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#701 : La Pantoufle de verre

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Dans la forêt enchantée d'un nouveau royaume, Henry rencontre Cendrillon et il est forcé de faire des choix difficiles.

A Seattle, Lucy, la fille d'Henry débarque à son appartement pour lui rafraichir la mémoire... Lucy doit arriver le faire se souvenir de sa véritable identité, pour vaincre la malédiction.


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Hyperion Heights

Titre VF
La Pantoufle de verre

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Centré sur : Henry et Cendrillon

–[Storybrooke - Past]–

Regina and Henry get off of their house. They walk to the street.

Regina: Henry, are you sure about this? I was hoping after high school, you'd think about college.

Henry: I know. But college isn't going anywhere. I just... I need to do this. Operation Cobra is over. We did it. We have our happy endings.

Regina: So then why leave?

Henry: Because I'm still the Author. I've been writing everyone else's stories. I need to figure out what my story is. And... It's not here.

Regina: Then where do you think it is?

Henry: I don't know. But when I finished the book, I returned it to the Sorcerer's mansion. And you know what I found? Hundreds of other books. With the stories I thought I knew, but told differently. Like, you know how there's a French Snow White and an Italian one... There's endless possibilities.

Regina: And what does that have to do with you?

Henry: I'm not in any of them… I'm the only me. It's time I figure out where I belong.

Henry and Regina hug. He gets on his bike and casts a magic bean. A portal is opened.

Regina: Henry, if that's the only bean you have, getting back here is...

Henry: Will be an adventure. That's where I'm going. I love you, Mom.

Regina: I love you too.

Henry rides into the portal.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Henry rides fast into the woods. Cinderella drives a carriage. Henry crashes int. Cinderella’s carriage. It is broken and she is expelled from it. Henry stops his bike and goes to sees how she is.

Henry: Cinderella?


Henry is driving his client all around the city.


Henry is back at home. He opens his computer and watches it. He has no inspiration. Someone knocks on his door.


He opens his door.

Henry: Uh, hello?

Lucy: Hi. Are you Henry Mills?

Henry: Yeah. Who are you?

Lucy: My name's Lucy. I'm your daughter.


Henry and Lucy are in Henry’s apartment.

Henry: Is this some kind of a joke? Kid, I don't have a daughter.

Lucy: Oh, that's just the curse. It changed all your memories.

Henry: A curse, huh?

Lucy: Huh... I kind of expected my favourite writer to have a little more... Success. This place is a dump.

Henry: You know, I didn't exactly write "Harry Potter"...

Lucy: Or anything since that one book... "Poetic opening line goes here." You got some work to do.

Henry: Not all stories come easy. Sophomore albums are hard. And actually, this is none of your business. What are you, some kind of stalkery super fan?

Lucy: No, I'm your dau...

Henry: Daughter. Right. Wrong.

Lucy: Unh-unh, it's like your book. You just don't remember 'cause you're cursed. This is why you're not writing now. It's because you're not living your own story. Come with me to my neighbourhood, Hyperion Heights.

Henry: Hyperion Heights?

Lucy: It's like your Storybrooke.

Henry: No, it's not. It's a real neighbourhood in Seattle. A real city with real people.

Lucy: And living with them... Your family. And the other cursed fairy-tale characters. Come with me. You can meet your true love and break the curse...

Henry: My true love?

Lucy: My mom. Cinderella.

Henry: Mm.

Lucy: You met her in the last chapter, remember?

Henry: Kid, none of that was real. Snow White isn't my grandma. My shrink isn't Jiminy Cricket. I never flew with Peter Pan and I never crashed into Cinderella's carriage.

Lucy: No, it's true. You returned all the happy endings. And now my mom and all the others need you to do it again. The curse put most people in Hyperion Heights, but...

Henry: I hear that's an up-and-coming neighbourhood. Doesn't really sound like a curse to me.

Lucy: It is! It's up-and-coming because my step-grandma, Cinderella's step-mom, is trying to bring people from this world in, so all the fairy-tale characters move out. Move away. Get separated. Just like you lost Cinderella, everyone will lose each other... Forever.

Henry: Sad story, kid. But that's all it is. Now come on, I got stuff to do.

Lucy: But my mom! She needs...

Henry: Look kid, I'm sorry about your mom. But I'm not some magic fairy-tale character who can swoop in and change her life. She's got to do what we all do… She's got to save herself.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Jacinda runs into Hyperion Heights’s street.


She enters in a restaurant.

Louie: You're late. Again.

Jacinda: I ran here as fast as I could, but my... But my roommate took too long in the bathroom... And then the door got stuck...

Louie: I don't give a crap! I'm paying you for 39 hours...

Carl lets the food fall on the floor.

Louie: Really, Carl? That's coming out of your paycheck.

Jacinda: Hey, Louie, lay off. It's just chicken. You don't need to be a jerk about it.

Louie: Apologize… Now! Or get out.

Jacinda: I can't, because it's true. You're a jerk.

Louie: You think you know me so well, huh? I know you. I've known a million yous. Single mom. Kid to take care of. No real skills other than that temper. You need this job. This is the best you can do, and you know it. So, yeah, you're gonna apologize. Right?

Jacinda returns her apron.

Jacinda: Never.

–[A New Realm – Past]–

Henry helps Cinderella waking up.

Henry: Uh, Cinderella? Are you okay? Come on. Come on, wake up. Come on. You okay?

Ella: I think so. The hyacinths broke my fall.

Henry: Your lucky flower.

Ella: And you broke my carriage. And scared off Felipe.

Henry: Felipe?

Ella: My s... My steed. It's, uh, one with an actual head, unlike your headless-horse contraption.

Henry: Motorcycle.

Ella: What the hell were you doing there, anyway?

Henry: Uh, heading home, and, well, time is kind of… Of the essence.

Ella: Is your home going somewhere?

Henry: No, but the way home is. I'm from another realm. Portals and, well, they don't stay open...

Ella: Enough. I have somewhere to be too. And I am not walking the rest of the way in glass slippers.

Henry: Right, the slippers. Your story...

Ella: My story?

Henry: Well, yeah, sure. Everyone knows it. You know, from the books. And there was the cartoon.

Ella: Who are you?

Henry: That doesn't really matter right now, because it's your story we got to fix. Don't you have a prince to find?

Ella: Yeah. I do.

Henry: Well, maybe I can give you a ride.

Ella: You want me to get on that thing?

Henry: Well, yeah. You're gonna love it.


Henry is looking for his computer in his desk. Lucy stole it and left a message.

Henry: "If you want to see your laptop again, meet me at Roni's. Take a left at the Troll under the Aurora Bridge."


Henry drives his car and sees a huge troll sculpted under a bridge.

Henry: Really?


Henry parks his car near Roni’s. Tilly is on the roof of the building. She jumps on a skip. She watches Henry.

Henry: Uh... Hello?

Tilly walks away.


Henry enters in Roni’s.

Henry: Uh, excuse me? Is this Roni's?

Roni: I sure hope so. Or else I put the wrong sign out front… I'm Roni. What can I get ya? It's your lucky day, kid. Whole bar's half off till midnight.

Henry: Midnight, huh? Then what? Place turns into a pumpkin?

Roni: More like a juice bar, or... Whatever the bitch who bought us out drinks.

Henry: You're selling, huh?

Roni: Well, neighbourhood’s changing. And not by choice. By Belfrey.

Henry: By what-frey?

Roni: Victoria Belfrey? She's buying up everything. Bringing folks in. This used to be... Used to be a community here. Used to be nice. Now... Everyone's scattering.

Henry: Mm.

Roni: Can't fight the power, right? Might as well take the money… You don't exactly look like you're having a banner day either.

Henry: Been interesting, that's for sure.

Roni: What gives?

Henry: Imagine if I walked through that door and told you that I was your son.

Roni: That would be a kicker.

–[A New Realm – Past]–

Henry is teaching Cinderella how a bike functions.

Henry: It's pretty simple. You turn here to give it gas. Squeeze here for the breaks to slow it down. Squeeze here to shift gears.

Ella: A lot of squeezing.

Henry: Yeah. Here... How about you hop on, I can show you. All you have to do is hold on tight.

Ella: Well, I suppose there are worse ways of getting to a ball than getting escorted by a handsome man in a tiny smoke-breathing carriage.

Henry: Motorcycle.

Ella: Ahh.

Cinderella gets on the bike.

Henry: Did you say handsome?

Ella: Would you show me the gas and breaks again?

Henry: Yeah.

Ella: Mm-hmm.

Henry: See? Simple.

Ella: Oh, one more thing.

Henry: Yeah?

Ella: My story... How does it end? Do the Prince and I just dance and live happily ever after?

Henry: There's usually a complication before that. He has to find you.

Ella: How does he do that?

Henry: In most versions, you leave him a sign... The glass slipper... Which he uses to find the girl who fits it.

Ella: Wha... That is ridiculous. Do you know how many girls have the same size foot as me?

Henry: Yeah.

Ella: Mm.

Henry: A plot hole. For sure.

Ella: And, uh, I don't believe in signs.

She gets off the bike.

Henry: Well, that's how it goes. Usually.

Ella: Well, maybe it could use a twist?

She punches Henry in the face. He falls of his bike.

Ella: Thanks for the lesson.

She bikes away.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Jacinda comes back home.

Sabine: Whoa, whoa! What're you doing home so early?

Jacinda: I quit.

Sabine: What?

Jacinda: You know, Louie, he's...

Sabine: Yeah, I know what Louie is. He's what you grin and bear so that the singles in the rent jar don't get lonely.

Jacinda: I'll figure something out.

Sabine: What's your step-mom gonna say? You know, she wasn't thrilled to let you have custody of Lucy with a job.

Jacinda: So now... She's not gonna say a thing, because she is never gonna know. Here. Speaking of that uptight crone, it's time for Lucy to go to her. She almost ready?

Sabine: Don't know. Door's been closed all morning.

Jacinda: If she's still asleep... Her grandma will kill me if she's late!


Jacinda opens Lucy’s door bedroom.

Jacinda: Hey! Lucy? Hey! Oh, no! I'm gonna kill her!

Lucy is gone.

Jacinda: My step-mother's gonna kill the both of us.


Victoria Belfrey is coming at the Belfrey’s tower.


Ivy is warning everybody about Victoria’s arrival.

Ivy: She's coming up! Come on, people, look alive! You, clean that up! You, take off that ridiculous tie! Everybody look busy! And remember, not eye contact!

Elevator’s door opens on Victoria.

Ivy: Good morning.

Victoria: Is it? So tell me, how is it that I have three assistants and none of them know where my granddaughter is? Why wasn't she at the house?

Ivy: I don't know. I've been trying to get a hold of Jacinda all day.

Victoria: Stop trying. Start succeeding. Or must I do everything myself?

–[A New Realm – Past]–

Lady Tremaine is at her home.

Lady Tremaine: So you’re Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. You're not very impressive without your wings.

The fairy is waking up.

Fairy Godmother: My wings... They're gone!

Lady Tremaine: I cut them off. While you were sleeping. Surprise.

Fairy Godmother: But why? Why are you doing this?

Lady Tremaine: Consider it a "teaching moment" for my other daughter.

Drizella: Are you done here, Mother? I have a ball to get to, and the Prince won't...

Lady Tremaine: Isn't going anywhere, Drizella. And if you're going to be a princess, you need to understand what real power looks like.

Drizella: You have her wand. Can I?

Lady Tremaine: Never rely on magic. Magic isn't power... Because magic can be taken. But fear... Fear lasts forever.

Drizella: Of course, Mother. I'm sorry.

Lady Tremaine: As you should be. I suppose there's no harm in using this wand just the once. How does this work? Something like... Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

Lady Tremaine kills the Fairy Godmother.

Lady Tremaine: I guess that was it. If Cinderella ever returns, have her clean that up.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Lucy is at the well. Her mother parks her car and runs to her.

Jacinda: Lucy! Hey! What are you doing?

Lucy: Making a wish before Grandma demolishes this whole place for condos.

Jacinda: Demolishes what place, baby? This? It's just a sad and a random lot.

Lucy: No... This used to be a garden. Things used to grow here. They can again. Right. See, I found this quarter right here. It's a sign. Things can change.

Jacinda: I don't believe in signs. Throwing that in there, it's just a waste of a quarter.

Lucy: Not if the wish comes true.

Jacinda: Okay… Uh... Still empty.

Lucy: Give it time.

Jacinda: Okay, now come on. Got to get you ready for ballet class. You already got me in enough trouble with my step-mom today.

Lucy: Sorry.

Jacinda: Yeah, I know. Where did you go anyway?

Lucy: I found my dad.


Henry is drinking a coffee at Roni’s. Jacinda enters.

Roni: Oh, hey, Jacinda. How's it going?

Jacinda: Great. Lucy's stealing computers now so... That's new.

Roni: Never a dull moment with that kid.

Jacinda: Speaking of my little felon... You must be Henry… I'm so sorry about all this. I don't know what's gotten into her, but I promise you, it won't happen again.

Henry is watching Jacinda.

Jacinda: What?

Henry: Oh... Oh, oh... No... Uh, nothing. Nothing. I'm just, uh, relieved. And I was starting to wonder if I really did have a kid. But clearly I don't, because meeting you... I would definitely remember.

Jacinda: Well, that's a... Yeah.

Roni: Looks like you two kids need an ice breaker. On the house.

Jacinda: Cheers.

–[A New Realm – Past]–

Cinderella comes to the bal. She sees her step-mother and her step-sister. She is trying to hide.

Tiana: Oh, frog legs. No... No, thank you.

Henry is following Cinderella. She is walking to the prince.

Alice: Drink?

Henry takes a glass of wine.

Henry: May I have this dance?

Ella: Thanks, but I'm not really the dancing type.

Henry: Yeah, I picked up on that. Brought your lucky flower... A hyacinth. I promise not to knock you over again...

Ella: It is lovely.

Henry: One dance.

Cinderella and Henry are dancing.

Ella: If you're here about your headless horse, it's out back.

Henry: Actually... I'm less concerned with that than the dagger you stole.

Ella: I don't know what you're talking about.

Henry: Oh, really? Then what's this? It has my initials engraved on the hilt. "H.M." Henry Mills.

Ella: Are you crazy?

Henry: You didn't come here to fall in love with the Prince, did you?

Ella: No, I didn't… I came here to kill him.

Henry: Why would you do that?

Ella: 'Cause that "prince" took everything from me. He killed my father, and I've been locked up sweeping floors ever since.

Henry: You're gonna throw your life away for revenge? Once you kill him, they'll kill you. That's not a happy ending.

Ella: There is no happy ending for me.

Henry: Maybe things are changing. Maybe me crashing into your carriage was a sign you can start over.

Ella: I told you, I don't believe in signs.

Henry: What if I told you I know a place. A land where people start over all the time. I'm going back tonight. You can come with me… Start over. Find your own story.

Ella: Sounds lovely, but... My father, he meant the world to me. I just can't let it go.

Henry: No, no, no! No, hey, wait!

Cinderella runs to meet the prince. Henry falls on the floor, he has been drugged.

Henry: What did you do?


Henry wakes up in a cave.

Alice: You should really be more careful what you drink… I'm Alice.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Tilly knocks on a door.

Tilly: I need to see Weaver.


They enter in a factory. Weaver is drowning a guy.

Man: Someone to see you, Weaver.

Weaver: What?

Tilly: There's someone new in town. Thought you'd want to know.


Henry and Jacinda have a drink together.

Henry: So... I take it there's no father in the picture?

Jacinda: Well, there was this guy, but it was just a fling. Not my proudest moment, but, uh, it gave me Lucy. And I wouldn't change that for the world… As for the rest of my life...

Henry: Hm. Not too happy with your story? What would you change?

Jacinda: Well, every day on my way to work, I see this island out in the bay. And I always imagine... What if Lucy and I had a little home there? There's a lighthouse, and gardens, and it just looks like the kind of place where people live quiet, happy lives. I guess it's not much of a story.

Henry: I think it sounds perfect.

Victoria enters.

Roni: The bar's yours at midnight, Victoria. Take a hike till then.

Victoria: Happy to... As soon as Jacinda tells me what the hell is going on. Lucy is sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night to meet up with some strange man?

Henry: I can explain that.

Jacinda: It's okay, Henry. This isn't your fault. I'll fix it.

Victoria: How? By day-drinking? If I remember, that's how we ended up with Lucy in the first place.

Jacinda: That's not fair.

Victoria: Life isn't fair, Jacinda… Lucy needs some stability. She needs someone she can count on.

Jacinda: What are you saying?

Victoria: As of tomorrow, Lucy moves back in with me, permanently.

Jacinda leaves the bar.

Henry: Well, I'm starting to understand the whole Cinderella thing.

Victoria: I don't know what you're doing here, but you're not helping anyone. Lucy is a lonely little girl, Mr. Mills. Whatever hole you're trying to fill... She's not your answer. So do her a favour, and go back to your books. Your fairy lands. Whatever nonsense you write. Because in this world... The real world... People get hurt. And if that happens, you'll be sorry you ever stepped foot on this street.


Henry is in the street, he can’t find his car.


Henry enters at the police station.

Henry: Hey. Hello. I think my car was stolen.

Desk Sergeant: Really? That sucks.

Henry: Yeah. So... Can you look for it?

Desk Sergeant: Sure. No problem. How 'bout I, uh, look under my desk here. Nope... I'm stumped.

Rogers: Don't worry. I'll help you. Some of us still care about police work. Some of us still want to help people.

Desk Sergeant: Have at it, Eagle Scout.

Rogers: So what happened, mate? Missing auto? All right. Here. Fill this out.

Henry: How long's this gonna take?

Rogers: Well, that's hard to tell. I'll call around the impound lots, but honestly... Most people find them stripped in a parking lot somewhere. So our best bet's hitting the pavement.

Henry: Yeah. Okay. Fine. Whatever it takes. I got to get out of this place.

–[A New Realm – Past]–

Henry is trying to free himself.

Henry: Can you get me out of this, please?

Alice: Out of what?

Henry is freed.

Henry: Wait, "Alice"? You're the Alice? From Wonderland?

Alice: And other places. You have one weird trip and it's all anyone knows about you.

Henry: Okay, well, I don't know what this is all about, Alice from... Wherever, but I got to get back now.

Alice: Oh, no. Mm. You can't do that.

Henry: Why not?

Alice: Because this isn't your story, Henry Mills.

Henry: How do you know who I am?

Alice: I don't... But Rumplestiltskin does.

Henry: You know Rumple?

Alice: Don't you know by now your grandpa knows everyone? He's watching out for you.

Henry: Okay, look, I don't have time for mind games.

Alice: This isn't a game. Trust me. When it's not your story... Bad things happen.

Henry: You gonna stop me?

Alice: Oh, no. When bad things happen... I want to be far, far away. Forget that Cinderella and go home.

Henry: When someone needs help, I help them.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Lucy casts some seeds in the garden. Henry comes.

Henry: Been looking for you.

Lucy: So, tell me. I want to hear everything.

Henry: My car was stolen.

Lucy: What?

Henry: You didn't help with that in any way, did you?

Lucy: Of course not. My feet can't even reach the pedal.

Henry: Mm-hmm. Well, if you remember anything, you let me know. Okay?

Lucy: Wait. Where are you going?

Henry: To look for my car, and then I'm... Going home.

Lucy: But you are home.

Henry: Lucy, listen to me. Your mom is really nice. And I get the feeling that you don't have the easiest life, and I'm sorry about that, but I am not the one who can save you.

Lucy: You still don't believe me. But you always believe!

Henry: I can't go through this again.

Lucy: Wait! It didn't happen right away with Emma either.

Henry: Lucy, it was just a book. You are not my daughter.

Lucy: But how do you know that?

Henry: Because I know.

Lucy: That's the curse.

Henry: Stop it, Lucy! It's not a curse! I know because I had a family, okay? And I lost them.

Lucy: What?

Henry: I had a family. I had a wife and a kid that I loved more than anything, and... Lucy, there was a fire... And they died.

Lucy: No. No, those are your cursed memories. I'm your daughter and my mom is your wife and your true love!

Henry: But Lucy, listen to me. I would give anything for another chance at a family, but...

Lucy: You don't need another chance. We are your family. Please, you have to believe me. You have to. It's why you can't write. You're waiting for the perfect first sentence. But no story is perfect. It just needs to start.

Henry: I'm sorry, Lucy. I really am.

Henry leaves. Jacinda parks her car in the garden.

Jacinda: Get in.

Lucy: Why? Where are we going?

Jacinda: To live our story.


The car is dead.

Jacinda: Shoot! Damn it! Stupid car!

Lucy: It's not the car. It's the curse. It wants us to stay here.

Jacinda: Come on, baby. We're walking.

–[A New Realm – Past]–

The Prince and Cinderella are talking.

Prince: I must say, when my father suggested this garish affair as a way to find a royal bride, I had my doubts. But who knew I'd find a girl as stunning as you...

She draws Henry’s dagger.

Ella: You don't recognize me, do you? Simple girl from a simple family that you destroyed.

She’s about to kill the Prince.

Ella: I can't.

Prince: Thank you. You won't re...

Lady Tremaine stabs the Prince in his back.

Lady Tremaine: You never quite manage to finish your chores, do you Cinderella?

Ella: What?

Lady Tremaine: That fool rejected my Drizella. His younger brother, now... There's a man of taste. He's taken quite a shine to my girl. I had hoped that you would do my dirt work for me. But at least there's one thing you can still do... Guards! This woman assassinated the Prince!

Cinderella runs away.


She meets Henry.

Ella: Henry.

Henry: Take my bike and wait for me where we first met. The portal to my land opens at midnight. You'll be safe there. You need to go!

Lady Tremaine: Stop that girl! That girl killed the Prince!

They fight the guards. Cinderella escapes.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

At the station, Henry is disappointed: nobody can’t find his car.

Henry: Really? You checked every lot and chop shop and none of them have my car?

Rogers: Yes. And seeing as I'm the only one here willing to help you, you might want to curb your agitation a bit.

Henry: Sorry.

Rogers: Look, I'm on your side. Just give me time.

Victoria: Officer Rogers, whatever you're working on can wait.

Rogers: Ms. Belfrey, what can I do for you?

Victoria: Find my granddaughter.

Henry: Lucy's missing?

Victoria: Mr. Mills, you're still here.

Henry: Believe me, I'm trying not to be. Just need to find my car.

Victoria: Hm. Jacinda's also missing. I don't suppose you have any idea where they ran off to, do you?

Henry: Uh... No.

Victoria: Mr. Mills... I do know what you think of me, but I do care about my girls.

Henry: You sure have a funny way of showing it.

Victoria: Jacinda tends to make mistakes. But if she wants to build a better life for herself and her daughter, she simply can't do it by running away from her problems… Tell me what you know. You want your car back? Help me find my girls.


Lucy sits on a bench.

Lucy: I'm not going!

Jacinda: Lucy, no. Hey. We can't stay.

Lucy: No.

Jacinda: Listen, baby... There's something you don't know… Grandma wants you to live with her. Permanently.

Lucy: What? Why?

Jacinda: It doesn't matter. See that island over there? That's where our story begins, Luce. That's where we can have a fresh start. Together.

Lucy: But what about Henry and breaking the curse?

Jacinda: You have such a big and beautiful imagination. And I know why you want to believe in fairy tales. Because life is hard. You got to believe in something. But just this once, can you believe in me?

Lucy: I believe, Mom. I believe in you.

Lucy hugs her mother. A cop car arrives.

Ivy: Lucy, come here. Now. Your grandmother is worried sick.

Jacinda: Just not worried enough to show up. How'd you find us?

Ivy: Mr. Mills told us about your little island fantasy.

Rogers: He was only trying to help.

Lucy: That's not true. He... He wouldn't do that.

Ivy: The truth hurts more than fiction. Speaking of which...

Ivy takes Lucy’s book.

Lucy: No!

Ivy: Officer Rogers, can you please put this in evidence? Or get rid of it. Or destroy it. Or... I don't care. It has caused enough trouble.

Ivy takes Lucy. Rogers opens the book and sees something strange.

Ivy: Everything okay?

Rogers: Yeah, everything's okay.


Henry has his car back. Jacinda walks to him.

Jacinda: They found it, hm?

Henry: Yeah. Cops found it abandoned on the side of the road. Nothing taken. No damage. Doesn't make any sense.

Tilly is spying on them.

Jacinda: Yeah, well, life doesn't make any sense sometimes. But you got what you wanted, so that's good. For you. I hope it was worth it.

Henry: Look, I didn't ask to be dragged into your family drama.

Jacinda: Goodbye, Henry Mills. And good luck on that second book.

–[A New Realm – Past]–

Henry rides to the place he meets Cinderella.

Henry: Cinderella! Cinderella, I'm here! Cinderella?! Yeah, I know. I was crazy to think she'd come. Ah, you get it.

It’s midnight, the portal to Storybrooke is opened. Henry sees a Glass Slipper. He decides to not get through the portal.

Henry: Operation Glass Slipper is a go.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Rogers comes back to the station.

Desk Sergeant: Hey, Eagle Scout. I hear congrats are in order.

Rogers: What are you talking about?

Desk Sergeant: You made detective. Looks like somebody has a fairy godmother. Ms. Belfrey must have taken a liking to you. Come on, I'll introduce you to your new partner.

Rogers and the Sergeant walk to the new partner.

Weaver: So I tell the punk, "Go ahead. Give me the finger one more time, and you'll be picking it off the floor."

Cop: And did he?

Weaver: No. But I broke his finger anyway.

Desk Sergeant: Hey, Detective. Special delivery for ya. Meet your new partner.

Weaver: A pleasure... Detective… We'll do great work together.


Roni is thinking about sell her bar to Victoria.

Roni: Nah. I don't think I'm gonna give you my bar today.

Victoria: What? We had a deal.

Roni: Yeah, well, that was yesterday.

Victoria: And what happened today?

Roni: Your step-daughter... She inspired me.

Victoria: By running away?

Roni: By not giving in to you. You're so used to pushing people around, I think it's time you felt what it's like when someone pushes back.

Victoria: You can't win.

Roni: Maybe… Maybe not. Today... I watched you march into my bar acting like you own the place. And you know what? I didn't like it. And I realized... If I sign this piece of paper you will own this place. And that I really don't like… This is my bar. It's my home… It's my life.


Jacinda walks to the restaurant and enters.

Roni: Sure, it's seen better days, but that doesn't mean it won't have better days again. And just because life isn't what you want it to be right now, doesn't mean you should tear it down.

She apologizes and gets her job back.


Roni: I started thinking about all the things I want to do and have that I'm not doing or having.

Henry walks to the grave yard with flower.

Henry: Excuse me? This is 10th and Oak, right?

Pedestrian: Uh-huh.

Henry: Shouldn't there be a cemetery right here?

Pedestrian: Not that I know of. Been like this long as I can remember.


Rogers opens Lucy’s book.

Roni: And how everyone in this neighbourhood seems to have given up imagining what a better life might look like...

He finds Emma Swan’s picture.

Roni: But if we can admit to ourselves what we want is out there somewhere...


Jacinda find a coin in the restaurant.

Roni: Then maybe we can fight for it. And if we do that... Then we're halfway to getting it.

Henry is back home, sits at his desk.

Roni: That's the thing about the people of this town...

Jacinda walks to the well.

Roni: Things can seem... Hopeless.

Jacinda makes a wish.

Roni: When suddenly, someone gives the rest of us... Inspiration.

Henry starts to write.

Roni: Because the first step to a new beginning... Is imagining that one is even possible.

A hyacinth grows.


Roni: And I'll be damned if I stand by and let a bully like you... Take that away from us anymore. Now if you'll excuse me.

Victoria: You'll regret this, Roni.

Roni: Uh, doubtful. Regret's not really my thing.

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Emmalyne  (13.10.2017 à 09:24)

L'épisode est pas trop mal mais sans plus.

J'ai du mal avec la nouvelle cendrillon, l'actrice n'est pas vraiment bonne dans le rôle. Elle semble fragile alors que cette cendrillon est sensée être une badass. On va voir ce que va donner la suite.

J'ai envie d'en savoir plus sur les "méchantes" de l'histoire, ces personnages ont l'air vraiment intéressants.

A voir pour la suite, pour le moment, je suis toujours mitigée.

stella5  (10.10.2017 à 22:19)

dans l'ensemble j'ai aimé cet épisode.

j'ai quand même du mal avec les nouvelles identités de rumple, hook, regina ça va encore. mais j'ai du mal à ne pas pensé à leurs histoires passés pendant les six dernières saisons, j'espère vraiment qu'on aura de vraies réponses.

les nouveaux personnages, j'aime bien lucy, henry, la nouvelle cendrillon, javotte, tiana ... beaucoup de mal avec l'actrice qui joue la belle mère de cendrillon (dsl) et alice j'ai du mal aussi...

alors bien sûr beaucoup de questions, je suis curieuse donc je vais forcemment continuer.

natas  (08.10.2017 à 16:46)

ça bien marché sur moi !

Je regarde la série un peu comme ça, il y a des saisons que j'ai aimé d'autre moins, et je ne revisionnerai jamais la série... Mais j'ai voulu tenter ce reboot et je trouve plutôt sympatique.

J'aime le trio principal, le nouveau Henri, cendrillon et leur fille.

cendrillon a toujours été un de mes personnages préféré et cette version est plutôt cool !

donc je continue et la saison pourrait bien me plaire !

Sas1608  (08.10.2017 à 09:26)

Bon début de saison. C'est vrai que les personnages qui sont partis ne nous manquent pas trop, puisqu'il y a l'introduction des nouveaux. 

Par contre, je ne peux pas avec Dania Ramirez... Je trouve qu'elle joue mal, je n'accroche pas du tout à cette actrice. Dommage car le personnage de Cendrillon a l'air sympa.

Alice est mystérieuse et donc intéressante.

Javotte, je sens que je vais bien l'apprécier, je ne connaissais pas l'actrice dans Reign, mais elle me parait pas mal. 

Victoria semble vraiment méchante, mais hâte de voir ses vraies motivations. 

On a pas trop vu Tiana encore, mais ce personnage a l'air bien aussi.

Les nouvelles versions de Régina, Hook, et Rumple... faut s'y habituer. Rumple, toujours là pour faire le mauvais boulot ! 

J'aime bien Roni en tant que barmaid. 

Ce premier épisode donne quand même envie de voir la suite. Même si, on voit bien que c'est vraiment un nouveau départ pour Once Upon A Time. Pour moi, c'est une série différente. 


sanct08  (20.09.2017 à 11:54)

Un épisode qui sera suûrement classique dans le sens où le synopsis présenté ressemble presque traits pour traits au synopsis du pilote de la série originale. Il faut attendre et voir ce que ça donne maintenant.


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