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#622 : La Bataille finale, deuxième partie

Henry se réveille dans une Storybrooke maudite et découvre qu'Emma a été enfermée à l'asile, tandis que la Fée Noire est devenue maire de la ville. Henry tente d'aider Emma à recouvrer lamémoire alors que Gold cherche à découvrir ce qui est réellement arrivé à Belle.

Pendant ce temps, Blanche-Neige, Charmant, Regina, Zelena etCrochet sont piégés dans un Royaume enchanté au bord de la destruction, essayant de trouver un moyen de rejoindre Emma et Henry.


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Titre VO
The Final Battle (Part 2)

Titre VF
La Bataille finale, deuxième partie

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Episodes 6x21 & 6x22 The Final Battle Sneak Peek (VO)
Episodes 6x21 & 6x22 The Final Battle Sneak Peek (VO)


Episodes 6x21 & 6x22 The Final Battle Sneak Peek #2 (VO)
Episodes 6x21 & 6x22 The Final Battle Sneak Peek #2 (VO)



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–[Enchanted Forest - Future]–

Lucy comes to the place where the cave was. It’s destroyed. Tiger Lily comes to her.

Tiger Lily: Your father wouldn't want you in tears. Not on his behalf.

Lucy: Tiger Lily. What happened here? Where is Father?

Tiger Lily: I don't know. But I do know that it's clear he fought valiantly so you could escape.

Lucy: I never should've left. I should've fought with him!

Tiger Lily: No. You were right to follow his instructions. Because you did, the book is safe. We need to take it to your mother now. She'll be waiting.

Lucy: But what about Father?

Tiger Lily: You'll be reunited one day. I promise. The Fairies have foreseen it.

Lucy: They have? W-We're going to be okay?

Tiger Lily: The future is cloudy, but you will be reunited. After that... You just need to learn the lesson imparted by this book… Never lose hope.

–[Storybrooke - Curse]–

Fiona shows Henry the cinder of the storybook.

Henry: It... It can't be.

Fiona: Well, I'm afraid it is. Your Story Book. Or what's left of it.

Henry: No way. My mom would never burn it.

Fiona: Oh, but she did. Whatever last bit of belief she clung to went up in smoke, just like the pages of your precious book.

Henry: Not even you could destroy her belief completely.

Fiona: If that's so, then why is she packing for Boston at this very moment?

Henry: I'll stop you.

Fiona: Oh, haven't you already tried that? Look where it got you.

Henry: It's not just me. It's my family. We won't let you win.

Fiona: Oh, haven't I mentioned the consequences of Emma's lost belief? Your family isn't going to exist long enough to save themselves, let alone your mother.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

Hook and David are getting down from the giant bean as fast as the can.

Hook: Hurry, mate!

David: Yeah, I know!

Hook: Aah!

Hook slides from the tree. David catches his hand.

David: Hook!

Hook: Aah!

Hook falls.

David: Hoooook!

Hook: Aah!

The giant bean is collapsing.


Snow White feels something is wrong with David.

Snow White: Charming. Something's wrong.

Regina: Where? I'll get us there.

Snow White: I don't know.

Jasmine: Then let's go find him.


Snow White and Jasmine are in the wood.

Snow White: David! David?! David! David!

Snow White finds Hook.

Hook: Hello there, mummy.

Jasmine: "Mummy?"

Snow White: Oh, there was a... There was a wedding. And yeah, that is still going to take some getting used to. Uh, what happened?

Hook: Well, first, I fell, and then... And then it fell, but we managed to get this.

Hook shows Snow White a magic bean.

Snow White: Great! Where's David?

Hook: You mean he's not here?

Snow White: David?!

Jasmine: He was on that?

Snow White: David?!

Hook: We should start searching. This beanstalk goes on for miles.

Snow White: No, you're getting back to the castle. Take the bean. Get to Emma and Henry. Don't worry about David. I'll find him. The realms are disappearing. We don't have much time. Get to Emma. It's important. Make her believe again.

–[Storybrooke - Curse]–

Emma puts her stuff in her car. Henry joins her.

Henry: So it's true. You're really leaving Storybrooke.

Emma: It's what's best for both of us, kid.

Henry: Don't you get it? This is what she wants. The Black Fairy cast the curse so all this would get you to leave.

Emma: This is why I have to go, because you still believe this nonsense is true.

Henry: It is.

Emma: Henry, stop… Don't get me wrong. I am so happy you found me. And I'm so happy I got to know my son. But it's so clear now. Coming to Storybrooke wasn't good for either of us.

Henry: You're wrong.

Emma: Look where I ended up. Look at you. Look at your arm… It sent us on a dangerous path. I got to get back to Boston and back to my life. And so do you.

Henry: She did it… You really don't believe?

Emma: There's nothing to believe… Goodbye, kid.

She kisses her son.

Emma: I love you.


Emma leaves Storybrooke.


Emma comes back in her apartment. She finds a notebook in her handbag.

Henry: You might not think this story's true. But I know that it is. And it can still have a happy ending.

Emma’s phone rings. She answers.

Emma: Hello?

Boss: Hey, Swan, I got your message. You back?

Emma: Yeah, I'm back.

Boss: Great. Ready to go to work? 'Cause I got a guy who jumped bail... A perfect mark for your "first date" trick. What do you say?

Emma: Sounds good.

Emma opens the notebook.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

Hook is back at the castle.

Regina: And you left Snow behind?

Hook: But I have the bean. And that's the priority... Getting back home to Emma, to Henry. She'll find David. She always does.

Regina looks at the bean. It’s petrified.

Regina: Well, we have a problem.

Hook: What the devil happened to it?

Regina: Emma. Her lack of belief. It's sapping the magic from everything here.

Hook: Well, can't you fix it? Make it work?

Regina: Well, I can't. I'm... I don't... Have enough power.

Zelena: Of course you do, sis… With a little help from, well, yourself.

Regina: The Evil Queen.

Hook: Your evil half is here?

Regina: Well, she's not evil. Not completely. And yes, she's here.

Hook: And you trust here?

Regina: Well, of course I do. She's me. And remember, Henry's her son, too.


Snow White is looking for David into the woods.

Snow White: David! David!

She finds him.

Snow White: No, no, no! No, no! Please, no! Please, no! Please, no! No.

She kisses David. He wakes up.

David: You found me.

Snow White: Did you ever doubt I would?

David: Truthfully, the beanstalk that fell on me gave me pause. Snow, we're gonna be fine. Darkness never wins. It just fools you into thinking it does.

Snow White: I love you, Charming.

David: I love you, Snow.

They kiss.

David: Let's go.

–[Storybrooke - Curse]–

Henry enters in Mr. Gold’s shop.

Henry: Mr. Gold?

Mr. Gold: And where do you think you're going to, young man?

Henry walks into the shop.

Mr. Gold: That room is off limits to customers…

Henry: I'm not a customer. I'm your grandson.

Mr. Gold: Is that so?

Henry: Yep.

Mr. Gold: You must've hit your head pretty badly. Now, if you don't mind, I got work to do, so... Please.


Henry enters in the back room. He takes off a sheet on a table. Mr. Gold does some magic.

Henry: You're awake. I know what magic looks like. What are you up to, Grandpa?

Mr. Gold: Clever under any circumstances, aren't you, my boy?

Henry: Why have you been pretending?

Mr. Gold: Because, believe it or not, I didn't entirely trust my mother when she cast the curse. And, as usual, I was right not to… Our agreement wasn't to put me in this pathetic circumstance here without Belle… She betrayed me. Again.

Henry: What are you planning?

Mr. Gold: To find out her true intentions. She told me Belle was off to see the world, but I know better. She'd keep her here for leverage, just in case.

Henry: Well, Belle's gonna have to wait. Everyone back in the Enchanted Forest is in danger because the Black Fairy made Emma stop believing. You got to help me save my family. Our family. And then we can find Belle.

Mr. Gold: I'm sorry, Henry, you're on your own. All I care about right now is Belle.

Henry: Fine. But if you're not gonna help, at least let me take something that can help me.

Mr. Gold: And what exactly did you have in mind?

Henry: Actually... There's two things.


Henry is at the beach ant he takes a suitcase with him. Henry speaks through a mirror.

Henry: So, uh, I'm not sure if any of you on the other side are listening, but if you are, I'm sorry. I tried my best to keep Emma from losing belief, but it wasn't good enough.

Henry lays the mirror on a tree.

Henry: But that doesn't mean I'm going down without a fight.

Henry takes Charming’s sword.

Henry: If Emma's not around to take on the Black Fairy, then I will.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

Regina, Hook, Zelena and the Evil Queen are looking Henry.

Regina: He's going alone. But how could he win against her if Emma couldn't?

Hook: He's a tough boy.

Regina: Get that bean working now.

Evil Queen: I'm sorry, Regina, but even with our magic combined, it will still take time.

Regina: We don't have time.

David and Snow White are coming.

David: It's on the outskirts of the forest and moving fast.

Snow White: The magic's almost here.

Zelena: "Almost." I'm afraid that's a bit of an understatement… It is here.

David: Let's round everyone up, get them to safety.

The Evil Queen stops following the other.

Regina: What the hell are you doing?

Evil Queen: I'm going to hold it off as long as I can.

Regina: You'll die!

Evil Queen: It'll give you a chance to get to the courtyard… Go to the center of the castle. You can survive long enough there to get the bean to work. You just need time. Let me give that to you.

Regina: Regina.

Evil Queen: Go. He's my son, too… He needs at least one of us.

Regina leaves and the Evil Queen uses her power on the magic.


Everyone is reunited in a room.

Regina: Everyone, to the center, quickly!

Snow White: Close together!

Regina uses her power.


The magic takes the Evil Queen.


The castle is collapsing.

–[Storybrooke - Curse]–

Henry walks to the town hall.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

The magic is about to takes Snow White, David, Hook, Regina and Zelena.

–[Storybrooke - Curse]–

Henry is about to fight against Fiona. Emma stops him.

Emma: Not so fast.

Henry: You came back.

Emma: Yeah. I did, kid.

Henry: Does that mean you... You remember?

Emma: I... Found the book you left. I was about to take another job and... And then I thought about this woman you wrote about who was a hero with a family and a Saviour who never ran from a battle and...

Henry: You.

Emma: Well, I'm not sure that it's me, Henry, but, um... But it's who I want to be… So I don't remember all the crazy stuff you told me, but... I believe it.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

The destruction is stopped.

Regina: What happened?

Snow White: Emma. She's back!

–[Storybrooke - Curse]–

Mr. Gold enchanted Belle’s book. It leads him to a house.


He enters in the house. Belle is running from him.

Mr. Gold: Belle?

He follows her in the kitchen.

Mr. Gold: Belle?

Belle: I don't want to leave! I don't want to leave! Please!

She locks her in a room.

Mr. Gold: Belle.

Belle: How do you know my name?

Mr. Gold: I can explain if you give me a chance.

Belle: Just leave me alone, okay? I'm safe here.

Mr. Gold: Belle, I know this is difficult to understand... But... You're not like this. The Black Fairy did this to you. Changed you… I promise you, the woman who did this, I am gonna make her pay.


Fiona enters in Mr. Gold’s shop.

Gideon: Madame Mayor, what's wrong? Are you here to pick up your watch?

Fiona: No, I'm not here for my watch. I'm here because Emma Swan is back.

Gideon: Uh, sorry. I don't understand. Are you all right? Do you need something?

Fiona: Indeed I do. There's a Fairy wand in this shop. My Fairy wand. And I need it back now.

Gideon: A Fairy wand? Perhaps I should call my father. He'll know what to do.

Gideon takes the phone.

Fiona: Drop it! Now. The last thing I need is Gold getting involved.

Gideon: Why did I do that? I didn't want to do that.

Fiona: Despite what your father thinks, I still have your heart. You have to do whatever I say. So start looking for that wand now.

Fiona takes Henry’s note.

Gideon: What is that?

Fiona: The runes that Henry scribbled. It's an ancient language long lost to time. I need the wand to translate it. It holds the key to winning the Final Battle.

Gideon: Is... This what you were looking for?

Fiona: Yes. Yes, it is. It's been centuries since I felt its power.

Fiona takes her wand and translates Henry’s note.

Fiona: Wonderful. Time to go to work, Gideon.


Emma enters in le Mayor’s office, she is looking for Fiona.


Mr. Gold enters in his shop. He finds his mother.

Fiona: Ah. Hello, Mr. Gold. I was just here to pick up my watch.

Mr. Gold: No, you weren't... Mother.

Fiona: Of course… You know, I only separated you from Belle for your own good.

Mr. Gold: She's my wife.

Fiona: And a terrible one. She would convince you to go against your dark instincts. I couldn't let that happen… But once the Final Battle is won, the curse on Belle and Gideon will be lifted, and I will have unchecked powers Not even the laws of magic will apply… I can make them love you without you having to give up being the Dark One… Don't you realize? You can finally have it all.

Mr. Gold: No... I can't… I won't trust you. All you care about's yourself.

Fiona: I care about you! Always have! And I worked tirelessly to reunite us! And now we can be a family again... And not just with Belle and Gideon.

Mr. Gold: What do you mean by that?

Fiona: With my new powers, I can bring back the dead… Like Baelfire. Your first son that you lost… All your desires can be had.

Mr. Gold: Your magic will really allow us to have it all?

Fiona: Without a doubt.

Fiona hugs her son.

Mr. Gold: Well, there's just one problem… All magic comes with a price.

Mr. Gold takes back the wand.

Mr. Gold: And I'm no longer willing to pay it. You will not be winning any battle. And you are gonna suffer for what you did to Belle and Gideon.

Fiona: You may think that you can stop me, but that doesn't mean the Final Battle is over. After all, I'm not the one who's going to kill the Saviour. That's what I learned from the runes. Darkness can't snuff out the light. It's not strong enough. Only light can snuff out light.

Mr. Gold: Gideon. You have his heart.

Fiona: Yes. And I commanded him to kill the Saviour… Not even my death can stop that. In fact, I suspect it would ensure it.

Mr. Gold: Well... There's only one way to find out.

Mr. Gold kills his mother. The curse is broken.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

Snow White, David, Hook, Regina and Zelena leave the Enchanted Forest.


Emma and Henry are walking in the town hall.

Emma: I remember.

Gideon comes.

Gideon: Just in time, Saviour.

Emma: Henry. Go!


Belle comes in the shop.

Belle: Rumple?

Mr. Gold: Belle.

Belle: Yeah. I'm awake. The curse is broken.

Mr. Gold: When I killed her.

Belle: You killed your mother? W-Where's Gideon?

Mr. Gold: I don't know. Still under her control. But I think I know who to ask. Henry.

Belle: C-Can you stop him?

Mr. Gold: I don't intend to stop him. I intend to save him.


Emma and Gideon enter in Regina’s office.

Emma: Gideon. You don't want to do this.

Gideon: You can't win.

Emma: Maybe. But I also can't give up.

Henry knocks out Gideon.

Emma: Henry! Let's go. Go!

Emma and Henry get out of the office. Emma locks the door with a spell.


Henry: You did it.

Emma: Kinda. That won't hold very long.

Henry: It's okay. The Black Fairy's got his heart. Gold's gonna get it. Everything's gonna be fine.

Emma: I appreciate your optimism, kid, but we got to go.


Mr. Gold and Belle are looking for Gideon’s heart into the mines.

Belle: You think his heart's down here?

Mr. Gold: I know my mother. This is where she'd hide it. If I find it...

Belle is in pain.

Belle: Aah!

Mr. Gold: Belle, you all right?

Belle: My ankle. I think it's twisted.

Mr. Gold: Well, let me fix it.

Belle: No, no! Just go ahead. We're racing against the clock. I'll only slow you down. Go. Save Emma! Save our son!


Emma and Henry are in the street.

Emma: Can you see him?

Henry: We lost him. But he won't be far behind.

Emma: I'm so sorry that I ever doubted you.

Henry: I know. It's okay. It was the curse. I'm just happy it's broken.

Snow White: We are, too.

Emma: Oh, Dad.

Emma hugs her parents. Henry hugs Regina.

Emma: Some honeymoon, huh?

Hook: Oh, we'll get there. We'll get there.

Emma: Okay.


Mr. Gold finds Gideon’s heart.


Henry: She left him with one last command. Kill you no matter what.

Hook: Well, then we'll kill him.

Regina: No. It's a trap. If Gideon kills Emma, then light will be destroyed. And if Emma kills him, then she'll darken herself and light will be destroyed anyway.

Snow White: You don't have to kill him. Just hold him off until Gold gets his heart.

Emma: Well, there's no holding him off. But she is right. It's a trap, and it's perfect. No matter what, darkness wins.

Regina: I'm not telling you to give up. You can't. Emma, you of all people should know, there's always a third way… Remember when you first came to Storybrooke? We hated each other.

Emma: Regina.

Regina: No, it's true. I was Henry's mother, but you said you were. And we fought. And oh, boy, did we ever fight… But you found a third way. We were both his mother… Earlier today, I saw my evil half... Be selfless… She saved us all. I never saw that coming. Just like however you're going to get out of this, you haven't seen yet… But you will.

Emma: Sounds like you're talking about hope.

Regina: Something you taught me all those years ago when... You didn't give up on me.

Emma: What should I do?

Regina: You'll know when the time comes.

Gideon appears, he threatens Snow White.

Gideon: I'm afraid that time has indeed come.

David: Son of a bitch!

Emma: Dad, stop! I got this… Let her go.


Mr. Gold takes the heart.

Mr. Gold: There's your heart, Gideon. Now let's save you. Let's stop you.

Dark One: But why would you stop him? Now, remember what Mother said. "With the death of the Saviour, you can have it all."

Mr. Gold: You're nothing but a devil on my shoulder.

Dark One: Doesn't mean to say I'm wrong, dearie. This is our last chance to finally get everything. Love and power. All you have to do now is put the heart down and let our boy finish his mission.

Mr. Gold: No… I won't betray my family… I will do the right thing… I was destined to become the Saviour.

Dark One: And now you're fated to change magic! In this new world, we will make the rules. Belle wants to see the world. Well, go on. Spend 100 years seeing it, then 100 years wrecking it.

Mr. Gold: No… It won't... Be... Real… Gideon, stop. Do not kill Emma Swan.

The heart is turning dark.

Dark One: Did you really think it was gonna be that easy? This is the Black Fairy's spell we're talking about here! You may want to do the right thing, but as we all know, we can't always get what we want. Now, can we?


Gideon: No one's going to save you.

Emma and Gideon start to fight.

Emma: No one needs to save me! I'm the Saviour! I'm fighting for the people I love… Ultimately, I am a hero. I am hope. I am light! And light cannot destroy darkness. It can only create more light. I will not kill innocents! I will do what all saviours must! I will give hope... No matter what the cost.

Emma lets the sword fall.

Hook: No!

Gideon: I'm sorry, Emma. I was hoping you'd save us both.

Gideon stabs Emma. Light is destroyed.


Mr. Gold joins Belle.

Mr. Gold: I failed you, Belle. I failed our family. I made the right choice. It just didn't work out.

Belle: Hey…

Belle hugs Mr. Gold.


Emma’s family run to Emma. She is lying on the ground.

Henry: I love you.

Henry kisses Emma. She wakes up.

Emma: I love you, too… I love you, too!

Emma hugs Henry, and Hook. And there is a big hug.


Mr. Gold and Belle hear a baby.

Mr. Gold: Is that...

Belle: It's Gideon.

Mr. Gold: A fresh start… A happy ending.

Belle: No. A happy beginning.


The storybook appears.

Snow White: Henry! I think this belongs to you.

Henry opens the book and read.

Henry: "When Good and Evil both did the right thing, faith was restored. The final battle was won." That's it.

Emma: That's all? No "The End"?

Henry: No.

Snow White: 'Course not. Because this isn't the end. I mean, maybe of this book, but... It isn't the end, end.

Regina: So... What now?

Snow White: Now? Now we get to see what's next. Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing, but living with that kind of belief... That's the most powerful thing of all. That's hope. So you asked, "What now?" Now we get to keep going on. We get to keep doing what we love... With the people we love. An ending isn't happiness… Being together is.


The other Realms reappear.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

The Evil Queen reappears in her castle.


David and Snow White are leaving in a farm. David is a farmer. They have a dog.

Emma and Regina bring Henry to the bus school. He is still dating with Violet.

Snow White is still a teacher. Hook is the new sheriff in town.

The dwarves crown Regina as “Queen of Storybrooke”.

–[Enchanted Forest]–

The Evil Queen receives a proposal.

Evil Queen: Hmm?

Robin of Locksley: Ready for a new adventure?


Belle and Mr. Gold are dancing.

The all family has their first family dinner at Granny’s.

–[Seattle – Years Later]–

Lucy is reading a fairy tales book in the train.


Lucy knocks on Henry’s door. He opens.

Henry: Uh... Hello?

Lucy: Hi. Are you Henry Mills?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah. Who are you?

Lucy: My name's Lucy. I'm your daughter.

Henry: I don't have a daughter.

Lucy: Yeah, you do. Now come on. Your family needs you.

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