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#521 : Le Cristal de l'Olympe

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Emma, David, Regina, Robin et Henry sont enfin de retour à Storybrooke et sont réunis avec Snow, mais, malheureusement, ils doivent encore s'occuper d'Hadès, qui continue à tromper Zelena puisque son plan consiste à utiliser le tout-puissant cristal olympien dans le but de contrôler la ville.

Les héros cherchent désespérément un moyen de vaincre Hadès pendant que Hook fait la même chose dans l'underworld, à la recherche des pages manquantes du livre Storybrooke.

Regina et Robin adoptent une approche plus directe, ce qui culmine dans une épreuve de force épique qui changera nos héros pour toujours.


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Last Rites

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Le Cristal de l'Olympe

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Réalisation : Craig Powell

Scénario : Jerome Schwartz

Guests :

Eric Keenleyside Moe French
Raphael Alejandro Roland
Michael P. Northey Frère Tuck
Jason Burkart Petit Jean
David Hoflin Zeus
Kiefer Bahrich Roland


Hades and Zelena are on the toll bridge.

Hades: The land of the living. I never thought I would see this world again... Not with a beating heart… And I owe it all to you. Do you feel this?

Zelena: Yes.

Hades: I'm finally becoming myself again.

Zelena: I'm so glad.

Hades: Something's troubling you.

Zelena: It's my sister. She's still not here.

Hades: I wouldn't worry. I'm sure she made it back safe.

Zelena: Then why are we still in the woods? We should go back into town and check.

Hades: I can't. Snow White still thinks I'm a villain. These people are always looking for villains to blame.

Zelena: I'll tell them you've changed... That love changed you.

Hades: It certainly did.

Zelena: But... In case they don't believe me, would... Would you mind taking the baby? Just take her to my sister's office. You'll be safe there.

Hades: What, you... You would trust me with your daughter?

Zelena: I trust you with anything.

Zelena leaves. Arthur runs to Hades.

Hades: Hello there.

Arthur: Don't let the shackles fool you. I'm King Arthur of Camelot. I was unjustly imprisoned. Please.

Hades: Hmm. Unjustly imprisoned… That, I understand.

Arthur: Thank you.

Hades: But tell me, what happened to land you in such an awful predicament?

Arthur: I was destined to rule a Kingdom, a Broken Kingdom. But not everybody is as understanding as you.

Hades: Well, that I understand as well. I, too, was destined to rule a Kingdom.

Arthur: Who are you?

Hades: My name is Hades, god of death…And I think I was destined to rule this very Kingdom, right here, but... Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh… I will need your help.

Hades kills Arthur.

Hades: And that will do nicely.


At the Charming family’s loft.

Snow White: What do you mean Arthur escaped? I thought you were guarding his cell.

Merida: It's not my fault. This useless lump fell asleep on watch.

Snow White: You put Sleepy on guard duty?

Merida: You left for weeks. It was the best I could do with who I had.

Snow White: All right, well, we can blame each other later. Right now we need a search party. Gather the dwarfs. Go.

Merida: Let's go, Sleepy.

Walter: I told you it was Walter.

Merida and Walter leave.

Snow White: I know. I agree. We need our family back soon.

David opens the door.

David: Soon enough?

Snow White: David.

They kiss. Henry and Emma enter.

David: Hey, big guy. Oh, I missed you.

Emma: Hey, Mom.

Snow White: Emma. Henry! Did everyone else...

David: Regina and Robin are here, too.

Henry: Grandpa came back with Belle. At least, we think he did.

Snow White: And Hook? Oh, Emma. I'm so sorry.

Emma: I made so many mistakes, Mom. I should never have gone down there.

Snow White: It's okay. Look, we all made it back. And we helped so many people move on. You got to see Hook one last time.

David: Well, there's more to it. We weren't the only ones that came through the portal. Hades and Zelena... They made it back, too. They have Robin's baby.


In Storybrooke’s park.

Regina: Don't worry. We'll find her. I promise.

Zelena: Regina! You made it back.

Robin: Where the hell...

Regina: Wait… We need some answers.

Robin: Where the hell is my daughter?

Zelena: With Hades. Look, I came to explain to everyone that he's changed.

Robin: I hate to be the one to break this to you, but no, he hasn't!

Zelena: What are you talking about? He helped you. He took your names off your graves.

Regina: No, it was a trick so we'd trust him. He tried to trap us down there.

Zelena: What? No, no, no. I was with him the whole time.

Regina: We waited for you. That was a show for your benefit. You cannot trust him with your daughter.

Zelena: You're wrong. Hades is different now his heart is beating. Love has changed him. I've changed him.

Regina: I know you want to believe that. Sometimes the truth really hurts. Why don't you just tell us where he is?

Zelena: And what are you planning to do when you find him?

Regina: Well, that depends on him. But we'll do whatever we have to… To protect this town.

Zelena: You mean imprison him.

Regina: We'll do whatever we have to. I know this is hard to hear, but he is not the man you think he is.

Zelena: Actually, he's not a man at all. He's a god. And if you try to hurt him, you do so at your own peril.

Zelena leaves.


Arthur enters in the diner. He sits near a boy.

Arthur: Excuse me. Can you tell me where I am exactly?

Blind Witch: He stopped talking centuries ago. Coffee?

Arthur: No, I don't want coffee. I want to know what this place is!

Hook: I think that's quite obvious, Your Majesty.

Arthur threatens Hook with a knife.

Arthur: You got lucky last time we met. Now you tell me where I am or I run you through.

Hook: Well, you can't kill a dead man, I'm afraid. Are you having a hard time accepting it? But you know where you are.

Arthur: No... But I had so much left to do.

Hook: That makes two of us. I promised someone that I would move on from this place, but I still bloody can't, so I need to know what the hell is going on up in Storybrooke. Who killed you?

Arthur: Oh, no! No! No!

Hook: Denial, grief, anger. Can we just get to acceptance? Who killed you?

Arthur: He said his name was Hades.

Hook: Did you see Emma and the others? Have they any idea how to stop him?

Blind Witch: Haven't you learned anything? Hades never reveals his weakness.

Hook: You know what? You're right.

Blind Witch: Hmm.

Hook: Hades protected his secrets well. But now, now he's not here, so, Your Majesty, how would you like to go on another quest?

Arthur: With you? Not a chance.

Hook: Have you got any idea why you're down here, mate... And not up in some blissful afterlife or fiery hell? It's because you are a terrible king with loads of unfinished business. When you leave here, you're either going to the better place or a far, far worse place.

Arthur: I think I prefer the first option.

Hook: Oh, and you're gonna need a seriously good deed, you know, to make up for the bad ones.

Arthur: If I say "yes", what exactly are we questing for?

Hook: An answer to defeating Hades… And you can call it my holy grail.


Merida shows Emma and David Arthur’s corpse on the toll bridge.

Merida: This is where I found him. I always thought I'd be the one to put him in his grave, but now that I see him like this, I can't help but feel sorry for him.

Emma: Hades did this.

Merida: How do you know?

Emma: I know. If we don't stop him, this is just the beginning.

Merida: What do you mean by "stop him"?

Emma: I mean kill him and send him back where he came from.

David: Emma, wait. Wait! Slow down. This is a god we're dealing with, and we still have no idea how to hurt him.

Emma: Doesn't mean I can't try.

David: Look, I get it. Hook's gone. You're in pain.

Emma: This isn't about Hook.

David: Yes, it is.

Emma: I am trying to protect Storybrooke. Are you telling me I shouldn't fight Hades?

David: No, of course we're gonna fight him, but I need you seeing clearly before we do that. So maybe it's time you start dealing with death the way other people do.

Emma: How do other people deal with death?

David: They grieve.


At Regina’s office.

Zelena: I thought Regina trusted me. She threatened you to my face. They're going to try to hurt you.

Hades: If anything happened to you... Or the baby, I couldn't live with it. I have to turn myself in.

Zelena: You'd really give up your freedom... For me?

Hades: For you... I would give up anything.

Zelena: Wait… I can't let you do this. I won't risk losing you.

Hades: Well... Well, then we have only one other option... We have to defend ourselves.

Zelena: Yes, of course. I'll put up a protection spell.

Hades: What if they break through?

Zelena: Well, then we'll make them see the truth! Or we'll fight back.

Hades: I hope it doesn't come to a fight, but if they force us into it, I do have something.

Zelena: What?

Hades: A family heirloom… The Olympian crystal. It belonged to by brother Zeus. Very powerful. Very dangerous… And I've waited a long time to use it.


Emma, Regina, Robin, David and Merida try to find a way in to the Town Hall.

Regina: My sister cast a protection spell on the building.

Robin: We can't just stand here and do nothing.

Regina: I wasn't planning on doing nothing. As a matter of fact, I know exactly what to do. There's a secret tunnel that goes right under the town hall. We don't know how to defeat Hades, but maybe we can get your daughter back and talk some sense into Zelena, if you're with me.

Robin: Of course I am.

Emma: Then I'm going, too.

Regina: No offense, Emma, but you're too emotional… I-I understand. You had a loss. But you're not thinking straight.

Emma: Is that you th... Is that what you all think?

David: Emma. We still don't know how to stop Hades. Until we do...

Emma: So then we figure it out.

Regina: So, well, then do it quickly. Because once we get that baby back, Hades will be coming for us.


Regina and Robin get down in the tunnel.

Regina: Look, I'm... I'm sorry I trusted Zelena with your daughter.

Robin: Glad to finally hear it.

Regina: Just for once, I was trying to be optimistic and give her a second chance like you gave me.

Robin: You deserved it. She doesn't.

Regina: All she wants is what I have. I made her think love was possible.

Robin: So you're... You're not actually apologizing. You're defending her again.

Regina: Robin, no...

Robin: No, forgive me if I don't care to listen. I have a daughter to save.


Mr. Gold waits for Moe at Game of Thorns.

Moe: What the hell do you want?

Mr. Gold: No need to be testy. I'm here on Belle's behalf.

Moe: Well, then she can come talk to me herself.

Mr. Gold: She can't, I'm afraid. She's trapped under a sleeping curse… There's only one way to wake her. True love's kiss.

Moe: And yours didn't work… Glad to hear some good sense for her at last.

Mr. Gold: She needs her father.

Moe: You're right. And that's why I'm not gonna do it. Not for you.

Mr. Gold: What, y-you hate me so much, you'd leave your own daughter trapped under a sleeping spell?

Moe: Better that than the spell you put on her, convincing that beautiful girl to love you. So, until you're gone for good, she stays asleep.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, you know, I was afraid you were gonna say that, so, uh, I brought along an old friend… Remember the taste of this?

Moe: I don't care what you do to me. I'll die before I give in.

Mr. Gold: Well, I'm more than happy to test that theory.

Emma: Enough! Get out. Go. What are you doing here? I need your help.

Mr. Gold: Ms. Swan. Nice to see you made it back from the Underworld.

Emma: I'm not the only one who made it back. Hades is in Storybrooke. I have to stop him. So I was hoping... You could tell me how to kill him.

Mr. Gold: Well, even if I knew, why would I tell you? You're the one that got us into this mess.


Hook and Arthur arrive to Hades’s place.

Hook: If there's a way to defeat Hades, the answer will have to be in here.

Arthur: What is this place?

Hook: It's his throne room, or dungeon, depending on his mood. Last time I was here, I spent most of my time at the end of a lash.

Arthur: Sounds like this Hades was an even worse king than I was… What exactly is this holy grail we're looking for?

Hook: It's pages from a storybook… I know it doesn't sound like much, but Hades went to great lengths to keep them from us. And I think these pages can tell us his weakness. All we have to do is find them.

Arthur: There's nothing here. Maybe you were wrong about this.

Hook: I can't be wrong! Hades is out there now, threatening Emma, and I bloody well need to find a way to save her.

Arthur: I get it now. This is all about a woman.

Hook: Aye. A woman who risked everything for me, and the last promise I made her was that I would move on from this place, and I can't do that... Not while she's still in danger. Now, please. Come on, you… You were a King once. Where did you hide your treasure?

Arthur: The most important stuff, I hid in a place no one would ever dare touch… My throne.

Arthur finds the pages.

Arthur: Well, look at that. Your holy grail.

Hook: I have to get this to Emma.

Arthur: What have you found?

Hook: The one answer she's been looking for most of all... The way to destroy a god.


Hook and Arthur are back to the diner.

Blind Witch: I thought you guys would come back soon. I smelled a bromance. Table for two?

Hook: We're not here for a meal, we're here for her.

Cruella: Oh, back up. Seriously, back up. Let me take a gander at this handsome new addition to the Underworld.

Hook: We have to get a message to our friends in the world above. And you ripped out the phone booth that can do that. Now, where is it?

Cruella: Oh, as appealing as this stubble sandwich is, I'm pretty certain lying to you won't get me what I want. You'll eventually work out the truth, so here it is and on your way. I destroyed the phone booth. Sorry.

Arthur: Why would you do that?

Cruella: Because, darling, I can't have anyone resolving their unfinished business. That would be no fun. And if I'm going to be trapped in here, so is everyone else.

Hook: The book. Where is it?

Cruella: In sight, but out of reach. I put it in the River of Souls.

Hook: If we can get our hands on that book, I may have a way to get those pages to Emma.


Emma enters in the library. She finds her family.

Emma: Oh.

Snow White: Emma, where have you been?

Emma: It doesn't matter. It was a dead-end. You guys find anything?

Merida: Oh, are you kidding? We're literally drowning in books.

David: There's got to be something in here about Hades, but we just started, so...

Snow White: Oh, we could really use your help.

Emma: I'm sorry. I don't have time to go through a bunch of books. I should've gone after Hades when I had the chance.

David: Emma, wait. We know you're hurting. But getting revenge on Hades is not gonna bring Hook back.

Emma: This is not about revenge.

Snow White: Then what is it about, Emma?

Emma: I cannot grieve Hook's death because I know he's still trapped in the Underworld. I know he's still in pain, and the last thing I told him was that he needed to move on.

David: You're right. We have to help Hook.

Snow White: So why don't you sit down and help us find a way to defeat Hades... For Hook?


Hades is fixing the crystal.

Hades: My brother didn't want me to have this, so he stopped my heart, broke the crystal. Without a beating heart, I didn't have the power to put it back together, but now, thanks to you... Different story.

Zelena: I'm sorry your brother didn't believe in you.

Hades: Don't be. I've only had a few thousand years to dwell on it. And once I make this whole, we can show everyone they were wrong about us. We can live any life we want.

Zelena: That sounds lovely.

Hades: We could even rule this place together.

Zelena: Rule Storybrooke? But I thought we were just planning to live here, you know? Nice little house, my daughter playing in the garden.

Hades: Yeah… I want that, too, but... These people, they're leaving us no choice. We might have to... Make a show of strength to survive.

Regina’s phone rings. Hades picks up the phone.

Hades: Hello?


At Mr. Gold’s shop.

Mr. Gold: Welcome to Storybrooke.


At Regina’s office.

Hades: Rumplestiltskin.


At Mr. Gold’s shop.

Mr. Gold: I heard you were in town. Now, how would you like to put our sordid past behind us and make a deal?


At Regina’s office.

Hades: Oh, I don't need your deals.

Mr. Gold: You certain about that?


At Mr. Gold’s shop.

Mr. Gold: You're a stranger in a strange land... Full of enemies. I could protect you in exchange for a piece of that Olympian crystal.


At Regina’s office.

Hades: How do you know about that?


At Mr. Gold’s shop.

Mr. Gold: You don't smuggle magic like that into Storybrooke without getting my attention. We're not in your kingdom anymore, we're in mine.


At Regina’s office.

Hades: Not for long.


At Mr. Gold’s shop.

Mr. Gold: Can't say I didn't warn you.


In the tunnel.

Regina: Welcome to the town hall.

Robin: Secret passage indeed. Thank you, Regina.

Regina: You're welcome. And I know you can't accept this right now, but I do feel horrible for what I did. I'm sorry Zelena has your daughter, and I'm really trying to make up for it.

Robin: You're right. We do owe Zelena another chance.

Regina: Oh, don't just say that to appease me.

Robin: No, I'm not. If being with you has taught me anything, it's that we all have the capability to change. And the future's not written by our past. Regina… You are my future.

Robin kisses Regina.

Regina: Okay, thief. Tell me what the plan is.

Robin: Well, I always follow one rule... Don't go into a job without a good plan to get out, but with my daughter on the line, I have broken my own rule… I-I have no plan. So if you want to turn back...

Regina: I'm with you. Always.

Robin: Good. Well, then let's go save my daughter.


Hook and Arthur are travelling on the River f Lost Souls;

Hook: We're almost there. The book should be just up ahead.

Arthur: What are these things?

Hook: They're lost souls… Careful. Touch the water, you become one of them.


They stop near the dock.

Arthur: There's the book. That two-tone witch was telling the truth.

Hook: I'll go. You just make sure the boat's here when I return.

A lost soul catches Arthur and tries to dry him in the river.

Arthur: Release me, demon!

Hook: Arthur!

Arthur: No! Go for the book! Go!

Hook chooses to help Arthur. He destroys the lost soul with fire.

Arthur: Thank you.

Hook: Uh-huh.

Arthur: Now get the book.

A lost soul comes to take the book.

Arthur: Hook! The torch!

Hook casts the torch to Arthur. He uses it on the soul. She lost the book which slides to the river. Hook catches it just before it falls under water.

Hook: Aah!

Arthur: You didn't tell me those things could attack us.

Hook: I didn't know they could. Perhaps things are changing down here now that Hades is gone.

Arthur: You sure this book can still work?

Hook: I'm not certain of anything down here, but this book is special. These pages have crossed realms when people needed hope the most.

Arthur: Out of professional curiosity, how does one kill the god of death?

Hook: With something called an Olympian crystal. Once activated, the raw power inside can obliterate anything, even a god.

Arthur: You really think Emma can find this crystal and use it? You have a healthy dose of faith.

Hook: It's more like hope.

Hook puts the pages back in the book.

Hook: All right, Swan… Now it's your turn.


Emma reads a book at the library. She gets districted and takes the story book. She watches a picture of Hook and her.

Emma: Mm.

The story book opens and the pages are turned by magic. Emma finds what she needed.


Hades fixes the crystal..

Hades: Whole again. There. At last.

Zelena: Maybe we should just take this and leave Storybrooke, go and live somewhere else where we don't have to fight anyone.

Hades: Zelena. They will hunt us wherever we go. The only way to be safe is be strong.

Robin and Regina are spying on them.

Regina: I really hate him.

Robin: I can see my daughter… But we need a distraction.

The lights are glowing.

Zelena: My protection spell. Someone's trying to break in.

Hades: What did I tell you? They're coming for us.

Zelena: It's Emma Swan… Mummy will be right back as soon as I make sure you're safe.

Hades: I'll check who else is creeping in. One thing I know about these people, they never work alone. Be careful.

Zelena: You, too.

They leave.

Robin: Who needs a plan when you got blind luck on your side?


Emma tries to destroy the protection spell. Zelena comes.

Zelena: Good luck with that.

Emma: Zelena. I-I don't want to hurt you.

Zelena: No. You want to hurt Hades, and that's the same thing. But guess what? There's no way to defeat a god.

Emma: Even gods have weaknesses, I know he has the crystal, and I know what he can do with it.

Zelena pushes away Emma and takes the pages.

Zelena: So it's true. You are trying to kill the man I love. Now I need to know one thing. Did my sister agree to this?!


Robin takes his daughter.

Robin: Your father's here, and everything's gonna be all right.

Hades comes.

Hades: I wouldn't be so sure.

Robin: You stay away from my daughter.

Hades: Believe me. She's not the one who's in danger.

Regina: Hades, stop. This isn't worth it. If you kill me, you will lose Zelena forever.

Hades: Shh. Only if she knows about it. And this isn't going to kill you, it's going to end you. No Underworld, no moving on. One minute, you exist, and the next... You don't. That's what you get for trying to turn Zelena against me.

Robin: This was my idea to break in here. Just use that on me. You let her go.

Regina: No.

Hades: Oh, sorry. Ladies first.

Regina: No! No!

Hades targets Regina but Robin protects her and takes the light.

Regina: Wha...

Robin is dead.

Hades: Don't worry. You won't be apart long.

Zelena enters.

Zelena: Regina. What happened?

Regina: Hades did this.

Hades: He said he was going to kill you, Zelena. I had to protect you.

Regina: That's a lie.

Zelena: Is it? Because I've just found Emma, and these… You wanted to kill him!

Regina: I was trying to protect you, Zelena. He's been lying to you since the minute his heart started beating.

Zelena: Is it true what they said? Did you trap them in the Underworld?

Hades: I did it for you so we wouldn't have to hurt anybody. But now they're here, and the only way to be safe is to use this power to create a new kingdom... Our Kingdom.

Zelena: Can't we just be happy together? I mean, why do we need a Kingdom?

Hades: This is about getting back at the families who never believed in us. Remember what I told you... There's no better revenge...

Zelena: Than having it all.

Regina pushes Hades, he lets the crystal fall. Zelena takes it.

Hades: It's okay. Use it. End her.

Regina: Zelena. I do believe in you. I defended you when no one else did. I wanted so badly for you to find love. But sometimes love blinds us… Hades tried to kill me already.

Hades: No, she's lying.

Regina: Robin died to protect me. That's what true love is. It's sacrifice… It's giving up everything for the person you love. But Hades won't give up a single thing for you. Like he said, he wants it all.

Hades: Listen to her. She doesn't think you deserve to be happy. Look at this office. Look at this town. This all belonged to her when you had nothing, remember?

Zelena: Of course I do!

Hades: All you have to do is kill her, and you can have everything you ever wanted… Do it. If you won't, I will.

Zelena: All I ever wanted was love. You told me that was enough for you, but... Now I realize... Nothing ever will be!

Zelena stabs Hades.

Hades: Zelena!

Hades turns into ashes.


Near the River of Lost Soul.

Hook: I owe you thanks for your help.

Arthur: I have embarked on many a wrongheaded quest in my time. I'm just glad to finish one that was righteous. I only wish I knew what happened to Emma.

Hook: Emma did exactly what she needed to.

Arthur: How do you know?

Hook: I don't know. I just... I do.

A light appears.

Arthur: What is that?

Hook: It's the way to move on.

Arthur: So the defeat of Hades was your unfinished business.

Hook: Perhaps it was yours, too. Come with me.

Arthur: Don't worry about me. I'll be all right. I was once prophesied to repair a Broken Kingdom. My mistake was thinking that kingdom was Camelot. But now I think I understand the Kingdom I have to repair... Is here... The Underworld.

Hook: Well, I wish you the best. Goodbye, Your Majesty.

Arthur: Goodbye, Captain.


Hook is welcomed by Zeus.

Zeus: Hello, Killian.

Hook: Who are you? What do you want?

Zeus: I want to thank you. Because of you, something very important has been done. Those above have finally destroyed the misguided god of death... My brother Hades.

Hook: Zeus.

Zeus: Indeed. And I'm here to escort you onward… Are you ready?

Hook: I am.

Zeus: Then it's time to take you where you belong.

Hook moves on.


On Hook’s grave.

Emma: Hey. I thought you'd like this more than roses… Thanks for the pages. Hades... He's... He's gone now. It's done. So I hope you're in a better place. I know I should be happy about that... But it just feels like now you're really gone and there's nothing left to do but just... Ohh. I miss you.


Everybody is at Robin’s funerals.

Zelena :Shh, shh, shh, shh. Shh, shh, shh. There, there.

Regina: Never even got to name his daughter.

Zelena :There's only one name I can think of that's fitting… Robin.

Regina: Robin… Of course.

Everybody leaves. Emma and Snow White stay a little while.

Snow White: I hope we never again have a day like today.

Emma: Me, too, Mom.

Snow White: I know what you're thinking, and this is not your fault.

Emma: I just want to say goodbye alone if that's okay.

Snow White: See you at Granny's.

Snow White leaves. A light falls from the sky.

Hook: Swan?

Emma: Killian?

Emma runs to Hook and kisses him.

Emma: Oh. Wh... How are you here?

Hook: Zeus... He must have sent me back as a reward for... For helping defeat Hades.

Emma: Ah! I mean, what?!

Hook: Seriously, Zeus, you know, the ruler of the Olympians, the most powerful...

Emma: I don't care. I don't care how you're here. I'm just glad you're here.

Hook: So are you. I'm so happy you're all right.

Emma: Not all of us are.


At Regina’s office.

Mr. Gold: You should have taken my deal.

Mr. Gold finds a piece of the crystal in Hades’s ashes.

Mr. Gold: Like I told you... This is my Kingdom.

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jptruelove  (12.02.2022 à 21:29)

Je me doutais bien que Zelena ne devait pas faiire confiance à Hadès...

Beaucoup de tristesse dans  cet épisode, vite du changement pour rendre nos héros plus joyeux...


Merci aux 3 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

Ne manque pas...

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Le mois de juin arrive à Storybrooke
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Un nouveau design sur le quartier de Once Upon A Time
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Jennifer Morrison est mariée
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Retrouvez Jennifer Morrison dans la saison finale de This is Us

Retrouvez Jennifer Morrison dans la saison finale de This is Us
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bloom74, 21.06.2022 à 07:34

Bonjour, dernier jour pour voter pour la manche2 de la SuperBattle du quartier The Boys. A vous de jouer.

KylianM, 21.06.2022 à 17:12

Venez récompenser les séries quotidiennes françaises avec Les Quotidiennes Awards sur le quartier de Plus belle la vie !

CastleBeck, 22.06.2022 à 11:27

Le survivor du quartier This Is Us compte sur vos votes! Merci

ShanInXYZ, 22.06.2022 à 17:10

Nouveau thème dans Voyage au centre du Tardis, quelle photo de Dan Lewis allez vous nous dénicher ? Passez voir le Docteur

bloom74, 22.06.2022 à 17:34

Et voilà la 3e Manche de la SuperBattle est en cours, les combats de titans ont commencé. Retrouvez les sur le quartier The Boys !

Viens chatter !