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#619 : Le Livre des prophéties

Dans le passé, après que la mère de Rumplestiltskin, Fiona, a appris que le destin de son fils a été prophétisé par sa marraine-fée, celle-ci fait tout son possible pour l'empêcher de se réaliser. Finalement, Fiona devra prendre une décision qui changera le cours de leurs deux vies à jamais.

À Storybrooke, Gold fait face à un dilemme similaire.


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The Black Fairy

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Le Livre des prophéties

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–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Two fairies fly down to the land.


Fiona is in labour.

Fiona: Malcolm.

Malcolm: I'm here, Fiona. I'm here.


The fairies fly to Malcolm and Fiona’s house.


Fiona gives birth to a boy.

Midwife: It's a boy... A healthy baby boy.

Fiona: You're beautiful… No, you're perfect.

Malcolm: Now, we just need to give him the perfect name.

The fairies enter in the house.

Malcolm: Who are you?

Blue Fairy: We're fairies, dear. This is Tiger Lily, your son's fairy godmother.

Fiona: I've read about fairy godmothers, and they always come alone… Is there something wrong?

Tiger Lily: Quite the opposite.

Blue Fairy: A prophecy told us that on this darkest winter's night, a boy would be born with great light magic.

Tiger Lily: A child known... As the Saviour.


At the pawn shop, Mr. Gold tries to wake the Mother Superior up.

Emma: Well, that smells disgusting. What is that?

Mr. Gold: A dragon egg that never hatched. And the dragon breath trapped inside is potent medicine indeed.

Hook: And that's how you wake up Blue? With a dead baby dragon?

Emma: That's dark even for the Dark One.

Mr. Gold: Do you have a better idea, Miss Swan? That's the problem with Saviours, isn't it? Never quite as helpful as advertised.

The Mother Superior breathes the dragon breath but doesn’t wake up.

Emma: Well, I guess neither are you.


Mr. Gold spends his anger on a mail box.

Belle: Did that make you feel better?

Mr. Gold: No.

Belle: Look, this is about defeating your mother, isn't it? Rumple, stop it. You're letting her get under your skin.

Mr. Gold: She has Gideon's heart. I've already lost one son, Belle. I can't lose another.

Belle: And you won't... not as long as his mother's drawing breath.

Mr. Gold: He's so lucky to have you… But sometimes, I feel that... This is our family's fate... For parents and children always to be torn apart.

Emma: Hey, guys, you might want to get in here.


The Mother Superior wakes up slowly.

Snow White: Blue? It's Snow. Blue?

Mother Superior: Snow.

Hook: Hey. Tiger Lily gave me half this wand. We need the other half. Have you seen it? Where is it?

Snow White: Hook. Give her a minute.

Mother Superior: The wand is... It's at the center of Storybrooke.

Snow White: That's enough of that. We don't need you sharing all your secrets.

Snow White starts to strangle The Mother Superior.

Emma: Mom? What are you doing?

Snow White: Oh, I'm not your mother, Emma.

Snow White turns into the Black Fairy.

Black Fairy: I'm his… Now back away, all of you. Fairies have such delicate necks.

David: You should listen to her, Father.

David turns into Gideon.

Gideon: She always makes good on her promises.

Hook draws his sword.

Mr. Gold: And what about the promise of a mother to a son?

Black Fairy: Careful of your emotions, Rumple. They run strongly in our family... As Blue is about to find out.

The Black Fairy teleports away.

Gideon: I'm sorry I had to do this, Father. Goodbye.

Gideon is about to leave but Mr. Gold puts a bracelet on his wrist.

Mr. Gold: I'm afraid your magic is no longer any use to you. It's time to get your heart back.


At Regina’s house, Zelena is trying to make a bed for Robin.

Zelena: Bloody hell.

Regina: It's hard to get used to, isn't it? The no-magic thing. Do you want me to...

Zelena: No. I-I can't use you as a crutch. It was my choice to give up my magic, so... I have to learn this rubbish.

Regina: Well, you know, I went 28 years without during the curse. And it seemed impossible at first. I mean, turning lights on by hand.

Zelena: It's barbaric... And exhausting.

Regina: But it gets easier, I promise.

Zelena: I hope so. 'Cause right now, I feel quite useless.

Regina: No, Zelena, you're not useless. Your sacrifice saved all of us.

Zelena: But who am I gonna save now? I've just been soundly defeated by Sniglar.

Regina: Sniglar?

Zelena: Yeah. I didn't name it, Ikea did. And if those Swedes can best me, when the Final Battle comes... How am I going to protect my daughter?

Regina: I have a thought.

Regina shows Zelena a key.


Gideon is tied up in his father’s shop.

Belle: Gideon, please. Tell me where the Black Fairy is keeping your heart. You've resisted her before.

Gideon: And she punished me for it. She ordered me to feel this... Pain if I resist again.

Mr. Gold: Belle, stop.

Belle: I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Emma enters in the shop.

Emma: That was my parents. They're looking for the other half of Blue's wand. Any luck in here?

Mr. Gold: Not yet, but we've just begun.

Emma: Well, can we hurry it up? Once my folks find that wand, I'm gonna go after the Black Fairy.

Mr. Gold: Belle, I may have a way to speak to our son, but I need something from you first... Your trust. Do you trust me, Belle?

Belle: I trust you'll do what's right for him, what's right for our family.

Mr. Gold: Then I need you to watch over us while we're gone.

Emma: "Gone"? What the hell is that?

Mr. Gold: The sands of Morpheus.

Gideon: Father... What are you doing?

Mr. Gold: I'm going to the only place I can speak to you, Gideon... Your dream realm.

Mr. Gold spreads the sand on Gideon. He falls asleep.

Mr. Gold: Oh, and, uh... Miss Swan, you get to come with us, too.

Emma falls asleep too. Then he pours the sand on him.

–[Dream Realm]–

Emma and Mr. Gold are walking into the woods.

Emma: Great. So, you're kidnapping me now.

Mr. Gold: I'm doing what I have to do to save my son. In this place, even the Black Fairy cannot control him.

Emma: The dream realm, huh? Thought there'd be, like, flying pigs or talking doughnuts or something.

Mr. Gold: Well, if you're not impressed, I can leave you here while I find Gideon.

Emma: Where is he? Isn't this his dream?

Mr. Gold: It's not that simple. Dreams a-are a maze.

Emma: Then why am I here?

Mr. Gold: You are here to stop you from doing anything back there. If you kill her or banish her before I find my son's heart, he will be lost to me forever.

Emma: You could have just told me that.

Mr. Gold: Well, Saviours have the luxury of always doing the right thing. I do not.

Emma: Where is he out here?


Emma and Mr. Gold enter in the house.

Emma: What is this place?

Mr. Gold: I was born here... Not that it was ever much of a home, after my mother left.

Emma: This isn't Gideon's dream, is it? It's yours.

Mr. Gold: It would seem so. If you don't mind, I've, uh... I've spent enough time here already. It may well be my dream, but... My son is still in here somewhere, and I intend to find him.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Fiona is singing a song to his son.

Fiona: I cried and called my sweet bairn's name but never saw sweet baby again.

Tiger Lily enters in the house, Fiona draws her sword.

Tiger Lily: Fiona, careful. It's just me. And since when do you have a sword?

Fiona: Since I found out the truth about my son, the Saviour. Now I can't sleep, I can't eat.

Tiger Lily: I'm sorry. I never should have given you the book of prophecy.

Fiona: But you did, because a mother deserves the truth. So now I know a great evil is coming for my son, and in their Final Battle, he will be killed… Did you bring those other books?

Tiger Lily: Here. At this point, you've read more fairy lore than most fairies.

Fiona: And I'll continue reading until I find this great evil. I know that it will be born in the same winter as my son, with a scar like a crescent moon.

Tiger Lily: It's a fairy's job to protect him. Your job is to raise him. What I can do, no mere human can.

Fiona: It's terrifying how much this little thing changes you, makes you soft and sharp all at once. Would you like to hold him?

Tiger Lily puts her wand on the table to hold the baby.

Tiger Lily: Oh. I'd love to.

Fiona takes the wand.

Tiger Lily: What are you doing?

Fiona: As you said, it is a fairy's job to protect him.

Tiger Lily: But you're not a fairy.

Fiona: A small and temporary problem. Le sgiathan cumhachd draoidheil.

Fiona turns into the fairy.

Tiger Lily: That's not possible.


Regina and Zelena are in the street, near a car.

Zelena: What is that?

Regina: An escape plan. If things go wrong, you need to get the hell out of town and make it to New York.

Zelena: Well, that's a nice idea with one teensy hiccup... The only thing I know how to drive is a broom.

Regina: Then we're going to fix that. It's time for you to learn the other kind of stick.


Zelena is trying to drive.

Zelena: Ugh. Bloody hell!

Regina: Whoa! Take it easy. Brake is on the left. Gas is on the right.

Zelena: I know. They're just really close together!

Regina: Zelena!

Regina hits poubelles.

Regina: Oh!

Zelena: It's pointless! I'll have to find another way to protect Robin.

Regina: Well, it's not just about Robin. It's about... Well, it's about Henry.

Zelena: Henry?

Regina: When the Final Battle comes, he'll want to fight to the very end. But the thing about battles is, not everyone makes it through… So... If we lose or... If there are casualties, he can't be anywhere near it… I need you to take him to New York where he will be safe and where... He can start a new life... With you.

Zelena: Regina, I-I don't know what to say. You'd really trust me to raise Henry?

Regina: No, I trust him to raise you.

Zelena: Okay, then, let's do this.

Regina’s phone rings. Regina holds on. It’s Snow White, she’s at the clock tower.

Regina: Hello?

Snow White: Okay, Regina, time to put on your mayor pants.

Regina: Excuse me?

Snow White: Blue said that the wand is at the center of Storybrooke, so we're here at the clock tower, the geographic center of Storybrooke. But there's nothing here, except, you know, the clock.

Regina: Well, slow down and tell me what you want from me.

Snow White: You cast the curse, you made the town, you must know what Blue meant.

Regina: Of course. The fairies breathe love and hope, right? So when a fairy talks about the center of Storybrooke...

Snow White: She means the heart of Storybrooke... Granny's.

Regina: Granny's.

Zelena: Let's go.

Regina: Sorry, sis. You'll have to sit this one out.


The Black Fairy brings the Mother Superior into the mines.

Black Fairy: Saw the silent shadows did fall I cried and called my sweet bairn's name but never saw sweet baby again you know, I've been keeping this down here just for you. I'm so happy we get a chance to play.

Mother Superior: You can't scare me, Fiona.

Black Fairy: Scare you? After all the pain you put me through? I'm going to do a lot more than just scare you. Because I do need to know where that wand is hidden.

Mother Superior: You can do what you want to me, I won't talk.

Black Fairy: Who said anything about talking? There are other ways to get information out of that little head of yours, and they are so much more... Fun.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

A mother does her laundry. She looks at her baby then leaves. Tiger Lily and Fiona land.

Tiger Lily: She's adorable. And she certainly doesn't look evil.

Fiona: That's what you said about the last hundred babies.

Tiger Lily: And I was right. Not one of them had this crescent scar you keep looking for. When do we stop?

Fiona: When I've checked every child born this winter. Because one of them is destined to kill my son.

Fiona checks the wrist of the baby.

Tiger Lily: It's not her.


Fiona and Tiger Lily are into the woods.

Fiona: I don't understand. That child had to be the one. Do you know what day it is today?

Tiger Lily: It's the last day of winter, and that was the last child.

Fiona: I'm sorry... But I will not fail you… We haven't tried everything... Not yet.

Tiger Lily: What are you talking about?

Fiona: I found two ancient spells. It won't be easy, but I think, with your help, I could combine them into something very powerful.

Tiger Lily: You want to create a new spell? That's forbidden. I can't, not even to help your son.

Fiona: This is about more than just my son. When this great evil arrives, how many more will be hurt? Stop being afraid and help me… Everything I need is in the Sacred Fairy Vault, and you can get me in. Do this with me, so no mother will ever be ripped from her child.

–[Dream Realm]–

Emma and Mr. Gold are walking into the woods.

Emma: Want to tell me about your mom? Why were we just in her house?

Mr. Gold: It's a figment of my subconscious. It doesn't matter.

Emma: I think it does. I was an orphan, too. I know how this goes... One moment you hate them, the next you miss them. I've been on that roller coaster. I just need to know that when I go to defeat her, that you're really on my side.

Mr. Gold: Are you serious? Do you really think that was a fond memory, being back in that house? That woman never cared for me, never loved me, never did one thing a mother should. She never even gave me a name… And when you defeat her, I won't shed a single tear. So, please, don't assume we share the same story… I just want to find my son.

Gideon: I think you already have.

Mr. Gold hugs his son.

Gideon: Thank you for fighting for me.

Mr. Gold: I would do anything for you, son… Now... Tell me where your heart is.

Gideon: I... I can't. I'm sorry. I don't know where it is. She has it well-hidden.

Mr. Gold: Then we're lost.

Gideon: No. There is something here of use. The one thing she's afraid of... You learning her darkest secret.

Mr. Gold: And what is that?

Gideon: The reason she gave you up.

Mr. Gold hears a child’s cries. There is a couffin on snow.

Gideon: You've searched everywhere for a way to defeat her, but I think all your answers are right here, inside you… You just have to be willing to face them.


Snow White, David and Hook are coming in Granny’s.

Granny: Finally! Would you please do something about her?

Regina: I told you, it's important.

Granny: So is my lunch rush.

David: All right, people, let's tear this place apart. Let's find that wand.

They are looking for the wand everywhere in the restaurant.

David: Jukebox?

Hook: Jukebox.

They find the wand under the flour.

Regina: That's it. The other half, please.

Hook: Well, hang on just a second. How do we know that you are actually you?

Regina: Because it's me.

Snow White: Wait. No. Hook's right. We should have a safe word or something. How do we know you're not the Black Fairy?

Black Fairy: Because I am.

Hook: Right. Sorry I doubted you, love.

Black Fairy: That wand won't do you any good... Not without the Saviour around. Now, give it here.

Regina: Unh-unh. My town, my rules. And you're not getting this without a fight.

Black Fairy: I was hoping you'd say that. You know, I've done so many dark things in my life, but I've never had a chance to kill a Queen.

Regina: And I've never killed a fairy.

Regina teleports herself and the Black Fairy.


Regina and the Black Fairy appear in the street.

Black Fairy: I know you think you own this town, but I invented it... All of it.

Regina: Oh, please. You didn't even have the guts to cast your own curse.

Snow White, David and Hook get out of Granny’s.

Snow White: Regina!

Regina: Stay back. I got this.

Black Fairy: I should have buried you in that dwarf mine.

Regina: Yes, but you didn't. And now, thanks to my sister, your plan is over.

Black Fairy: That witch made a fatal mistake... One you're going to have to pay for right now.

The Black Fairy attacks Regina. Zelena crashes into the Black Fairy to help her sister.

Zelena: Miss me?

The Black Fairy escapes.

Zelena: You know, this whole driving thing's quite easy when you're actually trying to hit something.

–[Dream Realm]–

Mr. Gold is trying to remember.

Mr. Gold: So, what now? I'm just supposed to stare at this blanket and hope my memories appear?

Emma: Your mother doesn't want you to know why she gave you up, so that's exactly what we need to find out.

Mr. Gold: But this isn't working.

Emma: Gold, I get it. It's okay to be scared.

Mr. Gold: Miss Swan, you are treading where few who have dared tread survive.

Emma: We're past threats. I know what you're going through. This is bigger than anything you've ever faced. No curse, no monster is ever going to be as terrifying as finding out why you were abandoned.

Mr. Gold: You think I'm afraid of the truth?

Emma: Yeah. I think it means being vulnerable, and you and I are people who are really bad at being vulnerable… If you won't do it or you, then do it for your son. This is his story, too.

Gideon: You've come this far, Father. Just let the rest in.

Mr. Gold: Okay.

Mr. Gold hears the song of her mother.

Fiona: I cried and called my sweet bairn's name but never saw sweet baby again.


Emma, Gideon and Mr. Gold appear in the Sacred Vault of the Fairies. Fiona and Tiger Lily are here.

Fiona: Shh. Shh.

Emma: Where are we?

Gideon: The Sacred Vault of the Fairies. I heard tales of it as a child.

Mr. Gold: It looks like your little trick worked, Miss Swan. That's my mother… And that's me.

Gideon: So, your mother wasn't always the Black Fairy.

Fiona: Tiger Lily, do you know where the wolfsbane is? It's the last ingredient.

Tiger Lily: Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? What kind of spell is this, anyway?

Tiger Lily reads the parchment.

Tiger Lily: No. No, this isn't a spell at all. This is a curse.

Fiona: Call it what you want. It will protect my child. I found what I need… It'll all be over soon.

Tiger Lily attacks Fiona.

Tiger Lily: I'm sorry. I can't let you cast this.

Fiona: You're his fairy godmother. Why won't you let me save him?

Tiger Lily: Because the cost is too high. You're trying to create something that never should be... A terrible curse, a Dark Curse.

Fiona: It will save my son. It will send the child destined to destroy him far away, to a land without magic.

Tiger Lily: Not just that child... It will banish every child.

Fiona: It's the only way to be sure. Please, I have to save him. Aren't fairies supposed to protect children?

Tiger Lily: I am, and so is your son. He's destined to die so that other children may live. That is the fate of the Saviour.

Fiona: No. Saviour or not, I will not let my son die.

Fiona rips out Tiger Lily’s heart.

Fiona: And if I have to kill his own fairy godmother to protect him, then that's exactly what I'll do.

Fiona turns into the Black Fairy.

Tiger Lily: "And you will know the great evil by the crescent it bears."

There is a crescent on the Black Fairy’s wrist.

Tiger Lily: Evil was not born this winter… It was made.

Black Fairy: That's not possible.

Tiger Lily: Fiona... It's you. You are the great evil… You and your son are destined to destroy each other.


Mr. Gold, Gideon and Emma wake up in the shop.

Regina: Now that nap time's over, it's time for battle.

Emma: You found the other half.

Regina: Indeed I did. Now let's go de-wing that bat.

Emma: Actually... I don't think I'm the Saviour that's supposed to fight the Black Fairy. Gold... This is on you.

Regina: Wait. Gold is a Saviour?

Belle: Rumple, is this true?

Mr. Gold: Yes, it's true.

Belle: All these years... All these years I've known there was a good man behind the beast. Now you know it, too.

Mr. Gold: I don't know what I know... But I know I must do this.

Mr. Gold takes the wand.

Gideon: Let me help you. I can...

Mr. Gold: No. I've put you in enough danger.

Mr. Gold fixes the wand.

Mr. Gold: I think it's best that I face my mother alone.


Mr. Gold is waiting for his mother in the park.

Black Fairy: I see you've mended that dreadful thing.

Mr. Gold: This wand was meant to destroy you... As was I.

Black Fairy: You found out.

Mr. Gold: In some ways, I always knew. Just needed to remember… I was meant to be the Saviour, Mother. You were just afraid that I would kill you, and that's why you left me.

Black Fairy: That's what you think? All that effort, and you didn't even find what you were looking for.

Mr. Gold: No, no, no. Your mind games won't work anymore.

Black Fairy: Don't you want the real answer to your question?

Mr. Gold: I have my answer.

Black Fairy: You have an answer. You of all people know... There's always more.

Mr. Gold: What more, Mother? Why did you leave me?

Black Fairy: Why don't I... Show you what happened?

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

The Black Fairy and Tiger Lily are at the Sacred Vault of the Fairies.

Tiger Lily: Please don't do this, Fiona. We can find another way, together.

Black Fairy: We already tried that and failed.

Blue Fairy: Enough!

The Blue Fairy takes the Tiger Lily’s heart.

Blue Fairy: No one will be crushing any hearts today.

The Blue Fairy puts

Black Fairy: So, you both want the same thing... To see my son die at my hand?

Tiger Lily: I think I know how I can break your destiny. These shears can sever your fate. Sacrifice your powers and you will no longer be the great evil. You won't be responsible for your son's death.

Black Fairy: No. I need my power. If I sever his destiny, we can be together, and I will still be strong enough to protect him.

The Black Fairy takes the Shears of Destiny.

Blue Fairy: Fiona, no. Don't do this. Your son is destined to be a great hero. Do not take that from him. You do not need the power.

Black Fairy: Don't tell me what I need.

The Black Fairy breaks the destiny of her son.

Blue Fairy: Aah!

The Blue Fairy banishes the Black Fairy.

Black Fairy: I promise you, son, I will spend every moment of every day trying to find my way back to you!


Mr. Gold: Why didn't you tell me? Why did you want me to believe you hated me?

Black Fairy: I was banished to that empty, wretched place, Rumple. It was easier to let you hate me, at least until we found a way for us to be together.

Mr. Gold: You didn't have to be banished. You chose your power over mine.

Black Fairy: I was trying to protect you.

Mr. Gold: As someone who has made the very same decision, I know a lie when I hear it. You sentenced me to a life of cowardice.

Black Fairy: I altered your fate so that we could be a family together. Everything I did was for you, to protect you. It's a vile, dangerous world, son.

Mr. Gold: Because of Villains like you... And me.

Black Fairy: Then you know that, if my choice was wrong... I did it out of love. I'm sorry I caused you pain.

Mr. Gold: And what about Gideon? What about all the pain you caused him?

Black Fairy: That pain made him strong.

Mr. Gold: It seems... Our family's history spins on a dark, endless wheel. I became the Dark One to save Baelfire from the Ogres War, and I tried to sever Gideon from his fate... So that he wouldn't hate me.

Black Fairy: So, you understand what I've done… I love you… And now we can finally be a family... If you'll forgive me… Can you?

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Tiger Lily and the Blue Fairy bring the baby to Malcolm.

Malcolm: Fiona… Where is Fiona? She isn't coming back, is she?

Blue Fairy: I'm afraid not. It was an accident.

Tiger Lily: She was trying to protect your son.

Malcolm: Of course she was. There's none more caring in all of the realms... Only one of the infinite reasons why she was the love of my life.

Tiger Lily: And now he will be the love of your life.

Malcolm: How? How can I raise him alone?

Blue Fairy: By trying. Your son needs his father now. And he also needs a name, so why don't you start there?

Malcolm: Once, this child was perfect. He was supposed to bring great light to our lives… But now my wife is dead, thanks to him… I know a name perfect… Rumplestiltskin.


Mr. Gold brings the heart of the Black Fairy to Emma.

Emma: Is that...

Mr. Gold: Hers, yes… The Black Fairy has been banished for good.

Emma: You really did it. And the Blue Fairy? Safe... Back with her kind. All is as it was.

David: Thank you, Gold.

Snow White: Looks like the wedding can happen tomorrow, thanks to you.

Emma: You did good, Saviour.


Mr. Gold gives Gideon his heart back.

Gideon: Thank you, Father.

Mr. Gold unties Gideon.

Mr. Gold: Welcome home, son.

Gideon holds his parents.

Gideon: I've missed you so much. Both of you. And I'm so sorry I allowed her to take control of me. Can you forgive me?

Mr. Gold: Of course we can. You were under her control. I can only imagine how difficult that was, but look... You needn't worry about her ever again.

Belle: I know how hard that must have been, facing your mother like that, Rumple.

Mr. Gold: Well, it's over now. The Black Fairy will never again be a problem for us.

Belle: I'm proud of you, you know? You did what you said you would. You fought for this family… You saved your son.

Mr. Gold: I'll make a promise to you, Belle, and to you, Gideon... It may not always seem apparent at the time, but everything I do is for you, to keep you safe.


Hook is waiting for Henry at home.

Hook: Henry, just the lad I was after.

Henry: That sounds ominous.

Hook: Not at all. Now, you and I have had quite a few missions together... Wookie Prisoner Gag, our time on the Nautilus.

Henry: That was more of a mishap than a mission.

Hook: Well, some were more successful than others, admittedly, but... You and I have been through quite a lot together, haven't we? Which is why I'm asking for your assistance now... And this might be the most important mission yet... Operation Best Man.

Henry: Really? Wow. I'm... I'm honoured.

Hook: Well, it is an honour, but with it comes great responsibility. For the next 24 hours, you and you alone will be the keeper of this most valuable treasure... The wedding rings. And guard them with your life. If you lose them, your mother will most certainly kill you.

Emma: His mother will do what now?

Hook: Ah, Henry and I were just discussing business... Between men.

Emma: Hmm.

Henry: You can count on me. I'll see you tomorrow.

Emma: Tomorrow? You live here.

Hook: Aye, but I'm not staying here tonight. It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Emma: You can't be serious.

Hook: A seafaring man does not take superstitions lightly. The last thing you and I need is another stitch of bad luck. After tomorrow, there'll be no getting rid of me.

Emma: Promise?

Hook: Aye.

Hook kisses Emma and leaves the house.


Mr. Gold is waiting for his mother in the street.

Black Fairy: So... Did they trust you?

Mr. Gold: Of course they did.

Black Fairy: The heart... They believed it was mine?

Mr. Gold: No one ever doubts me.

Black Fairy: You may have been born the Saviour, but admit it... You simply adore being the Dark One.

Mr. Gold: I suppose I do have an affinity for the darker things in life… Call it a family trait.

Black Fairy: Then I assume you have Belle and Gideon safely tucked away?

Mr. Gold: Both peacefully asleep and safe, with no idea of what's to come.

Black Fairy: Good. Because what's to come, my beautiful boy... Is, at long last, a happy ending for our family.

Mr. Gold: The Final Battle.

Black Fairy: You may no longer be the Saviour, but one still stands. And tomorrow is a very special day for Emma Swan… Tomorrow is the day she dies.

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Sas1608  (01.05.2017 à 09:02)

Superbe épisode qui lance la fin de la saison.

Jamais je n'aurai cru que Rumple était destiné à être un sauveur. Je trouve que c'est une bonne révélation. Et j'étais loin d'imaginer ça. Encore une fois on nous montre que la fée noire a voulu protéger son fils, et qu'elle ne l'a pas abandonné.

Cela mène donc à Rumple qui change de camp. Ce qui était prévisible ! Par contre, il reste et restera un lache et un moins que rien face aux héros. Encore une fois il leur ment ouvertement, mais la, je pense que ça aura beaucoup de conséquences.

"Demain" est le jour où Emma meurt, mais c'est aussi le jour où elle doit dire oui à Killian ! Ca laisse supposer que le mariage ne sera pas de toute gaiété ! 

Je me demande comment Belle va réagir à la trahison de son mari. 

J'ai vraiment hâte de voir les derniers épisodes ! 

Emma et Hook sont toujours à croquer, et d'autant plus qu'il souhaite ne pas passer la nuit avec sa future femme ! 

Il demande à Henry d'être son témoin, il est parfait ! 

Vivement la semaine prochaine !


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