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#519 : Le Temps des adieux

Centré sur : Regina et Zelena

Hadès et Zelena sont désormais réunis. Il lui demande si elle veut un futur avec lui en dehors des Enfers. Tout ce qu’elle doit faire, de guérir son cœur avec le baiser du véritable amour, ainsi il pourra quitter les Enfers et laisser les héros piéger pour l'éternité.

Regina découvre ce plan, elle décide de faire appel à Cora pour l’aider à séparer Zelena d'Hadès. Cora révèle un secret de famille à Régina qui pourrait changer la vie de ses deux filles pour toujours.

Pendant ce temps, David rencontre enfin James, il réalise que son jumeau est déterminé à prendre sa revanche sur lui pour lui avoir volé la vie qu'il aurait pu avoir.


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Le Temps des adieux

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Réalisation : Romeo Tirone

Scénario : David H. Goodman et Brigitte Hales

Guests :

Ava Acres Regina jeune
Isabella Blake-Thomas Zelena jeune
Robbie Kay Peter Pan


Hades drives Zelena to their first date.

Zelena: This is not what I was expecting. What other surprises have you got hidden up those sleeves?

Hades: Well, for one, you haven't asked me why I brought you up here.

Zelena: Mm. With men, it's usually pretty obvious.

Hades: Oh, you've got me. But there's more on my mind, actually.

Zelena: Really? What, then?

Hades: Come. It's easier if I show you… See all that?

Zelena: Yes. The hellish Storybrooke, the one you made for me. The gesture was appreciated.

Hades: But not enough, I know. Just giving you a decayed version of what your sister had... You deserve more. You deserve the real thing. And once my heart is beating again and I can leave this place for good, that's where I want to take you.

Zelena: You want to come with me to Storybrooke?

Hades: If you'd have me.

Zelena: But what about all your plans?

Hades: I don't care about that anymore. Not if I can have you. All I care about is a future where we might be a family.

Zelena: Don't think my sister and the rest of her terribly self-righteous gaggle of do-gooder friends would want to share their home with Lord Death and the Wicked Witch.

Hades: What if they weren't there to stop us?

Zelena: What do you mean?

Hades: The Underworld will still exist even after I leave, which means all of the heroes will be trapped here, and I mean all of them. After the Charmings pulled their little switcheroo, I made sure everyone's name got put on a tombstone.

Zelena: You want to keep them down here for eternity?

Hades: There is no other way. I know things between you and your sister are... Complicated, but it's her or us. So... What do you say, Zelena? Will you make chaos with me?


Zelena comes home, Regina is waiting for her.

Regina: Someone's home late.

Zelena: Now is not the time, Regina.

Regina: Really? I think I'll be the judge of that.

Zelena: What do you want?

Regina: What? Can't a sister show she cares? I thought I'd find you still sulking over your favourite pair of shoes. Where were you?

Zelena: Well, I was... You know where I was, don't you? That's why you're here. You've been spying on me. How?

Regina: Next time, tell your boyfriend to pick you up in something with a little less chrome.

Zelena: He's not my boyfriend. And maybe show a little respect for privacy.

Regina: Oh, no. We're not teenagers sharing a bedroom, sis. You lost the right to privacy after... Well, pretty much everything you've done to me. Not to mention what Hades wants to do to me and everyone I care about.

Zelena: And I suppose I don't get any points for not saying yes?

Regina: Well, you also didn't say no. But you're not going to get the chance to do anything because you're not going to see him again.

Zelena: So first you pretend to be a caring sister, and now you're gonna try and be my mother. Don't bother. I already have someone who failed at that job. She abandoned me in the woods. Remember?

Regina: I know you don't believe me, Zelena, but I am trying to do what's best for you.

Zelena: And how do you know that isn't being with Hades?

Regina: Because he's a villain!

Zelena: Yeah, but he doesn't always have to be. Like with you and Robin. Oh, you two helped each other. He used to be a bloody thief!

Regina: Yes, who stole from the rich to give to the poor. You want to redeem the God of Death.

Zelena: I can help him.

Regina: And what if you're wrong, hmm? What happens to all of us then?

Zelena: Stop pretending that you care about me or that you ever wanted a sister, because we both know you don't.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Regina is playing with a doll in her mother’s bedroom.

Cora: What are you doing in here? Regina, what are you doing?

Regina: Isabella and I were just playing dress-up. Want to play with us?

Cora: I'm sorry, my darling. I can't. I have too much work to attend to.

Regina: But you never have time to play.

Cora: Do you remember what I told you about when I was a child?

Regina: You mean what it was like to be the miller's daughter?

Cora: Yes. I had to work in the mill all day wearing nothing but rags, but it taught me something important. The only person I could depend on was me. And once I learned that lesson, everything changed.

Regina: I'm happy you don't have to wear rags anymore. Maybe you can play with me later?

Cora: You have your doll until then. I'll see you at supper.

Regina opens a box in her mother’s desk. She finds a magic wand and starts to play with it.

Regina: You can be my sister.

She tries to cast a spell on her doll but she’s hurt by the magic.

Cora: Regina! Oh, no. No, no.

Henry: What happened?

Cora: My wand.

Henry: But how? Don't you keep it protected by magic?

Cora: Blood magic. I locked it away to keep her safe from it, but I forgot the key.

Henry: Can't you heal her?

Cora: My magic won't work, not when it's the cause of her pain. Her only chance would be someone close to her who hasn't harmed her.

Henry: She has no other family, not with magic, anyway.

Cora: You're going to be all right, Regina. I promise.


At the Charmings’ loft.

Emma: Zelena is in love?

Regina: And not thinking rationally, which for her is a big problem.

Hook: We have to stop her. And if you can't because she's your blood, then allow me to.

Regina: What? Kill her?

Hook: Well, it's a step in the right direction.

Regina: Well, taking action against Zelena in any form will get messy.

David: Okay, so we find a way to keep them apart without killing anyone.

Hook: I'm waiting for the better option.

Emma: So, what's the plan?

Regina: Well, there's only one person we can trust to destroy the love blooming between Hades and my sister… Our mother.


At Mr. Gold’s shop.

Mr. Gold: It's me, Belle. It's time for me to fix this. I know how you would want me to do it, how you would want me to use light magic, but I can't… I'm sorry, Belle. I really don't want to let you down, but there's only one way to save our child. I have to do things my way now.


As a punishment, Cora must made flour.

Guard: No time for rest now. There's more flour to mill. There's always more. Now get back to work.

She finds Killian’s hook and frees herself.

Guard: Where'd you get that?

Cora: I have my suspicions. Shall we see if I'm correct?

She knocks out the guards.


Cora runs in the tunnels.

Hook: Hello, love.

Cora: Hook. So I was right. You are my Fairy Godmother.

Hook: Well, no one's ever called me that before, but I suppose I am. Let's get out of here. Your daughter needs you.

–[OZ - Past]–

Cora is spying on Zelena who is too young to carry so much wood, she lets them fall.

Zelena: Ohh!

She uses her magic to put away the woods.

Zelena’s father: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Zelena: Father, I'm sorry.

Zelena’s father: Sorry?! I warned you about giving in to your wickedness. You want someone to see you? What would happen then?

Zelena: It won't happen again. I promise.

Zelena’s father: That's right. 'Cause I'm gonna teach you the lesson you've always deserved. Your mother's not here to protect you anymore.

Zelena’s father is about to beat her but Cora stops him.

Zelena: I'm sorry, Father. I don't know what happened. I don't understand.

Cora: You don't need to worry, child. You didn't do anything. I did.

Zelena: You have magic?

Cora: Yes.

Zelena: Are you a good witch or...?

Cora: Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm a good witch. Your father's wrong to make you feel badly for being who you are. What you have is a gift. Would you like the chance to show him that your magic isn't wicked?

Zelena: How?

Cora: By helping someone very dear to me… Oh, good. Come, then. Come along.


James finds David in the street.

James: Well, well, there he is. The shepherd… Looks like you lost your flock.

David: James.

James: It's Prince James to you.

David: All right. Prince James it is… I'm just... Glad to finally see you so we can talk. Cruella told me why you're so angry with me because...

James: Mother gave me up and kept you? That's what she said? Ah, she was never really good at reading people. Better with dogs.

David: If that's not the problem, what is?

James: Well, it's simple. You stole my glory. You were never half the man I was, and yet you got everything... Everything that was mine. Well, now you're gonna pay.

David: It's not my fault you got yourself killed.

James: Well... We'll see what happens now, shepherd.

David: You want to prove you're so much better than me? Fight fair.

James: Why bother? What could you ever do to me? I'm already dead.

David attacks James but he tases his bother.

James: Well, you've had your fun playing prince. Now let's see what happens when I play shepherd.


At the Charmings’ loft.

James: Emma. Everything okay?

Emma: Yeah. I was just thinking about Mom. I hope she's okay without us.

James: I'm sure she is.

Emma: Remember this?

James: Birthday, right?

Emma: Anniversary, I think.

James: Oh, right. Of course. I'm not thinking straight. Being away from her is... It's hard.

Emma: I know. I know.

James: You ready?

Emma: Regina said the rendezvous point with Robin is a half day's walk into the woods. You sure you have all the supplies from her list?

James: Bottled water, new blanket, and a lot of baby wipes.

Emma: Father of the year.

James: Just do me a favour. When we get back, don't tell Snow I forgot our anniversary.

Emma: Well, between all of the curses and the time jumps, who could blame you? Come on.


In Regina’s vault.

Regina: I'm so sorry I didn't come for you sooner. If I had known...

Cora: Sweetheart... I can take care of myself. I just wish you weren't still here.

Regina: Well, I told you I couldn't leave, not without helping my friends… But even if I wanted to leave now, I can't.

Cora: Why not? What's Hades done?

Regina: He put my name on a tombstone, trapping me here so he can go to Storybrooke without me or anyone else following him up there.

Cora: Impossible. I know the Lord of the Underworld can't leave this realm for good.

Regina: No, he... He can, if he restarts his heart with true love's kiss.

Cora: Who could possibly love that man?

Regina: Zelena.

Cora: Zelena… She's here?

Regina: It seems she and Hades have a past.

Cora: That's how he knew about her. We need to change her mind.

Regina: I already tried. She thinks she can change him, make him a better man.

Cora: You were right to come to me. She's in more danger than you realize. Hades has spent far too long down here to be changed by something as simple as love.

Regina: How do we stop Hades from hurting Zelena?

Cora: We only have one option.

Regina: What's that?

Cora: We have to make her forget Hades ever existed.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Henry is looking after his daughter and waiting for Cora and Zelena’s arrival.

Henry: Just hold on, dear. Your mother will be back soon.

Cora: She already is, and I have exactly what we need.

Henry: Who is she?

Cora: The cure.

Henry: What sort of dark magic is this? Who is she?

Cora: Henry, please. I found a way to save her.

Henry leaves.

Zelena: Is this her? Is this your daughter?

Cora: Yes, Zelena. Now, what I need you to do is very complicated, so you're going to have to follow my every instruction.

Zelena uses her powers to heal Regina.

Cora: It's not nearly as easy as stacking firewood. How do you... Know how to do that?

Zelena: I wanted to use my magic to help someone for so long. It just... Came to me.

Regina wakes up.

Cora: Oh, my darling girl!

Regina: Who's that?

Cora: The girl whose magic saved you from yourself.

Zelena: I'm Zelena. What's your name?

Regina: Regina.


Regina and Cora are at the River Lethe.

Cora: This spring flows from the River Lethe.

Regina: The River of Forgetfulness.

Cora: One drop of its waters, and it will be as if Zelena never even met Hades.

Regina: Yes, Mother, I know how it works. I have dabbled with forgetting potions before.

Cora: As have I. In fact, there was a spring from this very river near our estate in the Enchanted Forest.

Regina: Who did you use it on?

Cora: That's not important. What is important is that you find a way to get Zelena to drink this.

Regina: Good luck there. After I crashed her date, I don't think she'll let me within a mile of her farmhouse.

Cora: She will.

Regina: What do you have in mind?

Cora: After all these years, I think it's time she finally gets to meet her mother.


Emma and James are walking into the woods.

James: How much further?

Emma: No further. This is where Regina said Robin would meet us.

James: Great. So what do we do now? Rob from the rich and hope he shows up?

Emma: Uh, no. Robin will just find us.

James: In the middle of the woods?

Robin: Hello. Not everyone needs magic to be stealthy. Thanks. Where's Regina?

Emma: Uh, condensed version? Zelena and Hades are on the verge of being the world's worst power couple. Regina's taking care of it.

Robin: I should go. She's gonna need my help.

Emma: No, no. It's okay. Make sure your daughter is safe. Regina can handle her sister.

James takes Emma’s gun and threats them both.

James: Siblings. They can be a real pain, can't they?

Emma: Dad, what the hell?

James: Cruella gave me some advice... Never face the Saviour without one of those.

Emma: James. Where's my dad?

James: Oh, he's locked up in the Sheriff's station. I've been trailing him for some time. Figured when Snow blew this joint, well, that was my chance.

Cruella drives to them.

Cruella: Why is everything in the woods with you people? Hello, darling. Fabulous job. Mummy's very proud of you. And I will show you how much later on… First I need to do something.

Cruella hits Emma.

James: Ooh!

Cruella: That's for killing me, darling.

Emma: What do you want?

Cruella: What I want is out of this dreadful place. And if the Author won't do it for us, I have to think of another way. And there is only one man who can do that for us.

Emma: Hades. Why would Hades help you?

Cruella: Oh, he wouldn't, unless I had the right leverage, say, like the child of the woman he loves. Though God knows why. They're terrible things.

James: Now. Hand her over.

Robin: Not gonna happen, mate.

Robin shoots James.

James: Arrows... They can't hurt me. But one pull of this trigger, well, you're not just a visitor in the Underworld.


Cora knocks on Zelena’s door.

Cora: Hello, Zelena.

Zelena: Mother.

Cora: I wasn't sure you'd know who I was.

Zelena: I don't know what you're doing here, but I don't need anything from you!

Cora: We both know you've been waiting for this moment your entire life. Let's not pretend otherwise.

Zelena lets her mother enter.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Regina and Zelena are playing in Cora’s bedroom.

Zelena: No one gets in my way and lives to tell of it. You'll be sorry for this, Regina.

Regina: Not as sorry as you'll be when your face is on fire. Fireball! Shh. Not so loud. I'm not even supposed to be out of bed yet.

Zelena: We don't have to stop playing, do we? I'm sure your mother's going to take me home soon.

Regina: Of course not. We can play princesses.

Regina gives Zelena a necklace. Zelena sees Cora’s box.

Regina: Here.

Zelena: What's that?

Regina: It's the box my mother used to keep her wand in.

Zelena: It's beautiful.

Zelena opens it.

Regina: How did you do that?

Zelena: What do you mean? I just touched it, and it opened.

Regina: But that box was sealed with blood magic. There's no way you should have been able to open it... Unless...

Zelena: Unless what?

Regina: Do you think... Could we be... Related?

Zelena: Why wouldn't your mother have told us?

Regina: I don't know. We have to ask her.

Cora was spying on them.


Cora and Zelena are talking. Regina is outside the house the vial of water, hearing them.

Zelena: So... You just happened to be in the neighbourhood, taking a little stroll in Hell and decided to stop by?

Cora: No. I've, um, been in a kind of prison, Hades' version of one, anyway. And when I heard you were here, I knew I had to come.

Zelena: Regina sent you, didn't she? To try and talk me out of it.

Cora: You think Regina would ever forget what I did to her father? No. And as for stopping you, I'm the last person to do that, not when it was my doing that put you in this position in the first place.

Zelena: And what's that supposed to mean?

Cora: I'm sure your feelings for Hades are real. But isn't it obvious? You're still trying to fill the hole in your heart I created when I abandoned you.

Zelena: I'm not interested in talking about this. I'm over it. I have been for years.

Cora: No, you aren't. What I did left a wound that's been festering for... Decades. You want to know if I regret my decision, if after all these years, I'm sorry I gave you away.

Zelena: Well, are you?

Cora: Of course I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Zelena: Then why?

Cora: I thought... It would be the best for you. I... For me. And I was wrong… Don't you understand why I can't leave the Underworld yet? I thought it was Regina, but now I know… It's both of you. You're my unfinished business.

Cora hugs Zelena. Regina enters in the house.

Zelena: I'm sorry. It's just all a bit much.

Cora: It's all right, sweetheart.

Regina makes appear s glass of water. She pours the vial in it.

Cora: Here, why don't I get you some water?

Cora takes the glass to Zelena.

Cora: This should help.

Zelena: You know, it's funny. I've imagined this day a thousand times... Finding you, hearing that you're sorry, that you really did love me. I mean it almost feels like a dream.

Cora: For me, too.

Zelena: There's just one thing that's different. See, in my dreams, your apology was genuine… I never thought you'd try to poison me.

Zelena casts the water into the fire.

Zelena: You can come out now, Regina. Did you really think I'd believe all that drivel?

Cora: It wasn't drivel. I know you're upset, sweetheart.

Zelena: I am way more than that, sweetheart!

Regina: Please, Zelena, let us explain.

Zelena: Explain what? That you're trying to ruin my life again? What, you couldn't do it by yourself, so you had to come running to Mummy?

Regina: I wasn't trying to ruin anything.

Zelena: Of course not. You were just doing what's best for me. You two are cut from the same dark cloth. You've never cared about what happened to me. Either of you!

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Regina and Zelena go to talk to Cora.

Regina: Mother? We've been looking for you.

Cora: So I see.

Regina: Zelena and I were just playing, and...

Zelena: I opened it by accident. I wasn't trying to. I promise.

Regina: We were just wondering. Doesn't that mean...?

Cora: Yes. You and Zelena are sisters.

Regina: Why didn't you tell us?

Cora: I wasn't sure you'd understand.

Regina: If she's my sister, shouldn't we be a family?

Cora: Would that make you happy, Regina?

Regina: Yes! More than anything!

Cora: I can't tell you how disappointed that makes me.

Regina: What?

Cora: Didn't you hear anything I said earlier, or did the magic just knock it right out of your head? You can only depend on yourself, and sometimes that means you have to make the hard decisions.

Regina: But she saved my life.

Cora: Do you know what'll happen if people find out about her? Everything I've been trying to do for you... A good marriage, a chance to be Queen... It'll all be over.

Regina: But I don't care about any of that.

Cora: Well, I do. One day I hope you'll be strong enough to make decisions like this on your own. Until you are, I'll just have to make them for you.

Guards take Zelena.

Regina: Mother, please, don't do this!

Zelena: I promise I'll be good!

Cora: Take her away.

Regina: No!

Zelena: No! Regina!

Regina: Don't take her! No! Stop!

Zelena: No! Regina! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Regina: Don't worry, Zelena! No matter what she does, we're sisters! And nothing can change that! I will find you! I promise!

Cora: Actually, you won't because you won't remember any of this ever happened. And she won't remember you, either.


In Zelena’s kitchen.

Zelena: I can't believe that I thought that things could be different between us. All you ever care about is yourself. No matter what I do, you and I will never be on the same side!

Regina: You know what? You're right. You want to fireball this place? Then let's do it.

Zelena and Regina are preparing to fight. Cora stops them.

Cora: Enough… If the two of you should hate anyone, it's me.

Regina: This isn't about you, Mother.

Cora: But it should be. There was a time when you both cared about each other.

Zelena: What are you talking about?

Cora: There's a chapter in our family history you've both forgotten… It was a long time ago. And it's time... That you remembered.

Cora takes her daughters’s hand makes them remember.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Zelena: I'm Zelena. What's your name?

Regina: Regina.

Zelena: No!

Regina: No!


In Zelena’s kitchen.

Cora: You see? You were sisters once, who loved and needed each other… I thought that love... Any kind of love... Was weakness. I was a fool… Look at you, Regina. You stayed here to help your father and your friends… You're stronger than I ever was… And that's the strength you got from the people you love, not from me.

Regina: Thank you, Mother.

Cora: My Zelena... I meant what I said earlier… I am so sorry… Sorry I never gave you the family you deserved or the love. I should have been there for you, instead of wasting my life destroying people. Maybe now you won't have to make the same mistakes I did.

Zelena: What if it's too late for me?

Cora: If being here's taught me anything, it's that it's never too late, especially for family. You never stop being connected, right up to the end… And sometimes... Even after.


At the harbour.

Emma: You know, killing us is not gonna help you get out of here, Cruella.

Cruella: Oh, you're right. But sending you to eternal torment... That's just a juicy bonus.

James: I really I wish I could say this was gonna be quick and painless, but...

Emma: No.

David and Hook come to rescue Emma and Robin. David hits his brother.

David: How's that for quick?

Cruella tries to take the gun but Hook do it before.

Hook: I'll take that, love. It's not like you can use it, anyway.

Emma: Killian.

Hook: Looks like we're just in time.

James: Whoo! Oh, that was quite an escape, David. Quite frankly, I didn't think you had it in you.

David: The cell at the station was the last place you should've left me. You don't think I know how to break out of my own jail?

James: So what? Now you can swoop in and play hero?

David: That's up to you, James. Neither one of us wanted to go through what we did. I was angry about it, too. But it doesn't mean it has to end this way. We're family… I can help you move on. And I can help you find some peace.

James: Yes. Yes, you can… Because killing you is my unfinished business.

James and David fight.

Emma: Dad!

Emma wants to protect her father.

David: Emma! I've got this.

James and David fight again.

Cruella: Jimmy! Jimmy!

James takes a knife.

David: James, wait.

David pushes his brother in the see. Cruella runs away.

Hook: Is the baby okay?

Robin: Yeah. Yes, she's fine.

Emma: You okay?

David: Yeah.

Emma: You did what you had to. You know that, right?

David: No, there had... There had to be another way.

Emma: There wasn't. Dad, sometimes people just cannot ever move on.

David: I know. It's... Despite everything, he was my brother.


Cora, Regina and Zelena are near the well of fire.

Cora: How did this work with your father?

Regina: He just crossed the bridge. And it took him to where he belonged... Into the light.

Zelena: Will that work for her?

Cora: Whatever my fate is... I deserve it.

Regina: Mother, you don't have to...

Cora: I can face it. Knowing I brought the two of you together, that's... That's all the peace I need.

Regina: Mother...

Cora: Just promise me you'll hold on to each other… In the real Storybrooke, when I died... We never got the chance to say goodbye.

Cora hugs Regina.

Cora: And we never even got to say hello.

Cora hugs Zelena.

Cora: Oh, I love you both.

Cora walks to the fire, she is surrounding by the fire and finally sees the light.

Zelena: I've waited my whole life to have a mother, and now she's gone.

Regina: Oh, it's okay. It's okay… I think... I think you have another love to find.

Zelena: What are you saying?

Regina: Hades… Go to him.

Zelena: Are you trust me?

Regina: Maybe you can change him, too.

Zelena: Thank you, Regina.

They hug.


Hades waits for Zelena.


Mr. Gold stops Zelena before she enters at Granny’s.

Mr. Gold: It would appear love is blooming. And here was me thinking nothing bloomed in the Underworld.

Zelena: What do you want?

Mr. Gold: Came to see a woman about a curse... A pesky sleeping curse, which you gave to my wife.

Zelena: If Belle preferred eternal slumber to one more moment with you, that's hardly my fault. I'd say her judgment's improving.

Mr. Gold: See, the thing is I don't think would've come to that decision on her own… I think you saw an opportunity, and you took advantage, much like I'm doing now.

Zelena: You can't hurt me. We made a deal, remember?

Mr. Gold: Oh, I do. Funny thing is, I have another deal on the table, one I hadn't considered taking until you did what you did to Belle.

Zelena: Who's this?

Peter Pan comes.

Mr. Gold: Well, he's what I like to call a loophole. Zelena, meet my father... Peter Pan.

Peter Pan: I hear you're wicked. Well, I'm much worse.

They kidnap Zelena.

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jptruelove  (19.01.2022 à 20:22)

Il fallait bien que James et David règlent leurs comptes...

J'avoue que je préfère l'intrigue centrale sur Zelena, Regina et Cora. J'ai été triste de voir ce que Cora a fait à ses filles dans le passé. 

Contente de la réconciliation, elles le méritent. Mais vu tout ce qu'elle a fait d'autre Cora ne méritait pas la lumière...


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