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#618 : Plus jamais seule

Dans le passé, Zelena devient amie avec un jeune bûcheron qui a été maudit et s'est tourné vers elle pour trouver un nouveau cœur. Elle est alors forcée de choisir entre garder ses pouvoirs magiques ou son amitié avec lui.

À Storybrooke, Zelena décide d'affronter et d'arrêter la Fée Noire, une bonne fois pour toutes, contre le vœu de Regina. Pendant ce temps, les Charmant sont en désaccord concernant les plans de mariage d'Emma et Crochet.


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Titre VO
Where Bluebirds Fly

Titre VF
Plus jamais seule

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Réalisation : Michael Schultz

Scénario : David H. Goodman, Brigitte Hales

Guests :

Isabella Blake-Thomas Zelena jeune
Alex Désert Stanum, le bûcheron en fer blanc
Jorden Birch Garde de la cité d'Emeraude
Austin Obiajunwa Stanum jeune
Dylan Sloane Brute

–[Oz - Past]–

Zelena is walking on the yellow path.

Zelena: Excuse me, but your tree is blocking the path. You should move it before somebody gets hurt.

Stanum: I'm afraid it's already too late.

Stanum shows Zelena a nest with a broken egg.

Zelena: The poor thing. It must not have survived the fall.

Zelena fixes the egg with her power.

Stanum: How did you do that?

Zelena puts the nest in the tree back.

Zelena: Magic.

Stanum: Are you a witch?

Young Man: She's a freak! Haven't you ever heard about the monster who lives in the shack... The freak with magic?

Zelena: That nest didn't fall out of the tree, did it?

Young Man: No. It made good target practice, though. And so will you.

Zelena hides and Stanum takes his axe.

Stanum: Why don't you practice on my axe?

The boys run away.

Stanum: Are you all right?

Zelena: Yes. Thank you… Well, that was a first. Not a lot of people want to befriend the girl with magic… Maybe they're right. Maybe I am a monster.

Stanum: You used your magic for good, and that doesn't make you a monster. It makes you special.

Zelena: You really think so?

Stanum: I'm Stanum.

Zelena: Zelena.


At the farm, Robin is crying. Zelena prepares a bottle.

Zelena: Hang on a minute, darling. Mommy's coming. I'm going as fast as I can. There. Not too hot and not too cold... Just right.

Zelena comes in Robins’s room.

Zelena: Is somebody ready for their breakfast? Robin?

Black Fairy: Keeping a watchful eye on an infant can be so hard all by yourself. But worry not. I have plenty of experience, and I am happy to help.

Zelena: Give me back my daughter.

Black Fairy: Oh, can't I hold her a little longer? I never grow tired of that new-baby smell.

Zelena: Lay a hand on her again, and you'll lose it.

Black Fairy: Oh, no need to be so hostile, especially around the child… I came here because I heard you were wicked, and I thought we could help each other.

Zelena: Why would I help you?

Black Fairy: Oh, isn't it obvious? Look around. You're out here, living alone in the middle of nowhere. You look like you could use a friend, especially with the Final Battle approaching. I could be that friend. One wouldn't want to be alone for what's coming.

Zelena: Is that a threat? Because I'm not afraid of you.

Black Fairy: Oh, but you should be. You most certainly should be… I'll be in the Dwarf tunnels if you change your mind. Until then.

The Black Fairy leaves.


Emma is cooking breakfast when Hook comes to hug her.

Hook: Something smells delicious.

Emma: It's just from a box.

Hook: I'm not talking about the pancakes.

They kiss.

Hook: What?

Emma: I'm just... Happy. It still surprises me sometimes.

Hook: Aye, love. Me, too.

They kiss again.

Emma: To hell with the pancakes.

Snow White enters.

Snow White: Oh, great. You're up.

Emma: Mom. Uh...

Hook: Your mother has a key. Good to know.

Snow White: I know I'm a little early, but I woke up this morning, and it just hit me… Am I interrupting something?

Hook: Yes.

Emma: No. We were, uh... We were just making some pancakes.

Snow White: Pancakes. Right. Uh, maybe I should come back after you've had... Pancakes.

Emma: Um...

Hook: Don't worry. I've lost my appetite. I have to go and have a quick and bracing shower.

Emma: Mom, as much as I love our unexpected visits, is there something pressing today?

Snow White: Wedding planning. Um, I have been putting together a few ideas.

Emma: You did all this since Hook and I got engaged?

Snow White: I might have started a bit before that.

Emma: Like, how long ago?

Snow White: Um, well, it was definitely after the first curse. Look, I know I'm excited, but can you blame me? I have missed a lot of the milestones in your life, Emma. I want to make the absolute most of this one.

Emma hugs her mother.

Emma: Me, too, Mom.

Emma’s phone rings.

Emma: Regina, what's up? We'll be right there.


Emma and her family are at the station.

Zelena: I was about to wring her scrawny little neck, and then she just poofed away.

Emma: Makes sense she's headed to the Dwarf tunnels. It's an easy place to hide.

David: And there are miles of them below Storybrooke. Pinning her down in there won't be easy.

Regina: Well, the good news is, whatever her plan was for the Final Battle, she needs help. Which means we have time to figure out how to stop her.

Hook: Well, perhaps that's where this piece of wand comes in.

Hook shows them the piece of wand.

Hook: Tiger Lily said it had been used to banish the Black Fairy once. If we can find the other half, perhaps we can do it again.

Snow White: So, where do we look?

Zelena: I'm not waiting around for some piece of wand. The only reason I didn't blast that noir-coloured nit out of existence is because of Robin. So, if one of you'd be kind enough to watch her for a minute, I'll do what I intended and go and take care of this.

Regina: Well, hold on. You can't just go down there alone and confront her.

Zelena: Why not? What, you think I can't defeat her? I'm more powerful than you.

Regina: Oh, really? Is that why I had to rip out my own heart to save you from the Evil Queen?

Zelena: Look, I would have been fine without your help.

Regina: Believe what you want. You're not going down there.

Emma: Okay, sibling rivalry aside, Regina's right. We need to get the wand back before we go up against her, and when we do, we're going to do this together.

Regina: Thank you.

Zelena: Okay, fine. Have it your way, but you're doing it without me.

Zelena leaves.

David: She gonna be okay?

Regina: Yeah. She just needs to cool off. In the meantime, why don't I take that piece of wand back to my vault, see if I can cast a locator spell on it.

David: What about us? I mean, we can't just sit around here doing nothing.

Snow White: Well, we won't be. We have plenty to do to keep us busy.

Hook: We do?

Snow White: Well, you've obviously never planned a wedding.

Regina: You really want to pick out centrepieces on the eve of the Final Battle?

Snow White: I do. David and I went through with our wedding after you threatened us… It gave people hope. Why should Emma and Hook's be any different? So, who's ready to put their hearts into some wedding planning?


Belle and Mr. Gold are at the shop.

Belle: The Black Fairy has Gideon's heart? I knew it. I knew our son couldn't do those things. I knew he wasn't evil.

Belle hugs Mr. Gold.

Belle: You know, this means he can be saved.

Mr. Gold: The Blue Fairy is even older than me, Belle. She knew my mother before she became evil.

Belle: Which means that Blue could have the answer to stopping her.

Mr. Gold: And I played right into my mother's hands and took her magic. Now I can't wake her, which means, if she does know anything, right now, she's useless.

Belle: Yeah, but you couldn't have known that your mother was pulling all the strings, Rumple. You did what you had to, to protect Gideon. Now, we just have to find a way to get Blue out of her coma.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, well, the first step is returning her magic. Her heart remains frozen till then.

Belle: Well, any idea how?

Mr. Gold: No, and I'm afraid that I've exhausted all my books here. I'm gonna go to the Sorcerer's Mansion, see what I can find.

Belle: Okay. Good luck.

Mr. Gold leaves.

Belle: Okay.

Belle coverts the Mother Superior and hears a noise.

Belle: Rumple?

Zelena: No. It's me. I had to wait until he left.

Belle: Zelena.

Zelena: Well, what do we have here? Is she...

Belle: N-no. Uh, her heart's stopped because her magic's gone. Rumple's taking care of it.

Zelena: Is he now? Well, I never liked her anyway. Your secret's safe with me.

Belle: Okay. Good to know. Uh... Why are you here?

Zelena: I need a favour. I was wondering if you could watch Robin for me.

Belle: Yeah, yeah, of... Of course. I'd be happy to. I, uh... I think we've got a bassinet we could use. Come on.


Belle brings a bassinet for Robin.

Belle: There you go.

Zelena: Don't worry, darling. Mommy won't be gone long. She just has to go and pluck that big, bad Fairy's wings.

Zelena leaves.


David is goes up to the loft.

David: Hello?

David draws his gun and enters in the loft. Henry is writing.

David: Henry. Henry!

Henry: Grandpa.

David: Didn't you hear me?

Henry: Sorry. I was writing.

David: That's your Author's pen… Henry, I know there's been a lot going on lately, but please tell me you haven't tried to change things. You know how dangerous that can be.

Henry: Of course not. I know better than that.

David: Good.

Henry: Also, I already tried a few days ago, and it didn't work. Look.

Henry writes on a note book, the sentence disappears.

Henry: See? I couldn't change things even if I wanted to. She has to fight in the Final Battle. There's no escaping it.

David: Okay. So, what are you doing?

Henry: Trying to translate this.

David: That's the page you made in Regina's vault.

Henry: Isaac said the Author's powers are trying to tell me something. I thought maybe they came out like that because I was using a regular pen. But this one's not working any better. What's the point of having these powers when I can't use them to help anyone?

David: We're going to help her, Henry, but we can't drive ourselves crazy while we're doing it. You know, sometimes the best thing you can do is step away.

Henry: Step away?

David: Yeah. You know, live life, which is why I came back here. I forgot my wallet, and I'm probably gonna need it… We're looking at wedding venues today.

Henry: Wedding venues? Living our life. This reeks of Grandma... Not giving up hope and all that stuff.

David: She's usually right about these things. Now, come on. Leave this here. You can come back for it all later.


Belle is playing with Robin. Regina enters in the shop.

Belle: Gah! Regina! Hi. What, uh... What can I help you with?

Regina: Well, I was putting together a locator spell when I realize I was out of eye of n... Is that Robin?

Belle: Yeah. Zelena asked me to watch her for a bit. Isn't she adorable? Uh, is something wrong?

Regina: Not right now… But there's about to be.


Zelena enters in the mines.

–[Oz - Past]–

The Wicked Witch is dining.

Wicked Witch: Ugh. The salt, please.

Guard: Your Wickedness, there's a man here to see you. He says he needs help.

Wicked Witch: Don't people remember I exiled that charlatan Wizard ages ago? Maybe it's time I did something to remind them… Well, send him in.

Stanum enters.

Stanum: Hello, Zelena. It's good to see you again.

Wicked Witch: Do I know you?

Stanum: Perhaps you'd know me better if I were holding a bird's nest.

Wicked Witch: Stanum.

Stanum: It's been a long time. And I see I'm not the only one who's changed.

Wicked Witch: What are you doing here?

Stanum: I was hoping you'd help an old friend. I chopped down a tree belonging to the Wicked Witch of the North, and she punished me by giving me a terrible curse.

Wicked Witch: What? She turned your clothes to tin?

Stanum: That's just it. It's not just my clothes. It's me. And it's spreading. And unless I find a new heart soon, there won't be any of me left.

Wicked Witch: You'll be a walking tin can… Well, what am I supposed to do about any of this?

Stanum: There's an enchanted object... The Crimson Heart. It's said to be hidden in the woods, and there's a horrible monster that guards it. I need your help to get it.

Wicked Witch: Mm. So, you get a heart. What do I get out of this little arrangement?

Stanum: Whatever happened to you using your magic for good?

Wicked Witch: Well, it's as you said. I've changed. And using magic to be wicked is a lot more fun.

Stanum: That may be, but I don't think being wicked is the reason you're not helping me… You act powerful, but I think you're really afraid.

Wicked Witch: How dare you talk to me like that. Do you know who I am, what I can do?

Stanum: Yes. I just don't have much to lose anymore. Hope you enjoy having dinner by yourself.

Wicked Witch: Guards! I'm not afraid of some monster in the woods. I'm the most powerful witch in all of Oz… Now let's get that heart, and I'll prove it.


Zelena is walking into the mines.

Regina: Zelena.

Zelena: Regina, what are you doing down here?

Regina: Isn't it obvious? I came to get you out of here before you get yourself killed.

Zelena: I'm not going anywhere. Just get out of my way.

Regina: It's for your own good.

Zelena: Oh, so... So now you care about my own good? You're not gonna blame me for something?

Regina: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Zelena: It means that in all your sobbing over Robin's death and your broken heart, all you did was blame me… I sacrificed Hades for you, the man I loved, to save your life. And in return, I get blamed. And now you're here to lecture me? No, thanks. I'm not welcome at the hero's table? Fine. I'll just take care of this by myself.

Regina: Zelena...

Zelena: Sis, please. I've got work to do.

Regina: No.

Zelena: Get off me!

Regina pushes Zelena against the wall.

Zelena: You shouldn't have done that.

There is a landslide in the mine. The output is blocked.


Emma, Henry, Hook, Snow White and David are at Granny’s.

Snow White: So, what do you think?

Hook: It's nice. I still think we could consider getting married on the sea. Wouldn't it be romantic to exchange our vows on the Jolly Roger?

Henry: Not if half your guests are getting sick over the side.

Hook: I guess the lad has a point.

Snow White: I think Granny's will be perfect. We can have the ceremony outside. After dinner, we push the tables aside for dancing. There's music on the jukebox. What do you think, David?

David: I don't know.

Snow White: What do you mean, you don't know? We have shared so many happy memories here together. Don't you want to have one more?

David: Let's be honest. Not all of them have been happy, and not all of them have been together, either.

Snow White: What are you talking about?

David: For starters, how about your first date with Whale?

Henry: Ouch.

Emma: Dad!

Snow White: We were cursed. Are you really bringing that up right now? That can't possibly be the reason you don't want to have Emma's wedding here.

David: Okay, well, how about this? This place is a scrap heap. You want another one? It's not big enough. Emma's a princess, and her wedding is a royal affair.

Snow White: You want to find someplace bigger, fine. Let's go find one.

David: Happy to.

David and Snow White leave.

Emma: What's going on?

Hook: I don't know, love. I don't know at all.


Regina and Zelena are arguing into the mines.

Regina: This is exactly why I told you not to come down here.

Zelena: Are you implying that this is my fault?

Regina: Oh, I'm not implying anything. I'm saying it. If you had just listened to me, we wouldn't be trapped a half a mile under Storybrooke.

Zelena: And if you hadn't crashed my party, I'd be wiping the mine floor with the Black Fairy by now.

Regina: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. She's the most powerful evil we've ever faced.

Zelena: Which is why I was launching a sneak attack.

Regina: Yeah, without the one weapon we know can defeat her.

Zelena: You may need a fairy wand. Emma may need a fairy wand. I don't.

Regina: Is that what this is about... You proving you're better than all of us?

Zelena: No. It's about stopping the woman who threatened my baby.

Regina: Yeah. On your own. Why does it matter so much, Zelena? Why do you have to be better than everyone else?

Zelena: Because I am. Now, I'm going to find the Black Fairy and destroy her before she finds us. So, unless you want the rest of these mines to come crashing down on top of us, don't try to stop me.

Zelena continues her walk.

Regina: Zelena...

Regina follows her.

–[Oz - Past]–

The Wicked Witch and Stanum are walking in Oz.

Stanum: We must be near the monster's den.

Wicked Witch: Well, then let's get on with it. There's a village full of Munchkins I still need to terrorize tonight.

Stanum: You know, it's just the two of us, Zelena. You don't have to pretend anymore.

Wicked Witch: Pretend what?

Stanum: That you'd rather be doing something else.

Wicked Witch: All right, Stanum, tell me... Why am I out here helping you?

Stanum: Because you have nothing better to do. And you'd rather be out in the woods with an old friend than sitting alone in that Emerald Castle of yours.

Wicked Witch: That couldn't be further from the truth. I've got lots of important work to do back at my chambers.

Stanum: Such as?

Wicked Witch: Creating one of the most powerful spells ever to exist, one that will allow me to travel back in time.

Stanum: Ah. And where exactly do you plan on going with this time-travel spell?

Wicked Witch: Back to the beginning, to when my mother gave me up, to show her I'm more powerful than my sister, that I'm the one she should have kept.

Stanum: Seems like you're going to an awful lot of trouble to be with someone who didn't want you to begin with.

Wicked Witch: Careful. The last person to speak so freely to me is now peeling bananas with their feet.

Stanum: Yeah. Well, you wouldn't be so upset unless what I was saying was true.

Wicked Witch: Do you have a better idea of how I can get what I want?

Stanum: As a matter of fact, I do.

A lion attack Stanum.

Wicked Witch: No.

Stanum: Ahh!

The lion takes Stanum into the woods.

Wicked Witch: I'm the only one who hurts people in these woods.


Zelena and Regina are walking into the mines.

Regina: Zelena!

Zelena: I told you... You're not stopping me.

Regina: Wait.

Zelena: What?

Regina: Fairy crystals... And it's just the beginning of a vein… Well, at least now we know why the Black Fairy's holed up down here.

Zelena: What would she want with all that light magic?

The Black Fairy and Gideon are here.

Black Fairy: That's the thing. I'm not interested in light magic. So, you're the big, bad Evil Queen who cast my curse. No wonder it was such a pathetic failure.

Regina: Is that so?

Black Fairy: Gideon.

Gideon knocks out Regina.

Black Fairy: So, does this mean you're here to take me up on my offer then?

Zelena: Afraid not. See, I'm stronger than my sister, and I came down here to do one thing... Kill you.

Black Fairy: Not today.

The Black Fairy makes a landslideand leaves.

Zelena: You keep him busy. She messed with the wrong witch.


Zelena is following the Black Fairy to a big chamber of Fairy crystals.

Zelena: You can't run forever.

Black Fairy: I don't have to… You should have taken me up on my offer when you had the chance.

Zelena: Why?

Zelena attacks the Black Fairy.

Zelena: Don't you know? Wicked always wins… And now I'm going to end you once and for all.

The Black Fairy resists.

Black Fairy: Oh, the saddest part is you really believe that you can do that… Now, you want to see real magic?

The Black Fairy hijacks Zelena’s magic on the Fairy crystals. They turn black.

Zelena: No!

Regina and Gideon arrive.

Regina: Zelena.

Black Fairy: You played your part well, my son.

Zelena: That's impossible.

Black Fairy: What's the matter? Not as strong as you thought, dear?

Zelena is about to attack but the Black Fairy stops her.

Regina: Let her go.

The Black Fairy attacks Regina.

Black Fairy: You were right about one thing. You are stronger than your sister. Which is why I needed to channel your magic to weaponize these crystals. But with a dose of dark magic... Your dark magic... They can be, oh, so much more.

Zelena: My magic? What about yours?

Black Fairy: Oh, darling, don't you see? Your magic is useful because it's unstable. You're so desperate for love, so desperate to prove yourself. Your heart is in disarray… Well, don't look so surprised. Anyone can see it. I, on the other hand, am quite pleased with myself.

The Black Fairy frees Zelena.

Zelena: You set me up.

Black Fairy: No. I just knew you'd make the wrong decision.

Zelena: What are you going to do with all of this?

Black Fairy: What I came here for... Start the Final Battle. But worry not. You won't be around to regret your mistake much longer… No one will.

The Black Fairy uses the black crystals.

Regina: Unh!

She sends Regina and Zelena away.

–[Oz - Past]–

The Wicked Witch is following the lion and Stanum into the woods.

Wicked Witch: These are my woods, so I think it's time you learned who's really king of this forest… Me.

The Wicked Witch attacks the lion but he jumps on her.

Wicked Witch: Unh!

Stanum throws his axe on the lion.

Stanum: Zelena.

Zelena casts a fireball on the lion then he runs away.

Wicked Witch: And here I thought lions were supposed to be brave… Coward.

Stanum: You saved me.

Wicked Witch: You're lucky I did.

Stanum: Wow.

Wicked Witch: What's happening to you?

Stanum: I don't have much time. This way.


Zelena and Regina appear near the way in of the mines.

Zelena: Are you okay?

Regina: Yes. What happened? Are we...

Zelena: Yeah. Outside the Fairy mines. The Black Fairy must have magicked us up here.

Regina: Because now that she has dark Fairy dust, there's nothing we can do to stop her.

Zelena: Well, that's not true. We can go back down there and get the crystals for ourselves.

Regina: You really think it'll be that easy, after what we just went through? I think you've done enough for today.

Zelena: You really think this is all my fault?

Regina: Think? If you didn't have to prove you were stronger than everyone else, she wouldn't be sitting on a magical nuke right now.

Zelena: So, let me fix it.

Regina: And make things worse? If being the best is so important to you, Zelena, why don't you go someplace where you can be on top?

Zelena: What are you saying?

Regina: Go back to Oz. At least there you can't make things any worse for us.

Zelena: You don't mean that.

Regina: Oh, I'm afraid I do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find the Charming family so we can figure out how to clean up your mess.

Regina leaves.

Zelena: Regina...


Emma, Hook, Henry, David and Snow White are at the Town Hall.

Emma: Well, it's definitely...

Hook: Bigger?

Snow White: Well, I think this space has great potential. We could string lights from the ceiling, put some trees around. It could be transformed into something really magical.

Emma: Yeah. I think it could be.

David: Anyone else feel a draft?

Henry: It's probably just a window open somewhere.

David: And look at the walls... The whole place needs a paint job.

Emma: Okay, Dad, I know that technically we're all royalty or whatever, but unless you want to do a destination wedding at your castle in the Enchanted Forest or, like, Excalibur in Vegas, I don't think we're gonna find what you're looking for.

David: That's not a bad idea.

Emma: Vegas?

David: No. The Enchanted Forest, our castle. How many beans would it take to get everyone back there?

Snow White: David, may I speak with you outside for a second?

David: Sure.

David and Snow White leave.

Emma: So, elopement?

Hook: Aye. I'll bring the rum.


David and Snow White are outside the Town Hall.

Snow White: What is really going on?

David: You can't really believe this place is good enough. This isn't some town meeting about parking regulations. It's our daughter's wedding.

Snow White: And if we wanted to get married in our bathroom, it would be perfect and exactly what it's supposed to be. None of that matters, and you know it. So, what is this really about?

David: I just... I don't know why we have to rush into this.

Snow White: Rushing? Oh, David, if this is about Hook, that ship has sailed, and there's a pirate on it. Deal with it.

David: No, this has nothing to do with Hook. This is about why we insist on doing this with everything else going on right now.

Snow White: Well, because, David, we agreed that we don't give in to fear, and our people need hope.

David: Well, what about what we need, Snow, what our family needs?

Snow White: What are you talking about?!

David: The day I married you was the best day of my life... Until the Evil Queen burst through those doors and threatened everyone we loved. Then it became one of the worst. I don't want that for Emma… When I walk her down the aisle, the only thing she should be thinking about is the wonderful years ahead, not Gideon or the Black Fairy, not any of it. With everything she's been through, the least we can do is give her a real wedding day.

Snow White: What if we're not around to give her that? What if she's not?

David: She will be… That's where the hope comes in.

Emma, Hook and Henry join them.

Emma: Mom. Dad's right. Maybe... Maybe postponing the wedding is the best thing, until we know that the Black Fairy can't interrupt.

Snow White: What if we can't stop her?

Emma: Well, then it would be a really short marriage anyway… We love each other… We want to do this when it's right... Not out of fear and not because we think we might die, but because we all know it's the right time.


Zelena enters in the pawn shop.

Zelena: Hey. I'm back.

Belle: Hey. How, uh... How did your business go?

Zelena: Not as productive as I'd hoped, but it doesn't matter anymore. How was she?

Belle: She... She's a sweetheart. I'm, uh... I'm happy to watch her anytime.

Zelena: I don't think that'll be necessary, but thank you. What do you say, Robin, hmm? I think it's time we went where we belong. Home.


Zelena makes a twister to Oz.

–[Oz - Past]–

The Wicked Witch and Stanum find the Crimson Heart.

Stanum: The Crimson Heart. So, what now?

Wicked Witch: There's only one way to find out… Ready?

Stanum: Yes.

The Wicked Witch takes the Crimson Heart. It starts to snuff her magic.

Stanum: What's wrong?

Wicked Witch: That thing... It was draining my magic.

Stanum: What? Why?

Wicked Witch: Because there's no magic in that heart. It's just a worthless piece of glass. For it to work, it needs someone else's magic... My magic… You knew about this.

Stanum: Zelena, I swear I had no idea.

Wicked Witch: You're lying. Who put you up to this? Was it Dorothy? I never should have let that gingham-clad Goody-Two-shoes go back to her wretched little farm.

Stanum: I don't know anyone named Dorothy, and I promise you, I-I would never trick you like that… You want to know how to find what it is you're searching for? This is it.

Wicked Witch: What are you talking about?

Stanum: It's what I was trying to tell you before the lion attack. You don't need a time-travel spell so you won't be alone. You just need some friends.

Wicked Witch: Let me guess... Like you? Do you actually think I would give up my magic to save you?

Stanum: So you could have a friend that would accept you when no one else did? Yes.

Wicked Witch: No. Weren't you the one who told me magic made me special?

Stanum: Magic isn't what made you special. Your willingness to use it for good is. If you leave me here to rust, you might walk away from here with your power, but you'll be alone a very long time.

Wicked Witch: That's a risk I'll just have to take.

Stanum is turned into a tin man.

Wicked Witch: Sorry, Stanum. You're wrong. Magic is what made me special. And I won't give it up.

Stanum: Zelena. Zelena.

The Wicked Witch takes the Crimson Heart and leaves.

Wicked Witch: Enjoy life as a statue. Maybe Dorothy will come back and save you.


Regina, Emma, Snow White, David, Hook and Henry are at the station.

Emma: She did what?

Snow White: You've got to be kidding me.

Regina: Unfortunately, I'm not.

Hook: How is that, even when your sister isn't the villain that we're fighting, she's still the villain that we're fighting?

Regina: Believe me. I had it out with her. She will no longer be a problem.

David: Do we even know what the Black Fairy needs the crystals for?

Regina: To start the Final Battle, so she says.

Henry: And has she done it? Has it started?

Regina: I don't know, Henry. But we'll figure it out.

David: Have you gotten anywhere with that wand?

Regina: Unfortunately, I got a little sidetracked. But now that my family issues are under control, I'm back on it.

Zelena enters.

Zelena: Maybe not as under control as you'd like.

Regina: What are you doing here? I thought we agreed you were better off in Oz.

Zelena: No. You agreed. And I was going to go… But then, I changed my mind.

Regina: Why?

Zelena: Because, despite what you may think, there's nothing for me in Oz. Anyone who ever cared for me there now hates me… Look, I know you and I aren't exactly the sisters that our mother wanted us to be, but... You're all I've got, Regina… Going down to those mines was foolish and arrogant. And I'm sorry, but... I-I think I can help now.

Snow White: What do you mean?

Zelena: The Black Fairy used my magic to turn those Fairy crystals dark, so my magic is still tethered to it.

Hook: Well, how does that help us?

Zelena: Because it also means that we can destroy it... With this.

Zelena shows the group the Crimson Heart’s box.

Emma: What's that?

Zelena: Something I picked up from Oz via tornado.

Regina: And what will it do?

Zelena: Destroy my magic.

–[Oz - Past]–

The Wicked Witch comes back in her Emerald Castle. She sits at her table to have dinner, alone.


Zelena is about to take the Crimson Heart.

Regina: What's wrong?

Zelena: If something should happen, promise me you'll look after Robin.

Regina: Of course. But nothing is going to happen.

Zelena: Just promise.

Regina: I promise.

Emma: Me, too… She's one of us. We'll protect her with our lives.

Zelena: Okay.

She takes the Crimson Heart. It snuffs all her magic.


The black fairy crystal turns back into light.


Regina: How do you feel?

Zelena: Weak.

Regina: But you've never looked stronger… Zelena, I'm so sorry for everything… I'm so proud of you.

Regina hugs her sister. Emma takes the Fairy crystal.

Emma: If this crystal is back to normal, does that mean all of them are, too?

Regina: Yes. The Black Fairy's back to square one.

Emma: We should call Mother Superior. She can get the dwarfs to start mining this stuff. It could come in handy.

Regina: Well, good luck with that. She was the first person I called to locate that wand fragment. I left a dozen messages, but I haven't heard back.

Zelena: Gold. Gold's got her in the back of his shop.


Emma, Regina and Zelena are at Mr. Gold’s shop.

Belle: I-I'm not not proud of what I did, but I did what I thought was best for myself.

Mr. Gold: We both did… What are you doing here?

Zelena: We're here to help you. You're welcome.

Mr. Gold: Help me with what?

Zelena: Your little Fairy problem which you don't seem able to solve.

Regina: The Blue Fairy. We might be able to wake her.

Belle: Unless you found a way.

Mr. Gold: Not yet, but I will.

Belle: But we might not need to wait, Rumple, if you just let them try… Look, I realized today just how much we missed out on with Gideon. And that's time that we will never get back… But now that he's come here, I-I refuse to let her steal any more of our time with him.

Mr. Gold: Get on with it.

Emma makes fairy dust with the crystal and spreads it on the Mother Superior.

Belle: You did it. Her heart's beating again.

Mr. Gold: Then it's only a matter of time before we wake her up.


The Black Fairy and Gideon were watching Emma and the other at Mr. Gold’s shop.

Gideon: First, they destroy your dark magic. Now, they're one step closer to waking her.

Black Fairy: I won't let them!

Gideon: That piece of wand she has hidden must be powerful… Are you really so afraid of it?

Black Fairy: Of course not. That wand was never the reason I wanted that insipid Fairy asleep.

Gideon: Then what was it?

Black Fairy: She knows my darkest secret, one my son can never discover... The real reason I gave him up.

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jptruelove  (29.01.2022 à 13:50)

Cette saison me fait vraiment aimer le personnage de Zelena et cet épisode en est un très bon exemple. Avec ses actions mais aussi les flashbacks, on voit vraiment l'évolution du personnage... J'avoue que j'ai eu peur, au début de l'épisode, qu'elle s'associe avec la fée noire. 

Fée noire qui est vraiment terrible. Ils sont tous fous et fans des ténèbres dans cette famille, quand on y pense. 

J'ai aussi adoré le début de l'épisode avec Emma et Crochet. Au début, j'ai cru que c'est Henry qui allait apparaitre. En soi, tout aussi génant que l'arrivée de Blanche Neige. 

Ils sont terribles Blanche Neige et Charmant, ils peuvent pas laisser Emma et Crochet prendre les décisions pour le mariage ? 

natas  (08.05.2017 à 19:06)

J'ai beaucoup aimé aussi, j'adore le personnage de Zelena, j'espère en voir encore plus !

Sas1608  (26.04.2017 à 08:12)

Un bon épisode. J'ai adoré la scène du déjeuner avec Emma et Hook, ils sont trop chou et on voit à quel point Emma et heureuse maintenant. Ca fait plaisir.

Les flashbacks servaient à montrer le parallèle avec le présent sur l'évolution de Zelena. Je trouve que Régina a été dure avec elle. Sa rancoeur à cause de Robin a duré toute la saison. Mais les surs semblent réconciliées. 

La fée noire a donc un secret avec la fée bleue... Je me demande bien ce que cela peut-être... Nous le saurons dans le prochain épisode. 

Dans tous les cas, la fée noire est vraiment effrayante.


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