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#706 : Réveil forcé

Se sentant comme la cinquième roue du carrosse alors que Henry et Cendrillon se rapprochent, Regina se retrouve surprenamment à aider Javotte, qui a besoin de magie. Mais lorsqu'une vérité éclate, cela pourrait mener Cendrillon sur un chemin dangereux.

À Hyperion Heights, Roni demande l'aide de Weaver pour obtenir des réponses, et Tilly donne à Rogers des conseils intrigants concernant Eloise Gardener.


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Titre VO
Wake Up Call

Titre VF
Réveil forcé

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Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) et Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

Drizella (Adelaide Kane)

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Sharat Raju et Adelaide Kane

Sharat Raju

Sharat Raju

Sharat Raju et Adelaide Kane

Sharat Raju et Adelaide Kane

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–[Hyperion Heights]–

Henry and Roni are talking about the photography in Roni’s bar.

Henry: This is supposed to be a scene from my book with us photoshopped in as the characters. This me as the kid who believes in Fairy Tales, and you as my mom… The Evil Queen.

Roni: The Evil Queen? Right. So Victoria's screwing with us.

Henry: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, slow down there, Babe Ruth. Geez. We don't know that Victoria made the photo. Can we at least look into it before it's clobbering time?

Jacinda enters in the bar.

Jacinda: Roni. I am so glad you're still here.

Roni: Hey, uh, what's up?

Jacinda: It's, um... It's been a big night. Sabine and I, uh, we sort of bought a food truck.

Roni: Well, that's great.

Jacinda: It needs a lot of work, and I sold my tools. Do you have any?

Roni: Well, lucky for you, this place is falling apart, so... I've got all the tools you'll need.

Jacinda: You are a lifesaver.

Henry: Well, hey. Um, if you need some help, I'm pretty good around engines, you know, for a writer.

Jacinda: No, I'm fine.

Jacinda leaves.

Henry: What was that?

Roni: Hey, if I were the Evil Queen, I could look into my magic mirror and tell you… But this is all the magic I got.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Henry: Okay, Zen and the art of fixing a busted motorcycle. First lesson... Know thy tools. Starting with the humble torque wrench.

Ella: I like this... Torque wrench. Thanks for letting me help. Really.

Brignad: The magical carriage is real. Bet it's worth its weight in gold.

Henry: And let me guess... You fine fellows are here to kill us and take it?

Brignad: Hey, he's smarter than he looks.

Henry: Yeah. Good thing you're not.

Ella and Henry are fighting.

Regina: Get away from my son.

Henry: It's okay, Mom. I got this.

Ella casts the wrench on Brignad.

Henry: Well, I guess you do know how to use a wrench.

Ella runs after one of the men.

Regina: Henry, you okay?

Henry: Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Nothing we can't handle.

Henry takes his lunch box.

Henry: Thanks to this.

Regina: You still have it. You know, I bought this for you when you were 10… And now here you are with a sword and motorcycle and a girl.

Henry: Yeah, still figuring the girl part out. The Resistance always come first, right? As soon as we fix up the bike, we're off on another recon mission.

Regina: Oh, that sounds dangerous.

Henry: Hey, you should come with us. We could use you.

Regina: I can't. I-I'm busy.

Henry: With what? Don't tell me you're going on naval patrol with Hook.

Regina: Not if I can help it. But you don't need your mother around you all the time. Not anymore… And obviously, you can take care of yourself. So... Be safe.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Ivy enters in Victoria’s office. Victoria is laid on the sofa.

Ivy: Are you feeling all right, Mother?

Victoria: Yes, Ivy. I'm lying here in the dark because I feel fantastic. It's a migraine. Did you put the wrong sugar in my coffee? I told you aspartame is a trigger.

Ivy: I know, Mother, which is why I always put real sugar in your coffee. You know, something else might have triggered it… Like these flowers. I'm sure they're full of pollen. Why don't you let me get rid of the revolting things for you?

Victoria: Fine. Anything to make your grating voice stop.


Ivy joins Eloise in the sub level. She brings the flowers.

Eloise: You got them! Give them here. I can't wait any longer… Ah!

Ivy: So, do they have the magic we need?

Eloise: Only the tiniest seed. But it's still quite fragile. It needs fertile ground.

Ivy: I suppose I'm to get that, too? I have spent too much time in this world fetching things.

Eloise: You must be patient a little longer, my dear… Remember what I taught you… Remember how we survive.

Ivy: I know… I close my eyes… I imagine my mother's destruction.

Eloise: Mother isn't the only one to be wary of.

Ivy: Regina.

Eloise: I'm not sure it was wise to give her the photo.

Ivy: Oh, don't worry… By the end of the day, Regina won't be a problem.


Henry enters in Roni’s bar.

Henry: Okay, so I figured out the mystery. Look, Ivy's timeline from Halloween. She posted a bunch of pictures of us getting drinks together. Oh, this looks bad.

Roni: "#Drunkoween"? #DrinkingBuddy. Yeah, this looks bad. Well, that's why I'm not on social media.

Henry: Yeah, but Jacinda is. And now I'm worried that whatever we had, I screwed it all up.

Lucy enters in the bar.

Lucy: I want to see the picture!

Henry: How do you know about the picture, Lucy?

Lucy: Ivy told me all about it.

Henry: She did? She... Oh, boy.

Roni: This photo.

Lucy: I know she's on your side now, and I know what you found in Grandma's weird attic, so come on! Show me! Wait a minute. I remember reading this scene… Um, so, Henry is Henry, obviously, and Roni, you're... You're Regina! I mean, of course you are! Oh, my gosh. You're his mom. Regina Mills adopted Henry Mills in the real world in Boston! And it was the best thing that ever happened to her, to you!

Roni: Lucy, no… Give it up. The picture's obviously fake.

Lucy: No, it's not! Henry, you had something magical. You had a book that had real stories in it, and you never gave up and I won't give up, either. You are going to break this curse because you truly are Regina… And all I have to do is make you remember… And I know exactly how to do it.


Weaver is about to leave his hospital’s room.

Weaver: This is where the real suffering begins.

Rogers: Desk work isn't that bad.

Weaver: I feel fine. I'm going back to work.

Rogers: Well, Captain wants you to stick it out for at least a week.

A nurse brings a wheelchair.

Rogers: I take it you want to walk out of here.

Weaver: That's right. I'm going to walk straight back to the precinct, have a word with the captain. In the meantime, keep your eyes on your phone… I might have some errands for you to run.

Weaver leaves.

Rogers: I was hoping you might help me while Weaver's resting up. It's an important case. It's a missing girl. So, what do you and Weaver do when he needs help?

Tilly: Mm... He buys me lunch.

Rogers: All right.


Henry and Roni are walking in the street.

Henry: Well, I was a little sceptical with the stray dogs hanging out in the alley, but Bella Notte has damn good pizza… Now, what's up with you?

Roni: What do you mean?

Henry: You've been quiet ever since Lucy dropped the Regina bomb. Are you worried about her?

Roni: No, it's not that. It just, you know... It just brought up a difficult memory is all… I actually... I... I did try to adopt once… A beautiful baby boy. Then at the last minute, the adoption agency decided I wasn't a good fit… Just left a mark, you know?

Henry: Well, for what it's worth, you seem like mom to a lot of people around here.

Roni: Which is why we have to help Lucy. If we pretend we believe her, then she'll stop being defensive and finally believe the truth when she sees it… Trust me. The sooner the fantasy fades, the sooner she can heal.

Henry: Okay, Operation Heartbreak it is.

Roni: Hmm?

Henry: That's a thing from my book. Just like something else she said, which gives me a good idea of exactly where she is. You want to go there now?

Roni: I'll go solo. Your afternoon is already full.

Henry: Is it?

Roni: Oh, did I forget to mention the pizza place was close to that? Go ask her out.

Henry: Sometimes I guess you just got to accept when Mom knows best.

Roni: Now, be charming, and don't slouch… I'm kidding! Go talk to her. I'll go deal with Lucy.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Regina is walking into the woods. She sees a girl who opens a box. A plant gets out off of the box, ties up the girl and is about to kill her. Regina casts a fireball to save the girl.

Regina: Watch out! You have to be careful around strange magic. You all right? Drizella. I should have let that thing eat you. You tried to kill my son.

Drizella: On my mother's orders. She doesn't take "no" for an answer.

Regina: Well, is that why you're here?

Drizella: No… I am through with doing things for that woman. I am here to find magic to help me get free of her.

Regina: Uh, what are you talking about? I thought you were marrying some prince.

Drizella: Do you honestly think that was my choice?

Regina: Oh, I see.

Drizella: The funny thing is, I was born with magic… Only Mother never let me cultivate it. She knew I would only use it to escape from her… So, if I can't learn to use my own magic, I will steal someone else's.

Regina: Drizella, I know what it's like to live with such a controlling mother… Perhaps I can help.

Drizella: Really?

Regina: But you're not going to steal it… You're going to use the gift you were born with.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Ivy brings Eloise some ground.

Ivy: I got what you asked for. Fresh from that charmless little community garden.

Eloise: Thank you. Your mother has denied me of this for far too long.

Ivy: Then prove to me that this was worth ruining my nails for.

Eloise mixes petals with ground. A plant grows. Ivy is about to touch the plant, Eloise stops her.

Ivy: That's perfect.

Eloise: Careful! This is a most dangerous path to take a person down.

Ivy: Then I guess we'll see if Regina is as powerful as she thinks she is.


Jacinda is under the truck, tries to fix it. Suddenly the music changes, she shows up.

Jacinda: What's that?

Henry is in front of her with a radio.

Henry: Uh, The English Beat. "Save it for Later."

Jacinda: I know what it is. Why are you playing it?

Henry: Oh, I always just liked the '80s. You know, John Hughes movies, New Wave music... A little... Little New Order, a little Adam Ant. You know, I always used to make these amazing mix tapes, and I was...

Jacinda: You are making less sense than normal, Henry Mills.

Henry: Yeah, right. Uh... Last time I was single, mix tapes always worked when I wanted to ask a girl out, so...

Jacinda: You're asking me on a date now? You sure it's me you want to ask out?

Henry: Yes! Yes! Because the thing with Ivy, that was a mistake. I mean, it wasn't, like, a mistake mistake, because nothing happened, but...

Jacinda: Sorry. I get it. I get it. You don't have to explain.

Henry: But I do! I do because I find myself wanting to explain all kinds of things to you, like... Like, I don't know, like why pancakes are appropriate for dessert, why the English Beat is so culturally relevant, why I can't stop thinking about you.

Jacinda: Wow… You sure have seen a lot of John Hughes movies… What if I explained to you that I have a daughter and a new small business and very little time?

Henry: Well, then I'd say, I'm a Swyft driver and a failed writer with nothing but time… So, whenever you have some, I'd, uh... I'd love to take you on a date.

Jacinda: Okay. What about now?

Henry: Now? Like... Like, here? Like...

Jacinda: Well, you said you're good with cars, right? And yeah, mix tapes always work.

Henry is happy.

Henry: Yeah, thanks. Um...

Jacinda: I'm just gonna...

Henry: All right. Let's see what we got going on… Okay. I'm going to test you now. Oh, yeah. There's the problem. I see it already.


Lucy is in her bedroom, she opens her closet. Roni enters.

Roni: Thought Victoria said you couldn't come here.

Lucy: She doesn't know I'm here… And I had to come.

Roni: Henry guessed you'd be here.

Lucy: Of course he did. Because when Henry needed magic the most, the storybook showed up for him in Snow White's closet… And when some people touch it, they remember everything about who they were.

Roni: Wow. So, if I grabbed it, I'd remember being a Queen?

Lucy: You're never going to believe it.

Roni: Look, I would love to believe I was a Queen. You know, someone with this big, amazing life who adopted a son she loved and… I know enough to know I don't know everything, Lucy… So why don't we prove this thing together?

Lucy: Really?

Roni: What do you say? Partners?

Lucy hugs Roni.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Regina is training Drizella.

Regina: You can do this, Drizella.

Drizella tries to make a rock fly.

Drizella: I can't. I'm sorry I'm wasting your time. I'm sure you have better things to do.

Regina: You're not wasting my time. You just need... The right motivation.

Regina makes the wall of a tower fall on her.

Drizella: Regina! No!

Drizella saves Regina with her magic.

Drizella: I-I didn't think I could do it. I didn't... I didn't know it was possible.

Regina: If you believe in yourself, it is… You know… You are a lot like I was when I was your age. Except I didn't have the right guide, so all my power came from anger… And hate… I sought revenge, and I did terrible things to get it… I cast a Dark Curse.

Drizella: Did it give you what you wanted?

Regina: For a while… Turns out I wanted the wrong things… The only thing that truly made me happy was my son, Henry.

Drizella: I wish I had a mother like you.

Rumplestiltskin: Don't we all?

Rumplestiltskin shows up.

Regina: Rumple?

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Roni brings Weaver a bottle of bourbon in his office.

Roni: It's a get-well gift.

Weaver: How can I help you, Roni?

Roni: Can you find out if a certain woman applied to adopt a baby in Boston? I'm not sure about the year.

Lucy: Her name's Regina Mills.

Weaver: That bought you this conversation. Now, what would make me want to take this on?

Roni: I'll owe you one.

Weaver: Then we have a deal.


Tilly brings Rogers in her place.

Tilly: How about a rematch while we chat? Games keep me focused. So, come on. I'll begin.

Rogers: Look, shouldn't we at least reset the board?

Tilly: Why would we do that? Things are always more fun when you start in the middle… So, tell me about Eloise Gardener.

They start to play chess.

Rogers: Um, until she disappeared 10 years ago, she was a normal kid. Liked art, hated school. She as a bit of an amateur poet. Well, that's everything, except that she was fearless... Until she disappeared when something spooked her... Something that was in this journal, something... Some kind of protection rune. Uh, it's... It's... It's complicated. Look, all that matters is why she disappeared and where she is, so... What am I missing? You know?

Tilly: Look at the board, Detective. You need to take a good look at your side. What pieces do you already have that you're not paying attention to? Answer that, and you might find yourself on a very different path... One that leads to Eloise Gardener.


Weaver enters in Roni’s bar.

Roni: Oh, I didn't expect to see you so soon. That for me?

Weaver: It is.

Roni: Right.

Weaver: So, uh, where's your new pint-sized partner?

Roni: Lucy? She's home.

Weaver: So, turns out, there was a Regina Mills... Adopted a baby boy in Boston.

Roni: What? That's impossible.

Weaver: If you didn't think this was gonna work, why did you ask for help?

Roni: Weaver, I asked for a favour, not an interrogation.

Weaver: Here.

Roni: Thank you.

Weaver: Yeah, what are old friends for? Favours… Favours that will one day be returned… You owe me one.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Regina and Rumplestiltskin are talking into the woods.

Regina: All those years... A blink of an eye for us, and you, you lived a lifetime with Belle. It's difficult to comprehend.

Rumplestiltskin: You know, we had a good life… And it made me a new man… That's why I'm here in this realm… Finally ready to pass on the power of the Dark One the right way.

Regina: Well, it seems you did change.

Rumplestiltskin: Well, change is inevitable. Slow and painful at times, but inevitable.

Regina: Tell me about it. My son no longer needs me.

Rumplestiltskin: But do you think this girl might.

Regina: Oh, well, Drizella has so much raw talent… She just needs a strong guide, someone to put her on the right path and teach her how to stand up to her mother.

Rumplestiltskin: I've heard dark tales about this Lady Tremaine.

Regina: She has no idea Drizella's here.

Rumplestiltskin: Come on, Regina. You lived with a mother just like her… Do you really think you would have gotten away with all of this without Cora knowing?

Regina: Well... No.

Rumplestiltskin: No… Take a piece of advice from your former teacher and ask yourself this... Why would Tremaine want her daughter to learn magic?


Drizella and Regina are talking into the woods. They are looking Lady Tremaine through a mirror.

Drizella: That's my sister. Anastasia.

Regina: Mother's favourite.

Lady Tremaine rips off Anastasia’s heart from her chest.

Drizella: What is she doing to her?

Regina: Practicing.

Drizella: For what?

Regina: For waking her up… She almost had my son's heart ripped out before because the only way to wake Anastasia is by taking her heart and replacing it with one full of...

Drizella: Belief… My heart.

Regina: I'm so sorry.

Drizella: I always knew that she loved her more. I guess… I just didn't realize how much until now.

Drizella is crying.

Drizella: Oh, God. I'll never get away from her, will I? No matter what I do, she always finds a way to hurt me. Oh, God! I'll never be free!

Regina: Hey, hey. I can help. I promise I-I can protect your heart.

Drizella: There's only one way to protect me. Please, please... Help me kill her.

Regina: Drizella, no… I cannot let you go down that dark path.

Drizella: I thought you cared about me.

Regina: That's why I'm saying no.

Drizella: You know what? That's exactly what my mother used to tell me… And if you're not going to help me, I know a prince who will.

Drizella leaves.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Rogers is in Roni’s bar. He studies Eloise Gardener’s files.

Rogers: What pieces do I already have?


Rogers knocks on the perp’s door house. Nobody answers. He lights his torch and looks through the window. The perp is dead. He enters.


Roni looks on Henry’s adopt files. She sees Regina’s signature, it’s her hand writing.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Lady Tremaine is mooring Anastasia. Drizella enters with Prince Gregor.

Drizella: It's like a painting. A mother mourns the loss of her only loved child.

Lady Tremaine: What are you doing here, Drizella?

Drizella: I told Prince Gregor everything, like how you want to rip my heart out.

Prince Gregor: I won't let you harm my bride.

Prince Gregor is about to attack Lady Tremaine. Regina freezes him.

Regina: That's enough. You don't want to do this, Drizella.

Drizella: No, you don't want to do this. You refuse to understand that we have a different story… The pain like mine can't be washed away… You know, I've been trying my whole life to win your approval but now I realize I'm never going to get it because I'm not her.

Lady Tremaine: You're most certainly not.

Regina: Drizella, come with me… If you kill your mother, you'll regret it.

Drizella: You know what? You're right… But I didn't bring Gregor here to kill my mother… I brought him here to kill something else.

Regina: What are you talking about?

Drizella: I can't let my mother have what she wants.

Drizella kills Prince Gregor.

Regina: Drizella… What have you done?

Drizella: What both of you were most afraid of... I turned my heart black… And now it's of no use to you, Mother. You failed.

Lady Tremaine: What do you want from me? Congratulations?

Drizella: No. I want you to suffer… Regina taught me things you never would, and I don't just mean magic tricks. She taught me how to seek revenge. A little thing called the Dark Curse.

Regina: Drizella, that was a warning… A curse is never worth the cost.

Drizella: It is to me… Death is too merciful for you, Mother… I'm going to take you to another realm where I can plant a seed of pain in your life. It'll start small, and it will grow until everything you see, you breathe, you feel is pain.

Regina: No… Listen to me… I wanted to help you… But if you go through with this, I will do whatever it takes to stop you. Heroes can always break curses.

Drizella: Well, then, I guess I'd better find a way to make mine unbreakable. Thank you for your final lesson.

Drizella disappears.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Ivy enters in Roni’s bar.

Ivy: Oh, my! There's no one here. Guess I must have missed your little Avengers assembly. Shame, since I may have found more dirt. I'm gonna pour us something from the top shelf... And then I'll talk.

Roni: This better be good.

Ivy pours drinks.

Roni: So... What did you find?

Ivy: Actually, this is all about what you found.

Roni: What are you talking about?

Ivy: See, I needed you to go on your little adventure today with Lucy. I needed you to start asking yourself, "What if the photo is real? What if all of Henry's fairy tales were true?"

Roni starts to feel strange.

Ivy: Because once you start asking yourself those questions your little brain is all warmed up, and I can push it right over the edge.

Roni: Did you put something in my drink?

Roni remembers.

–[Regina’s memories]–

Regina: I love you, too.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

In Roni’s bar.

Ivy: Welcome back... Regina.

Roni: Drizella.

Ivy: Oh, did you miss me?

Roni is trying to attack Ivy and fails.

Ivy: Oh, sorry! Land Without Magic. Well, just enough to wake you up.

Roni’s phone is ringing.

Roni: Henry.

Ivy: I... Wouldn't answer that if I were you. Henry can't know about this.

Roni: Then why the hell did you wake me up?

Ivy: Mm. Your mind might be a little foggy from your nap. Just give it a minute.

Roni remembers.

Ivy: There it is. It's all coming back… Now, you told me that a hero always breaks the curse, so I made mine hero-proof. Do you remember what I did right before the curse was cast and why you can't ever allow it to be broken? You do remember. If the curse is broken, something very bad happens to the people you love. You should be proud. You know you're a great teacher when the student surpasses the master.

Roni: And what do you want, huh? You want a gold star? Or did you just wake me to gloat?

Ivy: As much fun as that is, no. I woke you up because I need your help. I am on the verge of showing my mother what true suffering is. I can't have anyone breaking the curse now.

Roni: You mean... Henry and Jaci... Cinderella.

Ivy: We both know you will do whatever it takes to stop True Love's Kiss from happening… That shouldn't be too hard for the Evil Queen, right? After all, breaking hearts is kind of what you're best at.

–[A New Realm - Past]–

Regina is talking with Henry into the woods.

Regina: After everything I've been through, I still haven't learned my lesson. How could I let a girl with that much pain anywhere near magic? How could I be so stupid?

Henry: You were just trying to see the best in someone. That's never stupid.

Regina: It's a nice sentiment, but this wasn't about her. It's about me. And you, actually.

Henry: Me?

Regina: I came to this land to help you, because I thought you needed it… But you're not the kid who left Storybrooke anymore… You can fight your own battles now. And when you can't, you have Ella.

Henry: You are so wrong. I do need you. You're the first person who loved me, the only person for many, many years… So, yeah, yeah. I can take care of bullies or brigands or whatever… But I will always need you.

Regina: And I... I need you. Living in Storybrooke without you is... I couldn't stand it… Whatever else I'm supposed to do with my life... I'm your mother first. 'Cause without that, I just don't know how to be.

–[Hyperion Heights]–

Roni is looking at the photo of Henry and her. Henry joins her.

Henry: Hey. Well, you will be happy to know that things with Jacinda... Went pretty well.

Roni: Guess we'll just have to see where that goes, won't we? Keep me in the loop. I'm pretty good with advice.

Henry: And how are you with precocious little girls? Is Lucy... off this fantasy of hers yet?

Roni: You know, uh, I was thinking… Maybe it would help if she knew a little more about you… You know, like, who your mother is.

Henry: I haven't told her this because I didn't want to add fuel to the fire, but I was... I was born in prison just like my character… Except I was never adopted. I grew up in the system.

Roni: Like Emma did… In your book.

Henry: You read my book?

Roni: I picked up a copy. It was really good.

Henry: Nah. It's... It's okay. I mean, you don't have to say that… It used to bother me that no one liked it, but I started to realize it doesn't matter. I think I wrote it just for myself… Growing up an orphan, all I ever dreamt of was having a mom… And I wanted it so badly that I found a way to give myself two.

Roni: Henry, I...

Henry: What? What?

Roni: I'm just so glad we're getting to know each other.

Henry: Me, too.

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Terrible cet épisode !!! 

On découvre de plus en plus les pouvoirs de Javotte, et j'avoue que je préfère que ce soit elle que sa mère qui tire les ficelles. Elle semble être une méchante de taille. 

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Jacinda et Henry, ils sont mignons... Curieuse de voir la suite. 

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J'ai beaucoup apprécier cet épisode aussi !

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un très bon épisode.

le personnage d'Ivy/Javotte est vraiment très intéressant et elle joue beaucoup mieux la méchante que sa mère.

l'intrigue avance, on en sait plus c'est cool.

hâte de voir la suite pour regina !

Sas1608  (12.11.2017 à 16:34)

Très bon épisode avec une intrigue qui avance à grands pas ! 

J'ai adoré les scènes avec Regina et Javotte ! Maintenant j'ai hâte de voir ce que ça va donner avec une Régina réveillée ! 

La scène Régina/Rumple dans les bois était sympa !


Merci aux 4 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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