be here, and that you're the ones who are going to be answering my questions… Like why are you really here?

Snow White: We just want to go home.

Mr. Hyde: You must think me so naive. I know you're lying. I know who really sent you. So tell me... What does the Dark One want?

Hook: You know the bloody Crocodile? Who are you? What do you really want?

Mr. Hyde strangles Hook. David tries to free him.

Mr. Hyde: Don't lie to me.

David: He's too strong.

Snow White: Look, we get it. You're powerful. But killing him isn't gonna change the truth, which is that we don't work for Rumplestiltskin. He's our enemy. He's the whole reason we're here. He tried to steal magic from our town to wake the woman he loves. She's... Pregnant.

Mr. Hyde: You expect me to believe that the Dark One has found love?

David: Yes. So whatever grudge you have against him, we have nothing to do with it. Let us go, and you won't have to worry about us ever again.

Mr. Hyde: In my experience, if you really don't want to worry about something, you lock it into a cage... A strong cage, like this one. It's when you unlock the cage... That's when the trouble starts.

–[New York]–

At Neal’s apartment.

Emma: Looks like Henry was here, but I don't think he was alone. This is, uh, Henry and Violet's song.

Regina: They have a song?

Emma: He really likes her. She's a nice girl.

Regina: You're just saying that because you feel bad about ripping her heart out in Camelot. I'll like her a lot better when I know where she's taken my son.

Emma: Well, I think I might be able to figure that out.

Emma looks in the computer.

Emma: Yes. He has definitely been here. He tried to wipe the search history clean. Luckily, I can get it back.

Regina: I won't hold my breath. Maybe there's something else in here that can tell us where they've gone.

Regina finds a book in the bedroom.

Emma: Did you find something?

Regina: One of Robin's books… He must have brought it with him from Storybrooke when he came here. I know because I gave it to him. It's a collection of this world's legends about Robin Hood. He used to laugh at everything they got wrong.

Regina finds a letter from Robin addressed to her.

Emma: What is it? Are you okay?

Regina: It's a letter from Robin to me.

Emma: He must have written it when he was trying to make things work with Marian. Or your sister.

Regina: So what do I do?

Emma: You have to read it.

Robin: "My dear Regina, I know I shouldn't be writing this, but I had to let you know how proud I am of you. You opened your heart to love and let it change you. And no matter what separates us, I know you'll always be the heroine woman I fell in love with... Robin."

Emma: Regina? You okay? What did it say?

Regina: Please, Emma, if you're gonna try to make me feel better, don't.

Emma: No, I know that I can't, and I won't. I'm... Sorry about earlier. I was so wrapped up worrying about how you'd react to Hook, I... I wasn't there for you about Robin.

Regina: You want to know why I got so angry? Because you're right. The Evil Queen... Is inside me... Always trying to get out… I can't expect you to get it.

Emma: Well, I fought the darkness. You know I do understand.

Regina: All due respect, but you don't. You went up to the precipice. But you got pulled back before it consumed you. I was consumed. And I have to live with it every day.

Emma: I can't imagine how that feels.

Regina: It's exhausting. I'm constantly at war with my instincts. Like with Hook. My first impulse... Was to rip his throat out because it's not fair that he survives and Robin doesn't. But I didn't. Because now I know that's wrong. Much as I want to give in to evil, I don't… So I do good... And hate every moment of it.

Emma: You hate doing good?

Regina: Yes. It's complicated. I know it's right, but it always leads to loss for me. Yet I keep doing it now, and I keep suffering. But I know the Evil Queen can't return, so... That's how it has to be. I'll never be at peace with myself.

Emma: That's not true. You fell in love with Robin, and you were happy.

Regina: Yeah, and look what happened. I am what I am. I did what I did. Many years ago, I had a choice… Snow White told a secret. And I could have chosen to forgive her. Instead... I did terrible things. Unspeakable things… That will always hang over me… I've tried to be the hero.

Emma: And you have been.

Regina: What if it doesn't matter? There's no redemption for me. There's only suffering. Because now I have a curse. The curse of knowing the difference between good and evil. And I'm caught between them. If I revert, I lose everyone I love… Henry... My friends... Everyone. And if I go forward trying to be good, I have to live with my past darkness and all its well-deserved consequences.

Emma: I don't believe that… I believe in you.

Regina: That's because... You are good. But for me, it's a simple choice, really. I'd rather suffer than see that pain on the people I care about… This is my fate… I'm trapped.

The program finds them.

Emma: He's at the Midtown Library.


Mr. Gold is spying on Regina and Emma.

Regina: What are they doing there?


At the Midtown Library.

Library: You want to go to the Rare Reading Room? Really? Well, here we are. No one's been back here in ages. Most folks just come for the Y.A. stuff. Well, good luck with your term paper.

She leaves.

Henry: My dad's journal said he had an appointment here. Whatever he was looking for to destroy magic must be in this room… Start with these. Read every page and then re-read it. Because whatever my dad was looking for, he never found it.

Violet: And you really think we can?

Henry: We have to.

Henry sees other story books.

Henry: That's impossible.

Violet: Henry, w-what did you find?

Henry: These books, they all look exactly like my Story Book. They're magic. What are they doing in New York?

Henry opens a book and turns the pages.

Henry: I've never seen these characters in my book. Look at this. There are so many stories.

Violet: Wait, Henry, you told me that all the stories in your book are real.

Henry: Yeah.

Violet: So maybe...

Henry: These are all real, too.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

David tries to open the cage.

David: You all right?

Hook: Aye. Bloody fantastic. Other than that, even in this hellish land, the bloody Crocodile manages to get in my way. What the devil do you think he did to that warden?

Snow White: Well, with him, it could be anything.

David destroys the bench to make a weapon.

Snow White: Get ready. Someone's coming.

David: Okay. Let's do this.

Dr. Jekyll enters.

Dr. Jekyll: There you are.

Snow White: What are you doing here?

Dr. Jekyll: What... What does it look like? I'm here to help you.

David: Help us? Last time, you wouldn't even talk to us.

Dr. Jekyll: That's because the Warden was watching me. I had no choice.

Hook: If you really want to help us, prove it... Open those bloody bars.

Dr. Jekyll: I can't. His orderly, Poole, keeps the key with him at all times. I might be able to get the magic you need... If you'll make a promise to me first.

Snow White: Tell us. Anything.

Dr. Jekyll: When you leave this place, promise you'll take me with you back to your home.

David: To Storybrooke? Why?

Dr. Jekyll: Because I wasn't always the gardener here. I-I-I was a doctor, b-before the Warden took control and ruined everything. He... He made me a prisoner.

Zelena: Look, we need magic so I can fix this wand.

Dr. Jekyll: I-I know exactly where to go. The hospital lab, but... I can't take anything without the Warden knowing that it's missing. You'll have to give the pieces to me so I can fix it there. Then I'll bring them back.

Snow White: Please understand, that wand is our only way home. Okay, so why should we trust you?

Dr. Jekyll: You've met the Warden. Trust me, I want to get away from him as much as you do.

David: This is a bad plan.

Snow White: It's the only one we've got.

Zelena gives Dr. Jekyll the wand.

–[New York]–

Henry and Violet are searching in the books some clues.

Henry: Now I see why my dad gave up. There's nothing in here about destroying magic… We came all this way for nothing.

Violet: Not for nothing. You'll figure it out.

Violet sees a cup in a showcase.

Violet: Henry! Henry, I know why your dad never finished his quest. It's because he never visited Camelot. Back in Camelot, my tutor used to show me paintings of the Holy Grail. He said it was the source of all magic. And it looked just like that.

Henry: But the Grail turned into Excalibur. That can't be it.

Violet: No, the Grail was always silver, but... this looks kind of like it... It... Its twin. And if the Grail really was the beginning of all magic...

Henry: This might be the end of it.

Violet: Yeah.

Henry: Stand back.

Violet: Why? What are you gonna...

Henry destroys the glass and takes the cup.

Violet: Oh.

He puts the cup on the table and lays the Crystal near. The cup attracts the magic from the Crystal.

Henry: You were right. This will destroy magic.

Violet: So what do we do now? What... What happens next?

Henry: Whatever it is, it's not safe to do here.

They are about to leave. Henry opens the gates. Mr. Gold is behind them.

Mr. Gold: Hello, Henry.

Henry: Violet, get behind me. You're not getting this. Not without a fight.

Mr. Gold: Too bad you're gonna lose.

Mr. Gold uses his magic on Henry and Violet, they fall asleep. He takes back the Crystal.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Dr. Jekyll enters in a lab. He fixes the wand. The Orderly enters.

Poole: What are you doing in here?

Dr. Jekyll: The W-W-Warden wanted me to fix this. It's a surgical instrument.

Poole: Well, if that's true, you won't mind me asking the Warden himself.

Dr. Jekyll: No. You can't do that. You know he... He doesn't like to be disturbed.

The Orderly catches Dr. Jekyll and hurts him on the face.

Poole: Now, like I said... It's time to see the Warden.

The Orderly pours a potion in Dr. Jekyll’s mouth then he turns into Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Hyde: Why am I here?

Poole: Sorry to disturb you. The doctor was in his lab fixing a wand I can only imagine he got from the prisoners.

Mr. Hyde: And so you did this?

Poole: The doctor was running away. I... I had no choice.

Mr. Hyde: But you know the rules… No one hurts Dr. Jekyll… Except me… Oh, what a mess. The doctor hasn't been brave enough to come down here for quite some time. He must think that these prisoners can help him.

Poole: Should we kill them just to be safe? I would be happy to do it.

Mr. Hyde: Oh, yes, I'm sure you would be. The fact is, if the doctor is on to something, this place that they told him about, this Storybrooke... Could be the answer we're looking for.

Poole: You mean it? You think this could be the place?

Mr. Hyde: I think that we have been trapped in this land for far too long. It's time that we found ourselves a home. And so... I shall allow the doctor to go through with his plan, but I'm going to make one small alteration. The doctor isn't the only one who will be going to this Storybrooke… We all will.

–[New York]–

Emma and Regina find Henry and Violet at the library.

Emma: Henry! Are you okay?

Henry: Mom, where's Violet?

Violet: I'm right here. I'm all right.

Emma: What happened to you? To... To both of you?

Henry: Grandpa. He has the crystal now.

Regina: Henry, what were you thinking? Why would you try to destroy magic?

Henry: Do you really have to ask me that? You finally had a chance to be happy, and then magic took it away from you, just like with Daniel.

Regina: Henry, the Evil Queen is never coming back. You don't have to worry about me.

Henry: I don't, because my other mom is doing that for me. You thought she was gonna go all Evil Queen again.

Emma: I'm sorry. I should have trusted Regina.

Henry: But you didn't! Because you know how it goes for us. Every time it looks like we could be happy, magic just comes in and wrecks it.

Regina: Is that what you really think?

Henry: Yeah. In case you both forgot, magic took away my dad. And it took away Violet's mom. And I don't know what I would do if it took away one of you.

Emma: Henry.

Henry: Don't! Just don't.

Regina: Henry, what were you doing down here?

Henry: Following my dad's trail to figure out how to destroy magic… But we didn't find anything. It was just a waste of time.

Violet: So, what do we do now? 'Cause Henry's grandpa has the Crystal.

Regina: Well, we have to find him.

Regina puts a map on a table.

Regina: Give me your hand.

Henry: Is this really gonna help find him?

Regina: This will tell us if he's still in New York.

Regina pours a drop of  Henry’s blood on the map and tries to locate Mr. Gold. It’s not working.

Emma: Why isn't it working?

Regina: Our magic, it's gone.

Emma: The crystal. Gold must have done something to it.

Regina: What the hell is he doing?

Emma: He's not gonna give that magic back to anyone. He's gonna keep it all for himself. Well, we're gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way.


Mr. Gold takes a room in a hotel.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Mr. Hyde makes some magic with the wand.

Poole: You're summoning the portal?

Mr. Hyde: Shh.

Poole: Listen. Is this how we get to this... This Storybrooke?

Mr. Hyde: No, for what we're after, you need to think bigger.

Poole: Then... Then what are we doing?

Mr. Hyde: Taking something that will give us the power we need.

–[New York]–

In the hotel room.

Mr. Gold: Now, when I wake you, I think you'll finally understand that everything I've done, I've done for you and our child. And then, I'm gonna give you what you always wanted, Belle. I'm gonna show you the world.

The room shivers.

Mr. Gold: Portal.

Mr. Gold chooses to save the Crystal over Belle. The Pandora’s Box falls into the portal.

Mr. Gold: No! Belle! Belle? Belle? Oh, no! Oh, no.

–[Land of the Untold Stories]–

Mr. Hyde catches the Pandora’s Box.

Poole: I don't understand. How is this box gonna help us find a home?

Mr. Hyde: It's not the box that's important. It's what's inside it. Or rather, who… If the Dark One ever wishes to see his wife again... He'll have to do exactly as I say.

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