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#704 : Aux confins des royaumes

C'est Halloween à Hyperion Heights et Victoria oblige Ivy à emmener Lucy faire la tournée des maisons.

Pendant ce temps, Tilly se réveille de la malédiction et a l'intention de mener Weaver à la vérité, mais pas si Victoria a son mot à dire.

Dans un flashback, Rumplestiltskin et Belle cherche la réponse à une prophétie qui pourrait cimenter leur fin heureuse.


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Aux confins des royaumes

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Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Ivy (Adelaide Kane)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Ivy (Adelaide Kane)

Victoria Belfrey (Gabrielle Anwar)

Victoria Belfrey (Gabrielle Anwar)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Gideon (Giles Matthey)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Ivy (Adelaide Kane)

Ella (Dania Ramirez) et Ivy (Adelaide Kane)

Ivy Belfrey (Adelaide Kane)

Ivy Belfrey (Adelaide Kane)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) et Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Maison de Belle et Rumple

Maison de Belle et Rumple

Mick Garris

Mick Garris

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–[Storybrooke- Past]–

Belle and Mr. Gold prepare Gideon’s birthday at Granny’s.

Belle: Rumple! I said no pictures. I'm... I'm not even ready for the party yet. I'm a mess.

Mr. Gold: You look beautiful.

Belle: You are gonna make me regret giving you that camera… Okay. Uh... Regina, Zelena got balloons. Uh, Emma and Hook... Cake. Oh, Snow and David are bringing bubble wands. I don't know. I guess Baby Neal is obsessed with them.

Mr. Gold: Belle?

Belle: Yes.

Mr. Gold: Relax… It's a children's birthday party. As long as everyone turns up and Gideon ends up with birthday cake all over his face, it's a success.

Belle: Oh, I know. You're right. It's just after all these years, I guess I'm used to the chaos… Maybe I should get, uh, un-used to it.

Mr. Gold: Well, Storybrooke's certainly been quiet this past year. I can't even remember the last time I used the dagger… Hey. I got something for you. It's for all of us. It's a family thing.

She opens the present.

Belle: Rumple, it's... It's beautiful. I love it.

Mr. Gold: It's for our travels. Belle, you have been so patient with me. Too patient. You've seen the man behind the beast when no one else could.

Belle: Oh, Rumple. That beast is a distant memory now.

Mr. Gold: So, let me do this for you… You deserve to finally get what you've always wanted... To see the world.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Weaver joins Tilly in the street.

Weaver: Hey, Tilly.

Tilly: Ah, Detective. What brings you to my humble bench today?

Weaver: Well, the deli mixed up my order again. They gave me orange marmalade instead of my Reuben… Orange marmalade... Your favourite.

Tilly: But how do I know it's my favourite?

Weaver: Well, there's only one way to find out. Take a bite. Then maybe we can talk business.

Tilly: This "business"... It have anything to do with Victoria Belfrey? God, she's a wicked woman. Had an ex-girlfriend who worked for her once. Said Belfrey'd rather scoop out her own eyes than do something nice for another human… She's not like you. Why do you work for her?

Weaver: I don't. And by the way, I'm the detective here. I ask the questions. Take off the mask. You look ridiculous.

Tilly: But we're all wearing masks! It's Halloween.

Weaver: Oh, is that why you're playing with that toy? Damn thing's broken. What's the point of an unsolvable puzzle?

Tilly: What's the point of a solvable one? Things are changing here, Detective. I've started noticing things… Bet you didn't know you're wearing a mask, too… But I'm not quite sure I like this one. Think I'd much rather see the man behind it.

Weaver: Sandwich time is over. We're done.


Jacinda is at Victoria’s company. She sees her step-sister.

Ivy: Security, we have a trash situation upstairs. Thank you.

Jacinda: Look, Ivy. I know I'm not supposed to be anywhere near Lucy. I just came by to drop off her costume.

Ivy: After that little "Occupy Garden" stunt you pulled, you're lucky Mother didn't exile you to Canada.

Jacinda: I don't expect you to understand why I did what I did, but what's with the hostility? I thought you'd be happy to see me punished.

Ivy: Because who do you think has to take the little monster trick-or-treating now? Me.

Jacinda: Ivy, if you don't want to take her, let me do it.

Ivy: And risk Mother finding out I did something to make you happy? I'd rather eat carbs.


Victoria enters in her car.

Tilly: Boo! Ha ha! Always wondered... Is it better to be feared or loved?

Victoria: Oh, my God.

Tilly: Feared it is, then… That was kind of fun.

Victoria: How did you get into my car?

Tilly: I'm much more interested in how I got to Hyperion Heights... Or rather, how we all got here.

Victoria: Who are you?

Tilly: Doesn't matter. What does is... Who are you? Let's see what's under that silly mask of yours.

Victoria pours a pepper spray on Tilly.

Tilly: Aah! Aah!

Tilly escapes but forgets her bag.


Weaver enters in Victoria’s office

Victoria: Ah, Detective.

Weaver: You wanted to see me?

Victoria: Yes. Can you tell me why I was accosted by one of your street rats today?

Weaver: How do you know it was one of mine?

Victoria: Because she left me a gift… Has your name all over it… Oh, and... Now, I telephoned her doctor. These pills are the only thing keeping this Tilly sane. If she doesn't take them, she becomes confused and dangerous, and right now, she's off them. Now, get her to take these pills and let's get her the help she needs before she hurts somebody. She needs to be locked up.

Weaver: You and I have always had a clear understanding… I help you when it suits me. Drugging and locking up one of my best informants does not suit me.

Victoria: Do you know what suits me, Detective? Having someone I can trust. Now, I thought you were that man, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe you're not the man I thought you were.

Weaver: Maybe I'm not.

Victoria: Shame… Well, I enjoyed our time together. So much so, that I may visit you in prison… I imagine a corrupted detective like you will feel right at home there.

Weaver: Careful where you tread, Ms. Belfrey.

Victoria: Oh, I've been careful enough to tape where you've tread.

Weaver: That was not our arrangement.

Victoria: But it is now… So, who's it to be? You? Or the girl?


Roni makes some cocktail in her bar.

Roni: I call it "The Poisoned Apple." Scotch, Schnapps, and dry ice.

Henry: Could use a dash of cinnamon?

Roni: Cinnamon. I never thought of that… What's wrong with you? You've been a gloomy Gus since you walked in here. Last time I saw you, you were all smiles and ice cream with Jacinda and Lucy. What happened?

Henry: After we split that night, I, uh, took a detour home through the cemetery where my wife and daughter are buried… It's just seeing the graves. It just felt like losing them all over again.

Roni: Hey, I get it.

Henry: Yeah?

Roni: Yeah… Losing a love like that... Can make you afraid to move on… But eventually, you have to let go of those ghosts… So, why don't you go ask Jacinda if she wants to go to a Halloween party?

Henry: Oh, I don't know if I'm ready for that.

Roni: Well, then put on a mask and pretend you are… Moving forward doesn't mean we forget the dead… And if you loved once, well, then you owe it to yourself to at least try. Find happiness again.


Weaver and Rogers are looking for Tilly in a park.

Rogers: So, she's really got it in for the girl, huh?

Weaver: No, that's not it. I seen something in Belfrey's eyes today I've never seen before... Fear. This is about something much bigger.

Rogers: You think your informant has the answers.

Weaver: Tilly? Best eyes and ears in Hyperion Heights. Told me she's been noticing things lately.

Rogers: Things that Belfrey doesn't want to get out.

Weaver: Well, you need to find out what that is.

Rogers: So you can use it as leverage against her.

Weaver: Well, that's how this game works, Detective.

Rogers: Is that all this girl is to you and Belfrey... A pawn? Then why don't we split up since one of us actually wants to help her?

Weaver: Oh, and I suppose you think that's you. What? The Champion of Lost Girls? Yeah, I've seen your cold case. The one with the missing girl. Little tip... Do not bring your baggage to my work. Tilly is my informant, and I will deal with her my way.

Rogers: I thought you actually cared about that girl.

Weaver: Oh, but that's your mistake, Detective. I don't care about anyone.

–[Other Realm - Past]–

Belle, Mr. Gold and Gideon are travelling.

Belle: Gideon. Gideon, wait. Wait!

Mr. Gold: He's just excited.

Belle: And so am I. Did you know that some books say this bridge is older than time itself? Thousands of years, people have made sacrifices here, begging their wishes in this very river. Can you imagine that kind of ancientness?

Mr. Gold: I don't have to. It's not the only one to see the generations come and go.

Belle: Oh, Rumple.

Mr. Gold: Belle, I've been alive for many, many years. And of all those years, the last 10 have been the happiest I can ever imagine.

Belle: Well, we're only just beginning.

Mr. Gold: I know. But there's only one way I want to live this life from now on... As a mortal.

Belle: What are you saying?

Mr. Gold: I have a confession. This isn't just another stop on our, uh, adventure… This dagger has been a burden to me for too long. I've been a slave to its power, and now, all I can hope is this river can grant me my one and only wish... To live a singular, natural life with you.

Mr. Gold lets the dagger fall in the river.

Belle: Rumple, that was beautiful.

The dagger reappears in Mr. Gold’s boot.

Mr. Gold: No.

Belle: Hey.

Mr. Gold: No.

Belle: Hey, we can't be discouraged now, okay? We will find a way to do it.

Mr. Gold: And you would go on that journey with me?

Belle: There's nothing I'd rather do. All I want is a life with you, Rumple.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Lucy and Ivy are chasing candies for Halloween.

Lucy: I can't believe you couldn't just paint my face. Can we at least go to the south end of the street? They have an amazing haunted house there, and this block is so boring.

Ivy: You think you're miserable? I'm missing out on the annual masquerade ball because Mother wanted to be sure her precious Lucy had a good time.

Lucy: Well, I'm not. And you're not missing anything. You didn't get invited to the ball this year… I heard you complaining about it.

Ivy: You know, I think you should make that bag a year-round look.


Lucy is trying a new house

Lucy: Please be an Apollo Bar. Please be an Apollo Bar.

She knocks on the door.

House owner: Hi, there.

Lucy: Hey, kid, you like Milk Duds?


A girl joins Ivy to finish the chase. She didn’t even notice it was not Lucy.

Ivy: Took you long enough. Are you done begging for candy? Can we go home? I stepped in pumpkin vomit, and these shoes are worth more than your life.

Girl: Okay.

Ivy: What? Who the hell are you? Lucy? Lucy! Damn it, Lucy, where are you? Oh, Mother's gonna kill me.


Weaver finds Tilly under the troll bridge.

Weaver: Still playing with that puzzle, I see.

Tilly: Solved it!

Weaver: You seemed to be confused about how this works.

Tilly: No, I'm not confused. I finally understand. I just had to see the whole picture, the whole story. See, we all have stories. I have a story. This troll has a story. Even you, Mr. Weaver, have a story… And it's a thing of beauty.

Weaver: Well, it's Detective Weaver, and the only story I'm interested in now is why you assaulted Victoria Belfrey… Did you see something?

Tilly: See something? Well, I see everything. Now, I'm 10 feet tall!

Weaver: Enough with the riddles. Why did you stop taking your pills?

Tilly: Those pills... No. Victoria wants to make me small again, or she wants to make me forget, make me blind. And I don't want to be blind, not when I can finally see. Not when I'm so close, so close, to remembering.

Weaver: Remembering what?

Tilly: How to make you see again, too.

Weaver: See what? Tilly, what do you know about Victoria Belfrey? If you tell me, I can help.

Tilly: The answer is right here. We're all pieces of the same puzzle. But without each other, it's impossible to see the big picture. That's why Belfrey scattered us. She made us all wear masks so we can't recognize each other. But soon, the masks will come off, and soon, you will see who you really are... The good man behind the cop. Or, wait... Is it behind the beast?

Weaver: Come down. Come down. Look, you know something, something that's making Victoria Belfrey quite nervous. You have to tell me what that is.

Tilly: I could tell you… But if you believe me, I'd rather show you.

–[Other Realm - Past]–

Belle and Mr. Gold are in the library doing research on the dagger.

Belle: You know, y-you could just take a photograph.

Mr. Gold: No need. I could remember how you look right now forever.

Gideon: Mother, Father.

Mr. Gold: Gideon. Appreciate the commitment, but maybe just one book at a time.

Gideon: This isn't about getting rid of the dagger… These books are for me.

Mr. Gold: Why do you need so many books?

Gideon: I've been accepted into Elphame Academy. I'm to start in two weeks.

Mr. Gold: Ah, Gideon. I'm so proud… Look at you. You're a scholar just like your mother.

Gideon: And like Mother, I could always use more books.

Mr. Gold: I didn't think he'd be leaving us this soon… Belle, I-I-I'm sorry. We were spending all these years running around trying to break that damn curse. We should have been raising our boy.

Belle: Rumple, we did. We've had Gideon for 18 amazing years. Years filled with... With life and adventure, and now, it's... It's time for him to go and find his own… He's ready.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, but what if I'm not ready?

Belle: Well, maybe this will help.

Mr. Gold: What's this?

Belle: A gift. I, uh, I think I've found the answer we've been searching for... How we can get rid of the dagger. Or, at least, a guide to that answer. Okay. This scroll describes a fairy prophecy about the Dark One. And... And it says, "When the Dark One finds Eternal Love at the Sun's brightest set where time stops, the path will appear to where the darkness shall rest."

Mr. Gold: I know where this is. It's called the Edge of Realms.

Belle: Well, then, that's where we'll go. The Edge of Realms.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Jacinda gives the customers their order.

Jacinda: Four 8-piece nuggets with a side of Scary Sauce and Fright Fries.

Henry: So, this Scary Sauce... Is it like, Exorcist-level scary, or is it more like Gremlins-level scary?

Jacinda: Exorcist-level.

Henry: Oh, good. 'Cause I can't handle Gremlins.

Jacinda: Henry, are you actually gonna order something, or did you just come here to tell me you were scared of puppets?

Henry: Uh, yeah. Uh, yeah, uh, well, actually, I was... I came by because, uh, I was just kind of wondering if... Like, later, sometime...

Jacinda: Excuse me.

Jacinda sees Ivy in the street.

Henry: Yeah.


Jacinda joins Ivy outside the restaurant.

Jacinda: Ivy. What are you doing here? Where is Lucy?

Ivy: I assumed she'd come to find you.

Jacinda: You lost her?

Ivy: I didn't lose her. She ran away from me. Now, help me find her before Mother finds out.

Jacinda: My daughter's running around on her own, and all you care about is what your mother will think?

Ivy: Please, I'm sure she's fine.

Jacinda: This would have never happened if you had just let me take her trick-or-treating.

Ivy: And if you could just get your life together...

Jacinda: At least I have a life.

Ivy: Please. Running around with a guy you hope will be your baby daddy isn't a life... It's pathetic.

Jacinda: He is my friend, but you wouldn't know what having one of those is, would you?

Ivy: We don't have time for this. We need to find your spawn.

Jacinda: I can't. If I leave right now, Louie will fire me. You know that.

Ivy: Then I guess it's up to me, then. Ivy to the rescue again.

Jacinda: I guess I have to look for another job tomorrow.

Henry: No, no, no. Hey, hey. Hey. It's okay. I'll help Ivy find Lucy. You need to stay here.

Jacinda: You will?

Henry: Yeah, absolutely. Just, uh, text me every place you can think of that she might have went to. We'll find her.

Jacinda: No, I-I just... I can't not look for her.

Henry: You need to take care of her. Okay? We'll be in constant touch. Here. Let me see your phone… Okay. Here's my phone number. Lucy's gonna be all right. Don't worry about her. Everything's gonna be fine.


Weaver and Tilly are in a car.

Tilly: The answers we seek are at the train tracks.

Weaver:  must be starving… Eat… Mm.

Tilly: Guess I'm an orange marmalade girl after all… Wait, this... This tastes strange… My pills… You never believed me, did you?

Weaver: I need you to think clearly, and you can't do that without your pills.

Tilly: You mean her pills. You're not listening to me! No one ever listens! Those pills don't make me clear. They make me foggy. They make the world go away, and that's what she wants! All people ever do is take things away from me… I just never thought it would be you.

Weaver: Look. I'm not who you think I am.

Tilly: No, that's not true.

Weaver: It is.

Tilly: You're a good man with a pure heart, and as soon as you remember that, you'll realize you're not alone at all. That you have someone who loves you, who's waiting for you.

Weaver: I wish you were right, Tilly… I wish I was that good man, but I'm not.

Tilly: It's only because you don't remember. But you still can. There's still time before the pills make me small again, but we have to go. Go now.

Tilly takes control of the car and stops it.

Weaver: Oh!

Tilly runs away.

Weaver: Tilly!

–[The Edge of Realms - Past]–

Mr. Gold and Belle are arrived to their new home.

Mr. Gold: The Edge of Realms. Where time stops and the sun sets brightest in all the lands.

Belle: And when it does, we will finally have our answer to getting rid of the dagger.

Mr. Gold: You know, Belle, we are on the outermost ridges of existence here. The normal rules of time and space do not apply. An eternity here could be like the blink of an eye back home. It could be years to us before the sun finally sets.

Belle: So, then, we'll wait.

Mr. Gold: Are you sure?

Belle: What better place to build our home than on an eternal summer day?

Mr. Gold: Then how about a rose garden?

Belle: And a cozy nook to read in?

Mr. Gold: Your wish is my command, Mrs. Gold.

Belle: I... We came here to get rid of the dagger. Okay? I want to build our home right here, with our own hands.


Mr. Gold and Belle are building their home and live a happy life.


Belle opens the curtains and falls. Mr. Gold catches her.

Belle: Oh.

Mr. Gold: No, no, no, no… Belle. Belle!

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Henry is looking for Lucy in the street.

Henry: Hey, uh, excuse me. Have you seen a little girl about yea high wearing a skeleton costume? No? Thanks.

Henry sees Ivy sits on a bench.

Henry: Ivy?

Ivy: Oh. I'm sorry. I don't remember calling a Swyft.

Henry: I'm just trying to find Lucy. Jacinda texted me a list of her possible haunts.

Ivy: Now Jacinda has you tracking down her kid? You really are desperate, even for a self-published writer.

Henry: Hey, I sold that book, all right? Look if you didn't really want to take Lucy out tonight, why didn't you just let Jacinda do it? You could have made everybody happy.

Ivy: You can't make everybody happy. And you do not want to see Victoria Belfrey unhappy. Why do you think I'm always cleaning up her messes?

Henry: Why are you? Why do you let her force you into a role you don't want?

Ivy: Because... Without my mother's approval, I have no one… Lucy and Jacinda may be apart, but they will always have each other, and... I'm all alone. Not that I expect you to understand. You're practically already a part of her little insta-family.

Henry: You want to talk about being alone? Until last week, the only human contact I had was with my Swyft riders. I spend all my time in a one-bedroom apartment with unfinished manuscripts… And ghosts.

Ivy: Ghosts?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, you're not the only one on this bench with baggage.

Ivy: Okay, then. So, how do we get rid of it? The baggage.

Henry: Take a chance? Do the scary thing? Hope it all works out.

Ivy: Is that what you call what you're doing with Jacinda? The "scary thing"?

Henry: I don't know. I'm just figuring it out, same as you.

Ivy: Give me the list… Oh, it's number three. Lucy's been blabbering about that haunted house all day. That's where she'll be.

Henry: Well, let's go!

Ivy: What?

Henry: Come on.


Weaver is following Tilly.

Weaver: Tilly. Enough with the games. What do you need to show me?

Tilly: I just need to find it. But I remember what it is now.

Weaver: Look, you help me, and I'll help you.

Tilly: I am helping you! Now, quickly. We haven't got much time. I can feel the fog coming.


They enter in a warehouse.

Tilly: Geez.

Weaver: Tilly.

Tilly: Tilly? Who's Tilly? Sorry. I'm afraid I'm not myself. But you're so close to being yourself.

Weaver: Okay. Who the hell am I?

Tilly: That's the greatest puzzle, isn't it? And this is the missing piece.

Tilly shows Weaver a tea cup.

–[The Edge of Realms - Past]–

Belle wakes up.

Mr. Gold: Oh, Belle. I thought I'd lost you.

Belle: You'll never lose me.

Mr. Gold: I know. I don't have to… J-Just l-l-let me use it. J-Just this once. I can fix whatever ails you. Make you young again.

Belle: Rumple.

Mr. Gold: We need more time. The sun hasn't set yet. And we still don't have the answer we need to get rid of the dagger so I can join you.

Belle: There's something I need to tell you. When I translated the prophecy all those years ago, I realized that the sun that needed to set at the Edge of Realms, it wasn't the one in the sky… It was mine. "When the Dark One finds eternal love at the sun's brightest set." It means that you have to believe our love is powerful enough to outlast death… Only then will you find the path that will lead you back to me.

Mr. Gold: How could you keep that from me?

Belle: I knew you wouldn't accept it… You would have spent all our lives searching for another answer. And... I wanted to live our lives… And we did. And now, it... It's time to let me go.

Mr. Gold: Belle, I can't. I'm afraid.

Belle: Let me tell you a story, then… Once upon a time, there was a beast who took a girl prisoner… But he fell in love with her. And then he let her go. And that is when the girl realized that she loved him, too.

Mr. Gold: He thought he would never see her again.

Belle: But in the end... She came back to him… More than a few times.

Mr. Gold: I remember that story.

Belle: See? You let me go once before, and... We found our way back to each other… You're a good man, Rumple. Your heart is pure. You will find the answer you need to get rid of the dagger, and you will find your way back to me again… I promise.

Belle dies.

Mr. Gold: Belle. Belle… No. Don't leave me… Please don't leave me… Oh, Belle. Oh, please don't.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Weaver watches the tea cup.

Tilly: Look at it. Don't you remember? You gave it to me. You said it would help you get back to her. Remind you of how to get back to her.

Weaver: This? It's just a cup.

Tilly: You said it would work. No, I-I remember now. We... We knew each other before... Before in that other place. Yes, that's it! Though you had a different name then. What was it? Sheepshanks? Spindleshanks?

Weaver: Oh, you've gone mad...

Tilly: We're all mad here!

Tilly steals Weaver’s gun.

Weaver: Oh. Tilly... Put the gun down. Now!

Tilly: No. Sorry. I don't have a choice. The teacup didn't work.

Weaver: Why are you doing this?

Tilly: Because you told me to… Rumplestiltskin.

Tilly shots Weaver.

–[The Edge of Realms - Past]–

Mr. Gold and Gideon buried Belle.

Gideon: I can't believe she's gone. Every time I'd come and visit, time here seemed frozen.

Mr. Gold: Time was… But she wasn't. When you go on for too long, you forget what really matters. I never want to forget.

Gideon: Give me the dagger, Papa. Let me unburden you so you can be with Mother. I can bear it.

Mr. Gold: I took the dagger for one son. I'm not gonna give it to the other. There is only one who is destined to hold such darkness… The Guardian. When I pass the dagger on to this Guardian, whoever it may be, the Darkness will finally rest… And I will be reunited with Belle. It's time for me to leave this realm and go to the moment where this Guardian is waiting for me… Even if they don't know it yet.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Mr. Gold gets through a portal and meets Alice.

Alice: Ooh. Oh, wonderful! I lost him because of you, and there's no time to chase him down again. Who the hell do you think you are?

Mr. Gold: Who I am doesn't matter.

Alice: The strangers here for the Ball just keep getting stranger and stranger. Are you here for the Ball? The prince is looking for a bride if the shoe fits. Are you looking for a prince?

Mr. Gold: No, dearie. I'm looking for someone much more important.

Alice: Ooh. I like a good puzzle… My name is Alice.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Weaver dreams of Belle.


Weaver wakes up in a hospital room.

Rogers: Well, I'm glad to see you're awake.

Weaver: What's that?

Rogers: This is a lucky bullet for a lucky bastard. Tore right through you. You should be dead by all accounts. You must be bloody immortal.

Weaver: Immortal?

Rogers: That was a joke, mate.

Weaver: Where's Tilly?

Rogers: She's out in the waiting room. She's taken her pills. She's quiet as a dormouse now.

Weaver: Good. I want you to file the report… It was a masked robber. Came out of nowhere. Fled on foot.

Rogers: A masked robber?

Weaver: Find the girl. Tell her she's free to go.

Rogers: Well, perhaps you do care about her.

Weaver: Did I ask your opinion, Rogers?


Rogers joins Tilly in the hallway.

Rogers: So, you're the informant who got underneath that tough bastard's skin.

Tilly: Is he gonna be all right?

Rogers: Yeah, he'll live, no thanks to you.

Tilly: I can't believe I shot him. Am I in trouble?

Rogers: Look, you weren't in your right frame of mind. He doesn't blame you. Just don't say anything. We'll sort it all out.

Tilly: I'm so sorry. I never want to get so upside-down again. I promise. I'll keep taking my pills.

Rogers: Yeah, that would be advisable… So, you, uh, are you playing yourself?

Tilly: We're our own greatest obstacle. Do you play, Detective...?

Rogers: Rogers. Yeah, I've been known to dabble a little bit.


Jacinda is at the restaurant. Lucy enters.

Lucy: Mom?

Jacinda: Lucy! Where did you go?

Lucy: I just wanted to see the haunted house.

Jacinda: Baby, I know, but you can't keep running off like this… Thank you.

Henry: No problem, but, uh, actually, it was Ivy who found her.

Jacinda: What?

Ivy: And now I'm returning her to you. I've had enough of the little ghoul for one night… There's an hour left of trick-or-treating. You should go. All three of you.

Lucy: But what about grandma?

Ivy: I will handle her.

Jacinda: Ivy, thank you.

Ivy: Yeah, I am not doing this for you. Okay. I'll see you around.

Ivy leaves.

Jacinda: So, what do you say? Too much candy? A crazy night on the town?

Lucy: Yeah, and you should help mom paint my face. Come on. It's a family tradition.

Henry: You know what? That's your thing. I don't want to get in the way of that.

Jacinda: So No, you'll fit right in. Hey, what were you gonna ask me earlier?

Henry: Oh, um, just, uh, if you would take a look at my blog post about the garden, you know, once it's finished.

Jacinda: Oh… Sure. No problem.

Lucy: I got the makeup ready, Mom!

Jacinda: Happy Halloween, Henry.

Henry: Happy Halloween to you, too.


Victoria visits Weaver in his hospital room.

Victoria: I hear you had the troubled girl in your custody and you let her go.

Weaver: Well, you'll be happy to hear that Tilly is back on her pills. Didn't seem such a public menace anymore, so, yeah, I let her go.

Victoria: You seem to be forgetting about those tapes.

Weaver: Oh, no, I remember. Quite clearly. But... It appears that I've found something much bigger than what's on those tapes... Dearie.

Victoria: And what might that be?

Weaver: Trust me... Something you don't want anyone to find out. And if I were you, I would choose my next step wisely, Victoria… Because, try as you may, there's nothing you can do to hurt me anymore.


Ivy joins Henry in Roni’s bar.

Ivy: Trick or Treat?

Henry: What's this?

Ivy: Something better than the cheap antifreeze you're drinking. It's a gift for helping me put... Me first for once. And for listening to my side of the story. No one ever does that.

Henry: I know it's not gonna be easy to stand up to your mother.

Ivy: Yep. Now, you are going to drink with me until I'm ready to face her… So, what happened to Lucy and Jacinda? Thought you'd be out getting adult onset diabetes.

Henry: I guess that you're braver than I am.

Ivy: Couldn't take a chance and do the scary thing after all, huh?

Henry: It's complicated.

Ivy: Hm. Well, to keeping things uncomplicated.

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jptruelove  (03.02.2022 à 11:00)

Et on comprend enfin la présence de Tracassin :-)

Une fois de plus, de beaux passages concernant Tracassin et Belle et le plaisir d'avoir la belle musique de la belle et la bête. 

Alice est complètement folle. Je me demande si elle va aider les autres à se souvenri. 

Weaver est terrible, je sens qu'il est toujours dans un double jeu entre les gentils et les méchants. Fidèle au personnage. 

Ivy qui s'attire la sympathie d'Henry, est ce que cela aura du bon? A voir... 

stella5  (29.10.2017 à 21:55)

j'ai adoré les clin d'oeil au film/dessin animé avec les chansons, c'était top. 

Sas1608  (29.10.2017 à 18:08)
Un très bon épisode que ce soit dans les flashbacks, ou dans la vie réelle. Bien mieux que le précédent.


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