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#703 : Anastasie

Lorsque Cendrillon se retrouve à affronter le danger droit dans les yeux, elle reçoit une aide inattendue. Son sauvetage conduit à une alliance, qui pourrait renverser le règne de Madame de Trémaine, et révèle un sombre secret du passé de Cendrillon.

À Hyperion Heights, Jacinda prend des mesures extrêmes pour empêcher Victoria Belfrey de détruire le jardin communautaire, pendant que Lucy essaye de convaincre Henry que sa grand-mère cherche à obtenir plus qu'un bout de terre. Pendant ce temps, Victoria fait une découverte qui pourrait changer le destin de chacun.


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The Garden of Forking Paths

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Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hoo, (Colin O'Donaghue)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hoo, (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox) et Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Photo de tournage

Photo de tournage

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook, (Colin O'Donaghue)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook, (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook, (Colin O'Donaghue)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook, (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Ella (Dania Ramirez)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez),  Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez), Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Tiana (Mekia Cox), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Hook (Colin O'Donaghue)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Tiana (Mekia Cox)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)

Henry Mills (Andrew J. West)




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–[A New Realm - Past]–

Ella is back to the place where she left Henry.

Ella: Henry? Henry! Henry?

Guard 1: Come with me now... Murderer.

Ella: No. It's a lie. I did nothing.

Guard 1: Just what a murderer would say.

The guard ties to arrest Ella but fail. Another guard comes.

Guard 2: I wouldn't...

Tiana knocks out the guard.

Tiana: Hey, there. I'm Tiana.

Ella: Cinderella.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Jacinda comes back home.

Sabine: Morning, J… What is it? Is that from Lucy?

Jacinda: Yeah. I miss her so much, my heart hurts.

Sabine: Ohh.

Jacinda: Ever since Victoria took her away, we've been writing letters and leaving them in the well at the community garden so she won't know.

Sabine: Oh, honey. I'm so sorry.

Sabine’s phone rings.

Sabine: That's Louie. I'm late for work. Look, I, uh... I got to go. But you... You hang in there. You are going to get her back. I promise.

Jacinda: I don't know. Maybe she's right… Maybe I am cursed.

Sabine: No, you're not. Come here. Come here.


Henry knocks on Roni’s door bar. She lets him enter.

Roni: Come on in. Our one-handed detective is already here… What's that?

Henry: Wasn't sure what was appropriate for a gathering like this, so I picked up some doughnuts.

Roni: Right, 'cause the key to bringing down Victoria Belfrey is a bear claw.

Rogers: Much appreciated, mate. And you'll excuse Roni... She's a bit ornery.

Roni: Yeah, well, you're new around here, Henry, so soon, you'll be ornery, too. Just give it time.

Rogers: You brought us together because you said you had something.

Roni: Yes. Last night, I had a customer who works for the building commission… Got pretty drunk. Started spouting off about how he was going to make some real money off Belfrey. She needed him to do her a favour. Heard him say that they were meeting this afternoon in Hyperion Plaza, across from Belfrey Towers.

Henry: Bribes, public officials, redeveloping the neighbourhood at the expense of the new guy... This is good. This is really good… I-I mean, it's... Bad. It's bad. It's a good story. It's a bad... Thing.

Rogers: Well said.

Henry: Thank you.

Rogers: I'll go and stake it out. If I can get to the guy, maybe I can get him to give us info on everything Belfrey has her dirty little hands on.

Roni: Like your missing-girl case?

Rogers: Aye, love.

Henry: A stakeout, huh? That sounds... Pretty cool. Always kind of wondered what one of those was like. Mind if I, uh, tag along with you?

Rogers: Sorry, mate. I think I'll be less conspicuous alone. Why don't you stick to your expertise and try and do a little research? Figure out who our target is.

Henry: So, I'm research guy. Fun.

Roni: Baby steps… I'll keep pouring drinks and make to keep sure my ears open.

Rogers: Hey. Don't look so glum. You, uh, picked a hell of a bear claw.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Ella and Tiana discuss.

Ella: You really do believe me?

Tiana: Yeah. I know it was Lady Tremaine who killed the Prince.

Ella: How?

Tiana: Because I didn't come to the ball to win the Prince's hand. I came to keep my eye on him.

Ella: You're a spy?

Tiana: I'm the leader of the resistance that was formed to overthrow your stepmother and the royal family.

Ella: Now? Where were you before? When the Prince killed my father? And when my stepmother locked me away and made me serve her and her cruel family? Hmm?

Tiana: I am so sorry for everything that has happened to you. But we are doing our best… And I assure you, we can end all of this. I saw you with a sword. You could be a great asset to our cause.

Ella: I'm not interested in your cause.

Tiana: The Prince didn't act alone when he murdered your father. Your stepmother... She planned the whole thing… I can see it in your face. You know I'm right.

Ella: What am I supposed to do?

Tiana: Come with me. We have a resistance camp nearby. Help us stop your stepmother. She took your home, and now she is going to take all of our homes... The entire Kingdom… Your father died standing up to her. Don't let that be in vain.

Ella: Get on… Come on!

Tiana: What is that?

Ella: It's faster than any horse. That's all you need to know. Get on. Hold on tight.

Tiana: Your shoe.

Ella: It's for a friend... So he knows to find me.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Jacinda walks to the well. Victoria and her men arrive.

Victoria: How sweet! I know about the letters, and I'm afraid Lucy's not going to get that... Or anything else you leave in that well, for that matter.

Jacinda: What the hell are you doing here?

Victoria: I moved up my plans to build my condos. Demolition starts today.

Jacinda: Victoria, you can't. If not for me, then for Lucy. Look at what she's done here. This garden means the world to her.

Victoria: It's already done. I have my permits right here… Now, unless you want to be buried beneath it, I suggest you vacate the area.

Jacinda: I'm gonna stop you.

Victoria: Start digging.


At the police station, Rogers starts digging for informations.

Weaver: Paperwork... Hardest part of the job.

Rogers: Yeah, or the dullest.

Weaver: Here's something else that's dull. Tag this as evidence for me, will you?

Rogers: I'm afraid I can't. I've got something I have to take care of.

Weaver: Oh, really? And what would that be?

Rogers: It's a court date... A parking ticket I wrote up before my promotion. I'm actually running a bit late.

Weaver: Ah. Well, the wheels of justice must keep turning, I suppose.

Rogers: Yeah. Look, I won't be long.

Weaver: Who am I to stand in their way?


Rogers witness a meeting between Victoria and a man. Weaver was watching him.


Jacinda enters in Roni’s bar.

Roni: Oh. Hey, Jacinda. What can I do for you?

Jacinda: I need help. The community garden's in trouble.

Roni: If I had a nickel for every customer who came in with that...

Jacinda: I'm serious. I don't know how it's happening so fast, but Victoria's ripping it up right now, getting it ready for her stupid condos. Lucy loves that garden so much. I can't let this happen.

Roni: I guess we now know what that payout to the building commissioner was for.

Jacinda: What payout? Henry?

Henry: Hey.

Jacinda: What are you doing here?

Henry: Uh... Helping.

Roni: If she's paying people for permits, I say we beat her at her own game.

Jacinda: "Hyperion Heights Building Codes."

Roni: If you want a liquor license in this neighbourhood, you got to know a lot... And I know a lot. Section 8, covering neighbourhood businesses... "An injunction can be called on any demolition, so long as the community deems the property essential to the public good."

Jacinda: So, how do we do that?

Roni: A petition. Get enough people to sign, and Belfrey's done.

Henry: Well, look who's a leader of the people.

Roni: Yes. I'm a regular Queen.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

In the camp, Ella changes her clothes and gets out of the tent. Tiana comes to her.

Tiana: We came to see how you were getting settled. And to introduce you to someone. This is Jeremiah, one of the truest believers in our cause. He made these for you.

Jeremiah: I was a cobbler in my old life. I hope they serve you well.

Ella: Better to fight in than glass. Thank you… Okay. So, I got shoes and an army. When do we go up against my stepmother?

Tiana: That's actually the real reason I came to find you. According to our scouts, she's been transporting magic from the king's vault to her manor... Dark fairy dust, enchanted weapons. It's like she's preparing to fight a war. And then, last night, this was brought in. Everything else, we've been able to identify, but this, we have no idea, and that is what scares us… You lived with her. Do you know what that is?

Ella: No.

Tiana: Well, it can't be good. By now, she's learned there's a resistance. You want a fight? Don't worry. It's coming.

Henry, Regina and Hook arrive.

Henry: Maybe we can help.

Ella: Henry.

Henry: You look surprised to see me. Didn't you want me to find you? And you said you don't believe in signs… Oh. Uh, there's someone I want you to meet. This is my mother.

Regina: Regina. It's, uh, nice to finally meet you. It would have happened sooner, but I had a few kinks in my locator spell I needed to work through, so...

Ella: Well, I'm glad you did. And, uh, if this is your mother, don't tell me... This is your father?

Hook: Well, not quite. Captain Hook, at your service.

Ella: It's a pleasure. This is Tiana.

Tiana: Is it true you have magic? You could help us defeat Lady Tremaine?

Regina: I know my way around a spell.

Tiana: Then maybe we do have a chance.

Ella: You're really here to help?

Henry: Whatever you need.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Lucy enters in Roni’s bar to join Henry.

Lucy: There you are.

Henry: And here you are... In a bar.

Lucy: Have you seen this? It's part of a petition. She's gotten 100 signatures already. And you're helping. I knew you'd be back... For my mom.

Henry: Listen, Lucy, I'm not here about her, okay? Well, yeah, I guess I am right now. But just to help her stop your step-grandmother from destroying the garden.

Lucy: I get it.

Henry: It's the truth.

Lucy: No, I know.

Henry: You seem awful chipper, considering what's happening. I figured, after all the work you put in to save the place, you'd be a little more upset.

Lucy: Why would I be, when it's making my mom fight? Don't you get it? She's starting to wake up. It's happening… Can I tell you a secret?

Henry: Yeah.

Lucy: This isn't really about the condos.

Henry: It's not?

Lucy: It's about what's below the surface.

Henry: What? You think there's something buried down there?

Lucy: There's only one way to find out.


Lucy and Henry are in the garden.

Lucy: It's just like when you led Archie into the Storybrooke mines, remember? And the Evil Queen had to stop you before you discovered Snow White's coffin was hidden down there?

Henry: You mean in the book I made up.

Lucy: Whatever. The point is, I bet there's something magical under the garden... Something my grandmother wants to get her hands on before we do.

Henry: Honestly? One storyteller to another, it just seems a little, uh...

There is a noise.

Construction Foreman: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop digging! We hit something!

Henry: What the hell?

Construction Foreman: Grab the caution tape and cordon off the area… Call Belfrey!

Lucy: Told ya.

Henry: Hey! Hey, this doesn't prove anything.

Lucy: I know. But if I get my hands on whatever's down there, it will.

Lucy gets down in the hole.

Henry: Hey, Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!

Henry follows her.


Rogers meets Michael Griffith in a restaurant.

Rogers: Michael Griffith?

Michael: Yeah… How do you know who I am?

Rogers: I've been trying to track you all day. Name's Detective Rogers.

Michael: Oh, okay. Good for you.

Rogers: I'd like you to answer some questions about Victoria Belfrey.

Michael: Mm. I don't know anything about her.

Rogers: Yeah… The bulge in your jacket pocket would suggest otherwise.

Michael: Hey… You don't want to do this.

Rogers: I assure you, I do.

Michael: So... How about you keep half of that, and I finish my empanada?

Rogers: You're coming with me.

Rogers arrests Michael Griffith.


Henry joins Lucy.

Henry: Lucy! Hey! What the hell are you thinking? This tunnel could collapse.

Lucy: Nah. It seems to have held up this long. Now, come on and help. Grandma's definitely got something hidden down here somewhere.

Henry: Lucy, I know this all seems a little... Magical, but it's not. They just built part of the new city over the old city.

Lucy: Yeah, I know about the Seattle Underground, but that doesn't mean something magical can't be buried down here. You know what? I don't get it. Why is it so hard for you to believe the truth? That me and my mom are your real family?

Henry: Because it's crazy.

Lucy: Is it? Then tell me what happened when you went to the cemetery where you said your wife and daughter were buried... The cemetery you said you never went to. Well, I bet you did after we met. So, what did you find?

Henry: They weren't there. Neither was the cemetery.

Lucy: It was like... Like it never existed? Yeah. Because it didn't. All the memories of your family are fake… It's just the curse. They didn't really die.

Henry: Maybe they moved the cemetery. Or I could've had the wrong address all along… There is definitely a rational explanation, and I am gonna find them. I...

Lucy: No, you won't, because you're fooling yourself. Your family isn't buried anywhere because they're not dead. That's the curse. We're right here. You just have to be willing to believe.

Henry: Lucy.


Jacinda is in the street. She makes pedestrian sign the petition.

Jacinda: Thanks so much for all your support. The gardens and I thank you… Oh, yes… Thank you.

Many people are coming.

Jacinda: Thank you so much. Thank you. Please.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Tiana explains her battle plan.

Tiana: This will work. We won't have to breach their perimeter alone. We'll have two sets of resistance guards on either flank to occupy the guards. I'll be heading up one group.

Ella: I'll head up the other.

Henry: I'll go with you.

Hook: I'll join you, if you'll have me.

Tiana: I guess we can use all the help we can muster… All right, everyone, rest up. We'll head out in the morning.

Regina, Tiana and Hook leave.

Henry: Hey. You don't have to worry. Everything's gonna be okay. Me and my family, we take down bad guys all the time.

Ella: I can tell.

Henry: Is something wrong?

Ella: We have a big day tomorrow. We need to get some rest.

Henry: Yeah, sure… Have a good night.


Ella leaves the camp.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Lucy and Henry are still walking in the tunnels.

Henry: Sorry, but it looks like this is it, kid.

Lucy: No. There's no way she's digging up that garden just to put in condos. There has be something here!

Henry: Oh, come on, Lucy. It's getting late, okay? And if she finds you down here with me, you're going to boarding school and I'm going somewhere a whole lot worse. Come on.

Lucy: I don't care. We have to keep looking!

Henry: Lucy, please. Can we just... This is dangerous down here.

Lucy: We're just not seeing it. Maybe we have to look closer.

Henry: Look closer at what? There's nothing here.

Lucy: Yes! There is! I knew it! Look!

Henry: What... It's a piece of glass.

Lucy: Not just any piece of glass. It's from my mom's slipper, when she was Cinderella… It must have come through during the curse.

Henry: Even if I believed that... Which I don't... Why would Belfrey go through all this just to find a broken piece of shoe?

Lucy: Don't you see? This proves everything... Who my mother really is, the curse, all of it.

Henry: Lucy, listen to me. I literally wrote the book on fairy tales. And I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, but this is not...

Lucy: If you don't believe me, maybe my mom will. I have to show this to her. Then maybe she'll finally remember who she is... Cinderella.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Ella enters in the garden’s castle.


Ella is in the castle.

Lady Tremaine: I thought that would lure you in.

Ella: Why is this here?

Lady Tremaine: Yes, I suppose it's time we had a proper talk.

Ella: Yeah, it sure is. Let's start with the coffin… Or what you did to my father.

Lady Tremaine: So, you've learned the truth.

Ella: Why?

Lady Tremaine: Oh, you know exactly why.

Ella: So, this is because of me? Will there never be a time where I've suffered enough for what I did?

Lady Tremaine: No.

Ella: Well, if you want to punish me, get it over with. Leave the others out of this… Kill me now.

Lady Tremaine: Oh, I'll get to that… But I still need something from you… Shall we take a look?

Ella: No… Please.

Lady Tremaine: Look at her.

Ella: Anastasia? I don't understand She's...

Lady Tremaine: Perfectly preserved. There's one tiny breath left inside this precious little body. And I've saved it... Until I could save her.

Ella: How? How did you do this?

Lady Tremaine: You're not the only one with magical friends… Anastasia was an innocent, with the purest of hearts… The only way to bring her back is with an equally pure heart.

Ella: Henry?

Lady Tremaine: I did a little digging, and I discovered who he was.

Ella: Ana died. It was terrible. But killing another innocent...

Lady Tremaine: Is the only way to bring her back.

Ella: It's wrong!

Lady Tremaine: I don't care.

Ella: You'll never get his heart.

Lady Tremaine: Yes, I will. Because you're going to get it for me… Because if you don't, every person in that little resistance you've joined will pay the price.

Lady Tremaine enchants Ella’s hand.

Lady Tremaine: It's your choice, Cinderella. Either you sacrifice that boy... Or you sacrifice everyone.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Jacinda continue her harvest of signatures.

Jacinda: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Victoria comes.

Victoria: Oh! A petition. How quaint.

Jacinda: Sneer all you want. It's working.

Victoria: Is it? Well, that doesn't matter, since you're about to stop…

Jacinda: A brochure of your crappy condos? Why would I care about that?

Victoria: What if one of these crappy condos were yours? And Lucy's, of course.

Jacinda: You're just gonna give it to me?

Victoria: Why not? All this fighting isn't getting us anywhere. This way, everyone wins.

Jacinda: Especially you.

Victoria: Think of the life you can give her, Jacinda… I'm tired of being the bad guy, and this is a peace offering. All you have to do is one small thing… Burn the petition… For Lucy.

Jacinda takes the lighter. She burns the petition. Lucy comes.

Lucy: Mom?

Jacinda: Lucy, what are you doing here?

Lucy: Mom, why would you do this?

Jacinda: Lucy, I know this is hard for you to understand, but I did it for us.

Lucy: No. No, a hero does the right thing.

Jacinda: I'm not a hero. I am just your mother. And this is the right thing for us, Lucy… We need to be together, and I don't care how.

Lucy: I do. If this is what it takes... I don't want to be together.

Lucy runs away.


Rogers is back at the police station. He watches Weaver releases Michael Griffins.

Rogers: What the hell are you doing?

Weaver: Well, I should ask you the same. What is this? Extracurricular work, is it?

Rogers: I'm doing my job. That man's a criminal.

Weaver: Yeah. And you're a liar. Court date? Parking ticket? You opened up a case unofficially. Why are you so interested in him?

Rogers: What does it matter? He's a bad guy.

Weaver: It matters because he works for Victoria Belfrey, and dealing with her requires a bit of finesse.

Rogers: Finesse? So, we're just supposed to let some lowlife walk the streets?

Weaver: Sometimes, yes. Because now, when she makes a call to that lowlife, he makes one to me… Enjoy the rest of your day off.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Ella is back at the camp. She is about to take Henry’s heart but stop. She decides to takes Jeremaiah’s heart.

Ella: I'm sorry.

Regina stops her.

Regina: You don't want to do that… I saw you sneak off. Pretty sure I know where you went.

Ella: Please. You have to let me do this.

Regina: Look, whatever Tremaine wants, we can find a way to stop her.

Ella: She wants Henry.

Regina: The Heart of the Truest Believer.

Ella: But I couldn't… I just couldn't do it… This man... He believes. Tiana said that he'd give up his life for the cause. And if that would save everyone else, then... Isn't that okay?

Regina: You know, it took me a long time to learn... But no. It's not.

Regina takes the magic on Ella’s hand off.

Regina: That kind of sacrifice is never okay. What the hell is this about, anyway?

Ella: I'm sorry. I can't.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Roni pours a drink to Jacinda.

Roni: You all right?

Jacinda: No. Not even close.

Roni: Let me guess… Victoria showed up and made you an offer you couldn't refuse.

Jacinda: How did you know?

Roni: I've seen her M.O.

Jacinda: Yeah, well... So did Lucy. She saw the whole thing.

Roni: I'm so sorry.

Jacinda: She has this idea that I'm some hero that always does the right thing… But I'm not, you know? I'm just human… And I just want my kid back… How can that be wrong?

Roni: It's not… But this isn't about Lucy. It never has been… It's about you. And you have to ask yourself, Jacinda... What are you honestly willing to give up? 'Cause the Victoria Belfreys of the world... They will take everything you have if you let them.


Lucy is walking in the street. Henry joins her.

Henry: Hey! I've been looking for you everywhere… What happened?

Lucy: I don't want to talk about it.

Henry: Okay… Hey, what's going on over there?

Lucy: I don't know.

Henry and Lucy join the meeting in the garden.

Jacinda: Thank you all for coming. I know some of you have already signed this once today and are probably wondering what this is all about… Well, I need you to sign it again… I'm sorry… I let you all down… I let myself down… And I put this defenseless little garden at risk, when I should have protected it… You see, this garden isn't what it was supposed to be. I couldn't see that… But my Lucy did. She never stopped believing in it for a second. We're gonna show Victoria Belfrey that when you truly believe in something... You can change things. So, if you're willing to fight with me, sign this. And when you're done, start planting… We're gonna show Victoria Belfrey that we're not just gonna stop her from destroying this garden. We're gonna make some something wonderful here... Together.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Ella is packing up her stuff to leave the camp. Regina meets her.

Regina: Going somewhere?

Ella: After what I almost did, I shouldn't be here.

Regina: Well, that's not true. I'm not saying it was the smartest decision, but... Hell, I've done a lot worse. You'd be surprised what people can forgive.

Ella: Well, it's not safe for anyone to be around me anyway, so... Especially you and Henry. You should both go back to your home, where he's safe… It was... Silly of him to have stuck around here.

Regina: Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Ella: My stepsister Anastasia died when she was 14 years old.

Regina: I'm so sorry.

Ella: Lady Tremaine blamed my father... But it was because of me.

Regina: And now Lady Tremaine wants to bring her back? Raising the dead.

Ella: She won't stop until she gets it. She doesn't care how many people she hurts along the way.

Regina: Running away isn't the answer.

Ella: Maybe. Or maybe chasing me will keep her away from other people.

Regina: Ohhh… Now it all makes sense. You stayed in that depressing manor home. You let your stepmother walk all over you and call you "Cinder... Ella." But, you know, there's a reason for that. You're punishing yourself… Take my advice. If you want to take this woman down, the first thing you got to do... Is forgive yourself. And I'm not talking about what happened tonight. I'm talking about whatever happened with your stepsister… Whatever you decide to do, you make sure it's your wish... Not someone else's.


Tiana, Henry and Hook discuss. Regina arrives.

Tiana: We should make a move soon.

Hook: Well, my hook is sharpened and at the ready.

Henry: Where's Cinderella?

Regina: About that, Henry...

Ella: I was, um, just packing up. And, uh... It's just "Ella" now.

Henry: Ella, huh? I like it.

Ella: And we can't storm Lady Tremaine's manor. It's a trap.

Tiana: How can you be sure?

Regina: Well, because I used my magic mirror and saw inside… She's waiting for us.

Tiana: Okay, then. Let's pack up.

Regina, Tiana and Hook leave.

Henry: Is everything okay?

Ella: It'll be good we have some time to talk.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Jacinda, Henry and Lucy are walking in the street.

Henry: Oh, man. Mmm. Well, I should probably get going. I've got a lot of writing to do.

Jacinda: Right... Your story about the garden… Seems like you got a pretty good start.

Henry: Yeah, I think so… And hey, maybe I could run it by you when I'm done. Hmm? Something tells me you've got lots of ideas.

Lucy: Sure.

Henry: So, I guess I'll, uh... See you around.

Henry walks alone, Lucy catches him up.

Lucy: Hey! I have something for you.

Henry: I thought you were gonna give this to your mom.

Lucy: I was going to, but... She doesn't need it anymore. She's already becoming the hero she's supposed to be. And in the story, it's the prince that keeps the slipper... So he could always find his true love, even when he thinks she's lost forever.

Henry: Lucy, let's not go down this path again.

Lucy: We won't. Because I know the family you're looking for, you're not gonna find them in some cemetery. We're right in front of you. And I know you feel it now… All you have to do is believe. And you're getting there.


Henry walks to the cemetery. He finds he graves of his wife and child.


Men bring a box to Victoria.

Victoria: Thank you, gentlemen. Good work. I'll take it from here.

She takes the box in an elevator.


Victoria meets Eloise in the basement of her company.

Victoria: Come into the light so that I can see you… I said, "Come into the light."

Eloise: It's been a long time since you visited me in the tip top of your tower… What's the matter? Plans gone awry?

Victoria: Quite the contrary. I did some digging today. Cinderella and her friends tried to stop me, but once they succeeded, it was too late.

Eloise: And what makes you think I'd be interested in some thing that you dug up out of the ground?

Victoria: Because I didn't dig up some thing… I dug up someone… My darling, sweet girl.

Eloise: You found her.

Victoria: Yes… And now you can finally help... Bring her back.

Eloise: And are you ready for what that means?

Victoria: Nothing frightens me.

Eloise: Oh, but it should… It most certainly should… And the boy believes?

Victoria: No. But his daughter, Lucy...

Eloise: Her heart's protected, too.

Victoria: I don't need to steal her heart. She needs to surrender her belief... Willingly.

Eloise: Yes, yes, by destroying everything she cares about… And now you want my help… Alas, I'm afraid you're on your own.

Victoria: Don't you forget... You're my prisoner.

Eloise: Really? Because the way I see it is that we're both shackled in our own way. And the question is, who is the actual prisoner... And to whom?

Victoria: This was... A courtesy... A peace offering… Consider it rescinded.

Eloise: You may destroy the girl. You may take everything she cares about. You may get your daughter back… But... Then you'll have to deal with me.

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jptruelove  (03.02.2022 à 10:57)

J'ai beucoup aimé cet épisode :-)

Jacinda prend les choses en main et cela fait plaisir à voir.

J'aime le trio Roger/Henry/Roni. 

stella5  (24.10.2017 à 20:24)

bon épisode. j'ai aimé.

on en apprend plus sur l'histoire de cendrillon donc c'est cool.

le présent, j'adore toutjours autant lucy et henry.

par contre encore et toujours beaucoup de mal avec victoria, elle a pas le charisme d'une méchante. mais j'ai quand même envie d'en savoir plus sur son histoire avec la sorcière et anastasie.

Sas1608  (21.10.2017 à 17:52)

Episode correct qui nous en apprend plus sur l'histoire de Cendrillon et de Lady Tremaine. 


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