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#412 : Le Point de non-retour

Centré sur : Belle & Rumplestiltskin


Après le sort de la Reine des Neiges, nos héros tentent de recoller les morceaux, alors que Regina se retrouve face à un choix difficile. Le destin de Crochet est quant à lui dans la balance, avec la quête de pouvoir de Gold qui menace tout ce qui lui est cher.

Au Royaume enchanté, une intrusion dans le Château des Ténèbres alors que Belle séjourne chez Rumplestiltskin va faire bien des ravages, à la fois dans le passé et dans le futur.


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Heroes and Villains

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Le Point de non-retour

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Scénario : Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Réalisation : Ralph Hemecker

Guests :

Kristin Bauer van Straten Maléfique
Rapahel Alejandro Roland


Before the ice-wall.

Anna: Wow, that is a lot of ice.

Elsa: And it's time for it to come down.

Anna: Okay. Now can we go back home?

Emma: Stop! Don't take another step! That's the town line.

Anna: Right. But I want to leave the town. Didn't I just say that?

Emma: The wall may be down, but I sense that some of Ingrid's magic remains. Yeah, leaving this town has never been simple. And Ingrid? She didn't change things. She wanted to be here alone with you and me. She wanted to make Storybrooke her ice castle, and clearly she wanted to protect it.

Anna: So how do we get back home?

Elsa: Walking wouldn't get us there anyway. We're in a different realm.

Emma: We need to find a portal. Or magic beans or something.

Kristoff: Okay, now I'm lost.

Anna: Well, then let's get one of those things. We have to hurry.

Elsa: No, we don't need to rush. We need to be careful. Arendelle will still be there while we figure this out.

Anna: It might not. Did we forget to tell her?

Kristoff: A lot of stuff was going on.

Elsa: Tell me what?

Anna: Arendelle's been conquered... By Hans and his 12 brothers.

Elsa: Emma, we need to find a way back... Now.

Emma: We'll do our best.


At Mr Gold’s shop.

Hook: They didn't leave. The Snow Queen mucked up the border. Once you cross, there's no c... Coming back.

Mr Gold: If only the Snow Queen had succeeded... Everything would be much simpler.

Hook: Yes. Perfect cover for your exit. But everybody survived. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mr Gold: What about our friends from Arendelle?

Hook: Well, they're still searching for a portal back.

Mr Gold: Well, that is a problem. Can't have that Anna running around town.

Hook: She knows, doesn't she? She knows what you were doing, cleaving yourself from the dagger so you can leave with your power. Emma told me Belle confessed about knowing Anna.

Mr Gold: Still, quite the supposition.

Hook: Why else would you care? Anna's a danger to you. You can't have your blissfully ignorant wife...

Mr Gold: Lose either her bliss or ignorance. Watch Anna. Make sure she comes nowhere near this shop.

Hook: But if I had the choice.

Mr Gold: Well, you don't. Your usefulness was unexpectedly extended. But tonight, when the stars in the sky align with the stars in the sorcerer's hat, I will finally do what I should have done so many years ago. I will crush your heart.

Hook: And while I'm out doing your dirty work, what are you gonna do?

Mr Gold: I'm simply gonna wake my wife and prepare her for my greatest gift. She's gonna have the life she always wanted.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Belle is searching in the Dark One’s stuffs.

Rumpelstiltskin: Don't cut yourself, dearie!

Belle: Aah! I am so, so sorry. I thought...

Rumpelstiltskin: You thought I would be away for a few more days and it would be fine to play with my... Toys.

Belle: Well, you did say that...

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh! I lied. I wanted to see how the mouse would play while the cat was away. And the mouse has done very little... Cleaning.

Belle: You just have... You have so many things here from all over the world. I was curious. And... You never talk about them.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well, you're the help.

Belle: And you're rude.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well, I could be much worse.

Belle: Hmm. But you're not. Look, you have seen the world... Something that I've always wanted to do... Yet you share nothing.

Rumpelstiltskin: Mouthy, mouthy. And foolishly brave.

Belle: No, if you were going to kill me, you would have done it long ago. Now, tell me what you've seen. How was your trip to Camelot?

Rumpelstiltskin: Good for me. Not so good for Camelot. A souvenir. Clean it for me, will you?

Belle: Oh. W-w-what is it?

Rumpelstiltskin: It's a magic gauntlet with a very specific power. It can locate anyone's greatest weakness.

Belle: Hmm. How ominous. B-but why do you need this? W-with all your power, you could destroy any foe.

Rumpelstiltskin: Look, if you must know, it's about manipulation. And for that, you must find one's weakness. And for almost everyone, that weakness is the thing they love most. This will simply point me in the right direction.


Mr Gold wakes up Belle.

Belle: Whoa. Breakfast in bed, huh?

Mr Gold: I have a much bigger surprise coming for you. I think it's about time we had a proper honeymoon. How would you like to see a magical city called New York? So, after breakfast, pack a suitcase. It's time for you to see the world.


At Regina’s vault. Regina gives Marian her heart. She awakes.

Marian: Oh!


Regina is sat, alone at Granny’s Diner. Marian comes in.

Regina: Please, I'd rather be alone.

Marian: I thought we should talk. Thank you for saving my life... Twice, actually.

Regina: Forget about it.

Marian: I can't because Robin can't. I see the way you two look at one another. And I understand. For me, it's only been a short time that I've been away. But for him, years have passed. His heart moved on. He's in love with you, Regina. And I think you're in love with him.

Regina: Well, it doesn't really matter. He's a man of honour. He made a vow to you, and he's going to keep it.

Marian: I don't want him to be with me out of obligation. I want to be chosen. If his heart leads him to me, fine. But if it does what I suspect and leads to you... I will step out of the way.


The sweep leads Mr Gold and Hook to the abandoned mansion.

Hook: You may have got the best of me this time, Dark One, but I promise you, in the next life, it won't be so pleasant for you.

Mr Gold: Well, then, given my immortality, you'll have quite the wait amongst the fire and brimstone.

Hook: If I really am to die, at least give me all the information. Whose house is this?

Mr Gold: A powerful sorcerer. He brought the Snow Queen from Arendelle to this world, which means his magic is strong enough to move between that world and ours. There's a portal around here somewhere. We simply need to find it.

The portal appears.

Mr Gold: There.


Belle is packing her clothes then Henry enters.

Henry: Hey, grandma. Are you taking a trip?

Belle: Uh, yeah. Rumple's taking me to New York for our honeymoon.

Henry: But the Snow Queen left a spell on the town line. Anyone who goes can't return. Didn't you hear?

Belle: No, I-I-I didn't. But I'm sure he must have a way to remove it. Hey, what's wrong?

Henry: This book. It's got all your stories in it. It started all this. And my mom... Lots of bad things happen to her in it.

Belle: Well, that doesn't mean they'll always happen to her that way. I... I wouldn't worry. She's on a much better path now.

Henry: Thanks, grandma.

Belle: Yeah, you know... "Belle's" good.

Henry: Got it.

Belle: Okay, so, I need another suitcase. Help me look?

Henry: You know, when you're in New York, you've got to go to the public library. No offense, but it blows the one here away. It's got these lions outside of it...

At lot of items falls.

Belle: Aah! Are you okay?

Henry: Sorry. Let me get those. Huh. He really keeps some strange things here. What's wrong? I'll clean it up.

Belle: N-no, no. It's... It's okay. I-I got it. I just, uh, didn't expect to see this here.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

At the Dark One’s castle.

Belle: So, I figured it out... Why you collect so many magical objects. You have a hole in your heart.

Rumpelstiltskin: There's only one thing missing from my life right now. Clean clothes.


Rumpelstiltskin transports Belle in the forest.

Belle: You're just upset because you know I'm right. And no, I am not talking to myself because I know you can and do listen to me.

Belle hears a dog.

Belle: Hello, puppy.

The dog runs away, Belle follows it.

Belle: Hi. Hi. Gah! Where did you go?

Belle is kidnapped.


Hook comes in Granny’s Diner. He wants to talk to Emma.

Hook: Swan. Come celebrate, for I may not be the Saviour, but I've just saved the day.

Emma: Hang on. Don't get your hopes up yet. Okay. What, exactly, are we celebrating?

Hook: The portal to Arendelle. I found it. So, bottoms up.

Emma: You... Found a portal?

Hook: Well, I found Gold, and he told me where to locate one. A door in the ballroom of that lakeside mansion. Yes. It appears that our Rumplestiltskin has turned over a new leaf.

Emma: Apparently dozens of leaves. You sure we can trust him?


Mr Gold holds Hook’s heart and speaks through it.

Mr Gold: Positive. The Crocodile truly has changed.


At Granny’s Diner.

Hook: He gave me a long-winded explanation about a... Portal.


Mr Gold: About how it brought the, uh...


Hook: Snow Queen into this land... Which I don't recall.


Mr Gold: But the important thing is it works.


Hook: All they have to do is walk through it.

Emma: Then we should go.

Hook: Brilliant. You do that. I, alas...


Mr Gold: Bruised myself during the curse. Really need to get it seen to.


Hook is about to leave but Emma stops him.

Emma: Hey, Killian. What's wrong? You're acting strange.

Hook: Nothing. I'm fine.


Mr Gold: See you around... Love.


Hook holds Emma’s wrist and leaves.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Rumpelstiltskin is looking for Belle.

Rumpelstiltskin: Belle? Belle?! Where have you gone? Don't tell me you've done something stupid like running away!

A raven gives him a message.

Belle: Rumplestiltskin, I'm... I'm supposed to ask you for... For that gauntlet from Camelot. Bring it to the base of Demon's Bluff at midnight or... Or I'll be killed. Rumple, help!

Rumpelstiltskin: You! I know where you came from! Tell your master I know who she is and she's just crossed a line!


In the park.

Regina: They look happy.

Robin: Having Marian back in his life, it means so much to Roland.

Regina: I understand. At the end of the day, our children come first.

Robin: Regina?

Regina: She's his mother.

Robin: I choose you.

Regina: But... But Roland. What would this look like to him?

Robin: It's gonna look like a messy, complicated situation, which it is. But if I went back to my life with Marian, I'd be living a lie. The best example I can set to my son is to live truthfully... To follow my heart... To you.

Roland: Papa! Papa, help! Help, papa!

Robin: I thought she was cured!

Regina: There must be some remnant of that spell still inside her. Even by now her heart should be infected.

Robin: So there's no hope?

Regina: There may be another way to save her. Now that the ice wall is down, she could leave Storybrooke. She can cross the town line and enter a world without magic. Without magic, the harm to her would end.

Robin: S... S... So let's get to the town line!

Regina: Robin, you need to know something. It's a one-way trip. There's a curse on the town line, and once you leave, that's it.

Robin: So you're saying...

Regina: I'm saying that we can't just send Marian into an unknown world. Someone has to go with her... You and Roland. And once you do go... You can never come back.


Regina is in her car, she is watching the Merry Men. Mr Gold joins her.

Mr Gold: I hate goodbyes. Don't you?

Regina: If you've come here to gloat, I'm really not in the mood. What do you want?

Mr Gold: Belle and I are taking a trip. I came to bid you farewell.

Regina: Have you been under a rock all day? There's a curse on the town line. If you leave, you can never come back.

Mr Gold: Hence the goodbye. But before I go, could you pass something on to my grandson? Tell Henry I'll miss him... And his charming attempts at snooping around my shop.

Regina: You knew.

Mr Gold: Oh, I knew. Perhaps you can tell me why.

Regina: He was looking for the impossible... My happy ending. The Storybook has me written as a villain, and villains always lose, so... He thought you might have a clue as to who the author is so I can make him change that.

Mr Gold: Intriguing idea. But, alas, I've no clue as to his identity.

Regina: I know. Villains don't get happy endings.

Mr Gold: It would appear, in your case, that that's true.

Regina: You and Belle seem... Content. How were you able to get one?

Mr Gold: Because I took it. And, quite frankly, you should, uh, stop moping and do the same thing. I mean, if this Marian died, all would be well, would it not?

Regina: That's no longer me.

Mr Gold: Being good doesn't mean good things will happen.

Regina: This sounds like the old Rumplestiltskin talking. I thought you changed.

Mr Gold: More like evolved. Coming back from the dead and being a slave to the Wicked Witch tends to do that to you. But if you don't think villains can get happy endings, just watch me take one. There's no author of my fate, no Storybook with my destiny. I've been a villain a thousand times over, and yet I'm about to get everything I desire. As unbelievable as it sounds, I want the same for you.

Mr Gold leaves.


Regina joins the Merry Men, Marian, Roland and Robin.

Roland: Mom.

Regina: The diner I told you about is just a few miles down the road.

Robin: Right. Uh, Regina...

Regina: And you have the map I gave you? A... And the money, so that should be plenty to get you started.

Robin: Yes, but...

Regina: Good. Then you should go.

Robin: Thank you.

Regina: She needs to cross the line now.

Robin: Okay, you guys, go. I'll be right behind you, I promise. I just... I just need a moment, okay?

Marian: Of course. Thank you.

Marian and Robin cross the line.

Roland: Mama!

Marian: Robin?

Regina: Your family is waiting. Go.

Robin kisses Regina.

Robin: I...

Regina: I know.

Robin crosses the line.

Roland: Papa!

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

At the base of Demon's Bluff.

Rumplestiltskin: I have what you want, dearie. Now show yourself.

Belle: Rumple! Ow! Help!

Maleficent: Yes, Rumplestiltskin! Do help her!

Rumplestiltskin: Maleficent. Oh, I am impressed. Didn't think you had it in you.

Maleficent: I'm not here for your praise. Give me the gauntlet and you can have your wench back.

Rumplestiltskin: Seeing as how you asked so nicely...

Rumplestiltskin strangles Maleficent with is powers.

Rumplestiltskin: You think you can steal from the Dark One and live? Fatal mistake, dearie! Any last words?

Maleficent: I'm... Not... Alone.

Rumplestiltskin: The Sea Witch.

Ursula: Such a pretty thing. Seems a shame I'll have to crack her pipes.

Rumplestiltskin: Harm one hair on her head, Maleficent burns.

Cruella: And Ursula will kill your maid, and where will that leave us?

Rumplestiltskin: Cruella! Thought I caught a whiff of desperation and gin. I must say, I'm... I'm surprised to see you all here. Last time we crossed, it looked like things weren't going your way. And unless you hand back my maid, they won't be this time, either.

Cruella: Shall I get you a step stool so you can look in my eyes when you threaten me?

Rumplestiltskin: I don't need to threaten you, dearie. It took three of you to get this far, and I promise it isn't far enough.

Cruella: Have it your way. Ursula, darling, crush the maid's heart.

Rumplestiltskin: That was, uh, a rather risky endeavour for an old glove, dearies.

Rumplestiltskin gives Cruella the gauntlet.

Ursula: Oh, the risk was worth it. For too long we've lived in a world where the heroes always win.

Cruella: And the gauntlet will reveal our enemies' weaknesses, and we will be the victors.

Maleficent: Let her go.

Maleficent uses her powers to make the Queen of Darkness disappears.

Belle: Why... Why would you do that? I... I... I mean, with that object...

Rumplestiltskin: They still won't be able to harm you.

Belle: Why do you care about me?

Rumplestiltskin: I don't. But if anyone's gonna crush your heart, it's gonna be me.


At the clock tower.

Mr Gold: When the stars on the hat align with those in the sky, we shall begin.

Hook: You mean I shall end. Let's not start mincing our words now.

Mr Gold: Oh, how brave. I half-expected you to crumble at the precipice of your demise.

Hook: I'm not the one who's a coward.

Mr Gold: Well, then, you'll enjoy watching this coward crush your heart.


At the mansion.

Henry: This place is amazing. Mom, I'll, uh, be right back.

Emma: Hey, kid, wait.

Mary Margaret: Well, Emma, I think this is it.

Anna: Crocuses! Arendelle crocuses! Elsa, we're almost home.

Emma: Wait, maybe I should open it. Magic can be unpredictable.

Elsa: So this is it.

Emma: Appears so.

Anna: Thank you for taking such good care of my sister.

Emma: It's kind of what we do.

Mary Margaret: It's our pleasure. Now, don't you all have a kingdom to go save?

Anna: We sure do. I hope Hans isn't too comfortable on that throne 'cause I'm gonna knock him right off the minute we get back.

Kristoff: And the second minute we're back, maybe we could get married? Just a thought.

Elsa: Emma, thank you for everything. You've done so much. I could never repay you.

Elsa hugs Emma.

Elsa: It's time. Please, thank Hook and Mr. Gold for us, as well.

Emma opens the door. Elsa and Kristoff go through the portal but Anna stops.

Mary Margaret: Good luck.

Anna: I wish I had met this Mr. Gold. He seems super helpful. Who is he? I mean, who is he in the other world? Wait, let me guess. He was a fairy godfather, wasn't he?

David: Well, not exactly. He was an evil sorcerer you're lucky you never met. Rumplestiltskin.

Anna: Wait, what?

Emma: You know him? He explicitly said he didn't know anything about you.

Anna: Well, that's a lie. Not that I'm surprised. All he does is lie.

Emma: So Gold was playing us the whole time. But why?


At the clock tower, Mr Gold starts the spell to release him from the dagger.

Mr Gold: It's time.

Emma and Mary Margaret enter.

Emma: Gold! Stop!

Mr Gold: I'm sorry. I can't. I've waited too long for this. And I'm too close.

He freezes Emma and Mary Margaret.

Mr Gold: Well, maybe not everything has went to plan. But this next part... I'm really gonna enjoy.

Mr Gold is crushing Hook’s heart.

Hook: Aah!

Mr Gold: I don't understand. Why can't I...

Belle: Because I commanded you not to. Drop the heart. Now release everyone. And now? Now you can take us to the town line because we need to be alone for what comes next.


At the town line.

Mr Gold: Belle, what are you doing?

Belle: Finally facing the truth.

Mr Gold: No, please put the dagger down and let me explain.

Belle: No! It's my turn to talk. Do you remember the first time you saved my life? You traded for me. I thought I... I saw something in you, something good. Well, I found that gauntlet today. And that's when I... I finally realized that all the signs I'd been seeing were correct. You'd never give up power for me, Rumple. You never have. You never will.

Mr Gold: Y... Y... you don't understand.

Belle: No. You told me that gauntlet could lead you to... to someone's weakness, to the thing they loved the most. Well, you know where it led me, Rumple? To the real dagger. Your true love is your power.

Mr Gold: I like the power. But there's nothing wrong with power, not when it means that... That I... That we... That we can have it all.

Belle: I just wanted you. I wanted to be chosen, not... I tried to be everything for you, Rumple. But I wasn't. And I... I lost my way trying to help you find yourself. Not anymore.

Mr Gold: Please, Belle. I... I... I'll make it up to you. I... I... I've changed once before. I can do it again.

Belle: You've never changed.

Mr Gold: Please.

Belle: No! It's too late. Once I... I saw the man behind the beast. Now there's only a beast. Rumplestiltskin, I command you... To leave Storybrooke.

Mr Gold: Belle, no. Please. I won't be able to come back.

Belle: I know.

Mr Gold: I... I... I don't want to lose you.

Belle: You already have.

Mr Gold: Belle, please. I'm afraid. Belle! Belle! No! Belle! Belle, please!


At the castle.

Anna: Isn't it beautiful? I found it hidden in the east wing. What? Is it my hair? You're right. I should have worn the braids.

Elsa: Anna, you look absolutely perfect.

Anna: I wouldn't say perfect. Did you see these bruises?

Elsa: Have you seen Hans' eye?

Anna: Yeah. Totally worth it. Okay. Let's get this wedding on the road. I mean "on the aisle."

Elsa: Anna, why did you do it? Why did you postpone your whole wedding just to find out the truth?

Anna: Elsa. You're my sister. I couldn't walk down this aisle unless you were as happy as I was.

Elsa: Anna, I'm... Very happy.

They hug.

Anna: What is that amazing smell?

Anna & Elsa: Chocolate!

Elsa: You ready?

Anna: Ready.


At Granny’s Diner.

Hook: Just be gent... Ohh!

Emma: Sorry. I just thought if I did it quickly, it'd be like ripping off a...

Hook kisses Emma.

Hook: I told you, Swan. I'm a survivor.


At the lunch room.

Regina: I'm not in the mood for a hope speech, Emma.

Emma: You're mistaking me for my mother. Besides, you don't need a speech. You need a drinking buddy. Shots?

Regina: Sure. Why not?

Emma: Two. You know you did the right thing today.

Regina: There it is... A hope speech. I thought we were drinking.

Emma: It's not a speech. It's a compliment.

Regina: Well, I don't need your validation. I know I did the right thing. I know because I'm miserable... Again.

Emma: Thanks. Well, if it makes you feel any better, so is Gold.

Regina: It does.

Henry enters.

Emma: Whoa, kid. Slow down.

Henry: Mom! Mom! I found something big! You're gonna want to see this.


At the abandoned mansion.

Henry: After you guys left, I stayed behind to look around, and I found something.

Regina: A library!

Henry: Not just any library. Look.

Emma: That looks like your book.

Henry: Only it's blank. They all are. And if this place is full of potential Storybooks...

Regina: Then maybe this is the author's house. Henry, you did it!

Emma: Did what? What's going on?

Regina: Well, uh, we were looking for the author. I was hoping he could write me a happier story.

Henry: We called that "Operation Mongoose."

Emma: I like it. It's got style. I'm in.

Regina: You are?

Emma: I made you a promise I intend to keep. Everyone deserves their happy ending.

–[New York – 6 weeks later]–

Mr Gold is walking in New York’s streets.

–[Enchanted Forest – Past]–

At the base of Demon's Bluff.

Rumplestiltskin: There may come a day when the students surpass the master. But today is not that day. I want my gauntlet.

Maleficent: We made a deal, Rumple, and you never go back on a deal.

Rumplestiltskin: No. I paid a ransom. Quite different. Demanding a ransom from the Dark One is not a deal. It's a death wish... And a fool's errand. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Cruella: Whatever you're up to, it'll never work. The game is rigged. The villains never win.

Ursula: Why don't you join us? Perhaps we can change the game together.

Rumplestiltskin: You severely underestimate me, dearie. I always win. And I win alone. I certainly don't need to join you, uh, Queens of Darkness.

–[New York – 6 weeks later]–

Mr Gold meets Ursula at the Aquarium.

Ursula: It's all I got. If you're not happy about it, try eating each other.

Mr Gold: I hear cannibalism is frowned upon in the aquatic world. Or maybe you could tell me differently.

Ursula: So, this is what a man who always wins looks like.

Mr Gold: I assure you, Ursula, my situation is only temporary.

Ursula: Really? How you gonna fix that, play the lotto?

Mr Gold: I'd like to tell you a story. It's about heroes and villains, where the villains always lose.

Ursula: Seems like someone's changed his tune.

Mr Gold: I've learned the rules do apply to me, but also there's someone who can change those rules.

Ursula: Who?

Mr Gold: For now, let's call him "The Author."

Ursula: Pretentious. I hate him already.

Mr Gold: Then let's go see him. Tell him what we think. Unless you prefer life as a fish-food dispenser.

Ursula: But if you're coming to me for help, I can assume it won't be easy. Who's standing in our way?

Mr Gold: The usual people... The heroes. Let's get your things. We've two more stops to make.

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L'actrice Jennifer Morrison, qui incarne le personnage d'Emma Swan, vient de dévoiler qu'elle...

Retrouvez Jennifer Morrison dans la saison finale de This is Us

Retrouvez Jennifer Morrison dans la saison finale de This is Us
Elle vous avez manqué ? Jennifer Morrison marque son retour en tant que Cassidy dans la saison...


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bloom74, 21.06.2022 à 07:34

Bonjour, dernier jour pour voter pour la manche2 de la SuperBattle du quartier The Boys. A vous de jouer.

KylianM, 21.06.2022 à 17:12

Venez récompenser les séries quotidiennes françaises avec Les Quotidiennes Awards sur le quartier de Plus belle la vie !

CastleBeck, 22.06.2022 à 11:27

Le survivor du quartier This Is Us compte sur vos votes! Merci

ShanInXYZ, 22.06.2022 à 17:10

Nouveau thème dans Voyage au centre du Tardis, quelle photo de Dan Lewis allez vous nous dénicher ? Passez voir le Docteur

bloom74, 22.06.2022 à 17:34

Et voilà la 3e Manche de la SuperBattle est en cours, les combats de titans ont commencé. Retrouvez les sur le quartier The Boys !

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