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#616 : Les Remords du Lâche

M. Gold et Belle convainquent Emma d'aider Gideon en expliquant que leur alliance pourrait stopper la Fée Noire. Parallèlement, Henrysubit un changement troublant dans ses pouvoirs qui oblige Regina à demander conseil à l'Auteur précédent.

Au Royaume enchanté, Crochet tente de solliciter un ancien adversaire en pariant sa possession ayant le plus de valeur dans un jeu de cartes. Dans le passé, la Fée Noire torture le jeune Gideon dans l'objectif d'en faire l'apprenti parfait.


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Titre VO
Mother's Little Helper

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Les Remords du Lâche

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Réalisation : Billy Gierhart

Scénario : Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz

Guests :

Patrick Fischler Isaac Heller
Charles Mesure Barbe-noire
Grayson Gabriel Roderick, adulte
Anton Starkman Gideon à 10 ans
Peter Marcin Chef
Mason McKenzie Roderick, enfant
Ingrid Torrance Infirmière Ratched
Mathew Bittroff Enfant perdu
Rohan Campbell Mineur
Eleanor Jane Infirmière
Nickolas Gregory Enfant

–[Mines - Past]–

The Black Fairy flies Gideon to his new home.

Black Fairy: I've brought someone new.

Nanny: Another child for the mines?

Black Fairy: No. Not this one. This child is different. He's... Precious.

Nanny: I will care for him as though he were my own.

Black Fairy: Care for him as if he were mine.

The nanny takes Belle’s book.

Black Fairy: Shh. Yes. Oh, how sweet. A remnant of the past. You won't be needing this anymore... Gideon.

The Black Fairy sends the book away.


Emma invites Gideon in her home.

Emma: You sent Hook away on the submarine? You took him away from me?

Gideon: And you'll get him back... As soon as we destroy the Black Fairy together.

Emma: Now you want my help? You have a funny way of asking for a favour.

Gideon: I suspect, without a little nudging, I already know the answer, then.

Emma: Answer's always the same.

Gideon: Then I suggest you reconsider, because given the protection spell I placed over him, it's impossible for him to return.

Emma: I'll find a way.

Emma strangles Gideon with her power.

Gideon: I have your tear, remember, Saviour? I'm the only one that can bring him back.

Emma pushes Gideon to the wall.

Emma: You tried to kill me with that sword, and you failed, and now you think you can bully me? I will never help you. If you don't bring Hook back on your own, I will make you do it.

Emma punches him in the face.

Gideon: Do you really think you frighten me? Do you think anything frightens me? You have no idea what I've been through. I was raised by the Black Fairy. Do you know the depths of depravity in her soul? If I don't stop her, no one will. Hundreds of people are depending on me to save them... Children that I swore to protect. So you... you think... You think you're so righteous? You think I'm the bad guy? You are so far wrong, Saviour… So, yes, you bested me. But now we have a common cause, whether you know it or not, so I would think long and hard how badly you want to see your captain again. I will not give up my mission... Or my word.

Gideon leaves.

–[Mines - Past]–

Gideon is reading her mother’s book.

Gideon: "Others before him had cowered in fear becoming trapped in its web. The hero Gideon knew this, but he was undaunted. He fought valiantly until he slayed the Great Spider from the Echoless Forest and led the villagers to safety."

Roderick: Put it away, please! Put it away, Gideon! If she sees it, she'll know that you stole it from her. Who knows what she'll do.

Gideon: It's okay, Roderick. I won't let her hurt you. As long as I'm around, you'll be safe from the Black Fairy.

Black Fairy: Good night, my little darlings. Mother has come to wish you sweet dreams. Gideon, I was going to tell you a bedtime story tonight... A very special one.

The Black Fairy opens Gideon’s cell.

Black Fairy: But I see you already have one.

The Black Fairy takes the book.

Black Fairy: Did you really think I wouldn't know what you stole?

Gideon: Give it back. It's mine.

Black Fairy: No, child. Everything here belongs to me.

Gideon: I've read the inscription. My real mother gave it to me... So I'd remember to be a hero.

Black Fairy: I'm your real mother.

Gideon: You're not my mother. And you never will be!

Black Fairy: You want to be a hero, do you? Just like your real mum? Well, here's the truth, dearie. Just because she was a hero doesn't make you one. And now I'm going to show you exactly what you are.

The Black Fairy gets out of Gideon’s cell and opens Roderick’s.

Roderick: No! Help! Help! Help! Gideon, help!

Black Fairy: So, you want to be a hero? Show me.

The Black Fairy takes Roderick with her.

Roderick: Help me! Help me, please! No! Gideon! Help me!

Gideon doesn’t move from his cell.

Black Fairy: Just as I thought... Coward. You have much to learn... From me.

The Black Fairy closes Gideon’s cell.

Roderick: Gideon! Help! No! Help! Please! Heeeeelp!


Emma and Snow White enter in the pawn shop.

Emma: Gold! Get out here... Now. I've got questions, and you better have answers.

Mr. Gold: Well, if you want answers, I suggest you start by asking nicely.

Emma: I'm done with nice. Your son has a death wish, which, if he messes with me one more time, I'm happy to fulfill.

Snow White: And I'm happy to help. We've been looking for some mother/daughter bonding.

Belle: What did he do now?

Emma: He banished Hook to another realm. He's using him as a bargaining chip to force me to help him to kill the Black Fairy.

Mr. Gold: He did?

Emma: Yes, he did. Now, I know nothing about this Fairy, but I'm guessing you do.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, she's my mother… She stole Gideon from the Blue Fairy, took him away to another realm where time moves differently, tortured him for 28 years.

Snow White: Why would she do that?

Mr. Gold: To hurt me.

Snow White: Her own son? That tells you all you need to know about her.

Belle: Emma, please don't hurt Gideon. He was not born evil. No, she made him this way. If you help him, though, he will be on the side of good. I-I'm certain.

Emma: Belle, I can only go with what I see and what I know.

Mr. Gold: Then know this... Belief in good and hope isn't the only reason to spare my son and help destroy the Black Fairy. Right now we have an opportunity to not only destroy her and save him, but to save all of us.

Emma: She hasn't threatened anyone else.

Mr. Gold: That's because she's in another realm... Only able to break free long enough to steal other children before it pulls her back in. But if she should break free for good...

Emma: I think I can handle it. I handled you. I broke your curse... The one you gave to Regina that started this whole mess.

Mr. Gold: Well, that's just the thing, Miss Swan... The curse, that Dark Curse. It and all of the darkness you've ever faced, was borne out of one twisted soul... The Black Fairy. And unless we try and stop her, she is gonna bring far worse.


Regina is cooking potion in her vault. Henry comes.

Henry: How's it going, Mom?

Regina: It's going... Slowly. Casting a sleeping curse is one thing, but breaking it? Apparently, Snow and Charming have met their match... Me.

Henry: If there's anyone who can undo your work, it's you.

Regina: Yeah. I've cleaned up almost all my evil half's messes... Town line protection spell... Check. I freed that dragon from the mirror world... Check. Got Doctor Dolittle out of that cage. Don't ask. I undid everything... Except for the big one.

Henry: I wish I could help.

Regina: Maybe you can. There's a few ingredients in Emma's shed I haven't tried yet. Can you run over and grab them for me?

Henry: Of course. What do you need?

Regina: Uh... Tongue of newt... Not the eye... Tongue.

Henry is writing as the Author.

Regina: Henry? Henry?

Henry is writing a strange language.

Regina: Henry?!

–[Mines - Past]–

Gideon goes to see the Black Fairy.

Gideon: You wanted to see me, Mother?

Black Fairy: So prompt.

Gideon: What do you want from me?

Black Fairy: Do you know what day it is?

Gideon: Day?

Black Fairy: It's your birthday, dearie!

Gideon: My birthday?

Black Fairy: Well, don't act so flummoxed. Everyone has one.

Gideon: I just... I didn't know.

Black Fairy: Surprise! I thought this year, your 28th... We should celebrate. After all, you've grown into such a strong, loyal son. And your magic abilities are already so strong. What a sorcerer you shall be. I am so proud.

Gideon: Thank you, Mother.

Minor: The dust you requested.

Black Fairy: Lock it away in my vault, would you?

Gideon: What is it?

Black Fairy: The key to my vault. It's missing.

Gideon: What?

Black Fairy: Stolen.

Gideon: Who would do such a thing?

Black Fairy: Down to the mines, my son. Find out who is responsible for this act of treason. And when you do, do as I've taught you... Make them pay. For your dear mum.


Gideon is in the clock tower. Emma joins him.

Emma: When I first came to this town, that clock didn't even move. Now look at it, ticking away, marking every magical second since my arrival.

Gideon: Are you here for nostalgia, or do you want something from me?

Emma: I saw your parents. Made me realize something... Something I saw the last time that we chatted… The look of someone who needs hope. Henry had it all those years ago when he found me and told me I'm the Saviour. Now you have it.

Gideon: Are you saying you will help me to defeat the Black Fairy?

Emma: First things first. You came here to kill me, which... Call me crazy, but that doesn't exactly inspire trust. So I need a sign of good faith.

Gideon: Mm. And why? It's not like I could defeat you anyway, even with this sword.

Emma: Then hand it over. And the spell to get Hook back. That's what I want.

Gideon gives Emma the sword.

Gideon: All right. We have a deal.

And a parchment.

Emma: Okay, then. Since I'm sure we have work to do, let's get my pirate back.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

In a tavern, Hook pours jewels on a table.

Hook: Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt. Actually, yes, I did.

Blackbeard: Look what the tide brought in. Captain Hook.

Hook: Evening, Blackbeard.

Blackbeard: By the sand on your britches, I'd say someone's been passed out on the beach again.

Hook: It's part of a long journey home.

Blackbeard: A journey that's now interrupting my game.

Hook: Judging by your dwindling chips, I'd say I've done you a favour.

Blackbeard: If you want a favour in return, I'd be happy to oblige.

Hook: Well, as luck would have it, I do need a favour... A magic bean, to be exact. You got one for me before, and I'm willing to bet that you have another one.

Blackbeard: And in return, that sorry lot of cheap jewellery you probably stole from some wench?

Hook: I assure you, those are some of the finest jewels Agrabah has to offer.

Blackbeard: Agrabah? Sailing the high seas in a desert? Oh, you really have sunk to a new low.

Hook: If the jewels aren't enough, I do have... One more thing I could offer.

Blackbeard: Oh, and what's that?

Hook: Well, I hear tell that you haven't had a vessel for some time... Not since you lost the Jolly Roger in Arendelle.

Blackbeard: I've been meaning to talk to you about that.

Hook: Well, it's a good thing I'm here, then, isn't it? Because what's a pirate without a ship?

Blackbeard: Are you trying to antagonize me?

Hook: Yes, I am.

Blackbeard: Oh, good. Then you do wish to duel.

Hook: I wish to do something... Better. Something a bit more civilized. How about a hand of cards... For the Jolly Roger?

Blackbeard: You're willing to risk your ship on a game?

Hook: Well, it's only a risk if I lose.

Blackbeard: Have a seat.


Gideon leads Emma to the Sorcerer’s mansion.

Emma: The Sorcerer's mansion? Well, what are we doing here?

Gideon: It's at the nexus of the most powerful magic in Storybrooke. I think you know what's inside there... Or rather, what we can create inside there.

Emma: A portal? But those take extreme magic. They don't just come out of thin air. It's not like hailing a cab.

Gideon: Luckily, you have me, then.


Emma and Gideon are near the portal.

Emma: Wow. Impressive. So, what next? Hook just walks in?

Gideon: Next, you must arrange the ingredients.

Emma lights the candle on the table.

Gideon: Now the tear. This is about you... Your love, Emma.

The book on the table goes stuck on the portal. The napkin is burning.

Emma: I didn't start it.

Gideon: No. She figured out what we're doing.

A monster gets out from the book.

Emma: What the hell is that?!

Gideon: That... Is a message.

Emma and Gideon attack the spider.

Emma: Gideon! Run!

–[Mines - Past]–

Gideon walks in to the mines.

Gideon: Attention. Gather 'round. Now! My mother has been quite generous to each of you… And now one of you has betrayed her and stolen something from her... A key. Return it now, and you'll face only my wrath, and not hers… No one? Then I have no choice. With just a bit of magic, I can turn you vermin into... Well... Vermin.

Gideon grabs a boy.

Boy: I didn't take it! It wasn't me! Please!

Gideon: Innocent or not, you're about to be something far more important... An example.

Roderick: Wait, wait, wait! It was me. It was me.

Gideon: Well, then, little bug, it's time you learned your lesson, then.

Roderick: You don't remember me, do you? "And the hero Gideon fought valiantly until he slayed the Great Spider from the Echoless forest."

Gideon: Roderick? I thought you were dead.

Roderick: Turns out I'm not. This must ease some of that guilt for you, learning I didn't die by the Black Fairy's hands all those years ago.

Gideon: You... You know I had no choice.

Roderick: Sounds like you've been telling yourself that for some time. But you do have a choice now.

Gideon: Mother won't be happy if I let the culprit go free.

Roderick: No, no, I know my old friend is still in there deep down inside, and I know he wants to make it up to me.

Gideon: And how could I possibly do that?

Roderick: Be the hero you were meant to be… Help me defeat the Black Fairy.


The spider is making web in the mansion. Emma and Gideon are hiding.

Emma: After we kill this thing, then what?

Gideon: Then we turn our sights to my mother.

Emma: I thought she was trapped in another realm.

Gideon: That's where you come in. You're the Saviour. Your magic is the only thing strong enough to not only slice into her realm, but to allow me to at last defeat her.

Emma: So, you tried to kill me because you didn't believe that I would help you get to another realm to get back to her?

Gideon: Seemed like a... Good plan at the time. In retrospect, perhaps not. I thought I could channel your powers via the sword to open a portal between worlds… I'm sorry, Emma. After everything I've done to you, you should just walk away.

The spider attacks.

Emma: Move!

–[Enchanted Forest]–

Hook is playing with Blackbeard, he’s losing.

Hook: Deal.

Blackbeard: Still don't know when to quit?

Hook: Deal!

Blackbeard: What's so important that you'd be willing to trade your beloved ship for a magic bean... Again?

Hook: I've been separated from the woman I love, and now she's in danger.

Blackbeard: Same woman as last time?

Hook: Aye.

Blackbeard: Well, perhaps you should have kept the ship and gotten rid of the woman.

Hook: I don't remember asking your opinion.

Blackbeard: Well, be that as it may, in the future, you might want to listen to me, because now... You won't have either… Time to pay up, old friend!

Hook: Aye. Let's go, then.

Blackbeard: Aye. Let's.


Hook and Blackbeard are on the docks.

Blackbeard: Where is it?!

Hook: Oh! Right. Ooh. Did I forget to mention there's just one problem? The Jolly Roger isn't actually in this realm. It's... It's with that woman I spoke of. So if you want to claim your winnings, you're gonna have to give me that bean and let me use it.

Blackbeard: You lied to me!

Hook: And you had six aces in your deck! I'm not as drunk as your other opponents.

Blackbeard: Well played.

Blackbeard gives Hook the magic bean.

Hook: Don't worry. I'll be back in a flash.

Blackbeard: Oh, no, pirate. We're getting it together!

Hook opens the portal. They jump in.


Regina shows Henry what he draws and writes.

Henry: What is this?

Regina: You tell me. You wrote it... Right before you passed out.

Henry: I... I have no idea. M-Maybe it's my Author powers? But I-I didn't use the pen, and I didn't write in the book. Mom, why did this happen?

Regina: I-I... I don't really know… But, lucky for us, I know someone who might.


Henry and Regina are in the hospital.

Nurse Ratched: I don't think he's ever had visitors.

Regina: Shocking.

Henry: Do you really think he'll be able to help us? I mean, he's not exactly our biggest fan.

Regina: Well, it's worth a shot. Henry, if your problem is being the Author, why not ask the last one?

Nurse Ratched opens Isaac’s cell.

Regina: Hello, Isaac… We need to talk.


Isaac is reading what Henry’s writes and draws.

Regina: Well?

Isaac: Shh, shh. I've heard of this sort of thing happening, but it never happened to me. Not that I'm complaining. Well, actually, yes, I am complaining. You've had me locked up for how long now, and what did I really do to you that was so bad?

Regina: Tried to kill us all. So, if you want to earn your way back, maybe you can start by telling us what this means. Why did Henry write it?

Isaac: You're asking a lot of questions, Your Majesty, but it's just so hard to think in this dreary cell. A writer needs motivation and inspiration in his surroundings.

Regina: What do you want?

Isaac: I want out of here... For good. I'm gonna go back to New York. I'm gonna need a car... Something sporty. Ooh! Maybe a Porsche.

Regina: You've got to be kidding me.

Isaac: Lamborghini will do.

Regina: How about I drive the sports car of your choice over your miserable little head until it squishes like a pumpkin?

Isaac: Freedom, sports car, Big Apple. And, since you're making this so difficult, "Hamilton" tickets.

Regina: Henry, grab your things. I was foolish to think this washed-up hack would help us.

Regina and Henry is about to leave the cell.

Isaac: His Author powers are taking over. He thinks he controls them, but he doesn't. They are more powerful than you know.

Regina: Well, what's going to happen to him?

Isaac: Those trances... They'll become more frequent, more intense. He might even end up in a cell right next to me.

Regina: Well, what can I do to help?

Isaac: You can start by giving me what I want.


Gideon and Emma are running away from the spider.

Gideon: What now?

Emma: We got to get behind this thing so we can smash it back to Hell.

–[Mines - Past]–

Gideon and Roderick are waiting in the mines.

Roderick: Where are you taking me?

Gideon: Do you know how dangerous it is to even hint at what you want to do to Mother?

Roderick: If my transgression protects the ones I care about, then it's all worth it.

Gideon: Protects them from what?

Roderick: Haven't you ever wondered why the Black Fairy is collecting all this dust? Years ago, the Black Fairy used her dust to create a most terrible spell… It was called the Dark Curse.

Gideon: The Dark Curse?

Roderick: She was obsessed with perfecting it and never stopped collecting the dust. And now... I-I don't want to find out what else she's capable of.

Gideon: What happened... After...

Roderick: It's better left unsaid.

Gideon: I'm sorry… I regret it every day… I was weak. I could barely survive the mines. And what you endured... It would've... I'm sorry I was weak.

Roderick: We were children. But now we must stop her before it's too late.

Gideon: What do you suggest we do?

Roderick: There's someone in another realm who can help us... A brave hero called the Saviour. We just need to reach her, Gideon.

Gideon: How?

Roderick: I've heard rumours of a crystal ball... A magical orb that would allow us to communicate across the realms… If you'll help me.


Gideon and Emma are trapped in the mansion.

Gideon: Over here.

Emma: It's a dead end.

Gideon pushes Emma on the web. She is stuck.

Emma: What the hell are you doing?!

Gideon takes back the sword.

Gideon: I already told you. Once you're dead, I'll be able to channel your powers and use this sword to open a portal to a realm.

Emma: I was helping you.

Gideon: It's the only way.

Emma: The spider... You brought it here. You knew you couldn't kill me on your own.

Gideon: Alas, you were far stronger than I anticipated. And while I created it, controlling it is a different matter. Which is why I must bid you farewell now, Saviour.

Emma: What about Hook?!

Gideon: I'm afraid, no matter what he tries, returning to this realm is impossible for him. I told you to walk away.

Gideon leaves.


Hook and Blackbeard arrive on Neverland.

Hook: What the devil... ?

Blackbeard: So, where the hell is the Jolly Roger? The sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can kill you.

Hook: That's just it... This isn't my realm.

Blackbeard: What?! Then where are we?

Hook: I'm not sure. Something must have gone wrong.

Blackbeard: "Gone wrong"? "Gone wrong"?! Don't you know how to use a magic bean? You think of the place you want to go, and it takes you. It's quite simple!

Hook: I did! When we stepped through, I thought about getting home to Emma, but this definitely isn't home. Whatever dark magic banished me must have affected the portal, preventing me from returning.

Blackbeard: So now I'm the victim of your banishment? So, where are we?!

Hook hears the Lost Boys.

Hook: Wait. Do you hear that?

Blackbeard: What is that sound?

Hook: I think I know what it is.

The Lost Boys show up.

Hook: Bloody hell.

Blackbeard: Who are they?

Hook: Those are Lost Boys.

Blackbeard: Where are we?

Hook: Neverland.

Lost Boy: Kill them!

Hook and Blackbeard run away.


Gideon is back in the clock tower.


Emma is still trying to escape from the web.

Emma: Where's a 40-foot can of Raid when you need it?

Emma frees herself.

Emma: Okay, Charlotte, let's do this.

She attacks the spider but Emma ends up trapped in a cocoon.


The sword is lightening.

Gideon: It's time, Mother.

Gideon cuts the world.


The spider draws Emma to her.


Mr. Gold saves Emma from the spider and frees her from the cocoon.

Mr. Gold: Ms. Swan? Emma? Emma?!

Emma wakes up.


The portal that Gideon opens is closed.


Mr. Gold: Are you all right?

Emma: Yeah. I think so.

Emma and Mr. Gold narrow the spider. Emma crushes it.

Mr. Gold: Ms. Swan... Where's Gideon? Did the beast kill him?

Emma: That beast was his pet. He brought it here to kill me. I'm sorry, but your son cannot be saved… He's evil.

–[Mines - Past]–

Gideon and Roderick are in the Black Fairy’s vault.

Gideon: This is where she keeps all of her most powerful possessions. If the orb exists, it'll be in here.

Gideon takes a crystal ball.

Roderick: Thank you, my friend. I knew you'd come through for us.

Gideon: Now, let's see if we can reach this Saviour.

Gideon uses his powers on the crystal ball but and it break. The Black Fairy enters.

Black Fairy: Such powerful toys are not meant for such disobedient boys.

Gideon: Mother. How did you know we were here?

Black Fairy: I led you here... Just as I led your friend to my key.

Gideon: This whole thing... It was a test, wasn't it?

Black Fairy: From the moment you arrived, you were supposed to be different, Gideon. You were a gift... My loyal son.

Gideon: Gift? You stole me from my parents.

Black Fairy: I'm the one who took you in, gave you a home, taught you, fed you, shared with you everything that I had! And this is how you repay me? I am so disappointed in you, Gideon.

Gideon: No. You can't intimidate me anymore. I should have stood up to you years ago.

Black Fairy: Oh, Gideon. How many times do I have to tell you? You are not a hero.

Gideon: Yes, I am. And I know you've been hoarding the Black Fairy Dust. And I know you're planning to do something terrible with it. Well, I'm not gonna let you. These people have suffered long enough.

Black Fairy: Have they?

The guards catch Roderick.

Roderick: No, no, no, no, no! Stop!

Black Fairy: As far as I can see, this one's just begun to suffer.

Gideon: No!

Gideon tries to uses his powers to attacks the Black Fairy but failed.

Black Fairy: How dare you use that on me! I gave you this magic!

Gideon: You wouldn't hurt me.

Black Fairy: Oh, Gideon. Haven't you learned? There are so many ways to hurt a person.

The Black Fairy turns Roderick into a bug.

Black Fairy: Or a bug.

The Black Fairy crushes Roderick.

Gideon: No. Please... Please... Please don't... No!!

Black Fairy: You could've saved him eons ago, but you didn't. This is on you, Gideon. And my boot.

Gideon: You're a monster… You may have stopped me, but you can't stop the Saviour. I will find her. And when I do, she will destroy you with her light magic.

Black Fairy: You don't need to find her. I know exactly where she is… That's right. I know all about this Saviour. And I have plans for her. Just as I have plans for you.

The Black Fairy rips out Gideon’s heart.

Black Fairy: Now you are mine in every way. You will do exactly what I say... Always. Now, you will find the Saviour. And when you do, you will kill her. And then, when The Saviour dies, the sword will do what it must... Free me from this prison.


Hook and Blackbeard are still running away from the Lost Boys.

Blackbeard: I've heard tell of this place, but I thought Pan was dead!

Hook: He is. This land must have transformed without him.

Blackbeard: If he's dead, then who in bloody hell is chasing us?

Hook: When last I left, we rescued his minions... His Lost Boys... But not all wanted to leave. Some stayed.

Blackbeard: Who?

Hook: The worst of them. And they have no love for me or anyone.

Blackbeard: Keep up, old man! The shore is just through here!

They arrive on a beach. There is a boat. Blackbeard knocks out Hook. He runs to the boat and leaves the land.

Hook: Oh, what the... ?

Blackbeard: This "old man" still has some spring in his step! Enjoy your stay, Captain!

Hook: What are you doing?

Blackbeard: No way I help you... After all your double crosses.

Hook: I double-crossed you?! You just knocked me out!

Blackbeard: We're pirates! What did you expect?! And if you do manage to survive, don't forget... You owe me that ship!

Hook: Captain Hook always survives.

Blackbeard: I'm counting on it!

The Lost Boys arrive. Hook runs away again.


Snow White joins her daughter at the mansion.

Snow White: Are you okay?

Emma: Yeah. I'll never look at Spider-Man again the same way, but I'm fine.

Belle: Rumple, where's our boy?

Mr. Gold: Gideon led Emma to the creature and left her to die.

Snow White: I thought you were helping him.

Emma: I was, but Dark One Junior had different plans. He played me.

Belle: He came to you for help, though.

Emma: Belle, I know you want to believe the best in him, but it's like you said... Evil is not born, it is made, and that is exactly what the Black Fairy did to him.

Mr. Gold: Careful with your accusations, Ms. Swan. May I remind you... I saved your life tonight.

Emma: Because your son tried to kill me... Again.

Mr. Gold: He needs help. You're a hero, Ms. Swan. Gideon is my son.

Emma: You can't keep cleaning up his messes, Gold. He needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Mr. Gold: Are you threatening my child?

Emma: I don't have a choice. He's tried to kill me twice. I'm not gonna give him a third chance.

Mr. Gold: All right, Saviour… If you cross my son, I will do what I must to stop you.

Snow White: We didn't start this fight… Let's go home.

Emma and Snow White leaves.

Belle: He's ripping us apart. Gideon has been here a matter of days, and look at all the destruction he's caused.

Mr. Gold: Don't listen to them. They only see the world in black and white.

Belle: They're right… We've lost him.

Mr. Gold: We could still bring him back to us, Belle.

Belle: How?

Mr. Gold: Look, the Black Fairy isn't here with him now. We are. Whatever damage that woman did to him in the past, it's over… I promise.


Gideon is in the clock tower.

Gideon: I'm not sure if you can hear me, Mother... But I thought you should know... The Saviour survived. Your plan failed.

Black Fairy: Did it?

Gideon: How? How are you here? The portal closed.

Black Fairy: You may not have killed her, but our dear spider came close enough. As her life ebbed away, the portal opened just enough to allowed dear old mum to slip through… Oh, Gideon. Don't tell me you underestimated me. The spider was an ingenious stroke on my part, but you played yours to the hilt.

Gideon: I was under your thrall. I had no choice.

Black Fairy: True… But part of you wanted to help me, though, didn't it? Part of you always does.

Gideon: Of course, Mother.

Black Fairy: Good. Because there is much to do.


Regina, Henry and Isaac are at the town line.

Isaac: What the hell is that? I asked for a sports car. I wouldn't drive that to a ping-pong tournament.

Regina: Well, then you won't be driving it to New York, either. Back to your cell.

Isaac: Okay. Wait. Fine. I'll take it. Doesn't matter. As long as she gets me the hell out of this town, and fast. I'm guessing the "Hamilton" tickets are a "no"? Yeah. No one's magic's that powerful. All right, then. Adieu. Oh. And if you want to take care of your son, I'd follow along right behind me.

Regina: Why?

Isaac: You want to know what's going on with Shakespeare here? I'd take a look at the book.

Henry takes the book, there is one white page left.

Henry: It's the final chapter.

Isaac: Ah, so it is. The end of the story.

Henry: Isaac... What happens at the end of the book?

Isaac: The Saviour fights the final battle. And trust me... No one wants to be around to see that.

Isaac gets in the car and leaves Storybrooke.

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jptruelove  (28.01.2022 à 11:43)

Gédéon maitrisé par la fée noire, je ne m'y attendais pas non plus... J'arrivais enfin à croire qu'il était bon à la fin du précédent épisode... 

Ca à l'air d'être un méchant terrible pour cette fin de saison... Curieuse de voir ce que va donner sa confrontation avec Emma et ses retrouvailles avec Gold (lui, j'espère qu'il va aider Emma). 

Crochet, j'espère qu'il va savoir revenir à Storybrooke. J'espérais vraiment que le haricot magique les fasse directement arriver,  d'ailleurs. 

Henry, ses pouvoirs et la fin du livre... Ca fait flipper et ca ne présage rien de bon. Regina va certainement aider Emma dans cette bataille qui s'annonce... 

Sas1608  (10.04.2017 à 11:27)

Un bon épisode. Je ne m'attendais pas à ce que Gideon soit manipulé par la fée noire. En effet, elle l'oblige à tuer Emma puisqu'elle à son coeur.

Elle a l'air vraiment terrible, et sera donc le dernier méchant de la saison. 

Hook est toujours au pays imaginaire, puisqu'il ne peut pas rentrer à Storybrooke. Je pense que le prochain sera le bon.

La fin du livre... Ca fait flipper, et ca ne laisse rien présager de bon.

Vivement la suite.


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